Susan’s Saturday Night Sex Ch. 01

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There are no characters under the age of 18 in this story. All characters portrayed are over the age of 21.


All about sex. Susan’s Saturday night 4F ritual of finding them, feeling them, fucking them, and forgetting about the men she’s had sex with gets her through her week.

With him the one so chosen, Susan gave him that come hither look. The universal albeit brief stare, she gave him that seductive eye. No misidentifying her look, she gave him that sexy stare that told him that she wanted him and had to have him bad, really bad. A look without words, there was no mistaking that look.

As if she was sitting on a rock in Homer’s great, epic poem, The Odyssey, instead of sitting on a barstool at an upscale bar, she looked too stunning to resist. As if he was UIysses aboard his Achaean ship drifting too close to shore of Troy and to the rocks, in the way that Susan looked sitting there so available, he’d have to be a complete idiot not to respond to this sexy siren. Since the time that Homer penned his epic poem in the 8th century BC, she was no mermaid. She was no illusion. She was a real woman albeit his soon to be sexy, sexual fantasy.

Looking at him a few seconds longer than she should was all that it took to get his attention. The universal mating ritual of humans that begins with a look, she waited until he acknowledged her look with a sexy look of interest of his own. There, not only did he see her looking at him and giving him the eye but also he gave her the eye too. Now not looking away, brazen enough to allow him to see her vulnerability, she returned his look with her lustful stare.

Without a shadow of a doubt, she had given him the eye. Without a shadow of a doubt, he returned her interest with his own. Whomever was the recipient of her sexually inspired look, it was a look filled with raw sexual and sensual emotion together with the promise of naked, sweaty, heated passion with not only a stranger but also with a sexy MILF of a woman. Every horny man and sexy woman knew the meaning of that look. With them looking at one another now, without a doubt, he’ll be coming over to her soon.

Obviously not having to draw him a picture after giving him a sexual image of their anticipated sexual time together, without a doubt he knew what she so wanted to do to his naked, young, hard body. Without a doubt and without even having to speak a word, he obviously knew her sexual intentions. Without a doubt, he obviously knew he’d be taking her home with him tonight. With her already opening the door to the promise of them having sex with a mere look of lustful desire, all he had to do was to walk over to her, introduce himself, buy her a drink, and talk to her. Once he did that, she’d take care of the rest.

As if her look was a heated ball of sexual desire about to burst in flames, it was a mutual feeling they both obviously shared and felt in a game they both needed to play. Now giving her the eye, he caught her eye and returned her look of longing with his sexual stare and lustful leer. Giving him plenty to look at with her pretty face, her long, blonde hair, and her partially unbuttoned bloused that displayed her long, line of bulging cleavage, obviously he was attracted to whatever she was selling. Obviously, in the beautiful way that she looked, what she was offering was a sexual fantasy. Obviously, in the sexy way that she looked, what she was selling was what women have sold men for thousands of years. She was selling sex so to speak.

Only, not a hooker, a prostitute, or a call girl, she wasn’t charging him or anyone for sex. Her game to play, she was giving sex away for free with no strings attached. He just needed to ask her for sex and she’d willingly give him all the sex he could handle. Sex, sex, sex with no commitment, sex, sex, sex with no complexities of a relationship, and sex, sex, sex with no excuses and/or apologies, their brief time together would all be just about sex. If he wanted her and if he could handle her, she’d consensually agree to give herself to him for a couple of hours tonight but, too confidently in control, a real lady, he’d have to make the move first.

Tonight, he could have her, if he wanted her. Tonight, he could kiss her, touch her, and feel her in all those places that he wanted to touch and feel her while kissing her. Tonight, he could strip her naked and have his wicked, sexual way with her beautiful body. Tonight, he could lick her and if he made her cum, she’d make him cum too. Tonight, she’d suck his cock before he mounted her to make love to her and before she rolled him over to fuck him. Tonight was his lucky night but he had to meet her halfway and come over to her first before someone else caught her eye and gave her that look.

* * * * *

He made his way through the crowd with the music playing in the background as if he was a runway model modeling the men’s, fall fashion, couture clothing, design line. With her eyes glued to his crotch, she watched him in the kartal escort way that he watched her with his eyes glued to her tits. Tits for cock, if only he knew that she wanted to feel, suck, and fuck his cock as much as he wanted feel, fondled, and suck her tits, wouldn’t he be surprised. Obviously accustomed to the games that women his age enjoyed playing and felt compelled to play, he had no idea what was about to happen with a more mature woman. Yet, with her having already played this sexy game many times before with young men, she knew what was about to happen.

Most women, especially women his age, would give him the eye and look away but she didn’t. Once he looked at her, she gave him her best, sexy, prolonged stare. Most women his age would never stare at a man’s bulging package in the way that she stared at his bulging package. In the way that all men always stare at her exposed cleavage and in the way that he stared at her exposed cleavage, most men would look away but he didn’t. Most women wouldn’t dare do what she was about to do with a man she didn’t know and just met, allow him to take her home for sex. Wanting him to take her dare to take her home, she wanted to make certain that her look gave him the courage to heat his desire and resolve enough so that, indeed, he would come hither to not only talk to her but also to leave with her.

With his pride at stake and as if he was compelled to do so under men’s law and under the unwritten and unspoken men’s code of ethics after receiving the look, he walked over to her, introduced himself, and bought her a drink. Just as easy as that, once she found her man with just a look that’s all it took for her to get what she wanted and all that she needed. As if she was Ernest Hemingway’s Santiago in the Old Man and the Sea hooking the big one, she had him now and she had already determined his fate. Even with so many fish in the sea, definitely, so young, too hot, and too good looking, she wouldn’t be throwing this one back. She’d be going home with him for him to lick her before she sucked him and fucked out his brains. With her such a naughty woman, indeed, he was such a lucky man.

* * * * *

“Hi,” he said peering into her big, blue eyes before looking down at her cleavage and at the firm, roundness of the tops of her partially exposed breasts. “I’m William.”

She gave him a sexy look that would no doubt inspire him to masturbate if he was home alone.

“Nice to meet you William. I’m Susan,” she said shaking his hand while giving him that unmistakable look again.

If he wasn’t sure before that he’d be getting lucky, with the look she gave him now, he’d have to be clueless not to know that tonight was his lucky night.

‘Run Billy, run!’

Once he slept with her, in the way that Steven ruined her for all other men, she’d ruin him for all other women. With no alarms or buzzers going off in his head, he’d have a better chance of saving himself from her if she was a black, widow spider, instead of a hot, sexy, MILF of a woman. Yet, he should have known. Perhaps, he was too young to know. Perhaps, he’s never had sex with an older woman in the way he was about to have sex with this mature bitch. If only he knew what he’d be getting himself into, maybe he would have made a mistake and not responded to her look but he did. Truth be told, once he got her home alone, he was in for a sexual exciting, albeit life changing surprise.

His hand felt so soft in her hand, too soft for him to be working at manual labor. She hoped that the softness of his hand was no indication of the hardness of his cock. Looking professional, she figured he was an accountant, a lawyer, or a stock broker. She figured he was in his mid-twenties. Summing him up with just a look along with her learned skills of reading people, especially young men, she figured he wasn’t a loser in the way that so very many classless and ill-mannered, aggressive, young men his age are.

Obviously prompted by and lovingly cared for by his mother, he looked like a man who knew what he wanted and knew where he was going to get it. Only, in the meantime, as she’s done with so very many young men before him and will undoubtedly continue to do with so very men after him, he’d be temporarily sidetracked by her. Obviously to her by what he so wanted and the reason why she chose him, he wanted to have sex with his mother, real or imagined.

“I love you Mommy.”

All he knew about her was all that he needed to know about her, that she was a beautiful, sexy, and shapely, older woman. A MILF of a woman who looked much younger than her age, by his keen sexual interest in her, she already knew that she obviously reminded him of his mother or his aunt. Yet, definitely, whomever she reminded him of, she was a mother he’d love to fuck. In the way that she needed to be a doctor of psychiatry to know that he’d be getting lucky tonight, he didn’t need to be an MIT rocket scientist to know that he’d be getting lucky tonight. maltepe escort bayan No doubt, in the way that she inherently already knew that he wished he was intimately, incestuously, and sexually with his mother, within the hour, they were in his car making out as if they were horny teenagers exploring one another’s bodies through their clothes on prom night.

Kissing him and kissing him with her arms around his neck, she allowed him to touch and feel her wherever he wanted to touch and feel of her. Feeling her tits through her blouse and fingering her nipples through her bra before going up her short skirt to feel her panty clad pussy, while she felt his hardening cock through his pants, already well past the point of no return, there was no turning back now. Without him confessing that tidbit of private information to her, she already knew that he loved having sex with a woman old enough to be his mother in the way that she loved having sex with men young enough to be her son.

Kissing and kissing him while he kissed her, with him fingering her emerging nipples through her blouse and bra, she felt his hardening cock that tented his pants. Kissing and kissing one another, she allowed him to touch and feel her everywhere he needed to touch and feel her while she touched and felt him everywhere she needed to touch and feel him. More than just a sexy cougar, she was a vixen with an agenda. She was a sexy slut and MILF of a whore who used and dumped vulnerable, young men before they could use and dump her. In the way that older men went through younger women, and in the way that Steven did to her, she went through younger men.

* * * * *

“Let’s go to your place Bill,” she said.

Having him squirming in his car seat within a few minutes, sexually teasing him, she continued fondling the head of his cock through his pants with her manicured fingertips as they drove. As if he was a combatant returning home from war and she was his wife or girlfriend, all the way from the car to the lobby, they kissed, touched, and felt one another. The entire ride up the elevator, he kissed her and felt her big breasts through her blouse and fingered her erect nipples through her bra while she squeezed his ass and felt his hardening cock through his pants. Once inside, acting as if horny teenagers alone while their parents were away, not even taking the extra time to slowly undress one another while kissing one another, they couldn’t remove their clothes fast enough. As if they were already together as one, they fell back upon his bed while kissing, touching, and feeling one another. He explored every part of her sexy and shapely, naked body in the way she was touching, feeling, and squeezing every part of him.

“Lick me William,” she whispered in his ear. “Go down on me. I need to feel your fingers and your tongue inside of me,” she said unabashed and unashamed. “Eat my pussy Bill. Lick my cunt,” she said reaching down to pull her pussy lips up and open to show him some glistening pink as proof to him that she was already ready for him to give her oral sex.

“Okay,” he said. “Only, you’re the first woman who ever asked me to eat her,” he said looking at her as if she was an angel and as if he was dreaming while living out his sexual fantasy. “Typically stopping in for a drink on a Saturday night and to meet up with a couple of my friends. Stuff like this always happens to them but never happens to me.”

“Stuff like what?” Acting so innocently naïve, she looked at him obviously knowing what he meant.

“A beautiful woman giving me the eye. Normally, I go home alone after my friends all pair up with women. Normally, I’m too shy to approach a woman,” he said, “but I’m glad that I approached you.”

“You underestimate yourself William. You’re a very good looking, young man,” she said.

“Thank you,” he said.

“Take it from me, tonight is your lucky night Bill. Tonight, I want you to make me your woman. I want you to make me your bitch. I want you to make me your whore. I want you to do every dirty and nasty sexual thing you’ve always wanted to do with your mother,” she said saying the one thing she knew would drive him sexually insane for her.

* * * * *


He looked at her as if he was dreaming. He looked at her as if he was having his favorite, sexual fantasy while masturbating and imagining having sex with his mother.

“I want you to do sexy, sexual things to my naked body that you’ve always wanted to do to your naked mother,” she said giving him the same sexy look that she gave him at the bar. “This is your chance to eat your mother before Mommy sucks your cock Bill. And if you’re a good boy and give Mommy what she wants and what she needs, an orgasm, after I cum, you may make love to your mother before fucking your mother.”

Unable to speak, he looked at flabbergasted. She studied the shocked look of surprise on his face as her words, especially when she said the word mother, hit him as escort pendik if she threw a glass of cold water in his face.

“Mother? My mother?” He looked at her as if she had just said the magic word. “You want me to pretend that you’re my mother?”

Not taking a chance or a risk that would ruin this little sexual affair before it even began, as if he was a monkey being tested and analyzed in her lab, she knew which sexual buttons to push to get the desired results that she wanted. Having done this many times before with many young men, she knew that the young men she chose for sex all wanted what they couldn’t have. Knowing the boundless limits of their incestuous lust, picking up on and feeling their sexual frustration, she knew that they all wanted to have sex with their mothers.

“Yes,” she said looking at him as if he was a patient on her couch instead of a naked man in his bed. “Pretend that I’m your mother. Pretend that you’re having sex with your mother. Make me cum and I’ll suck your cock before fucking you,” she said in a sexy voice as if she was a big cat growling at him instead of his mother’s pussy purring at him.

* * * * *

Normally, she spoke in the educated way of Jane Hathaway, played by the late Nancy Culp, of the Beverly Hillbillies, or in the way that Diane Sawyer of ABC News spoke with her Wellesley College education, but not tonight. Tonight, she didn’t flash her obvious education by enunciating every word. She’d allowed her articulation to slide for the benefit of seduction and sex. She didn’t want to scare him off by him thinking that someone like him didn’t deserve someone like her. For one thing, she didn’t want him to know that he was having sex with a doctor, a psychiatrist at that. Experienced at doctor patient role playing and not wanting to ruin the sexual fantasy by imposing herself on him, she wanted him to truly believe that he was having sex with his mother. If anyone could do that, she sure could. If any woman could create a sexual fantasy, she was the expert in incestuous erotica and eroticism.

Moving between her legs and going down on her, with her already at an unfair advantage, obviously by what she already knew about him, he ate her pussy with great enthusiasm as if he was eating his mother’s cunt. Using him in the way that men have used her, he licked her pussy, as if he was having sex with his mother. Perhaps a bit misguided in his sexual lust and certainly misdirected in his sexual manifestation of him pretending that he was having sex with his mother, but she finally found the secret that men have known for more than a thousand years. Using that secret to her sexual benefit and to her erotic advantage, he was hers to do whatever she wanted now. As if she was his mother and he was her sexually enamored son intent on pleasing her, if only for the time they were together, he was her son sexually with his mother now.

Now with their fantasy role playing the major focus of their love making, when he kissed Susan, he kissed her not as the woman he picked up at a bar but he kissed her in the way that he obviously yearned to kiss his mother. Being that she had already directed his sexual passion to that forbidden place, she had already told him to do to her whatever he’d want to do to his mother. Without him confessing to her what he was thinking, she knew that when he closed his eyes that he was thinking about having sex with his mother. Without him having to tell her, she knew that when he saw her naked body, he thought of his mother’s naked body. Not needing to be a clairvoyant to know, just a trained psychiatrist, she knew that when he touched and felt her, he wasn’t touching and feeling her, he was touching and feeling his mother. Now, with him there between her legs, he wasn’t fingering, licking, and eating her pussy, he was fingering, licking, and eating his mother’s pussy.

Without him having to confess his forbidden, sexual attraction and incestuous desire to her for his mother, a clinically trained psychiatrist, so typical in his sexual desire, she already knew all that she needed to know about him. As if he was an open book that she could read without opening the cover and turning the pages, she flash read him by putting her hand on him as if she was Dr. Spock from Star Trek doing a Vulcan mind meld. In the way he looked at her, in the way that he touched her, and in the way that his cock was so very hard for her, his thoughts, his wants, his needs, and his desires were all so very transparent to her. She wouldn’t be much of a psychiatrist if they weren’t after all.

Not offended in the least, she didn’t mind him wanting to have sex with his mother instead of her. It didn’t bother her in the least that he thought of his mother’s naked body when he saw her naked body. She didn’t care that he thought of his mother while kissing her, touching her, feeling her, and now licking her. Not only was it okay that he wanted to have sex with his mother as much as he wanted to have sex with her but also this was her modus of operandi. He wanting to have sex with his mother was a preferred psychological condition of her choosing him to have sex with her in the first place. She loved having sex with mother’s sons who were sexually attracted to their mothers.

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