Surprise Visit

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“I just thought I’d stop by, since I just happened to be in the area,” you playfully tell me, as you close my office door behind you. I stare incredulously as you walk up to me, kiss me quickly, then push my chair away and sit down on the edge of my desk. “Who am I to complain,” I respond, but my mind quickly reacts with a desire to ensure I keep control of the situation.

I stand up, and pull you up with me. Your ass rests on the edge of my desk as I pull your face to mine, kissing you deeply. I know how this always catches you unprepared — your body begins to react, and before your mind can catch up I spin you around and bend you over the desk. Holding you down, I walk to the front of the desk. I take my off tie and use it to bind your wrists, anchoring them to the other side of the desk so you cannot stand back up. I quickly kiss you as you face me, then walk back behind the desk — and you.

I kneel behind you, kissing the backs of your legs. Your ankles. Up your calves. Ever so lightly across the back of your knees.

My kartal escort fingertips lightly trace the front of your legs as my lips caress the backs. As my lips track slowly up the back of your thigh, my hands raise your skirt over your ass. Never breaking my kisses, I chuckle as I notice you are sans panties, realizing your visit was planned, and your intent most naughty.

My lips trace over the curve of your ass, to the small of your back. My hands grasp each mound and slightly pull them apart, allowing my lips to slowly slide back down. My tongue slides between your cheeks, fluttering. Teasing. Hard and pointed. Soft and broad. Barely there. Fully pressed against you.

I feel you wiggling, trying to position yourself to meet my tongue. I watch the insides of your thighs quiver with anticipation, and I notice your juices trickling down one thigh. My lips fasten to this stream, and my tongue traces it back to its source.

My mouth closes over you. Kissing your moist lips. Blowing warm breath where your skin is maltepe escort bayan still moist from my tongue.

My hands shift to rest on the backs of your thighs, just under your ass. My fingertips press on the insides of your thighs, then pull gently. You feel a cool breeze of air against your warmth as I part you, followed quickly by the warmth of my tongue gliding lightly between your lips, tasting your sweet juices.

My face presses further into you as my tongue delves deeper, entering you. You press your hips back to me, and I hum as my lips press against your swollen pussy. Just inside you, my tongue swirls. Twists. Thrusts in imitation of my cock. I feel your engorged clit against my bottom lip, and as my tongue works inside you I manipulate my jaw to rub my lip against your clit.

Your hips are grinding, pressing yourself back against my face. Urging my tongue deeper inside of you. I can feel your muscles contracting, your thighs quivering against my cheeks as you succumb to my oral assault and your escort pendik orgasm builds.

You feel cool air on you again as I pull away from you. You hear me shuffling around behind you and feel me moving around between your legs, then you feel my hands grasp your cheeks, pulling you closer to the desk. My lips fasten to your pussy and my tongue quickly traces its way to your clit. You realize I’m now sitting between your legs, facing in the opposite direction. All coherent thought escapes you as you surrender to the moment.

Your thoughts wander. Your consciousness centers on pleasure. You struggle to focus as your senses are overwhelmed. Colors swirl. Heart pounds. Time stops, or is it just your breathing that stopped. You gasp. Or was it me? Warmth spreads from your clit. Through your stomach. Burning through your chest. Your nipples ache for attention as your arch your back — raising your breasts off the desk, rearing back. Your eyes are barely focused as you gaze at yourself in pure, raging ecstasy, in an almost out of body experience as every muscle tenses — coils in preparation. You can barely call my name — almost a whisper, but unbelievably loud within your own ears as your entire body contracts then releases in continuous waves, then your world goes dark.

To be continued …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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