Surprise Visit

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I just love that time in the late afternoon or early evening when I check my email. I sign on and almost hold my breath to see if you’ve written me today. Alas, no mail greets me this time. I look at the IM window and you’re not signed on. Feeling despondent, I decide to just content myself with a movie tonight. It’ll have to be an action flick to help release some of this tension that builds all day just thinking about you.

I settle down with a glass of red wine and a Lethal Weapon flick ready to watch Mel and Danny fight the good fight for the betterment of L.A. I stretch out on the couch and start to watch the movie but the warm room and the darkness of no lights and the tingle of the red wine lulls me to sleep.

I begin to dream about you. I can almost feel your hands on my breasts. My nipples grow hard and ache for your mouth. Then, as if you can read my thoughts, your mouth closes around one hard aching nipple and you roll it around with your tongue. My hands move to hold your head in place and my back begins to arch pressing my breasts against your mouth and hands. A low moan escapes sounding like a purr of contentment. I feel a cool breeze over my now wet nipple as you release it. It grows so hard it hurts as your mouth kisses its way across to my other nipple.

I feel my skin break out into gooseflesh as I anticipate your mouth arriving at my other nipple. Your hands holding me firmly in place so I can’t move. I feel your body stretched out along my body and I feel the heat from you melting me. As your mouth takes possession of my breast I arch and cry out from want and something bigger that’s building. I then realize that I’m not asleep anymore, my shirt has vanished and I’m definitely NOT dreaming anymore!

I keep my eyes closed as your mouth continues to work my nipples and your hands begin to caress my body. My hands feel you blindly wanting to touch all of you that I can. I finally pull on you till your mouth is over mine and then I open my eyes to look at you.

My breathing is shallow and my eyes are heavy and half open as I look at you with pure lust canlı bahis and wanting. I pull your head down and kiss you deeply, my hands grabbing your firm ass through your jeans and pulling you tightly against my pelvis…. You can feel my heat through my pants. I grab the bottom of your shirt and pull it over your head tossing it aside. Now, I’m really awake and all I want is you! My hands slide over your back lightly raking my nails down your back which brings you to gooseflesh as well. My mouth is all over any part of you I can reach. Your face, your neck, your shoulders….

I can feel your cock hard and hot through your jeans and all I can think about is feeling that in my hand. I work my hand under the top of your jeans and lightly caress the soft velvet head of your hard cock. You jump like you’ve been stung and I use your momentary shock to undo your jeans and push them down. You’re not wearing boxers and I smile like a cat with a saucer of milk to lap up. I slide out from under you and push you back on the couch where I was a moment ago.

I stand up next to you and smile at you as I slide my pants down and off. Before I move back to you, I caress my own breasts and cunt finding, not to my surprise, that I’m wet and ready for you. I slide one finger down my slit and flick once at my clit. The sensation is almost enough to bring me to my knees. You watch this as you stroke yourself and I bring my now soaking finger to my lips and taste myself. Sweet and tangy.

I slowly drop to my knees next to the couch and begin to kiss your chest. I alternate between licking and nibbling your skin till I work my way to your nipples. I flick my tongue over them and feel them harden under my mouth. I lightly scratch my nails down your chest and one hand moves to your upper thigh. Your hips rise, begging me silently to take you in my hand…. And I will…. But not yet. I continue to kiss and lick my way down your chest and over your stomach. My hand dancing around your now standing cock. I swing your legs around so that you’re now half sitting half lying on the couch with your legs over the front bahis siteleri and me kneeling between them.

I look at you and see your look of pleading. You can feel my breasts on the inside of your thighs as I kneel up to kiss your lower stomach. I begin to run my tongue along the top of your hair line and you feel my breasts swinging around your cock. Your hips thrust upwards trying to rub against the softness of my large breasts. I continue to lick my way around the edge of your pelvic area until I’m kneeling low my nose pressed against your balls as I flick my tongue out and over the skin behind them. I inhale and smell the musky sent of maleness. I feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

One hand snakes its way down to flick at my clit as I begin to lick your cock at the base….. Slowly working my tongue up the underside of your cock. When I get to the head, I flick my tongue at the opening and taste you. I can taste your pre-cum wetness as it makes an appearance. I open my mouth and lower myself onto your cock. The only thing touching you is my tongue which flicks its way around the head and down the shaft of your hardness. Finally, when you groan, I close my mouth around your cock and take one LONG sucking pull at your cock… my tongue flat against the underside putting pressure on your ridge.

You arch up and call out as you feel the sucking motion around your very sensitive head. My free hand cups your balls as I begin to suck you in earnest swirling my tongue around you each time I pull up and push back down your length. My other hand is flicking my clit and dripping wet. I move this hand up now to flick around your ass. I shift my position a bit so that I can take more of you into my mouth and take you deeper and as I begin to take you deeper, I flick my fingers around your little hole and play with the opening. You cry out with sensation and I know you’re close to cumming. I stop and stand up and bend over you so that my breasts are hanging in your face and kiss your forehead.

You erupt with movement and grab me. You stand and bend me over the back of a nearby bahis şirketleri chair and drop to your knees. I feel your mouth begin to devour me from behind your lips sucking on my cunt lips and your tongue flicking over my now Very sensitive clit. I begin to moan loudly now and my hips are pushing back against your face. You bury your tongue in my cunt and I cry out!

You then work a finger inside me as you begin to suck on my clit. My legs are shaking and you move another finger inside of me. You can feel my muscles clamping down on your fingers and my whole body is twitching from your workings. Then I feel your other hand dip itself into my wetness and move to play at my back door. I’m afraid because I’ve never had someone really play with me there. I’ve played on my own but this is my first time with someone to do it for me. I gasp as I feel your finger begin to press against my ass.

Your mouth begins sucking harder as you flick your tongue over my clit and your fingers work my cunt faster and I lose track of your other hand until I feel your whole finger buried in my ass…. I begin to shake as the sensations become too much and I feel myself building towards a huge climax. I whimper and call out as I begin to cum, screaming your name and bucking like a wild animal.

You quickly stand up and slam your twitching cock deep into me causing me to have a second orgasm that rides on top of the first. You can feel the convulsions of my cunt around your cock as my muscles suck you deep. You pump fast and hard and you explode, calling out loudly and moaning… filling me up and making me cry out with pure pleasure my whole body shaking from the force of my release.

As I begin to come back down to earth, I realize that you are shaking from the strength of your orgasm too and we move to the couch and collapse onto it trembling from head to toe, our legs unable to hold us up any longer. We hold each other close and begin to drop off to sleep. I reach up and pull the blanket off the back of the sofa and cover us both. In the last few minutes before sleep over takes us, I remember to ask you why you’re here… you say nothing but you smile at me and kiss me deeply. I decide it doesn’t matter why you’re here or how you got here…. You’re here and that’s all that matters…

I know I’ll sleep well tonight!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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