Surprise At The Drive In Ch. 1

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Chapter 1: The Plan

As I stepped into the house, having just arrived home from work, my Mom shouted, “Get cleaned up. Deb’s waiting for you out on your porch. Dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes.”

She turned back to the stove, lifted a lid stirring something inside the pot. As I glanced past her out the window I could see Dad sitting on the front porch facing the lake. He sat there reading the evening newspaper as usual. I turned and walked to the side door off the adjoining dining room. I poked my head through the door and admired my lovely bride to be. She sat on the glider reading a magazine. Her medium build was striking in the pink two-piece bathing suit. Her soft ample mounds of flesh filled the cups nicely, slightly overflowing at the top. When she heard me say ‘hi’ she jumped up excitedly, running over and saying, “Hurry up and get changed! I’ve got a big surprise for you!”

At five foot eight, Deb’s eyes were level with mine as I stared admiringly into her beautiful round face. Her shoulder length golden locks, parted on her right, flowing gracefully over her forehead almost covering her left eye.

Our wedding would take place in about three weeks, out on the front lawn by the lake. Deb had been staying at our house since we graduated from college in June to make it easier for her to plan.

She closed her hazel blue eyes as she leaned forward and gave me a quick, but opened mouth kiss with an even quicker teasing dart of tongue into my mouth. As I grabbed for her womanly 135-pound full figure, she pulled away just out of my reach. “Hurry up! I can’t wait to tell you what I have planned for tonight!” I got another tongue kiss – longer this time. Her lusciously full, soft lips made me want to melt right into her arms as usual, but she pulled away again. She rubbed my crotch, however; smiled, raising her eye brows in that you know what I got planned for you, look.

She stepped away waving her hands for me to go; saying again, “Hurry up! Hurry up!”

So as instructed I quickly went to my room and changed into my bathing suit, returning to find her still sitting on the porch waiting for me. While I was gone Deb had put on one of my t-shirts that stretched down to about mid thigh. She jumped up, ran over to me, threw her arms around my neck and gave me a very passionate open mouth kiss. Again those soft, full lips made me melt right into her arms. Only this time she didn’t pull away. Her leg worked its way between mine and urgently pressed into my hardening manhood. She kept kissing me, reaching deep into my mouth with her tongue while her leg continued to rub back and forth across my hardening spear. I pulled her to me, returning her kiss with my tongue as well.

When I finally became fully erect, which didn’t take that long, she changed position slightly so that my protrusion fit snuggly into her obviously wanting crevice. At the same time Deb started darting her tongue in and out of my mouth in a very suggestive way. I pulled her around, pushing her up against the porch wall. Bending my knees slightly I brought as much pressure as I could to her obviously wanting needs. As we dry humped, we reached for each other’s hips and pulled ourselves together frantically. She moaned her appreciation into my mouth while her tongue busied itself exploring every corner of my mouth it could reach. I began to suck on it, until she pulled it straight and hard, sliding it in and out of my mouth. There was no misunderstanding what she meant by that.

We had two porches. The one on the front of the house, where my Dad was sitting, faced the lake. The side porch, which wrapped around from the front porch, (where we were franticly coupling as close to intercourse as you could get without actually fucking) faced down the beach toward the neighbors. It was screened in and a wing off of our house blocked the view from the nearest neighbor’s house. Mom’s kitchen sat in the corner where the porches wrapped around. She had a window that faced out onto our porch but was further down from where we were coupling. The window was open however, and I’m sure she could hear our moaning.

My Dad and I had built the side porch a few years before, just about the time I was getting my drivers license. Actually, I had built most of it with his direction. It was screened in with a door into the house through the dinning room and a screen door out to the front porch.

When we were all done he said, “Son, this is your porch. You will be getting your license soon and you will be dating. I don’t want you taking your dates and parking some place. It’s not as safe out there as it was when I was dating. Too many weird things happening. I’d rather you’d do your parking and necking right here where it’s safe. I guarantee your privacy. Your Mom and I’ve discussed this and we will never come out on the porch while you are out here with girl friend. We’ve discussed the birds and the bees, so I don’t have to go into that. You know how we feel about waiting. However, if you choose not kartal escort to honor our wishes, than we would rather it happen here, where it’s safe. And by all means, wear some protection. You know what I’m talking about?”

There was more to it than that, but you get the idea. Mom and Dad were true to their word, never once bothering me or any of the girls I took out there. Many of the girls were very uncomfortable necking there, so close to my parents. Some refused altogether. They thought it was too weird. So for those, parking was the only recourse.

Finally Deb pulled away from me, grabbing my hand, she pulled me toward the glider. “I’ve got plans for us tonight. I’m so excited, I can’t stand it!” She exclaimed, as I sat down on the nearest end of the glider. Smiling at me she sat down in the middle to my right. She turned to face me with her left knee against my right hip and her lower leg running along my thigh, while the tops of her toes rubbed over my knee.

“I could tell by the way you welcomed me. What’s up?”

“I want to go up to the Derand Dirties.”

“What?” I exclaim in disbelief. “Are you kidding?”

“No, not at all.” Responding as though a little hurt by my questioning. “I thought you would really like that.”

“Do you know what the Derand Dirties are? Where did you hear about them?”

“Of course. It’s a drive-in theatre that shows X-rated movies. I’ve always wanted to see one!” She replied getting excited again. “I thought you would enjoy the idea.” She pouted, curling up close and looking up at me with those hazel blue eyes of hers. They’re to die for. She can turn you to her will with just the slightest glance. She placed her hand on my chest and began rubbing circles all over it and down onto my tummy.

“I just didn’t think you would like something like that. You get upset when you catch me looking at a Penthouse. That’s all.” I tried in vein to explain my concern.

“Well, this is different. It has guys too, not just girls.” Her hand went lower and lower on my tummy. “And you get to watch them do everything. Just the thought of it has gotten me all turned on.” Her hand now slipped under the elastic band of my bathing suit, easing down through my pubic hair and glided up over my firm appendage. “I’ve been hot all day, just thinking about it.” She wrapped her fingers around it, beginning very slow strokes.

“I can see.” Squeezing her hand through my bathing suit.

“A couple of girls at work went up there last night with their boyfriends. They came in this morning talking all about it. It just sounded so exciting.” She squeezed me hard, raised her head, looking me straight in the eye. “And they claimed they had a… really great time. If you know what I mean.”

“They told you what happened?” I asked, incredulously.

“Sure. You know. Girl talk is all.”

“I didn’t think girls – kiss and tell.”

“Well, this was a little bit more than kissin’.” She began stroking me a little faster now. “And we kept prompting them and asking for more details.”

“And they told you? The details?” I asked in amazement.


“You don’t tell your girl friends what we do. Do you?”

“Well… ah… Not usually.”

“What do you mean, ‘Not usually.’ You’d skin me alive if you thought I had told one of the guys what we do.”

“Of course I would. Guys can’t be trusted not to spread stories around. “

“And girls can?” I argued.

“Well. Your best friend can…. Usually…. And besides… sometimes you just want to brag. I mean, when girls are talking and one comes up with a good story, you want to be able to at least make them think you’re gettin’ just as good, if not better. And, I think I’m gettin’ better.” She declared bowing her head and batting her eyes up at me with a Cheshire cat grin. She also squeezed my cock to add emphasis.

“So, what did they tell you?”

“Well, Joy. You met her. Her and Marjorie, double date all the time with their boyfriends Tony and Brad. I think I introduced you to Joy and Tony last Christmas at the office party.”

“Yeah, I think I remember her. She was the one with the long straight black hair and the really big teaties.” I said, holding my hands cupped out in front of me to indicate what I was referring to.

Letting go of my appendage, she slapped me on the chest. “Of course you’d notice that. But, yes that’s her.”

“How could I help but notice, they were almost falling out of her blouse.”

“And I just hate that word.” She scolded.

“What word? Teaties?”

“Yes. I guess I’ve just spent too much time on my uncles’ farms. Cows and pigs have teats. I just happen to think my breasts look a whole lot nicer than that.”

“I couldn’t agree more. You have the most beautiful teats…I mean… ah…ah… breasts I’ve ever been lucky enough to play with.”

Picking up on that, she quickly returned with, “Meaning you just haven’t been lucky enough to play with someone like Joy, with her 40Ds compared to my wimpy 36Cs”

“Now don’t go maltepe escort bayan there. Your wonderful, soft breasts are far from wimpy. Besides anything more than a mouthful is a waste.

“Breasts. Boobs. Hooters. Even jugs or knockers are ok. But when I hear “Teats” all I think of is something hanging below a cow. And I don’t want to be thought of as a cow. If you know what I mean?”

“Sure I do. I’ll try not to say it again.”

“But, you like the size of Joy’s breasts, better than mine?” She asked more than stated.

“Well… ah… they are nice to look at…” I commented slowly, knowing I was treading on dangerous ground. “but, the total package is more important to me. Besides, anything more than a mouth full is a waste.” I said again and got another half-hearted slap on the chest.

“I guess I can accept that, even if it does sound like you’re hedging your bet. Anyway, the girls said the movies had all the details. Nothing left out. Close ups of all the action.”

“They’ll certainly have all that. Up close and personal.” I joked, sighing a breath of relief that the subject had changed.

“They said everywhere they looked, couples were going at in their cars. Guys and girls were walking around half naked, feeling each other. It just sounded so exciting – and erotic.”

“So, you want to go walk around with your breasts hanging out and feeling each other up in front of other people?” I asked, trying not to sound critical.

“No! But, I wouldn’t mind watching others doing it.” Her eyes lit up with excitement.

“Voyeuristic, huh…. Now don’t get me wrong. This sounds exciting as hell to me also. Getting all turned on watching all that screwing going on the screen and in other cars. Doing some of our own. I’d love it. I just don’t want to get you up there and have you get grossed out, is all.”

“She squeezed my dick real hard and gave it couple of real hard, long strokes. Leaning forward she kissed me, slipping her tongue deep into my mouth. When she let up, she smiled, saying, “I love the way you try to take care of me.” Her eyes were all glazed over. “But, I’m a big girl now. Thanks to you… and him.” She nodded down towards my groin and gave him another knowing squeeze.

Rising up on one knee, Deb leaned toward me again, whispering in my ear, “I’m so fucking turned on right now I can’t stand it.”

Pulling away from me she yanked down the front of my bathing suit and with one swift movement swung her other leg across my lap straddling me without letting go of my cock. With her other hand she pulled up the front of her t-shirt exposing a totally naked pussy. She hovered there a second rubbing the swollen blue bulbous head of my dick into the folds of her drenching wet pussy. When she got him just where she wanted him, she let herself go and sank with her full weight, engorging herself to the hilt.

She collapsed into my chest, letting out all her breath in a deep rush, “Augh!”

“Deb! What are you doing? Mom’s right through that window.” I whispered.

Her arms around me now, she whispered in my ear, “I’ve been planning this since noontime. I’ve been turned on all day. I just couldn’t wait any longer to feel that big fat cock of yours, deep in my cunt. It feels even better than I thought it would. And as far as your mother is concerned, she knows what we do out here.”

“What do you mean?”

“She asked me quite awhile back if we used protection or if I was on the pill.”

“You’re kidding! What did you tell her?” I exclaimed, amazed and beginning to soften.

“I told her, ‘both,’, that we didn’t want to take any chances. Now shut up and just fuck me.”

I was shocked and amazed as she started a slow rocking motion forcing herself down even further onto my shaft. We had used withdrawal, as our main method of birth control, neither one of us liked using prophylactics. Deb was always scared they might break. I just didn’t like the feel. So we came to an agreement to wait for our wedding night before I came inside her. She had just gone on the pill, so it would be safe by then.

“You are something else tonight. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you use the words like that before.” I commented as every once of resolve faded away. I pulled her to me and began thrusting up into that hot pussy of hers.

“Oh, God!… That feels so good. Sooo, F U C K I N’ good!…” She whispered in my ear and after a lengthy pause, she continued. “You mean words like cock and fuck? I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on before. I get uninhibited and the words just slip out.”

She pushed herself away from me, continuing to rock back and forth as I thrust up into her. Looking deep into my eyes, she smiled and whispered “Cock…. Pussy…. Your big… hard… hot… cock, trusting deep into my hot… fucking… wet pussy.” She licked her lips sensuously and continued, “You like it when I talk dirty? Don’t you? When I talk like a fuckin’ dirty slut?”

“Oh, yes. Baby.” I groaned. “This is as hot as I’ve ever seen you. Other than escort pendik maybe that night after the Military Ball, when you darn near raped me in the back seat of the car.

“Yes. I was turned on that night I have to admit. I wanted you all night and I just couldn’t wait any longer. Just like now.”

“Yeah. That night you surprised me with no panties on under you gown, just like tonight with no bathing suit bottoms under this t-shirt. By the way, when did they come off? You were wearing your bathing suit when I first came in.”

“When you went to change, I took my suit off and put this t-shirt on.”

“Then you where planning this all along?”

“I told you that!” She responded, pulling the t-shirt up over her bare breasts. “Now shut up, suck on these and give me a good fuckin’.” She demanded, falling into my face and pulling my head into her breast.

“God, you feel so fuckin’ good.” She whispered again into my ear. “I want you to fuck me like this all night long. Joy said she got fucked five times last night. I want to be able to tell her on Monday, I got it at least six times, maybe more.”

I mumbled an unintelligible answer as I continued to suck on her breast, flicking the tip of her nipple with the end of my tongue. I wondered how I was going to keep up.

“OK, you two. Break it up out there. Dinner’s on the table.” Mom yelled through the window. I knew she couldn’t see us from there, but it didn’t stop me from panicking, pulling away from Deb’s breast and trying to get out from underneath her.

“Aah, shit!” Deb exclaimed under her breath. Then into my ear, “Hold still a minute and give me just a few more thrusts of that big cock of yours.”

“You heard Mom, ‘Break it up’, she knows what we’re doing!” I whispered hoarsely, still trying to get out from underneath her.

Deb just pulled herself tighter to my body; calmly responding, “Your mother almost always says that, when she’s calling us to dinner. And if she does know, it’s to late anyway.”

Settling down, I stopped resisting. “That’s better,” she swoons. “Now give me a couple more good hard thrusts. Then I’ll get off and we can go eat dinner.

Pulling her close I thrust up into her a few more times, put still felt awfully uncomfortable. Deb continued to rock on top of me grinding her pelvis hard into mine. Then as quickly as she had gotten on, she swung her right leg back across me, extracted herself, turned around and sat next me.

With a bright smile on her face said, “Let’s go eat.” She stood up, pulled the t-shirt back down, and grabbed my hand as if nothing out of the ordinary had taken place.

“Aren’t you going to at least put your bottoms on?” I asked as she stepped toward the door dragging me up off the glider.

She turned back, rising up on her tiptoes and whispering in my ear, “Wouldn’t you like to feel me up… under the table… while we’re eating?”

Pulling her to me I kissed her hard on the lips, opening my mouth and thrusting my tongue deep into hers. When we pulled apart, I said, “You have really gone wild tonight. And I love it. I think I’m going to really enjoy myself tonight. I just hope I can keep up with you.”

Leaning against me she rubbed the length of my shaft with the palm of her hand and warned, “You better, I’m counting on it, so I can really enjoy this night myself. Let’s go eat.”

I followed behind Deb, hoping that her body would shield the very obvious state of my erection that my bathing suit could not hide. As I passed her to sit down I tried to nonchalantly cup my hands over the tent pole holding my bathing suit out away from my body so no one would notice. I was flushed with embarrassment, but neither Mom nor Dad seemed to notice. It was then that I really got embarrassed as I realized Deb had her own set of tent poles pushing the t-shirt well out in front. And there was no way to hide them under the table. Deb has these very thick and long nipples when they are excited that made it very obvious she was not wearing the top of her bathing suit underneath. I could make out the reddish color of the taut nipple and the faint brown hue of the areola around it. Mom and Dad could not have helped but noticed, but they made no indication that they did.

There was small talk as we ate and my embarrassment slowly diminished. Then my Mom asked, “Well, what are you two up to tonight.”

Deb and I looked at each other and almost simultaneously said, “We thought we’d go to the Drive-in.”

“Which show?” Mom asked again, nonchalantly between mouth fulls.

Again we answered in unison, except I said, “The Lakes Drive-in.” While Deb said, “The Scio Drive-in.”

There was dead silence. We both just looked down at our plates for what seemed forever to me. Then to my shock and surprise, Deb very softly said, “I asked Bill to take me up to the Durand Drive-in.”

“Oh, isn’t that where they show the adult movies.” Mom said in a normal conversational voice, as if we were talking about where you go to buy factory outlet clothing.

“Yeah.” Deb said tentatively, “I’ve… um… ah… never seen one of those kind of movies and was just very curious.”

Still very casually, Mom asks, “Isn’t it a little risky. I mean don’t all kinds of perverts hang out around those kind of establishments?”

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