Surprise at Summer Camp

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Big Tits

My girlfriend Marla and I had gotten jobs at the same summer camp, and after spending the year at our different colleges with only an occasional weekend together, I was bursting with joy that my incessant days of chronic horniness would soon be coming to an end. I was looking forward to a relaxing summer in the mountains with days of sun and fresh air, surrounded by lots of girls in shorts and tank tops, and nights filled with Marla’s tasty wet pussy. Several years beforehand as a college freshman I discovered that tonguing a girl to orgasm not only was the best way to keep her returning to your bed, but turned me on as well. I would get harder and harder as my lovers moaned their way to orgasm. Besides, it seemed natural for them to return the oral favors.

Both of us lived in cabins with 5 other counselors, and we needed to be discreet, as we certainly didn’t want to get caught by any of our campers, especially the 14 year-olds who we worked with whose cabins were nearby. Fortunately, we had some staff friends who had single rooms in camp, and we were able to borrow them on occasion. We took days off together, and would get a motel room where we would sweat up the sheets on those hot summer nights.

A few weeks into the summer, though, Marla was shrugging off my suggestions that we borrow a room for a quickie between getting our campers’ lights out and our staff curfew. It became apparent to me that our relationship, now about a year old, was headed for the toilet. With all these delectable young women around, I was hornier than ever. It wasn’t just the dozens of college-age counselors or the specialists who were in graduate school, or the schoolteachers taking a summer position. Our campers went to 15; high school girls were CIT’s, junior counselors, waterfront and dining room staff. While I, as a 23 year old, had enough sense not to even think of touching any of these minors who were mostly unaware of the effects they could have on older guys, their constant presence was a source of stimulation. As a graduate student living on my own I was used to the luxury of masturbating freely in the privacy of my own apartment, something I usually did twice a day, in 45 to 60 minutes sessions. Here, though, I slept with 5 guys and shared a bathroom with thirty.

I had made friends with other staff members, and I really had the hots for Judi , who was 20, with shoulder-length black wavy hair and dark blue eyes. She had a beautiful face with high cheekbones, and her two breasts generally were unconfined by a bra in a series of halter tops. Usually she wore short-short cutoffs, exposing long legs going up to yummy thighs. They were always smooth and creamy, in contrast to Marla, who during the past year had stopped shaving not only her legs, but under her arms. While at times this turned me off, her great hairy bush was a turn-on.

I also became friends with Debbie, who at 18 was about to begin college. A lifeguard, she walked around most days in a bathing suit molded around her O so tight butt and pressed against an inviting chest with high, thrusting, conical breasts. Think ice cream cones. Debbie was a free spirit, perhaps a hippie born a generation too late. I began to fantasize about her sex life – she could be a virgin, or maybe she’d fuck at the drop of a hat, if you had the right hat to drop. The tan she developed over the summer on her innocent young skin made her more inviting, and in the evenings when she’d change to other clothes you could see the that there was tender white flesh below. If I didn’t suck her nipples some day I would die unfulfilled.

Oh, to be 17 again so I could hit on Susiei, whose smile could light up camp at midnight during a thunderstorm, and whose eyes lashes would lower demurely when I spoke to her. Out of bounds, this girl. Then there was bahis firmaları Mandy in the dining room, a mature 25 I guess, maybe 5’1″ and 100 lbs, whose hips seemed to be swivels, covered by her long dark hair swinging back and forth. If I could have just stared at her in the dining room for 10 minutes undisturbed I would have cum in my pants with no other stimulation.

Marla and I had come to camp as a couple, and everyone knew it. As horny as I had become, I didn’t consider breaking up there at camp, because I thought the relationship was still salvageable, and not only did I enjoy her company, I respected her. Even if we had broken up there, it would have looked really bad if the following week I took up with anybody else. It would have made me look like the shithead, since few of the other young women were anywhere near Marla’s intellectual peer, and it would have been clear that I was thinking not with my brain, but with my dick.

One beautiful day early August, I was free from after lunch until 3 PM, and the kids were all in activities at 1:30, so I decided to take a hike up the mountain in back of our cabins. I knew there was some sort of campfire site up there a ways, and had never been up there myself. It was in the high 70’s with a gentle breeze, and a delightful walk along the trail. At the campfire sight there were two trails that continued up the mountain, one at either end, and I took the western one. After about 10 minutes I reached a clearing where the sun shined down upon me. A tree rising out of the hill invited me to lean against it. I took out my water bottle, and delighted in the sun and breeze.

I began to feel a stirring in my crotch, as a spontaneous erection began to form in my pants. I responded with a brief rub on the outside of my shorts. “Oh, yeah, feels good,” I said, as I pinched the head of my cock. My cock continued to harden and I rubbed it a little more in response. Soon it was hard, and while I tried to ignore it I knew it was too late for that. “What the hell,” I thought, “it’s a great day to jack-off, and I haven’t had this much privacy in weeks.” I unzipped my shorts, pulled out my cock, and lovingly began to shower attention on my long-ignored very good friend.

It was kind of tough, though, with no other stimulation – I usually stroked to reading material- and with none of the lubricant I was used to. After a while the pre-cum started to ooze, which helped me build toward my orgasm. As hard as I was pumping my cock, I couldn’t seem to get cum as fast as I wanted, probably because I had conditioned my dick to 45 minutes of slow, leisurely play with a combination of Vaseline and baby oil. I added some saliva to the pre-cum, thinking about Marla’s lips wrapped around the head of my cock, stretched out my calf muscles, standing on my tip toes, and -pump Pump PUMP –squirt Squirt SQUIRT — shot a rope load of cum 4 feet in front of me. Very liquidy, from an unusually full batch of semen.

I worked as much of the cum out of my cock as I could, then realized I had to clean up. I reached for a leaf, but all that did was spread it around more. “Can’t use my shirt,” I thought, but what the hell, I can walk back to the cabin without underwear. I dropped my shorts, took off my tight bikini underwear – amazing how the girls always love it – and wiped the elixir of life from my cock, as another wad oozed out. I stuffed the underwear in my pocket, put the shorts back on, stuffed my detumescing dick inside and carefully zipped back up, making sure not to catch skin, scrotum, or balls in the zipper.

Back down at the campfire site just as I sat on a log and opened up my water bottle, I heard steps coming from the other end. It was Judi, emerging from the other trail.

“Fancy meeting you here,” she said. “I don’t usually run kaçak iddaa into anyone up here at this time of day.”

“I’ve been wanting to check out this trail for weeks, and decided that today was a perfect day for a walk,” I replied.

“Yeah, today’s really beautiful. I usually get up here at least twice a week. Sarah, my Unit Head gives each of us counselors off from lunch to 3 PM 2 days a week, and in return all the counselors are on duty when it’s time to get them to sleep from 9:30 to 10. In trade, she takes off from 9-10 each night so she can get together with Donna D from the Art Shed.”

“Why do Sarah and Donna meet every night?” I asked

” Oh, I guess you didn’t know they were a couple. They try and keep it quiet so the kids don’t find out, because some parents might freak if they knew lesbians worked here.”

“You’re probably right. It must be tough on them, though.”

“Yeah, but the parents should probably also take it as a given that the whole staff is horny college students. Except for you, since you and Marla are a couple, you’re not as horny as the rest of us.”

I looked down. “I’m probably just as horny as everybody else here, maybe more so, since it always seems just out of reach.”

She was looking me straight in the eyes. “Oh, I’m sure you guys manage to borrow a room now and again.” She looked at me knowingly. I could imagine that we were topic of conversation among the rest of the staff. The way Marla grunted when my cock hit her cervix surely must have been heard by the other staff hanging around before curfew.

“Well, it’s not as easy as you might think.” God, did I want to tell her the truth about my situation, but I didn’t think I should confide that to her…yet.

“Oh, I bet you’re just…Oh, what time is it? I’m due at the ball field. I’ll see you at dinner.”

It’s a good thing she ran away then, because I was starting to get hard again, and with no underwear it would have been very clear.

The great weather continued, and two days later I decided that another “Nature Walk” by myself was called for. I was free from bunk clean-up after breakfast until 11, so as soon as everyone got inspected and sent off to First Activity, I filled my small pack with baby oil and tissues, and worked my way up the mountain path. Taking the western path again after the campfire, my cock started to thicken in anticipation. I was almost upon the clearing when I heard “UNNGH! UNNGH! UNNGH!” It didn’t quite sound like a bear shitting in the woods, but rather…sexual. I carefully progressed, my randy curiosity propelling me forward, hoping to hell that it wasn’t bears being sexual!

As I got closer I became surer that it was definitely human heavy breathing, and as I turned the final bend in the path, there in front of me was Judi, her eyes closed, one hand down the front of her shorts, moving in tiny, fast motions as her other hand snaked up from underneath her T-shirt and was fondling her breast.

“Ohhh. UNNGH ohh. UNNGH. Ohhh. UNNGH ohh O yes o yes yes o yes o o o UNNGH!!” Her mouth opened into “O,” she was silent, then she opened her eyes and saw me. She looked at me with glassy eyes, as if in a trance.

“Pinch my nipples,” she ordered. “Play with them while I cum,”

I sailed across the ground, pushed her shirt up and grabbed her big, thick, engorged nipples between my thumb and forefinger, and rolled and pinched them. “O YES! PINCH THEM HARD! RUB THEM!” She looked me straight in the eyes, and I had never seen such horniness on the face of a woman. “RUB MY NIPPLES! “SQUEEZE MY TITS NOW! YES! SQUEEZE THEM HARD WHILE I CUM.” I dropped to my knees and put lips to one nipple. I rolled it around between my lips, putting as much pressure as I could, while I continued squeezing her other boob.

“Oh, yes yes yes!! kaçak bahis Oh, Oh, Oh. Lick lick lick!”

“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned back, trying to convey as much vibration to her tits through my lips as I could.

“Oh, yes, so good!”

I went into full mouth mode: I added friction from my tongue, and then started biting the nipple, ever so gently with my incisors. She was really humping her hand now, moving it not just on her clit, but up and down what I could hear to be a dripping wet pussy. I turned my head enough to place that hard red nipple between my molars, and gently began to grind the tip o’ the tit between my teeth. She froze for about five seconds, and then she went into orgasm. She bucked me off her chest

“O my pussy,” she moaned. “My pussy is so wet, feels so good. “

” I bet,” I replied. “Nice wet pussy..”

“Yes, nice wet pussy which needs a nice hard cock,” and she reached up to my zipper, which was pushed outward by my now very hard cock. “I need you to fuck me now.”

“I want to be naked with you,” I said. “I want to see those big hard nipples, and those creamy thighs of yours, and I want my hands all over that butt I’ve been watching for weeks.”

“Oh YES, fuck me naked. Fuck my wet pussy “

In about 5 seconds all our clothes were gone. She leaned her shoulder against the tree, stuck her behind out at me, and said, “Fuck me this way. I want you up against my ass.”

I mounted her from behind. Her pussy was sweet melted butter…smooth and slick, and snug, too. “O YES!!” she cried. “Put your hands on my tits. I love to have my tits played with.” I kneaded and squeezed and punched and rubbed.

To better balance myself I removed one hand and lowered it towards her clit, where I found her hand once again at work.

“Fuck me while I play with my clit!” she ordered. “Fuck me with your cock from behind! I love it when you pound against my ass!”

I grabbed both side of her hips and focused on that delectable butt which lay in front of me, I stuck my thumb in my mouth, getting it wet, and then reached town to touch her brown puckered starry rosebud.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!?!!” There was a new intensity in that moan. It was questioning, yet encouraging. I moved my thumb around her bung-hole, not really entering, but letting her enjoy the sensation.


I guess she liked it.

My legs and knees were giving out, so I said, “Let’s get down on the ground,” and as we sank, still merged, my cock still in her pussy, I reached over to my pack and pulled out the baby oil.

“Oh you dirty man, ” she said coyly. “Were you coming up here to jack off?”

I responded by dribbling the oil down her crack. She knelt forward as I started up again thrusting into her cunt. I also returned to her rear hole.

“O GOD. That is so good. I am so sensitive. No one’s ever done that. Play with my butt!”

I popped my finger through her sphincter. Slowly but firmly I pushed my finger in, and drew it out just as slowly, not quite all the way. Quickly I pushed it deeply, as deep as I could press in.

“O God,” she said. “That’s so good. Do it more. Do my butt and fuck me too. In and out while I do my clit.”

I pulled out my finger and moved my thumb into position, pressing and probing it all around the outside of her oiled bunghole. My cock was building toward cumming, and she was moving into higher and higher gear. I knew her orgasm was near. I pushed my thumb in, and she exploded into her second orgasm, which pushed me over the limit and I had a profoundly intense series of spasms deep into her pussy. My orgasm began with the head of my cock, went down the shaft, into my balls, back through my own asshole, and halfway up my spine. What a cum!

Judi twisted around, and pulled herself off my cock.

“That was incredible,” she said, smiling at me. “But I heard your specialty was pussy-licking. When do we get to that?”

All of a sudden the next three weeks looked awfully short.

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