Summer Heat Ch. 04

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Big Tits

Intro: This is a total work of my imagination. Any resemblance to the real world is just your imagination. Half siblings, Shelby (29) and Jason (27) have moved back in with their mother, Katherine (49). Several years have passed since Jason’s dad died in a tragic industrial accident. If you aren’t hooked by now, then you missed something in 1-3. Go read them again.


Donna arrived at the Thomas home to find Katherine there alone. Shelby had to work the dinner shift unexpectedly. Jason was held up at his restaurant job as well. Katherine entertained with family stories over a bottle of wine and a couple of shots of tequila. The ladies were feeling the alcohol when Katherine went into the timeline of how Jason and Shelby had different dads and were less than three years apart.

“Shelby might be older but it’s Jason that acts like the big brother most of the time.”

“You and Shelby’s dad are still friends, then?” Donna asked.

“Oh, Frank is great. I love him and his new wife. We’ve always been friends. They were very supportive when we lost Danny.” Katherine said proudly.

“That’s nice you all get along. That’s rare these days.” Donna commented.

Front doorbell rings.

“Frank and my sister, Susan kept me alive for a while. Losing Dan was the worst thing ever.” Katherine said as she slipped off her kitchen barstool and walked barefoot to the door. “Hello, my handsome son.” Kissing Jason’s cheek. Where’s your key? Oh, nice, a pickup truck in the front yard. Well, this is the south.”

“Keys are in the truck. I didn’t want to block anybody in. Shell still at work?” Jason answered.

“Look dear we have a guest.” Gesturing in Donna’s direction. “I’ve been telling stories. I explained how you and Shelby got two dads.”

“Did you tell about the hippie commune you all lived in or the one where you find baby Shelby in the woods, naked of course?” Jason joked with his mother.

“Funny guy.” Katherine replied.

“The truth is that our mom was something of a floozy back in the day. Did she drag out the baby pictures yet?” Jason asked Donna smiling.

Donna blushed and smiled, still shy around Jason. “I think it was next.”

“No. I’m saving that until everyone is here.” Katherine picked up her wine glass. “Jason, I have a wonderful idea that you and Miss Donna can help me with. I need you two to make me some grandchildren.”

Jason chuckled and looked at his mom as if she were crazy. Donna blushed blood red and laughed so hard that she left her barstool and walked around and then returned to it.

“Listen, listen you two. I just want two. Anymore would be selfish.” Katherine went on as the young people laughed and blushed. “Both of you are tall and beautiful and smart. You could make the most beautiful babies ever.

Jason caught his breath and asked, “What about Shelby?”

“I know they are,” Katherine gave an exaggerated wink, “bosom buddies, that’s not going to produce any grandbabies. I’m going to give her both of you. A package deal. Two for one sale. Y’all can marry for the kids and she can have Shelby on the side for when she wants a woman’s touch.”

That was more than Donna could stand. She couldn’t breathe for the laughter and had to turn away from the other two.

Jason wanted to deflect the conversation. He picked up the empty wine bottle from the bar and looked it over. “I can’t believe you got this tipsy on one bottle of dollar store white zinfandel.”

“Oh, no. We had some of that too.” Katherine pointed to a serving tray on the kitchen counter.

Jason investigated and found a bottle of white tequila with a few ounces missing, a dish of lime wedges, shot glasses and a salt shaker. “I see.” He announced. He poured a shot and sipped it foregoing the salt and citrus. “Oh, that’s nice. Smooth.” He finished that one and poured another. “Apparently I have some catching up to do.” He drank the shot and turned toward the stairs. “I’ve got to go down and tend to some laundry.”

“Jase,” Donna shocked him by calling to him, “I need to come down and talk with you, OK?”

“Sure, give me a few minutes to grab a shower. Come on down.” Jason headed down.

Katherine and Donna sat and caught their breath from the laughter. “Take the lime and tequila down when you go. You kids might want some later when Shelby gets in. What do you want to talk to Jason about? I’m being nosey.”

“I need to ask a huge favor and I want to thank him again for fixing my headlights.”

“Well don’t thank him too much. Shelby will be home soon. I’d hate for you to get caught thanking him.” Katherine winked with a wry grin.

“Uh, Kathy. You are a naughty lady!” Donna smiled and blushed again. Since she arrived they had ignored the elephant in the room that Donna was there to have passionate lesbian sex with Katherine’s daughter. They hugged.

Jason was fresh showered, wearing a tee shirt and shorts that concealed his cock better than the ones that Shelby had issue with. He pulled the load of black slacks from the washer kaynarca şişman escort and tossed them in the dryer and started it. He and Shelby both wore black slacks and white shirts in their jobs. He hummed to himself as he put liquid detergent on the food spots on a load of white shirts and blouses. He dumped them in the washer with a half dose of detergent and some color-safe bleach powder. He closed the lid. Water level: Med. Cold wash. Cold rinse. Agitate: Ten minutes. Go. He hummed and listened to the washer start. He turned to leave the laundry.

“Aaaah! Shit! God, you scared the shit out of me. How long have you been standing there?”

“I think I heard two verses of ‘How much is that Doggie in the Window’.” Donna smiled at him.

He surprised her with a face hug and said quietly, “I’m so glad you are here. You are good for Shell. She needs someone like you in her life whether friend or lover. You are a good influence.” Jason made the international hand sign for pinching a joint and holding it to his lip. “I’m going to the garage for a minute. You need to come with.”

“Really? That would be great. I was so jealous of you two coming to the hotel baked Thursday. I wanted to jump in with you guys. I’m not allowed to use the pool, but I have.” Donna began to loosen up with Jason.

He turned on the outdoor lighting. “A friend gave me some weed last week. It tastes good but it’s not very strong.” Jason lied trying to trick Donna into smoking a little extra. As they walked down to the garage, “Later on, I’m going to sleep in the guest room upstairs. I want you ladies to have the basement to yourselves. You can relax and have private time.”

Donna stopped in her tracks. “No, no. I don’t want to run you out of your room or your place.” She protested.

Jason stopped and turned to face her. “It’s no big deal. I’m going to crash anyway. You and Shell can relax and have quality time. You haven’t been together much. You are too nervous with me around. I’ll give you some space.”

“That’s so nice of you to understand.” Donna said and thought to herself, ‘Shelby is right. He is the nicest guy in the world.’ “It’s nice of you to accept our lifestyle.”

“Oh, it’s totally cool with me. Besides, I’ve got all the hidden cameras going. I can watch upstairs on my laptop.” Jason tried to say seriously but cracked up laughing.

“You are awful!” She squealed laughing. When he turned to continue on to the shed, Donna jumped on his back and hugged him from behind. “You have your mom’s sense of humor.”

Jason was startled by the contact very aware of her boobs crushing into his back. He could smell the sweet scent of soap on her long arms around him. As she slid off and giggled, he thought of how fast she was warming to him. Two days before, he was calling her ‘Bitch Donna’.

They slipped in the side door of the garage. Jason turned on a single desk lamp on the workbench. Donna watched as he shredded a small bud and filled the pipe. “Shelby already told me about that dope. She said you two smoked two bowls and she nearly went into a coma. Are you trying to stone me?”

“Sorry. I thought it would be funny to see you wasted. We’ll just smoke one. I want you to have a good time. Here, two big hits like on your vaporizer.” He handed her the pipe and lighter.

Before she lit up, “Thanks again for doing my headlights. They’re great. I can see now.” She fired the pipe and inhaled holding it in and passing it back. That tastes good.”

“It was nothing. Easy as changing a light bulb.” Jason mused.

After the both had the prescribed amount. Jason fixed a little bit for Shelby and left it for her. They headed for the house. “I’ve got to ask you for a huge favor.” Donna said

“I’ll do it.” Jason blurted out.

“Don’t be a silly ass. This is big, and you are perfectly right to say no.” Donna took a serious tone. As they entered the basement apartment, “Get another shot of tequila and we’ll talk about it.”

Jason poured a half shot and threw it back. Then he poured the little glass full and brought it to the sofa with him. He sat at one end and waited to hear from the lady at the other end. He sipped the liquor and then looked at her. “You look like you are getting fucked up. Better hurry while you can.” Laughing.

“I guess the biggest thing I’m asking of you is to take a weekend off and spend it with me.” She said timidly.

“Oh, my God woman! That sounds like torture!” Jason mocked protest and laughed.

“Please, Jase. This is hard for me to do.”

“OK. It shouldn’t be hard. Just tell me what you need. I’ll behave. No more bullshit for at least twenty seconds.” Jason assured her in an easy tone.

“All right. I need a date for a big wedding. It’s up in the mountains of North Georgia in four weeks. These people are fun, but they don’t know I like girls. I’d rather go to it with a man. I want a handsome dance partner.”

“You need a beard. Do you want me to play a part, put on an act?” Jason got stern and it rattled kurtköy escort Donna.

“Just forget it. When you put it like that, it’s too much to ask.” Donna shrank into her seat.

“Wait a minute. I didn’t say ‘no’. It could be fun. We’ve got to practice dancing. Mom knows some ballroom steps.” Jason pondered the logistics out loud. “I can juggle the schedule. That’s no problem.”

“So, you’ll think about it?” Donna asked.

“No. I mean, yes. I’ll do it. But there is a condition. The only way I’ll do this is that if it’s a real date. I’m not an actor. If we can plan on a day together and having a good time together, I’ll do it.”

“I’m sleeping with your sister and you want to have a good time with me?” Donna in disbelief.

“Oh, shit.” Jason laughed as she looked puzzled. “I’m not talking about a sex good time. I’m talking about enjoying the trip. We can get to know each other. We’ll have dinner and dancing. It can be a blast, but not if I’m putting on an act.”

“I’m sleeping with your sister. We have girly girl sex and you want a date with me”


“You’re as weird as she is.”

“Yep. I take that as a compliment.”

Donna laughed and sighed in relief. “I guess it is on then. God help us.” She sat up. “Tell me something. Why did you ask for a kiss yesterday?”

“Well when I first thought of it, it was just a goof. I wanted to rattle your cage. But, by the time the words came out of my mouth, I really wanted it. I’d kiss you right now if you’d have it.” Jason admitted.

“Nope, too much right now. I’m stoned to the bone.” Donna said and laughed.

“Me too.” Jason said. “We can practice dancing here. I’ll move this couch. There will be dance lessons on YouTube.”

“I’ll find out what they plan to do. The wedding will be at a church with the reception at a hotel banquet room. That way, they can have plenty of booze and get loud.”

“I’ll see what’s on YouTube.” Jason began clicking the remote. “Here’s the chicken dance.”

“Oh, yeah. This place is made to look like an Alpine village. They will definitely do the chicken dance.”

Shelby slipped in the sliding door in time to see an unbelievable sight. On the TV there were men in lederhosen hopping around doing the chicken dance. Donna and Jason were likewise hopping around the room flapping their arms and making chicken beaks with their fingers. Donna saw her and broke down laughing. Jason turned around and laughed. Shelby slowly grinned and said, “Looks like I’m missing a party.”

Jason plopped on the sofa. Shelby quickly crossed the room and embraced her lover. They kissed slowly. Jason sat until Shelby came back and gave him a kiss. It was quick, but it was a real kiss. Kissing them both felt good to Shelby. Then she headed for her room. She nodded to Donna to follow, “I’ve got to go shower the restaurant off me. She followed, and Jason turned off the TV.

In Shelby’s room, Donna sat on the bed. Shelby pushed the door to and asked, “Well, what did he say?”

“He said he would.”

“Told you he would.” As Shelby peeled off all her cloths except her panties.

Donna admired her fit petite body and said, “He put a condition on it though.”

“Oh, really? What’s he want?”

“He wants it to be like a real date. No act. He thinks it will be fun, but not if he’s faking it. Is that weird?” Donna asked.

“I get it.”

“You would.”

Shelby wrapped one of her robes around her a tied it loosely. “Let me go give him a piece of my mind.”

Donna watched as Shelby stormed up the hall. She caught Jason in the corner of her eye gathering up some things in his room. She ducked in and closed the door. “You are the best. I love you so much.” She grabbed her brother and kissed him. “I knew you would come through for her. You are the best man I know. I swear I love you.” She looked into his eyes with hers welling up.”

“What are you up to?”

“She needs this, and you are the best man for the task. What are you doing?”

“I’m going to the guest room. You two can have the basement to yourselves. You are right. She is nice on the inside. I left you a bowl on the work bench.” He leaned over to whisper in his ear, “Fuck the shit out of her. Have a great night, OK?”

Jason was in the upstairs kitchen pouring some soda when Katherine slipped up behind him. She was her usual barefoot and ready for bed in a tee shirt and panties.

“Hey, Bud. What’s up?” She asked

Jason told her about letting the girls have downstairs to themselves. “I’ll use the guest room, if that’s OK” He was pinching himself between the eyes as if he had a headache.

“That’s nice of you son. What’s wrong, baby? Have a headache?” His mom asked.

“My eyes are fighting me. Mom, you look so fine. My eyes are wanting to look at your legs but I’m trying not to.”

Katherine laugh and said, “Oh, son, you make me feel so good. Please, look at my legs. It’s OK.” She pulled her shirt up to mid torso and did a slow turn around. She pulled kurtköy escort bayan it back down and giggled.

“Mom, you are beautiful. I’m very proud of you.” Jason hugged his mom and gave her a little kiss like he and Shelby had shared before. “Love you, lady.”

“What was it that Donna wanted to ask you?”

Jason then went into a condensed version of the wedding and the dancing. He asked his mom about help with some dance steps and his wardrobe. He hugged his mom good night and went to the guest room. He thumbed through a car magazine with his ear buds in. Jason had loaded a bunch of his favorite tunes onto his phone and had it cranked into his ears. After a few minutes he closed his eyes and just listened. It was a little early to turn in and he didn’t feel like going out. He had a good buzz and his mind began to explore the sexual aspects of the last few days. The image of his mom’s hot little ass kept appearing in his mind. That slow turn she did with an open invitation to look. He wanted to grab a feel of both cheeks. Her soft braless boobs were beautiful and sexy. His cock twitched, and his scrotum tingled. The he thought of a way to pass some time before sleeping.

Jason rolled the head of his cock back and forth inside the sheath of his foreskin. He quickly graduated from thoughts of his mom’s fit body and full breasts pressed against him to imaginings of how it would be downstairs with the girls. Donna’s long arms and legs embracing Shelby’s petite tanned body. His cock rose to full hard. He welcomed it by firmly pulling the skin down and rubbing directly on the sensitive glans. Oh, how beautiful it would be to watch those two hot lesbians pleasure each other with fingers and tongue. His cock felt good to his hand. His hand felt even better to his cock. He slowed his pace to make it last. Pressure began to build. Jason wanted this to last long as he could. He felt an orgasm try to start. He froze and held his skin down and squeezed the base of his dick and clamped his sphincter edging and delaying the cum. The orgasm subsided, and clear fluid ran freely from his cock. Holding still for several seconds reset his prostate. With his eyes still clamped tight, Jason used the fluid secretions as lube and went back to stroking. Now he let himself remember how it felt to drive his cock deep into his sister’s tight pussy. He drove it in over, and over, and over, and over. Then he opened and pushed his cum explosion. Globs of cum flew all the way to the base of his throat.

In her bedroom, Katherine had thought of the dance steps she could teach the kids with limited time. She wondered how Jason’s suit would fit. Then she thought of his shoes. He couldn’t wear those non-skid shoes he worked in. Those wing tip dress shoes he had would clobber Donna’s poor feet. Then she thought of ballroom dance shoes. She knew she could order some. She wanted to go tell Jason about the shoes.

Katherine tapped on the guest room door, but Jason’s earphone music covered it up. She gently eased the door open and looked in. Jason was holding his hard cock straight up. Katherine froze and held her breath as streams of clear fluid and cum ran from her son’s erect cock. Jason’s eyes were clinched, and She watched as he went back to stroking a quickly blew a huge load of cum all over his chest. She almost gasped. But eased the door closed and silently scampered back to her room.

On the edge of his perception, Jason felt a vibration, a disturbance in the force. Just as his orgasm was ending, he popped his eyes open and yanked the ear buds out. He rolled up on one elbow only to see everything was normal. He mopped up as much of his ejaculate as he could with some tissues. He turned off the lamp and rolled over to sleep.

Katherine tried to calm herself in her bed. Her heart was pounding. The images in her head of Jason’s erect cock were burned into her retinas. ‘How did he make that much stuff come out? That must have been two shot glasses full. Is that edging? Then he blew such a load!’ she thought. She remembered her late husband’s beautiful cock. ‘His is just like Dan’s, maybe a little bigger.’ She slipped her hand into her panties and began to rub. She tried not to fantasize about sitting on her son’s cock, but there it was. ‘Just hold it up, baby. I’ll sit on it for a little while.’ She began to strum her clit like a banjo. ‘Oh, what a cock my son has. I could suck him dry.’ Katherine was now soaking wet, using her goo for lube, she fingered herself and scrubbed her clit. Her mind explored the girls down stairs licking each other to ecstasy. ‘I bet Donna is beautiful nude. Those long legs have got to have a pretty pussy between them. I’d like to see Jason fuck that leggy blond.’ Her orgasm raged through her body then slowed. Her thoughts turned back to the sight of Jason’s extended orgasm. ‘I need to get laid.’

Donna stood in the door of the laundry room again. This time she announced her presence to Shelby who was hanging up the white shirts as they came out of the dryer. Shelby was nude except for her rubber sandals. “I hope you wear a little more when Jason is around.” Donna commented with a laugh.

“I cover my ass all the time. I go topless sometime. Not on purpose, just convenience sometime. I told him I wasn’t going to kill myself to cover these little tits. He’s oblivious most of the time. He looks sometime.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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