Summer Fun Ch. 02

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Thank you for the kind feedback and the encouragement. Forgive the mistakes, I am after all human. For those of you who did not like it or feel they need to berate writers, may I suggest a change of venue?

Here is part II

The Twins come Home

The next day we were at the airport picking up the girls. Phil wanted to take his car, and since there was only room for passenger I told him he could go ahead and I will go in the BMW and meet him there. I would take one of his sisters if he wanted to show off his new toy. We didn’t have to wait long for them to deplane. Once in the terminal it was hugs and kisses, and smiles for about the first ten minutes. Then it was endless chatter from Deni and Dani. They were non-stop. Phil did manage to shush them when he showed them his new wheels. They both yelled out at the same instant.

“Oh bor. What a cool ride! I want a ride first!”

“Me first!” Said Deni.

“No I want first! Phil? Tell her I can go first. She got first so many other times. Not fair!”

“Ok girls flip a coin.”

Phil tossed the quarter in the air and Dani yelled out.


It landed on the asphalt and you could see the call came up in Dani’s favor.

“Aw shit!” Was all Deni could manage to say!

“YES!” Said Dani.

“Let’s go brother!”

Dani grabbed her big brother’s hand pulling him close to her and nearly dragged him the remaining ten feet to his new car. He held the door for her as she slid in the passengers seat. The smile on her face was as wide as her cheeks would allow, she looked that excited.

Deni and I went to my lowly Beemer and drove off. I looked back in my rear view mirror and swore I could see Dani kissing her brother. The blare of a horn brought me back to the task of driving. I had to look out for myself and my wheels too. I kept my eyes straight ahead while I talked to my other daughter.

“Well honey? How does it feel to be home?”

“Great mom. I am so glad do be done with that fuckin college!”

“Deni!? Language?”

“Sorry mom. Shop Talk. Who cares anyways? We are adults! If I want to say fuck I can. Can’t I?”

She said in an asking manner

“Well I suppose it’s OK. It’s not like I haven’t heard or used it myself.”

“Mother you use the “F” word.”

“Yes as a matter of fact! Why the fuck can’t I?”

We both broke out laughing. We kept up the girl-girl chatter all the way home and then we sat in the car for about ten minutes before we got out. As we made our way to the house I turned to look for Phil and his sister.

“I wonder where your brother and Dani are?”

“They probably went for a ride. Dani was drooling when she saw his wheels. I know if it were me, I would be out crusin with him.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right hon. Hey! How about we go for a dip, and a drink?”

“Sounds great mom. Them two will be gone for at least an hour, if I know Dani.”

I didn’t pay attention to what she said, I know first hand; one twin knows what the other is doing most of the time. I knew it was like that for my twin and myself Valerie.

I met Deni back at the pool and when I saw her in her suit I near blushed. Her tight little body was stuffed into less material than it takes to make a tea towel. Her boobs threatened to rip the spaghetti string strap that held them up. bahis firmaları The thong, and it was a thong, showed off her tanned bottom nicely. It was easy to tell she had spent time in the sun. I was hard pressed to see any tan lines.

“Wow! That sure is not very much of a nice suit Deni!”

“You like it mom? Dani and I got them a few months ago. We were able to get some rays in before the exams. I love being outside to soak up the rays, but it is a lot better naked. Mom? Would you mind if I sun bathed nude?”

“Ah gee no I guess not honey. Go for it.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she nonchalantly slid out of her bottoms first then pulled the tie holding up her 38C cup, her breasts hardly wilting at all. They were high and firm, much like mine when I was her age. I envied her. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Hey mom why don’t you join me? I’ll rub some sun block on you and you can do me OK?”

“Um I think I’ll pass hon. I am not sure you are ready to see an old bag like me naked.”

“”Aww pooo mom. You look great. I bet you could make half the campus drool!”

“What’s with all the compliments with you kids? Phil has praised me a half dozen times in the last two weeks and now you!”

“Oh Mother chill out. You are an incredibly sexy lady! So deal with it. Now you gonna join me or are you chicken? Pauk Pauk Puuukawk!”

I wasn’t about to be one upped by my daughter so I reached up unclasping my bra while staring defiantly at my daughter. I let my top drop, then slid out of my bottoms.

Her wolf-whistle did make me blush a little.

“Like I said Mom. You are one sexy looking lady. The only thing I would do to change you is get rid of that area rug between your legs!”

“What?” I looked at me then at Deni. There was not a single pubic hair to be seen between her thighs.

“Deni! You’re! There’s no! You shave down there?”

“Sure mom! You should try it! Once you shave you will never go back.”

My daughter walked up to me and casually ran her hands over my pubic mound saying.

“Yuk To much hair woman! Want me to shave you?”

I could not believe my ears! My own child asking me if I wanted her to shave my pussy!

What’s next I wondered? And orgy!

“You want to shave me? Ah I think not! If I want to shear my little clam I think I can do it myself. There is not much need for it anyways. I have no one to show it off to except you and Dani, and what good would that do?”

“Never can tell mom!” Was all she said.

I took the bottle of block and squirted a glob in my hands and rubbed them together and then applied it to Deni’s back. When I had covered her back I said.

“OK you’re done.”

“Mom? What about my butt! I don’t want that to burn!”

“Oh OK. I just. Well OK.”

I nervously rubbed her butt cheeks with the cream and the soft globes of flesh felt good to touch. Her skin was taught and her ass juggled as I applied the sunscreen. I could see between her cheeks that her pussy was red and it was certain she was turned on. After all I know what a turned on pussy looks like. Mine had been that color for the better part of the last two months. Could I turn on my daughter, her mom?

“Mmmmm. That feels scrumptious mom. You’re hands feel Devine. I’ll give you an hour to stop!”

She turned her head and kaçak iddaa blew me a kiss, then rested head on folded arms, closing her eyes.

I am glad she blew that kiss. My nipples were getting hard and my nest was as wet as hers. I was turning into a slut! Right in my own home! I continued to massage Deni’s firm ass until all traces of sunscreen were gone. It didn’t stop me despite the fact that there was no sun block to rub. I went into a trance working on her ass then moved down to her thighs. Kneading the well-muscled legs, then down to her calves then back up to her thighs. Back over her heart-shaped plump little ass then back up to the small of her back. I made my way up her slender torso reaching her neck and Deni was making these little cooing sounds. I worked her shoulders, neck and then down her back again. Looking down I could see the swell of her breasts as they were flattened out from her weight. Did I dare touch her there? What would she do? Would she call me all sorts of perverted things and run in the house crying?

Then it hit me. I could use the pretense of rubbing sun block on her exposed flesh. Surly that would be acceptable!

I squeezed out a generous blob of the cream and spoke softly

You better let me rub some on the sides too honey. You don’t want to burn the sides of your breasts.”

“Good idea mom. I’d like that.”

She didn’t look up, or move at all. I then boldly let my hands wander over her torso, coming very close to her supple fleshy breasts. My mind was racing and my own pussy was drenched. I let my hand graze he side of her left breast and I saw her chest swell with an intake of breath. Could she be as turned on as I? I went across her back and did the same to her other fleshy orb. Again her chest rose and fell. Then I let caution to the wind and began to rub all over her sides, making frequent passes over the sides of her melon like tits. My little girl just lay there and took it all in. Her breathing was definitely quicker, and try as she may she could not pretend she was not enjoying it. I knew if I didn’t stop soon I would get into something I was not completely sure how to handle. It’s not like I have never been with a woman before. My sister and I spent many romantic times together while growing up. I loved eating a pussy as much as sucking a cock, as did Valerie! We use to call ourselves the cuntlappingcocksuckers, when we were horsing around. I was drawn back to the present by moans coming from Deni.

“Ummmm Mom that is so dam nice! You’re hands are magic. If I didn’t know better I’d say you been here before.”

As she said this she flipped over on her back and before you knew it I had my hands full of tit. I was shocked! Deni looked at me, then at my hands on her tits and then said something I was totally not prepared for.

“Umm that feels even better mom. Don’t stop! I like it!”

Her hands covered mine and she cooed blissfully. I pulled my hands away as if they were on fire, my face turning as red as my suit. I was so humiliated and embarrassed.

“I… I’m sorry baby! I wasn’t thinking. Forgive me baby.”

“Nothing to forgive mom. I am an open-minded woman. I say if it feels good do it, if it feels real good? Do it til ya pass out!”

My lord! What was this family coming too? The other day my son presses his hard cock to my leg? Today my kaçak bahis daughter wants me to feel her up!

“Hey mom? You OK?”

“Oh Deni!. I am so mixed up. We shouldn’t be doing these things! It just isn’t right!”

“Oh mom. It’s OK! Really! I am not passing any verdict! I could almost certainly shock you, were I to tell you of some of the things Dani and I have done together.”

Then it hit me! Maybe her twin sister and her must have experimented as I did with my own sister so many years ago.

“You mean! You! Dani? You? You….”

“Yes mom Dani and I. Lots of times, and a lot of other things too. Sometimes it was the only way to stop the pain of being away from home all alone. We had no one but each other. We spent many a night comforting one another. Besides mom, I don’t suppose you have never tried anything in your younger days? I am sure you and aunt Val have felt like Dani and I. After all we are all twins and we know how the other feels a lot of the time. Isn’t it so?”

“Well I wasn’t a wallflower. No! But that’s different.”

“Oh it is? Explain then if you will.”

“Well. Well I. Oh never mind.”

“Mom I love you. I really do. Please don’t be embarrassed or hurt! It is really OK with me. Really!””

She sat up ad put her arms around me and hugged my naked body to hers. Her breasts pressed into mine and our nipples kissed I felt her hot breath on my neck and then her soft lips kissing the nape of my neck. She rained soft sucking kisses all over my neck. I threw my head back, a soft sigh escaping from my mouth.

“Oh Baby it has been so long honey. I ache so much for your dad!”

“Why don’t you let me ease your ache mother? I would love too.”

“I don’t know baby. This is so wrong! I am your mother and it just is not the proper thing to do. No hon. Really. We should get dressed before your sister and brother get back. This has gone too far as it is.”

My words did not stop my girl from letting her hands wander down my back then back up to cup my inflamed tits. Her soft hands massaged my aching breasts, her fingers gently pinching my sensitive nipples.

“Oh Baby Please? Please stop honey? This is so wrong Deni!”

I stood up and ran back into the house. I ran to my room and fell upon my bed and cried and cried and cried myself to sleep. I awoke the next morning with a god-awful headache. I was still naked on the bed. I dragged my sorry looking butt to the shower hoping the pelting hot water would relieve my pain. All of it, save the one pain I had burning inside of me, the ache to be loved. To be made love to and given the opportunity to burst in delicious orgasm.

When I stepped out of the shower I noticed a cup of coffee sitting on the vanity, with another red rose next to it. I smiled and picked up the rose, not caring that I was dripping all over the ceramic floor. I inhaled the perfumed scent. My children were trying to make me feel OK about what happened and that eased my guilt.

Today we were going to pack up and head for the cottage. Maybe then I could let lose. I knew I had a date with my handsome son out on his boat. I was going to go fishing all right. I really only cared about one big worm, in my tackle box! Jim’s. I knew the drive up would be a little tense, but I am sure I could handle it. It would only take a few hours to get there. I would take Dani with me as Deni insisted on going with Phil in his black beauty as she called it. I would feel more comfortable not having to face either Deni or Phil after what had happened over the last few days.

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