Summer Breeze Ch. 02

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The next morning, I awoke to the sounds and smells of breakfast. The sun shone through the window, announcing the start of a glorious day. I got up, took a shower, dressed and headed downstairs. When I walked into the kitchen, everyone but dad was at the breakfast table.

“Good morning mom,” I said, “where’s dad?”

She told me he had gone out fishing early with some friends and would be back later. My sisters were both acting as if everything was normal.

Casey said, “Well look who decided to wake up, it’s sleeping beauty himself. Are you sure you don’t want breakfast in bed?”

Jessie giggled. Maybe I had been dreaming last night; I knew it was too good to be true.

The day went by pretty quickly, as summer days seem to do. I went down to the lake and swam for a while. The water was warm and the sun was shining bright. Floating lazily on an inner tube, I must have dozed off. It felt great to be eighteen, without a care in the world. I heard someone calling my name. It sounded far away as if it were a dream,


I opened my eyes and saw Tommy, one of my friends standing on the beach waving me to come in.

“Hey Tommy” I answered as I paddled myself back to shore. “What’s going on?”

“Not much” he answered “Just thought I would see what you were up to.”

“Same ol crap” I said “not much happening”

We sat around shooting the breeze for a while, flirting with some of girls that came down to the lake, then we decided to head over to the camp’s general store to get something to eat.

We sat at the counter and ordered a couple of cheeseburgers, fries and a coke. Halfway through lunch, I heard the bell over the door chime and looked up to see a couple of girls we had met that summer walk in. Kristy was a hot little blonde with big tits and piercing blue eyes that looked right through you. She was a perpetual cock tease and none of us had ever gotten past 1st base with her. Donna, her sidekick, was a beautiful redhead that had “fuck me” written all over her pouty lips. But like Kristy, she too seemed to be nothing more than a “lick and a promise” tease. The rumor was that they spent their nights playing “pet the kitty” with each other…but that was probably wishful thinking. They came over and joined us at the counter.

“Hi guys” Kristy said “what’s up?

“Hey Kristy” we answered almost in unison.

Donna rubbed her crotch up against my leg and said “Wanna go down to the lake and see what’s biting?”

Tommy said “Come on Donna….you guys never bite, you only nibble at the bait and leave us hanging.”

I almost choked on a mouthful of fries. I couldn’t believe Tommy had said that.

Kristy said “You never know Tommy, you guys just might get lucky this time.”

I took a sip of my Coke and said “Prove it.”

Donna looked around to make sure no one was watching, turned towards me, and pulled her bathing suit top down exposing her tits. She had beautiful white skin with light freckles all over her chest. Her nipples were small and pink and set high up on her big breasts, blending into her skin so smoothly that I couldn’t tell exactly where they started. She then took her nipples between her fingers and twisted and pulled on them.

She said “Want some”?

I reached out and squeezed her boobs. They were as soft as they looked and I felt her nipples get hard against my palms.

“Wow” is all I could muster.

“OK, that’s enough for now” bahis firmaları she said as she pulled her bathing suit top back into place, turned and headed out the door with Kristy.

“Shit Tommy, do you believe what just happened?”

“Hell yeah” he said “Common, let’s go”

We both jumped off our stools and hurried to catch up to the girls before they changed their minds.

We headed over to a small cove in a secluded section of the lake. Donna and Kristy quickly removed their tops and lay down in the sun. Tommy paired up with Kristy and I lay down next to Donna. I watched Tommy lean over and take one of Kristy’s nipples in his mouth and start to suck. He was rubbing her belly softly as he moved his hand down past her belly button to the top of bathing suit bottom. Kristy spread her legs a little and Tommy’s hand disappeared under her suit.

I nudged Donna and said “Woah…check this out.”

We watched a while as Kristy started humping against Tommy’s hand.

Donna started to play with her own nipples and I heard her moan.

“Damn, that’s hot” she said

I reached my hand down under her bathing suit and was surprised to find her completely shaved. Her pussy was smooth and as I slipped a finger inside her hot, wet pussy. Donna, too, started humping as I fingered her.

I heard Tommy say “Lift your ass up” as he pulled Kristy’s bathing suit bottom down her thighs and completely off.

“Lick me Tommy, Lick my pussy” Kristy said

Tommy got down between her legs and I watched his head disappear between her thighs. Kristy started to moan louder and took Tommy’s head in her hands and pulled him against her pussy. She started fucking his face faster and faster. “Put your cock in me” Kristy demanded. “I need to be fucked NOW.”

Tommy lifted her legs up towards her chest and drove his cock balls deep into Kristy in one smooth motion. She let out a little squeal as Tommy started to fuck her hard. Driving her so hard that he actually lifted her ass off the sand as he plunged into her over and over. Kristy was getting the fucking of her life. I think it was all that pent up energy from a summer full of teasing from Kristy and Donna. Now that we had our chance, we were gonna make sure that it was a fucking they wouldn’t soon forget!

I felt Donna squirm under me as she lifted her ass up off the sand and take her suit bottom off too. She plunged her fingers into her pussy and was furiously jerking herself off. Never taking her eyes off Tommy and Kristy.

“Oh Fuck, that’s hot” I heard her say “I never knew that watching someone do it could be so hot”

I took my cock out and put it to her mouth. Donna opened her mouth and sucked me hungrily…she damn near deep-throated me. I pumped in and out of her mouth, literally fucking her face, all the while watching Tommy and Kristy go at each other like a couple of rabbits.

Donna let my cock plop out of her mouth, rolled me over onto my back and straddled me.

“I gotta have it now” she said breathlessly “I gotta have your cock”

She reached between her legs and guided my cock to her pussy. I slipped inside of her as she sat down and started humping me. I pinched her nipples between my thumb and finger, twisting and tugging on them. Donna’s eye lids fluttered and she threw her head back as I pumped my hips up at her as fast as possible trying to keep up with her pace.

A-w-w-w f-u-c-k m-e” she moaned. “Fuck me h-a-r-d-d-d-d”

She kaçak iddaa took both of her tits into her hands and started to knead and massage them.

“O-H-H-H, O-H-H-H” I heard her moan “I’m g-o-n-n-a c-o-m-e”

Donna collapsed on top of me, I felt her shudder as she came. Her pussy throbbing around my cock as she milked me. I wasn’t far behind. I grabbed her asscheeks and fucked her for all I was worth and exploded up into her pussy. Wave after wave after wave of hot sticky come. I felt some of it drip out of Donna and slide down my thighs and balls.

Afterwards, we sat around catching our breath, then switched partners with Tommy going off with Donna while I fucked Kristy. Kristy, it turns out, loves it from behind with her head down and ass up. After coming as much as I did with Donna, I was able to last a good 15 minutes with Kristy. She must have come 2, 3 or 4 times before I exploded into her. It was late afternoon by the time we were done partying with the girls, and we made plans to get together with them again the next day.

The summer had started with me being an inexperienced “almost virgin,” with the only real sex having been mutual masturbation with my girlfriend a couple of times. And now, I’ve watched my two sisters play with each other, been jerked off by one of them and fucked both Donna and Kristy…all within a 24 hour period. Things were definitely looking up.

My mind kept going back to my sister Casey and what happened the night before. I had to convince myself that it really happened and wasn’t just a wild, horny wet dream. It was definitely too good to be true…wasn’t it?

That night, after getting dinner ready for us, mom and dad got dressed and left for their evening out. Jessie went over to spend the night with a new friend she’d made that summer, and that left me and Casey at home…alone…for the night. Casey headed to the bathroom to take a shower, I decided to wait to see what happened in case it really had been just a dream. I heard the shower running and settled in on the couch to watch some TV. I caught something out of the corner of my eye, turned to look, and saw Casey standing naked in the doorway. With one hand on her hip and the other hand on the doorknob, she leaned her shoulder against the door.

My mouth dropped open and I nearly fell off the couch when Casey asked,

“Well, are you just going to sit there or are you going to come in and wash my back?”

With that, she turned, wiggling her ass and walked back to the bathroom. She didn’t have to ask twice.

As she stepped into the shower, Casey handed me a wash cloth.

“Here you go,” she said “start scrubbing.”

I stood there watching the water run through her hair, down her neck and over her tits. Her nipples got real hard, I wasn’t sure if it was the cool water or if she was getting excited. I soaped up the wash cloth and started on her back. She turned to face the wall, bent over slightly at the waist and leaned against the shower ledge. I got a closer look at the tattoo on her butt and saw the it was a real nice one. I wondered if mom and dad knew about her tattoo.

After a while, Casey spread her legs, thrust her ass out at me

and said “Wash between my legs.”

I reached down with the wash cloth and started to scrub her. I noticed that she was moving her hips back and forth slightly, so I took a chance, put the washcloth down and used my hand. I could feel the folds of her lips kaçak bahis as my fingers slipped between her legs. I got bolder and slowly slipped my finger inside her pussy just a little.

She moaned “Oh yeah, that feels good”

So I continued and eventually stuck my finger completely inside her. My sister started to rock her hips back and forth and moan a little louder. I reached around and took her left breast in my hand. It felt heavy and full, but incredibly soft. By this time I was completely drenched, so I stepped into the shower with her.

I continued to rub her pussy and squeeze her nipple, when she moaned “Oh, that feels great…don’t stop.”

So I slipped a second finger inside her. The positioning of my hand and her fucking motion put my thumb up against her butthole. That must have been the magic button because she cradled her head between her elbows and leaned against the shower wall. She was moaning pretty loud by now, and her hips were moving back and forth rapidly as she fucked back against my hand. I squeezed her nipple harder and tugged on it as I massaged her pussy. Her breathing became shallow, and I knew she was about to come.

“O-h-h, O-h-h,” she moaned.

I felt her shudder, and her pussy pulsed and squeezed around my fingers as she came. When she stopped throbbing and I felt her relax, I slowly pulled my fingers out of her pussy. She turned around to face me; I could see her face was flushed bright pink. She started to laugh when she noticed I was still fully dressed, completely wet, and standing in the shower with her. She told me to get out of my clothes and get back in.

I left my wet clothes in a pile by the tub. Even though I had already come twice that day, I had a huge hard-on and needed to get off…badly.

“Damn, this is totally fucking amazing!” I thought to myself. I stepped back in the shower just as she finished rinsing the shampoo out of her hair. Thinking that she would help me jerk off again, I started stroking my cock, but Casey was full of surprises. She turned to face me, smiled and as she slowly sank to her knees said

“Unh-Unh,” she smirked “I’ve got something else planned for tonight”

I didn’t know what to do, so I just watched as she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. The feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before. Her mouth was hot and her tongue felt like silk, but what was most amazing was the sight of my sister, on her knees with my cock in her mouth, looking up at me with a smile in her eyes.

I reached down and took her nipples in my fingers, tugging on them gently. Casey cupped my balls in one hand while she squeezed my cock with the other. She bobbed her head up and down on my cock, literally fucking her mouth with it. She lathered up her hand and moved it under and behind my balls and let the tip of her finger slip into my ass. The feeling was like a jolt of electricity. My legs grew week and I had to reach out and brace myself against the wall. Casey kept sucking my cock while she fucked my ass with her finger. I knew I wasn’t gonna last….

“Oh man that’s good” I muttered “I-I-I’m g-o-n-n-a…”

Bang…I exploded before I could warn her. She kept on sucking as wave after wave of cum shot into her mouth. She swallowed most of it, but some leaked out and dripped down her chin. When I was done, she gave my cock one last lick and stood up. She washed her face off and kissed me, just a little peck and smiled.

“Wow…that was amazing,” she said.

“Yeah,” was all I could stammer.

My knees were still wobbly as I got out of the shower and dried off, leaving her to finish her shower while I went back to my room to get dressed.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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