Suite Sex

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After the nooner we had, I couldn’t wait until we were able to meet up again. The chance arose as I had a conference to attend which meant that I would be getting a hotel room the night before, and what better than a get-together in a Jacuzzi suite? The day had arrived and I was exceptionally happy working but yet ready for my lunch hour to arrive. Noon had finally arrived and I hurried out of the building and into my truck, I had to go to the local adult toy store because I wanted a new toy for our newest encounter, at first I was overwhelmed with all they had to offer but this pink gel like vibrator named angel caught my eye so I shyly grabbed it off the rack, now of course I had to have a brand new nighty to wear just for you, after looking around for a bit I found a black sheer with red lace nighty that came with a sheer black thong and a robe to put over it. I bought my items and headed back to work calling you on my phone to confirm our plans for tonight. You told me to call when I got out of work and with that we ended our conversation.

I was able to get out of work early so I headed to the store to pick up a twelve pack of much needed beer, I have known you for so long but was yet so nervous, wanting and hoping that everything was going to go smoothly and that you would enjoy yourself very much. After having to wait for a busload of people I finally was able to check in, I walked down the hall searching for my room and finally finding it. I took my phone out of my pocket only illegal bahis to find that I had missed a call from you, after checking the room out I immediately returned your call, finding out that you were just down the road, and that I was to meet you outside. I stood outside in the cold smoking a cigarette and shivering not only from the wind that was blowing but also from the excitement of once again seeing and kissing you. Just then I noticed you walking towards me, I could feel my body come alive from just knowing that in a few moments you would be touching me. We walked into the room, I got us beer while you closed the curtains and filled the Jacuzzi, then in an instant I was in your arms, kissing you while my arms wrapped around you, standing there, as we tasted one another. You pulled away and went to take a shower while I eagerly put the batteries in my new toy and changed into my nighty that I had bought only hoping that you would like it just as much as I did.

I went into the bathroom and told you too look, as you told me that I could join you, and with that the nighty came off as quickly as it was put on, the water was hot but felt so good on my cold body, and with you wrapping your arms around me I was right were I needed to be. Again we found each other’s mouths as my hand found your manhood and your fingers found my love button, we touched and explored one another until you turned me around and had me bend over. Slowly you slide your erect manhood into my willing love canal, illegal bahis siteleri feeling your hips ram into me as my tits swung back and forth from your thrusts, water dripping down my breasts until they dripped off me like water dripping from a faucet, I began to moan as you continued your thrusts from behind, until finally my body began to shake and your cock exploded deep inside me. I stood and faced you only to find your lips pressed against mine again. You left me in the shower to wash up as you headed to the Jacuzzi; once I was done I climbed in and sat next to you. We made small talk until we both became too hot to continue sitting in the Jacuzzi.

You lay down on the bed naked with me lying next to you almost immediately I begin to suck your cock, I love the way that it fits in my mouth, using my tongue to play with the tip, feeling the tip touch the back of my throat every time I move my head down only to go back up, continuing that process slowly but not forgetting to tease the tip at times. Your mouth sucking on my hardened nipples while your hand slid down between my legs finding my love button. We then rearranged our bodies so that I could continue to suck your cock while your tongue found my clit; I heard the moans forming but not being able to be released without taking your manhood out of my mouth. I felt you sliding my new toy deep inside me as your tongue flicked my clit. I was becoming dizzy with pleasure, moisture beginning as you slid my vibrator in and canlı bahis siteleri out of my hot pussy. I continued to give you head but had to stop briefly to collect my breath. I quickly returned your cock to my mouth, as your tongue unceasingly teased my clit, you guided my hand to the toy, I began moving my vibrator in and out of my own pussy while having you eat me as I kept on sucking your hard cock. I began to shake again releasing my love juice, knowing that I was once again ready for you.

I spread my legs so that you could fit in between me, I felt your manhood slide into my hot wet pussy again. I felt my lips wrap around your pole as you slowly entered me completely. Our hips moving in unison, my hands pushing on your butt wanting you deeper inside me, our moans getting louder, our bodies became one, my hands on your arms, nails digging slightly while my back arched, hips meeting your every thrust, your balls giving me a pleasure of it’s own, you came first your body tensing, but I was not far behind as I began to shake uncontrollably again but this time much more intense as my love juices gushed to mix with yours, our movements slowed while we once again kissed one another my hands finding your face bringing you closer wanting to feel the heat of your body against mine. Shortly you climbed off of me and we lie on the bed talking as we did many years ago. It was a nice ending to the evening and knowing that you couldn’t stay you returned to the shower while I stayed on the bed reliving the memory of yet another awesome encounter with you, but saddened that it had to end with what we began with standing in the suite this time you dressed and me naked kissing and hugging and saying goodbye until yet another encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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