Such a Good Boy for Mummy

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I was never a particularly hard study at school, but this was one of my final exams and if I didn’t do well I’d be held back a year. That had been made perfectly clear. Not wanting to be an 18 year old in a group of younger kids, I really, really did try to get my head down over the kitchen table but nothing was going in. My parents had both been brought in to the principal’s office and made aware of my situation. Though I’d passed most of my other test already, my final maths test was looming and I was barely halfway through my test paper.

I heard the front door open in the hallway and my mom’s heels on the floor. A moment later, she appeared behind me and lay her hands on my shoulders.

“Hey baby, how’s the studying going?” She said into my ear, making me shiver. Recently I had been having some weird dreams which, I was ashamed to say, involved my own mother, but I hadn’t said anything to anyone.

“Eh, ok, I guess. These questions are sending me to sleep though. I think I might give it a break in a bit.” I said. She hummed in my ear and wrapped her arms around my neck, laughing lightly. I couldn’t help but notice how it pushed her round tits against my back and neck and I shifted uncomfortably.

“Well, Jay, if maybe you need a little encouragement, hmm?” She laughed, and I frowned. With that, she let go of me and click-clacked over to the kitchen island where she lay down her handbag and keys.

“Your father should be home soon, babe, I think I’m going to get changed in to something a little more comfortable before he does.” I had to admit, the tight white work shirt and buttoned blazer showed off her amazing tits, and her pencil skirt and heels did the same for her legs, but they couldn’t have been that comfortable.

“Ok, mom.” I agreed and pretended to go back to answering questions. I was painfully aware of my hardening cock, but pulled myself under the table to hide it. As soon as I heard her on the stairs I sighed and put my head in my hands. This freaking test paper! It was so hard to concentrate before, let alone now all I could think about was my mum’s tits and how good she felt against me.

For the next ten minutes all I could do was sigh and try half-heartedly at the maths questions until I heard my mum on the stair again. I could still hear her heels on the hard wood stairs so I assumed she’d come down for something in her purse, but when she reappeared from behind me I realised how wrong I was.

Sure, she still had the heels on, but not much else. Nearly all of her legs were exposed as I raked my gaze up her body, leading to the skimpy silk night shorts she had on. She had a matching skimpy top which covered nearly none of her huge tits and over that a short, silky robe. Her hair was down from work and she was smirking at me like she knew what she was doing.

“What’s the matter baby, like my new outfit?” She asked. All I could do was gape. My cock, previously only slightly interested, was now getting harder and harder in my jeans and it was all I could do not to take it out right then and there.

“Well, your father won’t be long, so I thought I’d better give you a bit of encouragement to finish your test paper. What do you think? Good Idea?” She cooed as she strutted over to me. She giggled as I swivelled my seat to face her and spread my legs a bit, not knowing how else to respond.

“I’ll take that as a yes. güvenilir bahis Oh, look! You’re already … excited, aren’t you, darling?” She laughed at her own joke before reaching down to smooth a hand over the hard cock in my jeans. I jumped at the contact and she leaned in close, close enough that I could smell her perfume and our breaths mingled.

“Oh my baby boy, didn’t think I could hear you moaning through the walls for your mummy?” She giggled again, now palming my erect cock and moving to unbutton my jeans.

“I know what you want, darling, and I’m going to give you a nice surprise if you’ll be a good boy and study for me. Can you do that?”

I nodded mutely as she popped the first button, then the next, then the next. Her voice was like honey and my hands twitched to grab a hold of her firm breasts swinging in front of my face.

Before I could, though, she had reached in to my underwear and pulled my aching cock free.

“Ugh- mmm!” I moaned as I felt the cold air.

“Oh my, look at that! Mm, bigger than your father, I’ll tell you that. You gonna be a good boy and let mummy take care of you?”

“Ugh- f-fuck, yes, please, yes,” I moaned incoherently. She took that as her cue to move my chair to face the table again and crawl under it. I could see the silk shorts riding up between her ass cheeks as she did so and couldn’t help but reach out and squeeze one of them.

“Mmm, baby, so eager! Not yet, though. You’re going to finish your questions first like a good boy.”

“But mum, please, I – “

“No buts, Jay! I’m going to sweeten you up a bit and then we can finally get started.” As if I couldn’t get any more turned on, she turned under the table and took my hard cock in her hands. I gasped, grabbing the pen still in my grasp and the table top in the other. She slowly began pumping it and moving her mouth closer.

“Please, mummy – ” This felt like it was straight out of one of my dreams, but the delirious feel of her wet mouth engulfing my cock told me this was totally real.

“MM- agh!” I cried as she moved her head up and down, up and down. “Fuck, yes! Mmm, god, yessss,” I moaned. She was quick to slick it up and the glorious feel of her hot, wet mouth only got better as she took as much of it as she could. Already being long and girthy, it was impressive how far she managed to gag on it. I suppose she’d had practice, but all I was thinking in that moment was how best to make this last. If I came now, I was sure it would be over. I gripped the table to harder as the gagging sounds filled the air and she pulled off. I looked down and saw her smirking up at me, panting, her drool and my precum dribbling down her chin and onto her juicy tits.

“Oh, my god mum. Fuck!”

“Hmm, baby, I think maybe you’re ready for a bit more, don’t you?” I nodded fervently and she crawled out from under the table. Again, I couldn’t help myself from reaching out to caress her body with one hand, stroking my cock with the other, test paper all but forgotten.

“Now now, Jay, what did I tell you? This exercise is all to help motivate you to study. So – ” she made space for herself between the table and the my chair and I groaned as I realised what she was going to do. I held my now straining cock upright for her as she looked over her shoulder and felt her pussy, now hovering over my wet cock. I whined at that moment and türkçe bahis couldn’t hold it in. I used my free hand to move her silk booty shorts away from her pussy and found, to my delight, that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She grinned t me over her shoulder and slowly, too slowly, sank down onto my cock.

The moan she let out as she did so was heavenly – I echoed it with one of my own, reaching round to grab her breasts and pull her down more quickly on to my cock.

“Oh – fuck, Jay!” She moaned, supporting herself on my legs. “Mmmm – so fucking big for me, baby. Such a good, good boy.” When she was fully seated I groaned again, feeling my thick cock pulse inside her, but she didn’t move.

Instead, she wiggled around a bit to get comfortable (and almost making me cum in the process) and then pulled the chair more firmly under the table, now with both of us on it and my cock buried deep inside her.

“M-mum? What are you doing? Fuck – I need, need to, please, need you so bad.” I moaned into her neck as I massaged her breasts through her top and tried to fuck up in to her incredibly tight, hot pussy. But she sat firmly down and slapped my hands away.

“Jay! Stop being so naughty and – ” at that moment the front door clicked open and my father stepped through. We heard him in the front doorway and I panicked, looking around, but realised Mum had planned it well enough so that we were both hidden under the table. It just looked like Mum was sitting in my lap, not that she was currently cock-warming me as I tried and failed to concentrate on not taking out her tits.

“Oh, hello, darling.” She cooed as my father walked through the kitchen door.

“Hello, pet.” He replied, dropping a kiss to her forehead. I tensed, and she clenched her pussy around me. I had to physically restrain myself from standing up and fucking her in front of my father.

“What are you two up to, then?” Dad asked as he also dumped his work bad on the counter and went to the fridge.

“I was just telling Jay that he would get no. Dessert. Tonight if he didn’t finish his mock test.” She rolled her hips subtly as she emphasised the words and I grabbed her hips in desperation. Luckily, Dad was still bent in to the fridge. He took out a beer, popped it, and sat opposite us. This could literally not get any worse.

“She’s got a point, kid. Can’t get held behind. Finish up your test, then.” And with that, he began sipping his beer and opened a newspaper. I cringed, but couldn’t see a way out. I picked up my pen which I had almost snapped in half and mum stayed sheathed on my cock as I really, really tried to concentrate on the test.

There were only seven more questions to go, and two down was when she decided to start fidgeting. She moved this way and that, and I had to cover up my moans as violent coughs. My dad looked up at me, but said nothing. Then, she reached over to get a banana from the fruit bowl. This lifted her pussy of my cock a couple inches and I inhaled deeply. When she sat down again she did it in one swift motion, burying my cock deep inside her wet hole. I coughed harshly again and Dad told me I was coming down with something. I agreed and tried to finish the rest of the test.

“Listen,” Dad began, and mum shifted on my cock as if to do so. “Carl and the guys are going off down the pub tonight, thought I might join them for a few?” güvenilir bahis siteleri Mum nodded in assent and I internally screamed. There were only two questions left and Dad was leaving, maybe soon. I couldn’t wait much longer.

“Ok, great, think you two will be fine without me tonight, then?” He asked.

“Oh yes, Jay and I will just finish this test and then I’m sure we’ll find something else to do.” Mum replied. She once again rolled her hips a little and my cock almost exploded.

“Yeah, we’ll be fine, dad.” I choked out, scribbling an answer to the last two questions as he went to grab his keys.

“Well I’ll see you in a bit then!” He called, kissing mum on the forehead on his way out. I couldn’t even wait until he was out of the house – I could hear him lacing up his boots as I dropped the pen on the table and started groping my mum’s tits, reaching down in to her top to find she, unsurprisingly, didn’t have a bra on. Our silent moans were still breathy, and I revelled in her long sigh as I squeezed particularly hard on her breast and pinched her nipple. At the same time, I half stood up from my chair and couldn’t help but fuck in to her a bit; I pulled my cock out a few inches and slammed back in with as much force as I could manage at this angle.

I could hear my dad pulling on his coat in the entry way and, to punish my mum for making me be silent all that time, pushed her on to the table and grabbed her hair back as I fully pulled out and then thrust all the way back in in one swift motion, squeezing her full ass cheek as I did so.

“Ok, by guys!” My Dad called from the entry way and the door unlocked. I didn’t reply, forcing my mum to almost scream, “Bye, darling,” from her position now sprawled across the kitchen table. As soon as the door clicked shut, I let out a long moan as I continued to fuck into her, pushing her inch by inch further up on to the table.

“Fuck! How could you – do that – to me?” I asked in between thrusts.

“So – fucking big, baby! Yes, right there, fuck!” She moaned. I could see her tits being spread against the table and couldn’t resist pulling out and flipping her over.

“Oh fuck, my baby boy, such a good boy aren’t you Jay?” She moaned breathlessly, expertly playing with her tits as I lined myself up with her now dripping pussy. I could see the mess we’d made spread all down her inner thighs and felt particularly good about myself.

“Fuck, I’m not going to – last – long.” I panted as I pushed back into her wet hole. I leant over to kiss her as I fucked her and it was everything I’d dreamt of. Her tongue was hot and wet tangled with mine and I couldn’t wait to have more time with her, taste every inch of her like I wanted to. Right now, all I wanted was to fill her up with my cum.

I could feel the heat coiling in my lower belly as I reared up and spread her legs apart. The table jiggled every time I fucked into her but I didn’t care. She was moaning each time I thrust in and it drove me insane. I sped up the pace, panting and moaning as I felt my orgasm build and watched her titties bouncing moving up and down in time with our fucking.

“Cum – cum inside me baby!” She said, rubbing her clit as I felt my hot semen spill inside her wet cunt.

“Ugh- ugh, yes.” I moaned and gave her a final few sharp thrusts before pulling out. In a few seconds, my cum started dribbling out of her pussy and onto the floor below- the sight turned me on so much.

Mum sat upright and rubbed at her clit lazily, smirking at me and my debauched state.

“Such a good boy for mummy, aren’t you baby?”

Yes. Yes, I was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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