Suburban Summer

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The summer after my senior year of high school is finally here. Just a couple more months and I get to leave the suburbs and go to college. I was sick of this place, and intentionally picked a college three states away. This summer would be slow though, and I had a lot of pools to clean for rich and bored housewives until then. I was happy for the extra money, though, and the job was easy enough.

I’ve been taking care of myself better than I did in high school, and I was happy to be entering college in the best shape of my life. I finally managed to bulk up some, and despite being so far inexperienced with women, I had high hopes that would soon change. Apparently, it was to happen much faster than I originally thought.


On Thursdays I went to the McCormack house. Lynn was in her 40’s, and usually friendly enough. She wasn’t bad to look at, and looked especially good for a mother of three. It wasn’t Lynn who greeted me, however.

As I came around the side of the house and opened the gate, I saw the most stunning creature lounging on a pool chair. She was laying on her stomach, her wavy blonde hair hanging over the edge. She was wearing a black one-piece bathing suit, but it dipped in the back almost down to her ass, which was ridiculously shapely. She had some sort of floral tattoo on her left shoulder blade that was partly visible. Her legs were crossed and she was swaying her legs up and down, which caused an anklet on her left foot to jingle ever so slightly. Her toes were painted a deep purple, and for the first time in my recollection, I found someone’s feet arousing.

She seemed to have heard me, and turned to see me.

“You must be the pool boy. My mother told me you might be coming,” she murmured, half-sleepily.

“Uhh, yes,” I said, clearing my throat, “I am sorry to disturb you; I wasn’t aware anyone would be using the pool at this time.”

“Oh don’t mind me,” she continued, “I will just be here with my cocktail. Carry on.”

She turned to lay on her back and I could see that even the front of her bathing suit dipped down the front, revealing half of her d-cup breasts. There was also a silver necklace that dipped into her cleavage, and further advertised her ample handfuls. She was wearing sunglasses, and I really hoped she didn’t notice my staring, or my full blown erection. I had to remember there was work to do.

I started with the leaves in the pool. I started to recall my mother chatting with her friend Susan that Lynn’s daughter Arabella would be home for the summer from college. She seemed to think Arabella was a bit of a party girl, bostancı escort bayan and did not approve of her wardrobe or her ink. From the look of her 11am cocktail, she was doing college right. From the look of her, my mother was crazy.

That night, I was definitely thinking about Arabella McCormack as I was jacking off.


I couldn’t wait for the next Tuesday. When I got there, I was immediately disappointed to not see Arabella already by the pool. After I got started, however, she sauntered out with a skimpy, red two-piece. There were two small red triangles protecting her breasts from my lust, and I could see them straining against the fabric as she moved. I could see a medusa of sorts decorating the right side of her ribcage.

She walked right up to me and held up a sunscreen bottle, “Help me with this?” she asked.

“Umm, sure, no problem.”

I followed her to her chair and she layed on her stomach. I started with her shoulders, and massaged most thoroughly. I was in no rush.

As I moved down she said, “Oh let me help you,” and pulled her bikini top string to give me free reign of her back . As I worked she murmured her approval.

Once I reached the top of her bottoms, she said, “Get a little under the fabric, too, so I won’t burn if it moves.”

She must be messing with me, I thought. There’s no way she didn’t know my dick was rock hard and wanting. As my fingers slid beneath the bathing suit, I could feel the top her amazing ass. I wanted so badly to squeeze it, but I held back.

I stood suddenly, and said, “all done!’ Then I walked to the pool filters. I swear I could see a smirk. After an agonizing hour and a half, I was done.

“Come inside and have some lemonade,” she told me.

I went inside and said a little prayer for air conditioning. Arabella handed me a glass and watched me drink.

“So how old are you?” she asked.

“18. I just finished high school. You?”

“21. I’m home from college for the summer. I bet you’re stoked to leave”

“Oh, most definitely.”

As I finished my glass she came around their kitchen island and took the glass.

“More?” she asked.

“No, thank you, I am okay”

Then she got really close to me.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”


“And you’re into me, ” she whispered. I could feel her breath on my lips.

“What makes you say that?”

She raised an eyebrow and looked at me. Then, she slid her hand along my chest and down the front of my shorts.

“You did,” she purred. She then licked my upper lip. I couldn’t move. ümraniye escort Her lips then went to my right ear and she began to lick and kiss it. Her arms wrapped around my back and she pulled herself into me.

“Don’t be afraid to touch me, ” she said. She took my hands and put them on her ass cheeks. Fuck, she felt good. I started grabbing them and she began kissing my neck. I was entirely lost. Then, she slid her hand into my shorts and grabbed my dick. She started pumping and I was sure I’d blow my load right there in her kitchen.

“Tell me you want it” she demanded.

“Oh yes, definitely”

She dropped to her knees and pulled my dick out of the slot in my shorts. She put the head in her mouth and started suking. I had never felt anything like it. Her mouth was velvet, and the pressure was too much. I couldn’t help moaning. I put my right hand at the back of her head and pushed her head into my crotch. I wanted to finish in her sexy, little mouth.

She stood up suddenly and pulled my shorts back up. I could hear her garage door opening, and Mrs. McCormack walked in.

“Well,” Arabella started, “thanks for her help today!”

“Paul!” Mrs. McCormack exclaimed, “Hello again. How are you? I trust Arabella was friendly with you.”

“Oh, uhh…yes ma’am,” I answered. It was still difficult to think. I bid her a good day and walked out. Arabella walked me to the door and whispered, “nice dick”.

As soon as I got home and went to my room and started masturbating. Right as I got into it my mom knocked and asked me to go to the grocery store. I swore to myself. I never got a chance that evening to get Arabella out of my system, and the next day I woke to late for work. I was tormented.


The McCormacks went out of town for a couple weeks so I didn’t get to see the torturous Arabelle during that time. Being around the pool still gave me boners, and I was violently horny all the time.

The week they came back I walked in to see Arabella swimming. She looked more than than when summer started and she stepped out of the pool to greet me. If her body was glorious before, it was so much more with water dripping off of it. She was wearing another skimpy number and I was wondering how many sexy bathing suits this damn girls owned. I wanted to kidnap her and never let he wear anything else.

“Come in and get your check when you’re done,” she announced, walking past me. I stared audaciously as she moved. She adjusted her bottom and turned her head to me when she got to the door.

“Caught you staring,” she said, winked, and went inside.

Cleaning escort kartal a pool never took longer. I kept wondering what she was doing inside, and if she was still in that dark-green bathing suit. My mouth kept going dry. Finally, I was finished. I put everything away and slid their door open.


“Come upstairs!” I heard her say.

I walked up the stairs and went to the room at the furthest end of the hall. There was music playing from it and I assumed it to be hers.

Arabella was laying on her bed, wearing a sundress, and reading some magazine. She was in the same position I first saw her in, and I was sure that wasn’t a mistake.

“So I have that check she said” standing up, “but you’ll have to find it”

She walked over to me and said, “that means you need to undress me.”

I pulled off her sundress and was happy to see her bathing suit on under it.

“Don’t be shy”, she murmured, “is this your first time?”

I nodded, my throat suddenly dry again. She kissed me, and her mouth was so soft. It tasted sweet, and her tongue darted between my lips, pulling a sigh out. She put my hands on her breasts and I started to squeeze. Her nipples were hard through the fabric, and she breathed into my mouth.

“Oh yes, Owen, just like that. Undress me, Owen” I pulled at her bikini top and the fabric feel away. Her tits were magnificent–and so perky for their size. I squeezed them harder and started kissing her neck. She took my right hand and slid it under the bikini bottoms. She was so wet, but I wanted to torture her back a little. I started massaging her clit gingerly, keeping her pressed to me with my left arm.

“Tell me you want it,” I commanded. Her breaths were hard and fast now and she sighed yes into my ear. I pushed her down onto the bed and started kissing and biting her nipples. She was shaking at this point. I pinned her arms above her head and resumed fingering her. I stuck a finger inside her and she was moaning loudly now, her features beautifully contorted.

Once I was satisfied she was worn, I pulled her bottoms off and a folded piece of paper fell out.

“I guess you found your check,” she smiled. I grinned and worked my way down to licking at her labia. Her hands were in my hair and I was breathing her sweet scent. I licked up to her clit, going in circles, before dipping back down and sticking my tongue into her opening.

Then I pulled my shorts off and stook over her still body. Her eyes were closed and she was steadying her breathing. She was supine and lovely. I lowered myself onto her and positioned myself. Her eyes opened and she looked into my eyes, nodding. I started to push in her. She felt so tight. I inched in slowly, until I was entirely in her. Then I started pumping without abandon. Her legs wrapped around me and we came together, gripping onto each other.

It was a great summer indeed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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