Study Buddies Ch. 06

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Work had been a tedious day after tedious day recently. I guess that’s usually what it comes down to especially when you’re working in the food court for the student center. Every day it was the same basic thing. Cut up tons of bagels and make them into assorted items for the same old customers, then once we close time is filled with cleaning then off home I go to wait for the next day. It’s almost as if I’m stuck in some sort of horrible ground hog day loop.

Well today was no different than the rest. As par the rest of the employees and myself had all done our best to sell the bagels and just try to get home before it got too hot. We were just about finished with closing up the store when I saw one of the hottest little foxes ever. She was a perfect 5 foot 6 inches with slender legs and the sexiest brown hair with just enough streaks to make her look almost like a celebrity. She was wearing a short skirt and a tight fitting top that was perfect for the hot weather as of late.

Really all I could do as she walked by was stare at her beauty. Suddenly she turned and our eyes met. From that point on I knew I had to have her regardless of what it took. She continued on her way to a seat by the window drawing several other looks from guys along the way. As she was sitting down I hurried to finish what was left so I could clock out and catch up with the catch of the month.

After clocking out I pulled off my work shirt and put on something a little less fast foody and made sure I didn’t smell too much. Slowly I approached her from behind trying to calm my nerves. “Come on man you can do it,” I thought to myself.

Standing next to her I gently cleared my throat. “I umm…I couldn’t help but notice you sitting alone and well umm…thought you’d umm…umm…like some company. May I uhh…join you?” Once the words left my mouth I instantly regretted them. Why did I have to go umm… so damn much? There was definitely no way she’d say yes. Words of failure filled my vision and clogged my ears that I barely noticed her looking at me questioningly. I shook my head to clear away all the distractions when I heard her soft voice.

“Yes I’d love some company.” I smiled at her and sat down looking out the window. “Are you all right? You stood there doing nothing, not even reacting, for a minute.”

“Oh yea, sorry about that. Kinda was kicking myself for the horrible talking I did just now.” She giggled. Her giggles were like words to a song they sounded so damned good to me.

“Hey don’t worry it’s cute. Plus having a hard time asking a question is better than not asking it at all, right?” I nodded my head in agreement. “So you work at the bagel place?”

“Yea it’s mainly just a temporary thing right now but at least it pays in the end. So are you currently taking summer courses?”

“No I’m actually an incoming student. I’m here for preview, doing all that annoying stuff. Was preview a real nerdy type thing for you? Because all we’ve seemed to have done is play weird games that I had never played.”

I laughed remembering my own preview day. “Yea basically. You guys are even playing the same stupid games that we played. I remember having to spell my name with my ass several times because of certain penalties that my coordinator had brought into the game. Definitely wasn’t fun,” this brought even more giggles from my beautiful conversation partner. “What do you plan on majoring in?”

“I haven’t completely decided yet but I’m thinking something in biology. This school really has lots of great resources when it comes to biology. What are you studying?”

“Well something biology related really. I’m actually a chemical engineering major but I’m also studying biomedical engineering. So basically a lot of the stuff you’ll be going over in biology I’ll have taken a more advanced course of it. By the way my name is James. What’s yours?”

“Karen, Karen Williams. It’s a pleasure to meet you James. I guess I really should get going. I think they’re going to go take a test sometime. It was a pleasure talking to you.”

“Hey it was nice talking to you too. But just to throw this out there, maybe if you wanted to hang out some tonight once you’re done with all the preview stuff you can give me a call.” I wrote my number down on a piece of paper I had in my pocket just for this occasion. “Don’t be shy now.” With a smile Karen left to join her group heading off to begin one of at least two tests for the day.

It was almost nine and I had yet to get a call from Karen. Too bad how I wish I could have seen the rest of that dynamite body. escort ataşehir I lay on the couch catching up on the baseball highlights for the day when the phone rings. I casually pick it up thinking it’s just one of my friends calling me for a ride home from one of the many bars in town. “Hello?”

“Hey James, it’s Karen. Sorry if I’m calling too late for you. But umm…did you still want to get together tonight? I just can’t take anymore of this preview thing for now.”

All that I could think about is “Yes!” “Yea that sounds great. I’ll pick you up in front of the dorm you’re staying in. I’ll be there in like 5 minutes ok?”

“Great I’ll see you.” I hung up the phone and put on something relatively decent since I had been lying around my apartment in very little because of how hot it was. Soon enough I was in my car and driving towards campus. I popped a couple mints in my mouth to get rid of a little of the beer smell on the way.

When I pulled up in front of the dorm there she was looking even hotter than earlier today. She was wearing a sheer top with relatively the same skirt, I really couldn’t tell just yet. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she wore these sexy little fuck me pumps. I just wanted to grab her and have my way with her, but I just had to wait.

“Thanks for coming by so late. I just really couldn’t take it anymore. On top of all the stupid little games my roommate just wouldn’t shut up, so I just had to get out of there.” She smiled in my direction and I just couldn’t help but smile back.

“So what do you want to do until you figure your roommate heads to bed?” I pulled out of the parking lot slowly and started heading back to my apartment before she even answered my question.

“Let’s head back to your place. I’m sure it’s a bit more sane than this place is right now.” I smiled as I was heading for the home stretch.

“Sounds like a capital idea. Anything specific you want to do?”

“I can think of a few things,” she replied as she ran her fingers down my neck. I smiled and drove a little bit faster hoping to get this fox in my arms as soon as possible.

Finally we had reached my apartment. It had been a long agonizing 5 minutes of her gently caressing my neck and me running through how I’d ravage her body.

We entered my place and I quickly picked some things up off the floor. It definitely was a guy’s apartment. There was stuff everywhere. Karen walked in still sexy as ever looking around. She seemed to like the place. She sat down as I offered her a drink. She kindly declined and motioned me to sit next to her. I quickly turned on the stereo, letting my mp3 player cycle through its softer tracks but still keeping it a rock theme.

We sat there talking about anything and everything. Slowly we’d get a little closer. I could feel the warmth pulsating from her body as I wrapped my arm around her. Her smile let me know that she was perfectly fine with it and then I knew she desired more when she snuggled in closer to me.

I looked her deep in the eyes and slowly kissed her. At first we were both very timid not knowing what all was ok but soon the passion took us over. We kissed more deeply now, our tongues played with one another in our mouths as I leaned over her smaller form. Her hands ran over my back as I moved one hand down her smooth thigh.

Within mere moments from when we began kissing she was straddling me kissing me even more fiercely. Inside my head all I could think about was, “Jackpot!” My hands ran all over her perfect form sliding to her perfect ass squeezing it.

We stopped kissing long enough to look into each other’s eyes to make sure everything was still ok. Once we both saw that and more we continued kissing, our tongues still dancing with one another. As we kissed I could feel her begin to rock herself back and forth on me slowly at first but picking up pace. I could feel her warmth through my pants, and I could sense her desire. It was like lighting in a bottle, electric and powerful.

I held her close to me as I rolled her onto her back. With her legs wrapped around me I pulled away long enough to undo her blouse revealing her B-cup breasts. Her tan lines made her look even sexier and her little pink nipples begged for attention. I smiled down at her as she shrugged her shoulders out of the blouse and tossed it onto the floor.

I leaned forward and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth as she pawed at my back pulling my shirt closer to my head. Once I had that nipple hard I began to work on the other but Karen pulled my shirt kadıköy escort bayan up over my head tossing it with her blouse. I smiled and quickly began my work on the other nipple keeping the other hard by pinching it with my hand.

Karen’s hands slowly slid down my back to the top of my pants. She expertly undoes my belt and unbuttons my pants allowing me more freedom. Again with expert precision she pushes both my pants and boxers down my legs with her feet allowing me to pull out of them. I prop myself up above her just looking into her already flushed face. I kiss her again as her hands caress my manhood. I grow in her hands filling them, she looks at me amazed and then whispers into my ear, “I wonder if I can take you all in.” I smile and lean back looking her in the eyes.

She smiles back and slowly stalks me like a cat ready for dinner. She then leans down and licks from my balls to my head sending tingles down my spine. Over and over she licks my shaft until finally she takes me into her mouth running her tongue around me. Slowly inch by inch more and more of me disappears into her mouth. I can feel her tongue running all over me as my head reaches the back of her throat. Slowly she pulls me out looking at her grip on my penis. “Damn still had a little bit to go.” She smiled and sucked me right back into her warm mouth this time working me harder and faster.

With each passing moment I could feel myself get closer to orgasm. My mind swam in the awesome blowjob this little freshman could give. Soon sparks flashed in my eyes, as I was just about to explode. With a sudden movement I pulled myself out of her warm mouth just before I filled it. Karen looked at me perplexed, “That bad eh?”

I shook my head furiously, “God no, one of the best I’ve ever had before. I just didn’t want to cum just yet.” I winked at her and then smiled devilishly. “I do believe you’d like some in return then of course after that is the main dish in my mind.” I kissed her gently laying her on her back. I kissed down her neck slowly teasing her as much as I could. I ran my free hands over her perfectly smooth skin teasing her even more. I could feel her body tense whenever I would get close to any of her sensitive areas. With her eyes closed she was completely at my mercy, I could torture her as much as I wanted.

Knowing that I could have my complete way with this tight little fox I slowly kissed down her chest making sure to spend excruciating time on her nipples bringing them into my mouth over and over again. Cautiously I bit one of her nipples causing her to gasp. But it wasn’t a painful gasp but rather a gasp of pleasure. She looked me into the eyes begging me to do more. I smiled once again this time a more devilish grin rather than the normal smiles portrayed for her before.

Slowly I pulled her skirt off leaving her lying on my couch in one of the tiniest g-strings I had ever seen. It seemed that there was absolutely nothing to it other than string. I ran my hand over her swollen mound feeling the heat and dampness through the micro-thin material. Each time my hands roved over her crotch she tilted her head back in pleasure and anticipation. But each time as my hands moved on she looked at me begging to stop the torment I was inflicting on her.

I leaned forward again kissing her roughly pushing my tongue into her mouth as forcefully as I could. With a free hand I untied her g-string pulling it off of her. Slowly I kissed and nibbled down her body until I was breathing on her sex. Her smell was intoxicating and I knew right then that just this once wasn’t going to do it for me. Slowly I slid a finger up her wet slit letting it push into her lips coating my finger in her juices. With a startling suddenness I leaned forward and pulled her clit into my mouth sucking on it harshly. Her gasps, full of pain but also pleasure, filled the room. Karen tilted her head back before letting an unmistakable moan of pleasure leave her mouth.

“God that feels great,” she panted as she pushed my face into her. I continued to suck on her clit while I slid at first just a finger into her. But within minutes I had 4 fingers pounding in and out of her wetness filling the room with both the smell and sound of sex. With each passing moment Karen became wetter and wetter. It truly amazed me since I had yet to be with a woman who had been this wet. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I stopped sucking on her sweet little clit and forcefully pushed my long tongue deep within her. I explored her sex as well as I could while I slid a still wet finger up escort bostancı her tight ass.

Within moments Karen tilted her head as far back as I thought it could go, her back arched in the air and moans escaping from her mouth. Her orgasm rippled through her body. Wave after wave hit her full force causing her body to begin shaking well before it had subsided. With the final moments of her initial orgasm at hand I moved up her body to kiss her gently only to receive one of the roughest kisses ever. It was such a turn on. Karen had taken one of the biggest orgasms I had ever seen and was still hungry for more.

We both smiled when our kiss broke, I slowly pushed the head of my cock against her swollen wetness. Little by little I applied more force causing more and more of me to slide deep within her. First it was just an inch but slowly 2, then 3, and then the fourth. Within moments I had myself completely buried within her. My balls comfortably rested up against her body her juices coating them.

With a practiced ease I began to ease myself out of her and then back in. Faster and faster I began to move in and out of her as she became more and more accustomed to my size. Her breasts slid forward each time I thrust into her and moved down her body each time I pulled out. The sounds of sex filled the room intoxicating both of us, fueling the lust between us.

After what seemed like hours of fucking, Karen pulled me close kissing me passionately. She wrapped her legs around my slim body never wanting to let go. “Roll over I’m gonna ride you like you’ve never been ridden before.” I quickly complied maneuvering myself so that she was on top.

Licking her lips she slowly began to slide up and down my cock. Her breasts dangled in front of my face tempting me to suck on her nipples. But each time I sat up to do so I was pushed back down forcefully. “Just enjoy it sexy!” I nodded my head in agreement as she bounced on me now. I could feel myself get closer and closer to orgasm with each thrust. Pretty soon I will have passed the point of no return and I could sense that it was the same for her too.

Suddenly she stopped. I looked at her concerned but she just giggled. “Don’t worry just wanted to change thing around a little bit. This way you’ll have something different, ok?”

“Sounds perfect to me,” I responded as she turned around with me still deep within her. Now she was facing away from me, her hands on my knees. Her tight ass hole filled my vision as she began to slide up and down my rock hard shaft once again. With a coating of her juices my cock glistened in the light. After looking at the wonderful scene just a little bit more I could see the coating of her juices that covered both our crotches. Some of her juices even covered her tight little asshole. I just couldn’t resist. With a quickness that would surprise some I licked my finger and slowly pushed it deep within her back end.

Karen immediately tilted her head back in pleasure. Moans escaped her sweet lips as she was pushed over the edge once again. Waves washed over her body causing her to shake violently. She had to lean forward with her hands on my knees just to keep from falling over. Minutes passed and she was still recovering from her orgasm. Slowly I pulled myself out of her and began to rub myself.

As Karen regained her wits she rolled over onto her back to see what I was up to. Pleasure filled her eyes when she saw me jerking myself. She could see I was close to covering her and she leaned forward for the first globs of my surprise. Finally I closed my eyes and groaned loudly. Hot streams of my semen shot from the tip of my cock hitting her initially on the upper lip. Karen was quick to lick those up tasting me. After a couple other streams of my love juice slid down her chin she took me into her mouth once again and milked me for all I was worth. She stroked me like a professional getting each glob of semen from my already softening penis.

Finally when Karen was done milking all the cum out of me we both collapsed on the bed. Sweat covered both our bodies as exhaustion started to overtake us. We kissed passionately again before Karen drifted off to sleep. Before I fully fell asleep only a few thoughts ran through my head. “Thank god I saw her today,” and, “I do think Cecile will enjoy this fox just as much as I will.” With another devilish grin I finally fell asleep with one of the hottest freshman I had ever seen comfortably in my arms.


This is Chapter 7 of my series Study Buddies. It seems like it has taken a definite turn from the relative setup that I had had before. Hopefully all my fans will enjoy this story and any future stories that come from this one. Please anyone who wants to, please leave some feedback. Any feedback helps me become a better writer and thus become a better storyteller.

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