Stranger In The Dark

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Midnight. Robert was tired, it had been a long day at work, and it was a long drive home. He thought he would never make it to his house, but after a while he finally made it. Robert parked his car, and staggered up the drive way. To his surprise his front door was unlock. Trying to sober up, Robert cautiously open the door and stuck his head in side. After he was a sure every thing was ok, Robert stepped inside and looked around. He heard a noise coming from the living room.

“Hello?” He called “is any one there?” there was no answer. Robert made his way in to the dark living room, he sees a figure in the dark.

“Who are you?” he ask, but there was no answer from the stranger. Even in the dark Robert could tell that the figured belong to a women. He reached over and turned on the lamp on the table.

What Robert saw in the light took his breath away. There stood in front of was the most beautiful women he has ever seen, and he had no idea who she was. She stood in the middle of his living, dressed only in a white flimsy shirt that fell just below her beautifully rounded butt. The shirt was no buttoned, revealing her 38c up thrust breast. Her long blond hair fell around her shoulders to frame her face. Robert stood there staring at her. He could feel him self tighten escort ataşehir and grow hard under his jeans.

With a finger she beckoned him closer. He walked over to her till they were only an inch from each other. He opened his mouth to ask who she was, but before he could utter a sound, this beautiful stranger leaned over and kissed him. A long sensuous kiss that further aroused him. Robert grabbed her head and pressed her closer to him, so she could feel how hard he was. Robert reached inside her shirt the caress a breast. He squeezed it and rolled her pink nipple between his fingers. He the nipple go hard in his hand. Robert left her mouth to place kisses on her throat. He made his way down her body, and took a nipple in his mouth.

He sucked and licked her breast. She let out a low sigh, Robert then moved on to the next breast and loved it with his mouth for a while longer. Robert don’t know how he could stand the bulge in his pants any longer, he was about to explode. Robert got up and carried his stranger to the bed. There he striped out of his clothes. His erection standing straight up, almost to the point of being painful. Now naked Robert moved to the bed, where he had left his lovely goddess. He ripped off the shirt she had on, to reveal a naked kadıköy escort bayan body underneath.

Every thing from her breast to her gorgeous triangle of blond hair that hid her pussy beneath it. Robert took a loud breath. He kneeled on the bed, his engorged cock only inches from her face. She took Robert’s cock with both hands and guided it to her mouth. She sucked him like a baby with a bottle. Robert tried to hold back as long as he can. But she kept suck and liking harder.

“I’m going to cum baby, I can’t hold back any longer” He whispered. She looked up at Robert with passion glazed eyes, at this moment Robert shot his load in to the strangers mouth. She tried to swallow all of it, but there was so much hot cum that it dribbled out the side of her lips. She looked up at him and smiled. She laid back on the bed and spread her legs as wide as it will go. Robert slid down ran his fingers through her golden triangle, tracing the lips of her cunt. Roberts finger slid inside and he played with her nub. she arched up to get a closer feel of his hand. He rubbed her clit and slid his finger in to her now wet hole. In and out his finger goes, then he tried two fingers, in and out of the wet love hole of his beautiful stranger.

She moans and thrust her pervert escort bostancı to match the rhythm of his fingers, she is over come with sexual pleasure, and in only a few minute she had her first released. But before she had time to recover Robert bent his head bathed her cunt with his tongue, she bashed her head from side to side as waves after waves of orgasm came upon her. He moved on top of her, giving her a long deep kiss. She could taste herself upon his lips. Robert entered her in one fast stroke. He developed a slow rhythm at first, moving in and out of her slippery pussy.

She found his rhythm and moved as he did. She was panting louder as Robert increased his rhythm. Soon he was driving in and out of her so fast and hard he was scared he might tear her apart. But all his fears put aside when Robert heard her whisper “please fuck me harder, I need it bad baby” he drove in to her with all his might. And then with one final thrust Robert had a mind shattering climax that he thought would have killed him, soon to be followed by the release of his golden stranger. The both of them laid there entwine in each others arm, Robert was still inside of her. They laid there as reality slowly returned.

Robert and this stranger made passionate mind blowing love twice more before he fell in to a deep sleep. When he woke up the next morning she was gone. All that was left was the white shirt that she wore. He wandered who she was. He didn’t even know her name. But who ever she was, she was the most erotic sexual person he’s ever had!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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