Stranded Ch. 01

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This story is a pure work of fiction. Copyrighted © 2009 by the author. No unauthorized reproduction in any form is allowed without the written permission of the author. For permission, please contact through this site.


Everything was automated and the latest model onboard. The only exception was in the communications area-an old radio was still used. There was no satellite telephone on this yacht. Mr. Anthony (Tony) Rialto preferred it that way. He had many times told Captain Katherine Vosney that when onboard he preferred no outside disturbances.

Everything could be, and was, operated by a single person-the Captain. She didn’t mind being the only “crew” on the yacht, it was a job that paid well and she was able to put nearly her whole paycheck into savings. For a woman of only 32, she was finally near to being financially independent. At that time, she would decide what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.

“Captain, I’ll have supper on the top deck.” Mr. Rialto informed Katherine via the intercom system. “Yes, sir. It will be ready shortly,” she replied. As she finished the salad and barbequed chicken-extra spicy, just as he preferred, Katherine started loading the dumbwaiter with dinner.

“Bring your dinner up here as well Captain,” Mr. Rialto told her. Surprised, Katherine put her own plate on the dumbwaiter alongside his and added the chilled pitcher of iced tea. Usually she took her meals on the main deck just outside of the kitchen as Mr. Rialto was a solitary person and preferred to eat alone.

“He probably wants to go ashore to one of those islands we are approaching and play his little “what if” games again,” Katherine thought with some disdain.

Mr. Rialto would sometimes sit on a deserted beach and ponder what-if’s…what if he were stranded alone?…what if he were hurt?…what if he could never again return to civilization and was condemned to life on a deserted island?

Katherine thought this habit was a waste of time that could be spent looking at the beauty of nature, admiring all the animals found in the oceans and on the islands. During his excursions she often went scuba-diving nude on the opposite side of the yacht from Mr. Rialto. The feel of the ocean sliding along her skin and seeping into her most intimate of places made her incredibly horny.

After these diving trips she invariably went to her suite and masturbated with her favorite vibrator. By the time he was ready to return to the yacht Katherine would be dressed once again in her “uniform” of blue shorts and a red T-shirt. It was a perk that he didn’t believe in having her wear an actual Captain’s uniform.

Reaching the top deck she stood for a moment and studied her boss. He was a very fit man with an incredible body. Mr. Rialto was rarely lacking in feminine company, when he so desired it. Raven black hair shaded a face tanned by the many cruises taken and framed his jade-green eyes. Katherine had heard that he was a shark in the boardroom, unmerciful in his business dealings and ruthless against any competition.

“Mr. Rialto, dinner is ready. I’ve made barbequed chicken, garlic and cheddar mashed potatoes and a salad,” Katherine said as she approached the dumbwaiter to retrieve bahis firmaları their meal.

“Thank you Captain. I’m sure it will be as delicious as usual. You are quite an accomplished cook,” Mr. Rialto said while studying the skyline. “Did you remember the iced tea?,” he inquired of her.

“Yes, sir. Just the way you like it with honey and lemon,” she replied. Katherine set dinner on the table in front of Mr. Rialto, serving his dishes first.

“I’ve been watching the radar and it looks as though we are in for a storm sometime tonight. Judging from the density of the clouds and the current wind patterns, it could possibly be a rough night,” Katherine informed him.

Mr. Rialto looked over at her and acknowledged her statement saying, “I didn’t think there would be any major storms in this area. You said the storm season ends in the spring?”

“Yes, sir. The official season ends, but rare storms still pass through when the conditions are right. There is no way of knowing when the conditions might change and build up a storm,” Katherine replied while thinking, “Like it’s MY fault that a storm is building??? What nerve! He might control his business, but Mother Nature bows to no one.

“Fine. Thank you for the advance warning,” Mr. Rialto said.

After finishing dinner, Katherine was loading the dumbwaiter when Mr. Rialto finally spoke again,

“Tomorrow we are going to be near those islands, is that still correct Captain?” he snidely asked.

Biting her tongue and cursing her father for passing on his incredible temper, Katherine told him, “Yes, sir, that is correct. These islands are known for the variety and abundance of animal life ranging from boars to deer. One island in particular also has a freshwater stream, with trout, running through it. I was thinking of doing some fishing for dinner tomorrow. If that’s all right with you?”

“That’s fine. I was thinking of going ashore on one of them anyway. We’ll just make it that island,” Mr. Rialto informed her.

“I’ll make the appropriate course corrections then, Mr. Rialto. Is there anything else you would like tonight?” Katherine asked, hiding her dismay that he would be going ashore with her. “There goes my time to enjoy nature,” she thought.

“No, that will be all for tonight. Sleep well, Captain,” Mr. Rialto replied, already having dismissed her and returned his attention to the skyline as though she were invisible.

“Man, the things that I put up with for this job! What an asshole!” Katherine fumed as she returned to the kitchen and cleaned up. After starting the dishwasher, she headed to the navigation room and plotted a new course that would take them straight by the island tomorrow. After inputting the coordinates and checking the radar again Katherine’s day was finished and she retired to her suite.

Upon entering her suite of rooms Katherine felt the calming influence of the aromatic oils she used begin to dissipate her anger.

“At least Mr. Rialto let me decorate my suite of rooms without any oversight,” Katherine thought. He had given her free reign and a generous budget which she used to personalize everything from the paint on the walls to the color of the carpeting. Katherine believed deeply in the power kaçak iddaa of color to change one’s mood and had used a palette of yellows, blues, greens and reds in the various rooms.

Going into the bedroom, she quickly stripped and threw her clothes down the laundry chute to be washed in the morning. Her large breasts swayed as she headed back into the living room to fix a drink. Katherine was an outdoor person and her toned, lithe body showed the work she put it through. Her legs were long and muscled, leading up to a heart-shaped ass. Katherine had well-defined arms as well-due to her past as a rock-climbing teacher. She was proud of her body and never wore clothing in her suite, feeling it was too constrictive.

Walking to the bar Katherine decided to fix a strong margarita to drink while she listened to some music and relaxed from the day behind her. With drink in hand Katherine sat in her recliner and picked up “Heat Lightening”, the latest book in a new series by John Sandford.

After reading a few chapters Katherine put the book aside and took the final drink of margarita. Her fingers glided to the pouch hanging from the magazine rack and withdrew her vibrator. Spreading her legs she laid the vibrator almost touching the entrance to her pussy. Softly sliding her hands up her torso, Katherine began lightly rubbing her nipples.

Teasing them to stiff perfection, a moan escaped her lips as she felt quivers running through her pussy. It seemed as though an arc of electricity ran from her nipples directly to the nerves of her pussy. Stimulating one caused the other to respond as well.

Glancing at her margarita glass she noticed some ice lingering in the bottom. With short bursts of breath in anticipation Katherine held the ice near enough to her nipples for the cold to cause them to visibly swell even further. Katherine watched as her hand moved the ice to her nipple. At the moment of contact between the two she gasped and involuntarily arched her back in a burst of immense pleasure. Barely able to focus through the haze of stimulated nerves she began to rub the ice in circles around her aureola, watching as the skin puckered.

Katherine sent her other hand softly skimming the taut skin of her stomach, downwards farther to her moist and waiting pussy. Her clit was standing out, straining for attention and she lightly grazed it with a finger. The result was immediate and acute-her breathing stopped as the feeling of need swamped her body and senses.

Feeling a gush of wetness lubricate her lips, Katherine moved her hand so that she could slide a finger between them. Her lips were engorged and hypersensitive, simply scraping them gently with her fingers was enough to cause a moan to bubble up. With her hips moving blindly, trying to reach the vibrator Katherine kept teasing herself. She simultaneously encircled her nipple with the fast-melting ice and rubbed her clit and lips. Katherine showed herself no more mercy than she would when torturing a sexual partner who wanted nothing more than to cum.

Katherine believed the saying, “It’s not the destination, but the journey you should enjoy” pertained to more than simply vacations. It was a belief that she brought wholeheartedly to her sex life, kaçak bahis whether alone like now, or having sex with a man. She was rather dominant sexually and employed the use of cock-rings to prevent a man from cumming until neither of them could take another tormenting second of the pleasure.

In her current state, Katherine knew that she wouldn’t last much longer. The need to feel a cock inside her was too great, but still she wouldn’t give in just yet. Her only response to the increase of need was to slide a drenched finger inside the opening of her yearning pussy while using her thumb to continue rubbing her erect clit. After a few minutes of this increased torture Katherine’s breath was coming in gasps.

Picking up the vibrator, which was modeled after someone’s cock and felt lifelike, she placed just the head inside her. This intrusive, yet incomplete, feeling set off a series of spasms throughout her entire body causing her breasts to jiggle and more moans to break loose. Katherine gripped the base of the vibrator tightly and, with one swift movement plunged it all the way into her dripping pussy.

At the feeling of being penetrated and filled so completely, Katherine was unable to breathe as her orgasm rocked through her body. The recliner shook, her back arched and wordless groans fled her mouth, filling the room with the unmistakable sounds of sexual fulfillment. The orgasm seemed to rip her body apart with its force and her eyes closed against the onslaught. With her hips moving unconsciously it seemed the spasms of her pussy as it clutched the intruder would never abate.

In time, though, Katherine’s breathing returned to near normal and she was able to control the thrusting of her hips. Wringing every last possible moment of pleasure from her orgasm, Katherine finally came back down to earth–drifting slowly as if on a cloud. Reluctant to remove the vibrator just yet, she instead lit a cigarette, panting from the exertion she had just endured.

Eventually, Katherine could put it off for no longer and finally, slowly withdrew the vibrator from her still-quivering pussy. The trembling in her body subsided until she was able to think clearly. “Why am I always so horny? Most women I know can’t stand having sex. To them it’s a chore to put up with, that’s all. Me? I’d probably rape a man if I didn’t have sex at least once every day! Thank goodness for internet sites that sell vibrators and ship them worldwide!” Katherine thought with a smile. “Maybe I can talk Mr. Rialto into stopping for supplies the day after tomorrow. There are always plenty of men in port or in town who are willing to have sex with no strings!” At this thought Katherine laughed huskily, recalling her favorite port-of-call liaisons.

Getting up and turning the music off, Katherine headed to her bathroom. Emerging from the shower she toweled off and languidly smoothed her favorite lotion over her body. Getting into bed, naked and smelling lightly of sandalwood, Katherine determined to make the best of tomorrow.

“Mr. Rialto will likely just sit on the beach. I’ll have a couple of hours to fish and explore the island a bit. It may not be the ideal day, but at least I can try to enjoy it,” Katherine decided.

Curling up Katherine knew she would sleep soundly tonight.


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Chapter 2 will be posted soon.

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