Stoned Submission Ch. 10

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Chapter 10: … Favours the Bold

© kate7891

With the thick, ominous clouds gathering, I thanked the gods that be I only had one delivery left for the afternoon. Nothing worse than heavy rain to batter and bruise delicate petals.

Turning my Jeep down St Kilda’s deserted Esplanade, water reflecting the dreary sky, palm fronds detaching in the growing wind, I felt a wave of excitement crest under my skin. I was making my first delivery to Vibe Hotel.

And was secretly hoping to see Lucille.

I pulled into the delivery parking bay — cursed the lack of cover — just as the clouds tore open. Shit. The rain was heavy, just as it promised to be. A late summer storm. Normally I loved nothing more than to sit out on my balcony, bong in hand, watching the lightning dance over the ocean.

But stuck in my car, with no umbrella? The worst.

I twisted in my seat, admired the flowers I’d put together for Vibe. A calm arrangement of pastel natives, tall and eye-catching for the reception area. The same flowers, packed away in trays in the boot, were used in smaller, recycled medicine bottled I’d wrapped in twine for the forty plus bedrooms. But it was the restaurant arrangement of which I was most proud. A bold statement of dark magenta heuchera, achiella that reflected a sunset, peachy begonia, filled out with ivory lathyrus and leafy primula.

Thanking my habit of storing a plastic tarp in the back, I resigned myself to a soaking at the expense of the flowers remaining fresh. I dashed from the car, rounding to the back, the heavy rain immediately fusing the forest green jersey dress to my skin. I hurriedly covered two trays of the smaller arrangements and carted them to the wide, double doors. Buzzed to get in.

And froze hot when Lucille opened the door.

She wore high-waisted red pants, a white, mannish shirt tucked in to accentuate her slender frame.

“Annika, hey!” she called over the deluge. “Let me give you a hand.”

She took the tarp and ran out to my car — moving surprisingly well in the rain in heels — hastily covering the other two trays. Her shirt clung to her like a second skin, black bra visible underneath. Her slacks deepened to maroon and outlined her long thighs, accentuated the triangle between her legs.

I gulped, Nika fisting hard, and moved to a long stainless-steel bench to deposit the flowers. And to appease the ache.

Lucille ran back, and I took the tarp.

“I’m okay with the others,” I told Lucille. “Stay dry.”

I ran back out, ponytail dripping down my back, and wrapped the tarp around my shoulders like a cape. With some effort — and the rain splintering noisily against my shoulders — I tucked the larger bouquets under my arms and awkwardly moved crab-like back to Lucille, conscious of the damp dress running up my thighs, sandals stodging against the concrete.

My forehead was beading with rain, nose and chin dripping. The sensation of water running down my face reminded me of being in the hot tub, trapped between Lucille’s legs. I was surprised the rain didn’t steam from my overheated body.

“Here,” Lucille said, exchanging one bouquet for a towel. I placed the other beside its mates, wrung out my ponytail before quickly tying it in a wet top-knot, and rubbed the cold wet from my forearms.

“Thanks,” I said, dabbing at the moisture at my throat, cheeks. Lucille stood by the arrangements, blonde hair dark from the rain and spiky from the towel.

“Annika, these…” she trailed off, shaking her head, and I felt a lump of anxiety settle in my throat. “These are stunning.”

I felt my whole body relax, a shy smile lifting the corners of my mouth.

“Thanks,” I said, voice small, stepping next to the other woman. “I’m pretty happy with them.”

Lucille fingered the petal of a delicate begonia, turned her head, eyes drinking me in, travelling from the tips of my black holo toes to the top of my head.

And then she smiled, slow and sly.

“You look so fucking sexy wet.”

Heat flooded my face; I felt it pink my cheeks. In defence, I averted my gaze, focused on the flowers. Lucille put a hand to my shoulder, shifting the angle of our bodies, and stepped against me, hands gliding up my moist arms, our pebbled teats rubbing.

Again, my teeth sunk into my bottom lip.

“I missed you,” Lucille whispered, hands moving up the sides of my neck, around my décolletage, and I lifted my eyes to Lucille’s witch hazel green, and was immediately cast under their secret spells.

“Really?” I breathed, heart rattling konak escort bayan my ribcage. Nika readily echoing the beat.

“Really, really,” she replied, lowering her lips to mine as thunder rumbled outside. Her lips were soft, gently exploring, seeming to memorise the shape of my pouty mouth, the rough texture of my tongue.

In the back of my mind I was aware we hadn’t spent any time at all in the hot tub learning of each other intimately like this.

Mouth answering hers, my hands grew bold, moving around to cup Lucille’s ass, was greeted with firm flesh hiding under wet material. I squeezed, pulled her closer, Nika beginning to take control, my tongue moving as avidly as Lucille’s.

With the rain smattering the windows, our kisses grew deeper, a little sloppier, as Lucille’s tongue explored the dark recesses of my mouth. She tasted tart, fresh. Tropical almost. Her lips completely enveloped the mine, and she cupped the back of my head, angling me how she wished, pushing our faces closer. My nostrils flared against Lucille’s cheek as the warm scent of jasmine wafted over me.

I sighed into Lucille’s mouth, body tingling from the taste of our mingled breath, one hand fisting into the back of her white shirt. Lucille shifted slightly, pressing her thigh between my legs as she sucked my tongue between her lips. My sighs soon turned to moans and my mouth opened passively under Lucille’s assault, giving her complete access and control.

Lucille’s teeth scraped the top of my tongue, sending currents of pleasure down my throat and into my core where the tide turned in Lucille’s favour. My hands moved up Lucille’s back, felt the heat radiating from beneath her sodden shirt, and back down to her ass, pulling her thigh firmer against the ache Nika pulsed between my legs.

Lucille slowly pulled back, a small string of saliva connecting us, and gave me that bewitching smile. “Someone’s needy, I see,” she said, voice soft, before rubbing her lips once more over mine.

“I guess I missed you, too,” I said, lowering my gaze to her throat, focusing on the pulse there, pressing my lips together to contain the sensation of Lucille’s kisses.

She pecked my nose, stepped back somewhat apologetically and rubbed her hands up and down my bare arms, loosely linking our fingers.

“I couldn’t resist a kiss, baby doll. And as much as I’d love nothing more than to take you up to an empty room and have my wicked way with you,” her eyes brightened in response to my blush, “we have no vacancies and I still have a tonne of work to get through.”

“Ms. Stressy-Pants?” I teased, arching a brow.

Lucille laughed. “Most definitely. But I know a sure-fire way to destress over the weekend if you’re around.”

I smiled, nodded. “I’m around.”

She kissed me again, a soft pressing of lips, before sighing heavily, rolling her shoulders.

“I gotta go, kid.”

“Yeah, me, too. Before I do, though, is there a bathroom or restroom nearby? I need to dry off a little more.”

“Sure. The staff restroom is just this way.”

I followed Lucille down a sterile hallway; fluorescent lights bouncing off stark white walls, polished concrete that echoed under foot. Lucille took a jangle of keys from her pocket, riffled through them and unlocked a door.

“Have at it,” she smiled, opening the door to an open-plan bathroom — much like one you’d find in a home or hotel — those eyes again dancing with some secret.

With the door clicking quietly closed behind me, I let my curling mass of hair free, shaking it out as I moved to the air-dryer. I turned it on, ducking a little in an attempt to dry my hair. I rubbed my hands through it and felt my system level.

I have loose plans to see Lucille again, I thought smiling. Facing the mirror, attempting to shake some style back into my hair, I felt the anxiety over worrying if my tryst with Lucille was a one-time deal melt away. And anxious excitement build-up to take its place.

Deeming myself reasonably dry for the drive to Grady’s, I sat down on the toilet, standing quickly again, knickers around my knees, when Lucille came in, locking the door behind her, breathing erratic, chest heaving, nipples clearly visible beneath her shirt.

The room flickered in response to the lightning outside, and I counted three, four breaths for the responding boom of thunder.

“Sit down,” Lucille said, voice firm. In control. She leaned back against the door, thrusting her chest forward.

“What is it?” I asked, somewhat alarmed.

But Nika knew better. She rolled around my stomach escort konak in anticipation.

“Pull up your dress. And sit. Down.”

I blushed yet again, but did as Lucille bade, thighs clenching together to ease the growing ache.

Lucille shook her head. “Open your legs,” she demanded, pushing away from the door and slowly stalked toward me.

I spread my knees, holding the hem of my dress against my stomach. Nika was on full display, her pungent smell mixing with that of citrus in the bathroom.

Lucille’s gaze lowered to Nika — pink and plump — and licked her lips. I felt my bladder swell in excitement and a small dribble of pee escaped.

“Pee,” Lucille said, unbuttoning her pants, a hand sneaking under the material to cup her mons.

I sighed in relief as I released the pressure in my bladder, its sound lost to the storm outside. My eyes were transfixed on Lucille’s hand, moving in circular motions and had to bite back a moan.

“Stop,” came Lucille curt demand, and with some effort, I pulled in my pelvic floor and stopped mid-stream, a pull that rippled from my core.

“That feels good, doesn’t it? To clench and hold?” Lucille’s hand was a flurry of movement; she had clearly centred on her clit.

I nodded, pressed my left hand to the wall for purchase. Nika’s fisted grip pulled deeply inside me, aching to release again, aching all the more watching Lucille’s hand. I licked my lips, remembering the taste of her tangy cunt.

Lucille’s demeanour changed subtly as she saw the desire in my eyes.

Slowly, Lucille peeled her pants down her legs, but kept her heels on, accentuating the shape of her calves. I gulped when I saw Lucille was completely naked underneath; her clit was excitedly extended, her labia puffy and wet. She draped her pants over a handrail before moving over to straddle me over the toilet.

I hummed low in the back of my throat as I felt Lucille’s heat pulse intimately against Nika. Lucille brought her body close, nipples rubbing mine, her face close, the tip of our noses bumping, her hot breath feathering over my lips.

“I really want to kiss Nika now,” Lucille murmured, her voice whiskey hot. I quivered — couldn’t help it — and felt a small trickle of pee escape and singe my flesh. Widening her legs, Lucille reached down to splay my pussy lips wide so she could settle more truly against Nika.

Of their own accord, my hands moved around to cup my neighbour’s butt.

“Pee,” she whispered, the movement of her mouth tickling my lips. The room once again flickered due to the electrical storm outside, the responding thunder rumbling the windows. In reflex, my fingertips pressed into Lucille’s flesh.

With eyes locked to kaleidoscopic green and ears buzzing with rain, I released my pelvic floor and let out a steady stream of urine. Lucille smiled, called me a good girl, and released her own bladder, looked down to watch her pee trickle through my lips.

“Oh, god,” I moaned against the hot flood, looking down to see our pussies kiss in an erotically lewd fashion.

Lucille brought a finger to my chin, silently demanding eye-contact, her fingers spreading to caress my throat.

Nika was swamped by heat, all sensation, making my thighs shake. My entire mid-section was electrically alive, tensing despite the relief I was giving my bladder. Even when I was empty I still felt the hot stream coming from Lucille, confusing my senses.

Empty like me now, Lucille started to rock her hips, humping and grinding against Nika, spreading the wet warmth. Her labia glided smoothly over my bald flesh, up over my mons, down again, clits bumping together. Lucille’s face contorted in pleasure and, instinctively, I tilted her hips, pulling Lucille against me, helping the establishment of a rhythm.

“I want Grady to smell me on you tonight,” Lucille hissed, fingers digging into the back of my neck, her hips moving powerfully with each thrust. Wet, sloppy sounds of sex echoed from the tiles, sounds enhanced all the more by the raging weather outside. Matching the storm inside.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned, head rolling back as pleasure overrode every other thought and feeling. Lucille’s hands pressed against the wall either side of my head; she lowered her chest to stimulate my breasts and I felt the vibrations sparkle from my nipples down to my clit.

I tingled from cunt to chest and back again, the three pleasure points pinging from each other, growing in intensity. I continued to support Lucille’s ruthless rubbing, hands splitting her ass as she humped the me into a frenzy, hips arching konak escort up to answer demands, to make some of my own.

My toes curled inside my soggy sandals, pleasure shooting up from the soles of my feet. I had no choice but to break eye-contact with those bewitching hazel orbs, squeezing my own shut tight as I shuddered, feeling an orgasm build.

Lucille’s body responded in kind, coiling tight to the cracking thunder. “I’m going to come all over your slutty little cunt,” she seethed, voice shallow in pleasure, thighs tense over my hips. “Infect you with my dyke juices. Make you mine.”

The sharp smell of urine and sex pervaded the room, the heavy rain matching the wet, sloppy sounds of our soul-crushing sex. Lucille continued to rub her gash through Nika, her thrusts growing more frantic as her own passion built to breaking point.

“Lucille,” I groaned, body trembling beneath her domination. “Please.”

Under my hands, I could feel Lucille’s ass clench with each sliding grind against Nika, taste her huffing breath as it puffed over my lips. I rocked my pelvis best I could in this position, wanting to ensure Lucille would topple over the edge with me.

“Look at me,” Lucille demanded, and I opened my eyes, breath catching at the look of determination on her face. I pressed my feet and arched up, trying to give Lucille all my secret wishes.

“Yes, that’s it. Make this lesbian pussy come,” she growled. “Make her come all over you. You know you want it.”

The tension coiled deep within my core began to unravel, legs shaking, belly clenching. With my hands, I urged Lucille to fuck me harder, fuck me faster, fuck me senseless.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Lucille chanted, thighs squeezing me tighter and tighter, her wanton gyrations growing more and more desperate. “Come for me, Nika. Fucking come!”

And on a scream, I let go, releasing a strong stream of juices directly onto, into, Lucille’s cunt. The heat from my orgasm triggered Lucille’s; she stiffened, shook, screwed her eyes shut on my whispered name, and she flooded my pussy in an abundance of hot dyke juices.

She continued to wipe her wet gash against Nika, over and over, extending our pleasure with long, firm thrusts. I cried out again as I felt Lucille’s clit rub vigorously over my own.

“That’s it, Nika,” Lucille cooed, glazed eyes opening, all tension in her voice gone, arms wrapping around my neck. “Take all my juices, baby. Lap them up.”

She left me no choice. My cunt was gaping, clenching and releasing against Lucille’s pussy, wanting desperately for the older woman to crawl inside me. A thick, sticky mess centred between our thighs, and I secretly loved that Lucille would smell of Nika all evening.

Just as I’d smell of her.

I lifted my face and Lucille covered my lips, her tongue all-consuming, our erratic heartbeats pounding a rhythm that echoed in my core. And I hoped she felt it, too. I gasped into Lucille’s mouth, movements shaky as we came down from that euphoric high.

Lucille stilled over me, thighs quivering, and rubbed a hand to the back of my neck, around down my throat. Our cunts were still fused together, pulsing heat, sharing juices, finding comfort in being close.

“Fuck,” I breathed against Lucille’s mouth before resting my forehead on her shoulder.

“Hmmm, I know,” Lucille said, burying her nose in the crown of my curls.

My hands rubbed around the firm globes of Lucille’s bum, up her back, down again and around to her hips, before tilting her head back. “Good stress relief?”

Lucille laughed, her face brightening with a brilliant smile. “And then some. But that’s only a teaser for what’s to come this weekend, baby doll.”

My sex-heated cheeks burned, eyes widened. More? I wondered. There’s more?

Lucille smirked, gave me a knowing look. “Your imagination won’t even come close.” She kissed my nose, shifted to stand. Groaned as she stood tall, a hand moving to the small of her back, sighed as she released the ache with a gentle twist.

I lifted my bum from the toilet, skin sticking to the seat, went to pull my knickers back up.

“I’ll take those,” Lucille said, holding out a hand.

“Really?” I flushed.

“Really, really. Hand ’em over.”

I kicked them off, passed them to Lucille, who brought the damp cotton to her nose, inhaled deeply, smiling as she slid them up her legs.

“Mmmm,” she hummed, rubbing the crotch of the garment between her pussy lips. “Just the thing I need to get me through tonight.”

She leaned over and gave me a chaste kiss on the lips as she took her pants, shook them out and put them on. She then took my hand, leading me back out to the hallway.

“Can you find your way out?” she asked as she tucked the shirt back into the waistband.

“Yeah, no worries,” I said, in a daze, a shy smile tickling my lips. “I’m really glad you liked the flowers.”

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