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Rural San Augustine County, East Texas 1947

My stepfather Bobby had begun making his late night visits to my room earlier this year


Considering the situation at home, my relationship with my mother and her new husband Bobby, I’m sure the warning signs were there, but I didn’t see them; though frightened and unsure about what was happening at first, I had gradually fallen in love with my stepfather Bobby and would have done anything for him.

My real Daddy, Momma, and I had lived out on Bishop’s Road for as long as I could remember; that is until Daddy ran off with Mrs. Watkins, our neighbor from down the road. I guess it hit Momma pretty hard, cause she started going from man to man and started drinking and forgetting that I even existed for the most part. When I was about seventeen I guess, I came home from school one day, walked into the kitchen, and there seated at the kitchen table was Bobby James Valor. Sitting across from him was Momma, tears in her eyes, holding his hands, her makeup smeared, and her clothes in obvious disarray.

I looked at Momma, and she looked at me and said, “Say hi to your new Daddy.”

To say I was surprised doesn’t fully capture what I felt at that moment. I mean, I had met Bobby a couple of times before; and I remember thinking the first time Momma brought him home that even though he was a lot older than me, he was kinda cute and had a nice body. He was a big man, with a head of thick, wavy brown hair, large brown eyes, and a sexy smile, it was easy to see why Momma had been attracted to him. I just thought it was strange that Momma hadn’t said or even indicated that she was thinking about getting married. Hell, they hadn’t known each other for more than two or three months, and now they were married. I said nothing and instead turned and walked out of the kitchen.

Bobby, kind of reminded me of my real Daddy, that same body build, eyes, smile, and the same way Daddy could look at you and see your weaknesses and insecurities and laser in on them. Bobby had a decent job and managed to keep the bills paid, food on the table and still be able to take Momma out on Friday and Saturday nights for a little fun, which meant drinking and dancing.

At first, after Bobby moved in, things seemed to be getting better for us, but with Momma’s drinking, carousing, and interest in other men, their relationship unfortunately quickly started to sour. I kept my distance from the two of them, not wanting to be drawn into their drama. Not too long after my eighteenth birthday, it could have been my imagination, but I swear Bobby started looking at me differently. It really didn’t register that something was going on with him until we were at a family gathering, and Bobby and I were slow dancing, and he was holding me uncomfortably close to him. I could feel my hardening nipples pressed against his chest and a warm, achy feeling between my legs that seemed to grow stronger when I felt his hard-on rubbing against my stomach. Even though he was my stepfather, I knew in he was attracted to me in a very non-fatherly way.

I had missed my real Daddy terribly when he left us, I felt abandoned and unloved. Sometimes I wondered if my attraction to Bobby might have been because he reminded me of Daddy. With Bobby, those old feelings were forgotten because, in a way, my Daddy was back with me again.


After that family get together, Bobby was always extra nice to me, you know, taking me places, buying me little gifts and presents, always whispering in my ear when we were alone, “Your Momma don’t understand me the way you do, Kimmy.” After a while, I started believing everything he told me about her and his feelings for me.

It sounds crazy now, but I remember a while back when we were in the old tool shed behind the house and he was pressing me up against the closed door; then he put his hand between my legs and stuck his finger inside me. He had touched my breasts and kissed me on the mouth before, but nothing like that, and in surprise, I grabbed his hand to stop him. Bobby looked at me kind of funny and told me that if I wanted him to, he would leave Momma so that he could be with me, and we could have our own life together.

“You’d do that for me?”

“I love you, Kimmy, more than any woman I’ve ever been with before, including your Momma. All I want is to teach you things; I want us to be together, I want you knocked up with my baby, I want to have you here at home taking care of me and satisfying my needs,” he said. “Everything a man wants from his woman, his wife.”

Yeah . . . I was in love.

I released his hand, and he started moving his finger in and out real fast, and I could feel a warm tingling between my legs.

“Damn, baby, you’re good and wet and ready. You’re eighteen now, Kimmy, you’re a woman and old enough for me to teach you what a good woman does for her man.

He sat down in an old rickety bahis firmaları chair that was in the shed and pulled me onto my knees between his legs. Taking my hand, he placed it on his crotch, and I could feel his swelling cock through his jeans.

“I’m going to teach you how to suck my cock, Kimmy.”

I had never seen a man’s cock before, let alone imagined that Bobby would want to put his in my mouth. I looked at him in nervous disbelief, but with a sexual excitement, I had never felt before.

I watched as Bobby relaxed in the chair and stretched out his legs.

“Undo my jeans, baby.”

I unzipped his jeans, “that’s it, go ahead, honey,” he urged.

I hesitantly reached inside his jeans and pulled them, along with his shorts down to below his knees.

“Go ahead, Kimmy, put it in your mouth, and suck Daddy’s cock.”

I leaned over his lap and covered his cockhead with my mouth. Bobby groaned, lightly placed his hands on my head, and intertwined his fingers in my hair. Not really knowing what I was doing, I began licking the head of his cock, sticking the tip of my tongue into his pee hole, circling my tongue around the crown of his cock, taking him deeply into my mouth as I gently pulled back his foreskin. I did whatever I thought he would like.

I could feel Bobby pressing my head closer to his crotch, wanting me to take more of his cock into my mouth.

“Oh, fuck yes . . . that’s good, like that, like that . . . yes,” Bobby groaned.

Making encouraging sounds and noises, Bobby gasped when I inhaled his balls and began to suck and massage them with my tongue.

“Oh, Kimmy . . . you got a wonderful mouth, little girl, better than your Momma, he said.”

Bobby’s hips began to thrust upward into my mouth. With one hand, I encircled his shaft, turning and squeezing it while I sucked this cockhead. When I started to bob my head up and down on his cock, Bobby groaned loudly and started pumping his cock harder in and out of my mouth. Pulling my hair, he pressed my face into his groin as his speed increased.

“I’m gonna cum, Kimmy. I’m gonna cum . . . swall . . . llow . . . swallow . . . Oh FUCK! I’m cumming baby,” he shouted. I could feel him getting bigger, harder in my mouth, his balls retracting up against his cock.

“Kimmy, Kimmy . . . Kimmy,” he kept slowly repeating in a thick voice until he finally squeezed his eyes closed, arched his back, and bucking his hips erupted into my mouth, his warm, salty tasting cum covering the back of my throat.

After he recovered, he pulled me over and kissed me, licking away cum that had trickled down my chin.

“You have no idea how good you made me feel,” he said, and kissed me as he brushed my damp hair back from my face.

Holding my face between his hands so that I was looking at him he said, “Now baby, whenever you finish taking care of me with your mouth, you need to remember to clean me, make sure my cock is nice and clean before you put it back in my pants . . . understand?” I nodded my head and bent forward to lovingly clean his dick, sucking and licking his cock and his balls until he said I had done a good job.

After a few more minutes, we stood, adjusted our clothes, and leaving out of the shed started walking up to the house. I glanced over at him as we walked, and I could see he was smiling to himself, sated and satisfied. I had pleased Bobby and made him very happy, which made me happy.


Bobby had no problem telling me what he wanted from me, but he also explained that he would not pressure me into having intercourse with him. To me, this was proof that he loved me and only wanted the best for me. I didn’t see or understand that as he became confident of my feelings for him and secure in his control of me, the bolder he grew in his sexual demands and expectations short of actual sex.

It didn’t matter where or when we were intimate, just as long as he thought he could get away with it without being discovered. If Momma was upstairs and he and I were in the family room, within a short time, he’d have his hand under my skirt, tweaking my clit or working his fingers inside me or sucking a nipple into his mouth. If she were away and he had more time, he’d inevitably want his cock sucked, and again it didn’t matter where we were, in the kitchen, the bedroom, the backyard, the car, wherever the sexual struck him.

Though he was usually self-absorbed, he liked giving me oral sex, but would always wait until night when Momma was asleep, and the house was quiet and still. He’d come to my room, and whether I was asleep or not, he’d get into my bed. Bobby would run his hands over my naked body (he had already told me not to wear anything at night when I went to bed), suck my tits which would make me wet and hot before he would spread me open and bury his face between my legs.

“Damn Kimmy, I love how you smell down here,” he’d say before licking me with wide, broad swipes of his tongue and deeply inhale my kaçak iddaa scent. “Ummmph, that young, sweet pussy smell . . . it makes my cock rock hard.”

Lying there with my eyes closed, I could feel Bobby’s fingers possessively play over my smooth, satiny mound, then move to brush across my swelling clit and pussy lips. I whimpered from the touch of his hand as he slid a finger inside me, and just that fast, I was on the brink of an orgasm. Throwing the covers off the bed, he kissed and flicked his tongue over my clit making me gasp when he plunged his tongue into my wet pussy.

“Oh, Bobby . . .” I sighed and pressed my pussy tight against his mouth. He latched onto my clit and sucked it, forcing me to cum hard into his mouth. Bobby pulled himself up and straddled my mouth, his cock large and leaking pre-cum.

“Oh Kimmy, that feels so good, baby. I just want to feel that tight, warm mouth of yours on my dick,” he said, grunting with each stroke.

“Umph . . . umphhhhh, I can feel my balls getting tight, I’m gonna blow baby.”

I started sucking him harder and bobbing my head up and down on his cock as he groaned and grunted, pressing his hips forward so that his cock kept hitting the back of my throat.

“Fuck baby . . . you’re going to make me cum,” he stuttered, then in mid-sentence, he suddenly exploded, releasing a full blast of cum down my throat. With his body still shuddering, he put his hands on the back of my head and held my head still, as he gave a few slower, deep strokes until he had emptied himself.

“Oh, fucking shit, Kimmy,” he said, his voice sounding hoarse and breathless.


I remember the very first time my stepfather Bobby and I had sex.

Momma and Bobby were sitting around in the living room drinking with a few of their friends. I had stayed in my room but eventually came out, when they insisted I sit with them and join in. Feeling a bit of pressure to have a drink with the group, I reluctantly agreed, and though I was not normally a big drinker, before the night was over, I was uncharacteristically inebriated.

As the others sat drinking and laughing, Bobby helped me to my room, out of my clothes and got into my bed with me. Within a few minutes I was butt naked with a burning soreness between my legs and my stepfather Bobby on top of me. He had me on my stomach and was grinding and thrusting into me until he filled my violated pussy with his cum.

“Oh, baby, I wanted to do this for so long,” he said before he rolled off me and closed his eyes.

I don’t remember crying or anything when he took me that first time, but I do remember experiencing a hard, wet orgasm. Lying there my muddled brain tried to sort out what had just happened before my eyes fluttered closed, and I too drifted back into a heavy sleep.

Apparently no one came looking for Bobby, because after a few hours had passed, he woke, still in my bed wanting to do me again. He lifted me onto my knees, slipping a pillow under my hips so that my ass was elevated a little and presented to him. I was only half awake, but I knew what he was doing when he started to penetrate my no longer virgin pussy. My pussy was still full of his cum from before, and though I tried to squirm away from him, I could feel his cockhead slide between my wet, puffy lips and then inside me. I was still tender between my legs from the first time, and when he pushed his cock inside me, my body stiffened. I lay under him exhausted as he pounded into my small, tight, inexperienced pussy, grunting and groaning like the animal he was.

With my stepfather on top of me, I softly whimpered and moaned with sexual pleasure into the crumpled, damp bedcovers.

“Its okay baby . . . Daddy only wants to love you . . . it’s okay,” he said and paused, but when he felt my pussy involuntarily grip his thick swollen cock, in his desperation to fuck me, he pulled out and then pushed it in again only harder and deeper this time. He stroked into me a few times, and then turning me over onto my back, spread my legs open and pressed my knees up, one on each side of my chest. Getting between my legs, he reentered me and started fucking me like a man on a mission until finally in one . . . two . . . three hard thrusts, he buried his cock balls deep inside me, sending spurt after spurt of cum into my abused pussy. When he finished, he got up on his knees and grabbing me under my chin, forcing me to look at him, warned me not to say anything to Momma about what we had done.

“She won’t understand. She’d never believe you anyway. I know the bitch, she’ll want to believe you came after me, showing me your tits, wanting me to do you,” He said with a smirk.

“No, but that’s not true,” I began . . .

“I know, I know baby . . . I just want you to remember how much Daddy loves you and how important you are to me.”

The sky was just beginning to lighten when Bobby got out of my bed. He pulled on his jeans and on bare feet, quietly made his way down the hall kaçak bahis to Momma’s bed.


Things were okay for a few days, almost as if nothing had happened between us. To my shame and disgust, when I was alone, or in my bed at night, I could imagine Bobby’s face and would think about what he had done. During more than one frustrating night, I would roll onto my stomach, and with a pillow snuggly between my thighs, pressing against my clit, I would rub myself against the pillow until I orgasmed and fell asleep.

Despite the stolen kisses and frantic groping, Bobby stayed away from me for almost a week, until one night when Momma was out with her girlfriends and Bobby found me in the family room on the couch reading. I was lying on my back, my head resting on the armrest when I saw my stepfather come into the room and bend over me. Before I could stop him, he had gotten my blouse unbuttoned and was pulling on my panties.

“Take your clothes off.”

“Bobby, we can’t, not here,” I protested nervously.

“Take your clothes off, Kimmy,” he said again in a flat, studied tone.

I had missed the feel of him inside me and I was so hot for him my body seemed to tingle. I took my blouse off, freeing my breasts as he managed to pull my panties down and off, absently tossing them onto the floor. Then he was inside me, and in between his thrusting, Bobby professed his love for me, and his inability to live without me; as always . . . I believed him.


It went on like this for almost two months until one Saturday afternoon, Momma left for her regular hair appointment, leaving Bobby and me sitting in the kitchen, finishing lunch. When I stood to clear the dishes from the table, Bobby came up behind me and slipping his arms around me, cupped my breasts in his large hands. As he squeezed my breasts, he kissed the nape of my neck and, without saying anything, urged me onto my hands and knees. There on the kitchen floor, he lifted my skirt up around my hips, pulled my panties down to my knees, and mounted me for doggy sex. My pussy started to spasm, and my hips pushed back to meet his urgent thrusting.

“Oh baby, I need to bust this load of cum, real bad,” he said with a deep groan, and as my muscles tightened and held his cock inside me, Bobby erupted, filling my hungry pussy with semen. I was just on the brink of climaxing when Bobby pulled out of me and brought me the rest of the way with his very talented mouth, leaving me a trembling crying heap on the floor.


Standing at the sink washing up the remaining lunch dishes, wanting to get upstairs and into the shower I could feel Bobby’s cum slowly seep out of my still quivering pussy and trail down my inner thighs.

“I got something I want to tell you,” I said to Bobby, who was seated at the table, sipping a cold glass of lemonade.

Only half listening to me, he asked, “Yeah . . . what is it?”

Taking a deep breath, I said, “I’m late, Bobby.”

He blankly looked at me, but from my tone and hesitancy, he knew what I was trying to say, and his expression slowly changed from quizzical to almost panic.

“I’m late, maybe a week or so,” I said.

“What? You sure?”

“Yes, Bobby, I’m sure I’m late,” I said, annoyed.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. There’s nothing we need to worry about, not until we know for sure. It’s okay, baby,” he said again.

I started crying, and he walked over and hugged me tightly. As he held me, the thought occurred to me that maybe this was my fault. Just like this afternoon, he’d want to fuck, and despite my half-hearted protests, he’d stuck his cock inside me, and after a while, it would start feeling good, and my objections would evaporate. Bobby had always refused to wear a rubber and always said he’d pull out, but it never happened that way. How could I have been so trusting, gullible and careless?

I had gradually and stupidly fallen in love with my stepfather and thought he was in love with me. That evening, Bobby said he and a few of his buddies were getting together to play cards, and he’d probably be back late. My stepfather got into his car, supposedly heading for his friend Pete’s house, but he didn’t return, he just kept driving. As things would have it, I found out a few days later that I wasn’t pregnant after all . . . Bobby had run off too soon.


Momma eventually told me that before all of this had happened, she had found out and had apparently known about Bobby and me for several weeks. She said that a few times, he had come to bed smelling of perfume, adding that the scent had seemed familiar, but it took a while before she realized why it was familiar.

She had confronted Bobby, and he had told her if she didn’t like it, he’d leave her and that I was just a little piece on the side; it was her that he loved, and like me, she wanted to believe him. Momma may have been pissed, but she didn’t want him to leave, after all, how would the bills get paid, who’d pay the rent if he wasn’t here. She knew what he was doing, had been doing, and with who; if his being able to get at me meant keeping him here with her, then apparently it wasn’t too high of a price.


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