Stay at Home Massage Goes Astray

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Because of that stupid virus, the governor’s stay-at-home order closed down my favorite massage business. I had been going there once a week for a few months, and I didn’t want to stop. My favorite masseuse, Miguel, gave me his cell number at my last appointment before the shutdown. He said he would be happy to do in-home massages on the side, as long as I kept things quiet. He also said that I would have to supply the table and oils, since his employer could not sanction those visits at all.

As soon as I got home, I went online and ordered a deluxe massage table and a variety of oils and towels, with rush shipping so they would arrive quickly. I then called Miguel and scheduled a massage for the following Wednesday.

I rushed into my husband’s “office” (a spare bedroom with a desk). “Honey, I have great news! My masseuse has agreed to do in-home massages for me starting next week! You know how horny I am when I get home from a massage. It always leads to some x-rated fun for us.”

He smiled from ear-to-ear. “That’s awesome honey! I kinda want to see what goes on in these massages that gets you so riled up. Are you sure there’s no funny business?”

“Nonsense,” I said, “this is a legitimate business with certified staff. Their job is to relax the body and use their healing touch to rejuvenate it. I feel so relaxed and so tingly all over, that an additional benefit is that when I get home all I want to do is fuck — you and only you. You have to admit, you’ve gotten as much out of these massages as I have.”

“Maybe more,” he laughed. “OK, I can’t wait to see this in action.”

The following Wednesday, Miguel arrived promptly at 11 am. My husband, Anthony, was shocked to see that my masseuse was a male. Oops — I may have left that part out. He was immediately suspicious, and he started asking Miguel a lot of questions. Miguel was patient and kind, responding as best he could in his broken English.

A little about Miguel… he is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. He has a thin mustache and spiked jet-black hair to go with his dark complexion. He mostly speaks Spanish, but his English is not bad. He understands most of what I say. He has strong arms and broad shoulders. His weight is perfect for his body type. His touch is, well, enough to get this woman hot and bothered every single time.

Finally, my husband backed off a little, and I said, “Let’s get started.” I had set up the table in the living room. Much to my husband’s dismay, I had already closed the drapes and turned off the lights. I lit a few candles and turned on a soft music playlist on Spotify. My husband still looked tense. I kissed him and whispered in his ear, “This is all about relaxation. It has nothing to do with sex or sensuality, until we’re alone after Miguel leaves. Then it is about no-holds-barred passion.” I winked at him and sat him down in a chair in the family room.

I asked Miguel to go into the kitchen and told him I would call him when I was ready. I stood in the living room, in full view of my husband, and took off my clothes. “Jesus — you’re naked for this?” he exclaimed. I assured him that important parts always stay covered with towels, and that the masseuse needs to touch every other part of the body directly to do a proper massage. I laid face-down on the table and placed a towel over my butt. I called out to Miguel that I was ready.

Miguel got started right away. He poured some oil on my back and shoulders. As always, he was very thorough, working the tension out of the upper part of my body, including my arms. As he moved down to my glutes, he shifted the towel to uncover my left butt cheek. It still covered the crack of my ass and my other private areas. My husband jumped out of his chair and came over closer to watch.

Miguel rubbed the outside of my butt and leg, working his way down slowly to my ankles. He then used very long strokes up and down my left side. This was one of my favorite parts, and he knew it. I moaned as he repeated these long strokes. Each time, he would brush my side boob and rub deeply into the tissues of my exposed butt cheek. bahis firmaları I said, “Mmmm, that always feels so good, Miguel.” “Muchas gracias, senora,” he replied.

My husband was still a little put out, but he finally walked away to give us some space. As he walked towards the bathroom, Miguel started kneading my left thigh. His hands probed deeper between my inner thighs with each rub. I spread my legs a little, and soon his hand was slightly touching the edge of my pussy. I whispered, “More, please.” He obliged, taking the opportunity with my husband out of the room to quickly glide a finger along the folds of my pussy, causing me to instantly get wet. Again, I moaned, and lifted my hips slightly off the table to give more access to his probing fingers.

As we heard my husband returning, Miguel shifted the towel to the other side, and moved to repeat the process on the right side of my body. I made sure to moan when Miguel’s touch was far away from my private areas. I knew my husband would look up, see that nothing “extra” was happening, and then lose interest. Whenever Miguel “accidently” brushed my breast or pussy, I tried my best to stifle my moans.

Soon it was time to turn over, and Miguel held up a towel and looked away as I rolled onto my back. I grabbed a towel to place over my breasts and Miguel placed his towel between my legs. He spent another half hour massaging my scalp, shoulders, stomach, legs, and feet. Miguel was all business on this side, knowing my husband was watching closely.

A couple of times, I was able to playfully and discreetly rub Miguel’s leg and touch his crotch. I also shifted the top towel down slightly to give Miguel a peek at my breasts. He left it that way the rest of the massage. My husband never noticed from the other room.

When the massage was done, I made sure to cover up again. I called to my husband to grab the cash on the TV stand and pay Miguel. I pulled Miguel’s head down and gave him a quick peck on the lips. “Thank you so much. Same time next week?” I asked. “Si, Senora,” he smiled in reply.

The two men shook hands, Miguel left, and my husband immediately walked over and started kissing me with passion. He whispered in my ear that when he went to the bathroom he actually jerked off. The sight of another man rubbing my bare butt sent him over the edge. “See?” I said, “There is something about touch — even in appropriate places, that is really exciting. Go ahead, touch my pussy — I am soaking wet already. Just from an innocent massage.”

We spent the next hour using the massage table as a prop for a porno movie. My husband bent me over that thing in many different ways. We made love with the same raw animal passion that we had on our wedding night. I lost track of how many orgasms I had.

The next week, my husband was scheduled to work the day shift at his essential grocery store management job. He asked me to cancel my next appointment with Miguel, because he could not be around to supervise. I refused, arguing that he saw that the massage was legitimate, and that I would be waiting for him with a hot night of passion planned. Reluctantly, he finally agreed that I could keep the appointment.

The next Wednesday morning, I had an extra spring in my step as I got ready for my massage appointment. At 10:45, the doorbell rang. I swung open the door wearing just a robe with a big smile and said a hearty “Buenos dias!” I was stunned to see my father-in-law, Philip, standing there, mouth wide open in shock. “What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Anthony called me and begged me to come over while you were getting a massage. He wants to keep you safe in case this man tries to make a move on you,” he said. “By the way, do you always dress like that for company?”

“No, dad. I just took a shower, and I must be naked — under towels — for the massage. It made no sense to get dressed. Your son’s an idiot. You don’t have to be here at all. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself.”

He replied, “I know. I’ll basically stay out of your way. It’s just that Anthony feels better if someone else is here. kaçak iddaa He doesn’t trust a male masseuse.”

I was pissed, but I opened the door and let him in, just as Miguel pulled into the driveway. I introduced Miguel to Philip at the front door. Then, I led Philip to the family room as Miguel arranged things in the living room. I lit some candles and turned on the soft music again.

When Miguel was ready to start, I whispered for him to stay right there. I called to Philip that we were about to start. I turned around, so my back was to him, and dropped my robe. Miguel had an unobstructed view of my nude front, while Anthony’s dad could see my long tanned legs and my curvy butt. I soaked in the stares of both men. I looked back over my shoulder at Philip, made eye contact, and then slowly turned around. His eyes roamed from my head to my toes, then focused on my best, uncovered assets. While staring at Philip, I confidently announced, “No towels today, Miguel. I’m not covering up. And I want your full-service massage.”

I laid down on my stomach, fully exposed. As Miguel poured oil on my back and started rubbing it in, Philip walked over by my head and said, “Are you crazy? What are you doing? This isn’t right.”

I propped up on my elbows, knowing that I was showing most of my breasts to him again. As his eyes wandered down that way, I said, “Do you like what you see? I’m sure you do, judging from that tent in your pants. Look, I’m really upset that my husband made you come over here to spy on me. Miguel has always been very professional and a true gentleman. Truth is, I get so worked up by his touch that afterwards I always have unbelievable sex with your son. He is not going to get that today, though. You two are. Anthony needs to learn his lesson.”

With that, I reached out and put my hand on Philip’s crotch. He recoiled a little and pulled out his phone to text Anthony. I quickly sat up on the edge of the table, completely exposed to him, and said, “Are you sure you want to do that? This will be our secret.” I pulled him close and wrapped my naked arms and legs around him in a hug. He tossed the phone onto a chair and hugged me back.

When we broke our hug, I laid back down on my stomach. Miguel went right to work on my legs. Philip was still standing at the head of the table. I reached out, undid his belt, unbuckled his pants, and pulled down his fly. I could feel him hardening with each touch. I asked him to pull down his pants and underwear so I could see his cock. He pushed them down to his ankles, and out sprang his lovely manhood. It was a little longer than his son’s cock, but much skinnier. It had a cute curve to it, and a big plum head that was already dripping some pre-cum. I slowly started stroking Philip’s cock while Miguel kept working on my legs.

It did not take long for Miguel to move his hands up my legs and start rubbing my inner thighs near my pussy. I spread my legs a little and raised my butt slightly off the table. He now had full access to my pussy, and he wasted no time in running his fingers along my folds as I lubricated myself with my own juices. He stopped for a moment to pour and rub some oil directly onto my puckered asshole. Then, he inserted one finger deep into my pussy and another finger into my well-oiled backside. He soon got into a rhythm with both fingers and led me to my first orgasm.

I kept stroking slowly along Philip’s long, slender cock with my hand. Once my orgasm subsided, I raised up onto my knees. I leaned forward on my elbows, and Philip directed his cock to my mouth. He slowly inserted it between my lips, moving forward inch by inch. Then, he backed it out slightly, and reinserted it. Soon he was fucking my mouth as I savored his cock sliding both ways along my tongue.

Miguel removed his pants, climbed up on the table behind me, and guided his cock to my soaking wet pussy. I winced as his thick cock stretched me out a little when he first entered. Very quickly he was buried inside of me. I felt his hairy balls tickling my ass, as his cock stretched places my husband never has. The two men worked together to kaçak bahis get our three bodies into a wonderful pace and tempo. I had never had two cocks inside of me before, and I was lost in ecstasy.

Philip was the first to cum, filling my mouth. His sweet nectar was delicious, and I swallowed every drop. He kept his cock in my mouth as it slowly shrank. He stroked my hair and told me how amazing I was. A couple of minutes later, Miguel shot his load deep into my body. It was warm and plentiful.

Both men eventually pulled out of me. I told them to wipe themselves off with towels while I went to the bathroom. I took my phone to the bathroom and texted my husband, “You bastard. You sent your dad here to babysit. Our crazy night of sex is CANCELLED.”

When I returned from the bathroom, I climbed onto the table on my back and exclaimed, “OK, boys, now for this side!” Miguel smiled, and took his place near my head. Philip took his cue and moved down near my feet.

Miguel started tracing circles around my breasts with his fingers. His circles got smaller, and soon he was gently tracing just my nipples. This sent shivers through me. He leaned down and softly started to kiss me. As his tongue parted my lips, his thumb and forefinger twirled my nipples between them. I was soon on fire again, and our kissing got more passionate.

Phillip watched for a few minutes, then got to work himself. He placed my legs over his shoulders and dove in to kiss my pussy. His tongue darted in and out, then he licked the entire length of my swollen pussy. I’ve got to say, his son could learn a lot from him. Philip was amazing at eating me out, and he drove me to another orgasm with his tongue and fingers. It didn’t hurt that Miguel and I kept kissing passionately the entire time and my breasts got the best massage they have ever had.

It was finally time for Miguel to leave, so I stood up and gave him a big hug. I whispered into his ear, “Thanks, stud! That was incredible. Same time next week?” “Si, senora, gracias.” I handed him his money — twice as much as last week – and he scurried out the door.

I turned to Philip and started laughing. “All that oral sex, and you still have your shirt on!” His cock was growing again, so I said, “We still have to take care of that. You haven’t fucked me yet. I need you inside of me.” I grabbed his cock and kept a firm grip on it as I led him to my husband’s office. Once inside, I pulled his shirt over his head and sat on my husband’s desk — right on top of his mess of papers. Philip smirked, shook his head and said, “You sure are one hot and horny slut.”

He leaned in to kiss me as I guided his cock to my moistening pussy. Our tongues danced together as he repeatedly drove his skinny cock into me. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and held him tightly as we fucked. Amazingly, we came together in a glorious finish to our time together. After a long hug, he pulled his cock out of my pussy. We both laughed as a rush of fluids spilled down my inner thighs onto the papers on my husband’s desk.

I eventually helped Philip get dressed, then gave him another long hug and tongue-filled kiss by the front door before he left. He promised that we would do this again soon.

When my husband got home, he started apologizing as soon as he walked in the door. I stopped him and opened my robe. He looked at my naked body and smiled, thinking we were about to have sex. I said, “Go ahead, kiss me and taste another man’s cum. Fuck my cunt that was stretched out by someone else today. Enjoy your sloppy seconds.”

He looked at me, stunned, and said, “I knew it! You whore! Wait, my dad was here, right? How did you fuck that Miguel creature with my dad here?”

I looked him straight in the eye and said, “They both plunged their dicks into me at the same time, you idiot. I thought I’d let you know before you watched the nanny cam you had set up in the living room. Enjoy watching your dad and another man pleasure your wife. That’s what you get for treating me like a child.”

“By the way, what you won’t see on the camera is your dad fucking me on your desk. That mess of juices on your papers — that’s ours. You can sleep in there tonight on that bed, too. There’s a new normal around here now, Anthony.”

He went to get the nanny cam, while I went upstairs to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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