Starting Over

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It all started my first year of teaching. I was teaching freshman science, and I was a thousand miles from where I grew up. I’d moved to Texas knowing nobody in the state, but the principal I’d interviewed with, and having only met him once.

One curious thing I hadn’t expected was how much teachers drink. It seemed there was a happy hour every Friday. Going to the happy hours caused me to fall in with the coaches. It didn’t take me long to develop a huge crush on Terri, the freshman volleyball coach/biology teacher. She was 29, with sandy blonde hair that cascaded down her back, blue eyes, and a body to stop traffic. She was also, unfortunately, married.

It didn’t help that she spent the bulk of our conference period most days in my classroom. She’d help me out with the issues of being a new teacher, and I listened to her vent about whatever her asshole husband was doing.

It all came to a head the week after Thanksgiving, when he announced that he was leaving her for his secretary. It was a miserable few weeks for her, until winter break. Corralling her at the faculty Christmas party pretty much meant I wasn’t drinking, so when it came time to go, I was able to deliver her and a couple of the other coaches safely home. She ended up the last one to be dropped off, and only barely able to find her way her front door.

As I helped her to her door, found her keys for her, and opened the door, she finally stood up straight, under her own power, and hugged me close. “You’re such a sweet guy.” Before I could respond, she grabbed me by the head and kissed me. I was instantly hard and almost fell down because of the shock. When I could think, my first thought was, “She’s still a married woman! I shouldn’t be doing this.” My second thought was, “SHUT UP!” followed closely by, “Wow! Her tits are fantastic.”

I have no idea how long we stood there kissing, but it was, and still is, the longest single kiss of my life. We stopped kissing long enough for her to say, “I really don’t want to be alone right now. Can you stay a while?”

Of course, I agreed.

“Good,” she responded, besides, I don’t think you can drive in your condition.” As she briefly kissed me again, I caught on to her meaning, realizing that she had her stomach pressed against my hard-on.

As we moved into the living room, she pointed me to the couch and excused herself to the bedroom. By the time she came back, I’d managed to will my hard-on to go down by thinking about hockey. When she came back, so did it. Though she was wearing a baggy t-shirt and flannel pants, she was clearly not wearing a bra, and seemed to ataşehir escort be as excited as I was. She curled up next to me on the couch, kissed me again before killing me. “I really want to have sex with you, but that’s probably not such a good idea right now. Is that okay?” Kissing me after I told her it was okay didn’t help much either.

Long story short, we built a fire in the fireplace, laid out some blankets in front of it, and snuggled up. She found a pair of her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s sweat pants for me to wear before she snuggled her beautiful ass up to my crotch and went to sleep.

It took me a while to get to sleep, but I couldn’t have been asleep long when I woke up to her almost silent crying. The fire was burning lower, but not down to coals yet. I also realized that the way she was clutching my arms around her filled my hand with the most fantastic tit I’d ever felt. Not thinking of what else I could do, I squeezed my arms tighter around her. I fully expected her to pull my hand away, but I wasn’t expecting her to turn around, roll me onto my back and straddled me. As we kissed, we worked our way out of our clothes and she treated me to my first view of her incredible body. Amazingly, it wasn’t the beautiful, huge tits with areolas the size of silver dollars that turned me on so much. It wasn’t the neatly trimmed bush, or silky thighs that drew my attention. For the first time in the months I’d know her she had her flowing blonde hair down around her shoulders instead of pulled back somehow.

Before she could mount up, I pulled her down to kiss her. As I held her naked body, I whispered into her ear, “Are you sure?” We both gasped as she slid onto me. As much as I wanted to grope her, it was all I could do to just lie there and let her set the pace. If I did anything else I would have exploded inside her much faster than I did.

I managed to resist caressing her beautiful breasts, which were far more incredible than I’d ever imagined. The size of cantaloupes, they bounced and swayed, defying gravity, as she rode me until I filled her with several months of frustration. By some miracle, or maybe because of how horny she’d made me all year, I managed to stay hard. As she worked herself into her first orgasm, I just held her by the hips, enjoyed the view, and prayed it wasn’t a dream.

She continued riding me and I finally started moving my hands. While I explored the beautiful ass that I’d wanted to squeeze since forever, Terri leaned down and kissed me. As she finally broke the sloppy kiss, and began to sit up, I slid my hands forward and cupped the tits kadıköy escort that had been in my dreams for months. We continued like that until she had her second orgasm and collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily. I held her until she finally spoke. “Fuck me. Please.”

Rolling her onto her back, I fucked her hard in the firelight. Having already come inside her once, I was ready to last. While on top, she’d only made gasping noises and a quiet moan as she came. As I pounded her, it was much louder. If we’d been in my apartment, she’d have entertained the whole complex, as loud as she was. As she grunted and moaned into her third orgasm, I felt that familiar pressure rising, and just as I was thinking I should slow down so I could make sure to finish her off, she began screaming and bucking her hips against me. All I could do was keep pumping and which kept her screaming until I started shooting another load inside her. When I finally collapsed on top of her, she kissed me again gently and lovingly until I was finally able to roll off of her.

I awoke the next morning holding the angel of my dreams who was crying again. I leaned up, kissed her on the cheek, and held her until she was done. Finally she spoke. “Thank you for staying.”

“You’re welcome.” I was too dumb to leave it at that. “You okay?”


“Anything I can do?”

“Haven’t you done enough?”

Not dumb enough to keep going, I just shut up and didn’t let go.

After a while, I asked her, “You want me to take you back to your car?”

“It’s never going to be the same again.”

Again, too dumb to shut up. “Your car?”

“No, us. We shouldn’t have slept together. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” I relaxed my arms around her and sat up halfway, and leaned over her. I managed to look her directly in the eye and ignore the beautiful naked body in front of me. “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” Staring into her lovely eyes I asked, “Can I kiss you again?”

Smirking, she leaned up. “Funny question after last night.” We kissed softly, lying naked on the floor. Before long, she felt my reaction pressing against her thigh.

Breaking the kiss, Terri said, “We really shouldn’t.” She didn’t sound convinced.

“We shouldn’t have last night.” I continued kissing her.

“I’m not having sex with you on the floor in the middle of the living room again.” Sitting up, she continued, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

As we stood up and walked to the bedroom, I took her by the hand and spun her around in the morning sunlight.

“What are you doing?” Terri looked confused. Beautiful and bostancı escort bayan naked, but confused.

“I’ve been fantasizing about what you looked like naked all year. Don’t wanna miss my chance.”

“Well, get an eyeful then.” She smiled raised her hands up, turned fully around once and walked to the bedroom.

I followed her and watched as she climbed onto the bed, laid back and opened her legs. Walking to the foot of the bed, I climbed onto the bed between her legs, crawled on top of her and started kissing her again. I could feel my dick rubbing against her crotch and as her hips started to move against me, I kissed down her neck, stopping at her tits, I kissed each of her nipples, and worked my tongue around each of them as she squirmed under me until they were ready to cut glass.

Kissing my way down her belly, I let the tip of my tongue run through he closely cropped blonde hair. As I slipped into her, and savored her tangy pussy, she arched her back and moaned loudly. Finding her clit, I focused on it until she started bucking under my face. Climbing up, I kissed her and slipped into her sopping pussy. She immediately hooked her ankles behind my ass and held me inside her. When she finally let go, I slowly started working myself in and out. Suddenly inspired, I grabbed her ankle and guide her onto her knees. Try as I might, I didn’t manage to stay inside her and as soon as I touched her lips with my dick, she slammed her butt back, impaling herself on my dick.

Kneeling behind her, with my dick disappearing beneath the ass of my dreams, I grabbed Terri by the hips and fucked for all I was worth. Slamming my hips into her ass was apparently just the thing to help send her over the edge again into the loudest orgasm I’d ever heard. As she collapsed onto the bed under me, I was so worked up I straddled her ass and kept fucking until I filled her pussy. Exhausted, I flopped down on top of her and nearly passed out.

When we could walk again, we got in the shower and I took my time soaping up every inch of her beautiful body. When I stood up from washing her legs and my hard-on bumped into her ass, she turned around and put her hands up. “Oh no! Keep that thing to yourself. I haven’t been this sore since I lost my cherry.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I just kissed her again. After I finished washing her, she returned the favor, saving my dick for last. Once she had my dick rinsed, she dropped to her knees and gave me a blowjob that wound up with me nearly collapsing in a heap in the shower.

As I drove her back to where she left her car, Terri informed me that it could only be a one-time thing. She didn’t wasn’t ready to start a relationship. She needed time to recover. As much as I wanted her, I just told her to call me if she needed anything. With a quick kiss, she climbed into her Jeep and drove away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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