Stanley Steamer Ch. 15: Tanya , Imani

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Disclaimers: This fictional vacuous stroker’s fuckers are over 18 and shun condoms. Tags: father-daughter, mother-son, mother-daughter, brother-sister, sisters, fuckfest, bisexual, pregnancy. If you object, stop reading. Voices and details may be unreliable. Opinions may not be the author’s. Read prior chapters first. Comments are demanded. Enjoy!

Stanley Steamer 15: Tanya & Imani
Steaming through strange weddings


Our lives changed that Friday night. Talia and I fucked Daddy, and Mommy fucked us, and we fucked them. We had only had a Daddy for a few months and we had not known this Mommy at all. A happy Mommy. A strong Daddy.

My twin and I had fucked each other, and our Kansas girlfriends, and Imani — a black cousin! — and we tried to stay pretty quiet. Our distant Mom was not Mommy then. She fucked freely around Manhattan, Kansas. She was not secretive but not flagrant enough to lose her library job.

So much changed, and so fast! And always faster! In a few months we went from the town shuttle bus to jet-copters. From living cheap to not cheap at all. From a small social circle outside our shady mom’s orbit to… media madness.

No, Talia and I are not stars. But Nikki and Kaylee are, and we are with them, part of them, caught in the magic-music-money machine. Daddy, I mean Stan, is real strong on how we need to stay grounded and real. People die from early overdoses of fame and fortune.

But all the love! All the sex! All the riches! All the changes!

And all the new clothes!

===== [Saturday, spring 2003]

Grandma’s, I mean Ursula’s, tongue gave strong orgasms to all the women in the house except our sleeping, work-exhausted auntie Pam. That started the day right! Stan’s thick dick was inside his crouching mother the whole time but he only banged hard and fast as she was finishing our Mommy Carole. Did Ursula like atoning as her kids’ sex slave? She seemed willing.

Pregnant Lorna and Mariana drove in and joined us for a naked breakfast. We all relaxed then with spiked coffee in the greatroom’s soft furniture. Pregnant Ursula crouched and went down on the ladies for dessert. Stan approved and doggy-fucked his mother again. He let her howl into Mariana’s pussy.

The arrival alarm announced a car on the Rancho’s gravel drive. Stan’s new video system showed Anny’s blue 1965 Mustang steamer rolling into her barn. That was unexpected — she had said she would be gone this weekend, probably to give Talia and me space with Daddy Stan and Mommy Carole.

In through the side door came Anny with baby Callista in a rebozo slung over her shoulder, followed by… cousin Jeri! Talia and I knew her from pictures and videos but we had not yet met. She bulged in a stylish denim maternity dress suit. Like Anny’s sundress, Jeri’s togs were quickly shed.

“Look who I found at the airport,” Anny said.

“I’m back, and I’m finally off for a couple days,” Jeri said. “I’ll work the studio’s local branch for awhile. La Antigua Guatemala is great but it’s greater to be back.” She and Anny plopped naked into available soft chairs.

“Say hi to them, Mom,” Stan ordered.

His sex-slave mother went down on her tired niece Jeri first. Jeri was just as pregnant as Pam, Lorna, Sharli, Teresa, all the women at that wild weekend party around cousin Larry’s pool. All just two months away from delivery. All in great need of having their bodies licked and rubbed.

Mariana and Ursula would give birth a few weeks later. They were needy, too.

Ursula licked Jeri’s pussy. Megan and Stan suckled her breasts and rubbed her body, especially her belly. She came loudly and puddled in her club chair.

Celtic goddess Anny pushed Kaylee and Nikki from the love seat.

“Get off your hands and knees, Ursula. That’s too much strain for you. Lay down here. Take it easy. I’ll just sit on your face and wiggle.”

The bulging swimmer tongued the taut welder to a moaning climax. They were beautiful!

Anny climbed down, pulled Ursula up, settled beside her, and rubbed my grandmother’s swelling breasts. Their kiss was long and deep.

Anny pulled away.

“This is great,” Anny said, “but you’re probably wondering why I’m back early. Jeri isn’t the only arrival from an airport. Don’t bother to dress. Open the backdoor and listen.”

I was closest so I left Mom’s lap and popped the door. Engine noise sounded from the sky. I saw a speck far off in the southern sky.

“Got a surprise for us, huh??” Stan said. “But we have some introductions first. Jeri, if you can stand, I’d like you to meet my daughters and their mother. If you can’t stand, they’ll just kiss your tits and mouth.”

“Oh god oh god,” Jeri said, pushing up from her soft seat. “I’ve been waiting so long for you guys.!”

We kissed and hugged Stan’s partner. We were family! Daddy Stan’s cousin Jeri and his sister Pam were the closest, the team, the heart of Rancho Relaxo. I think Carole and my twin Talia and I were becoming just as close.

The engine noise grew louder. “Here canlı bahis comes the surprise,” Anny said.

We in the house grabbed sandals or moccasins from the footwear stash behind the kitchen door and trooped outside naked. A strange aircraft, like a small helicopter, but quieter, dropped behind the barns onto Stan’s rough heliport. Our bare-assed brigade took the short trail over there.

Engine noise wound down. Anny had led our march. She turned to us.

“Lazy Lazlo complained about the drive from San Diego to here so I bought him a FlyMobil gyroplane, the expanded model.”

I knew about the FlyMobil. There were a couple at the army base in Kansas and I had read up. It’s a jump-start autogyro.

This model’s body is all of thirty inches wide — six wider than the original. The cabin has room for the pilot in front and one passenger behind, or two if they are small and very friendly. Behind them is the muffled engine and pusher propeller. Above is the rotor that mostly acts like a big wing. The FlyMobil takes off on very short runways with only the pusher. Or the rotor can be engaged to lift it a few meters off the ground. Jump-start! Then the pusher drives it on.

It can launch from a minimal field not surrounded by tall obstructions. Parking lots will do. It can land almost anywhere — if you are not concerned with taking off again.

A FlyMobil is not very fast, just hitting 100 mph. But it can fly high and is VERY safe. Sure, you can always crash into something. But if you lose power, the rotor just auto-rotates you down to a soft landing. Nobody has ever died in one. It’s also pretty cheap. It costs about the same to own as a big SUV.

“The drive takes two or three hours,” Anny said. “Lazy got here in just over an hour. He lives near a small airfield for parking and maintenance. We have the helipad here, and I might build a hangar for when Lazy stays over. Lazy and I both have pilot’s licenses and the FlyMobil is easy. Our flying club is great.”

Lazlo popped the cabin door and climbed out. He retrieved a small duffel but dropped it when the long line of naked women and Daddy Stan arrived. He sucked every bare nipple — Stan’s got brief licks.

All our breasts! His generous fuck-cousin Anathea, baby Callista slung on her back; Nikki and Kaylee, our singers; Megan and pregnant Ursula, Jeri, Lorna and Mariana; and then Talia and me and Mom.

“Carole, it’s incredible, meeting you!” he said. The woven silver ring Daddy Stan gave her so long ago swung between her breasts. Lazlo was extra careful.

“Can a guy get a bath around here?” he asked nobody. He retrieved his duffel and was stripping as he headed for the dunking tank. His generous cousin hitched a hand in his trouser belt and halted him.

“You promised rides,” she said, her boobs wobbling.

He freed himself. “Rides all day as long as there’s fuel,” he said. “But I worked up a sweat. I need to douse. Here, smell my armpit.” He raised an elbow.

Anny shoved his ass. “You always stink. Go hose off.”

Eleven women, five obviously pregnant, and two men, managed to crowd naked into the tank’s warm, clean water. Baby Callista got a quick dunk and re-diapering, and then prime seating in the tankside crib.

The kitchen door emitted naked pregnant Pam holding a tall coffee cup.

“Make room for me,” she said. She drained her cup and slid into the water.

Twelve naked women, half of them preggers as hell. Two naked men. Who else could squeeze in?

The arrival alarm sounded. By now I recognized Babs Kim’s dusty Subaru, the choice of economical dirt-roaders. Babs swung from the shotgun seat. The man driving shared Babs’s Korean features. The walnut-haired, pale-faced women with a baby slung in a rebozo leaving the back seat did not.

“Hey Stanley,” Babs called, “scoot over. Make way for us.” She stripped out of her top and skirt. The man looked uneasy.

“Get with the program, Newt,” she told him. He uneasily tugged off his baggy shirt but then hesitated.

“Coward,” Babs said, now naked. She pulled his baggy shorts and tidy-whitey briefs; they fell around his ankles.

“Yvonne!” Anny yelled, standing in the water. Her pubes and nipples dripped.

“Yeah, she said you knew her,” Babs said. “Meet my new nanny.” She rolled into the water.

“Lorna and I know her too,” Mariana said. “She gives good head. Don’t you agree, Lazy?”

“Lots of fun,” Lazlo smiled.

“Hi guys! Can I come in the water?” asked baby-toting Yvonne.

“Give Zane a rinse and then join us,” Daddy Stan said. He and Lazlo both stood in the water and waved their dicks at her. Yvonne settled Zane in the crib stepped naked into the water.

The man — Newt? — finally stumbled out of his clothes and shoes and waded into the dunking tank. He kept his distance — not easy, in this small space.

Introductions ensued. Newt, aka Professor Newton Moon, was, with Professor Barbara Kim, the total Korean botany faculty at High-Desert College, and her fiancé. They were happy to meet Mom. Newt unwound a little when he found that ‘hello’ involved sucking bahis siteleri tits. He was a bit shy at Stan and Lazlo’s chests.

“Tell the truth,” Anny said to Babs. “Is this slut just your nanny, or is she you guys’s sex toy too?” Anny pinched Yvonne’s nearest nipple.

“Hey, Babs and Newt are real good to me and they don’t make me do anything I don’t want. Anyway, I’m a little pregnant too. But I like to taste people and make them cum — you know that!”

Lorna laughed. “Yeah, so you said. Do you suck tits as well as you eat pussy?”

“How’s this?”

Yvonne settled in front of Lorna, and mouthed and handled her already spectacular but now pregnancy-enhanced boobs. Lorna leaned back and moaned. Yvonne’s other hand was underwater — fingering Lorna’s pussy? Apparently. Lorna groaned orgasmically.

Ursula pulled Newt to her chest.

“If you intend to visit much, you had better greet us sincerely. Say hello like you mean it.”

Newt glanced at Babs, but Mariana and Megan were already feasting at her milk bar. He shrugged and slurped my taut GILFy grandma. She adjusted his head position and pulled his hand to her other boob. He got with the program.

Lazlo decided my boobs look appealing. He sucked pretty well. Then he slowly tasted Talia. She approved. Stan was beside us kissing Mom from forehead to as far down as he could go without drowning. Too bad Lazlo was not quite family. But he was not going to fuck me or Talia. Only our Daddy got to stick a dick in us.

Yvonne moved on to suck and finger-fuck every woman not already being peaceably molested. Newt could not escape grandma Ursula. Not that he tried real hard. She eventually pushed him away and leaned back on the tank’s ledge seating.

“This is all fun,” Ursula said. She pushed Newt’s head underwater and laughed when he spluttered. “But I have a charity swim meet in San Diego. Probably my last this season, you know?” She hefted her pregnant boobs. “I’ll stay with Terri there.” Teresa was her older, wilder sister. “She has a new toy-guy this month. She won’t tell me anything about him except that I’ll be impressed.”

She pulled an unresisting Newt near and kissed his mouth. “Keep him, Babs. For now, anyway.” She floated to unhurriedly kiss all mouths. “Gotta go now.” She left the tank and headed indoors. The wiggling ass of a six-months-gone world-class athlete is quite entertaining.

Waking between the tank and the kitchen door was much easier since Anny replaced the gravel with lush turf. Now we could go barefoot.

Ursula’s absence left only a crowd in the tank and two babies in the crib. Urgent noises drove Yvonne from the water to tend to the infants. Well, Zane was almost past infancy now. Call them toddlers.

We chattered until Stan sang a low vocal line. Kaylee and Nikki’s voices caught it, set it on fire, and burnt the sky with it. Talia and I were boob-to-boob with Mom; fingers dug into pussies. My hand held Daddy’s thick dick. It was so weird, loving our Daddy and Mommy like this! But so right, too.

Jeri, Pam, and Megan were kissing. Anny clung to her fuck-cousin Lazlo. Babs looked enraptured; Newt and Yvonne looked stunned. The tune died out.

“Wait, that’s YOU guys?” Yvonne gasped. “Like I heard… all over… it’s YOU?”

“Only in the morning,” Daddy Stan said. “We’re janitors the rest of the time.”

Megan unmouthed her mother. “Don’t listen to him. We have a taco wagon.”

“Gotta do something to pay the bills. Our manicurist isn’t cheap,” Nikki said.

Newt faced his naked fiancé. “You didn’t warn me I’d be sucking superstars.”

Babs smiled. “You didn’t ask.” Babies in the crib gurgled.

Yvonne was still dazed. “But all over the TV, the radio, the Web, there you are, with that music… and it’s you guys? K-Y Jam? Right here?” She peered at faces. “And I blew and ate you guys. Does that like make me a groupie?”

“You’re only a groupie if you stalk them,” Babs told her employee, holding her face. “And you won’t get the chance because you have a job now. So no, you’re only a slut I trust as a nanny. And you give good head. Hey, we just dropped in to say hi,” she announced. “This is our favorite rest stop between San Berdoo and Joshua Tree. Time to go now — Newt and I have some botany to do.”

“Before you go,” Lorna said. “Mari and I talked about getting away from the rez, moving here, and setting up our own contract shop and imprint. You own the rights to the field guides you wrote for the tribal publisher. Would you consider moving to us? I’m your favorite editor, right?”

Lorna beluga’d through the water to Babs and sucked her tits. Babs laughed and held her close.

“We can work it out, no problem. Hey, your turn!” Babs nursed at Lorna’s eye-popping pumpkins and rubbed her bloated belly. “It only gets better, girl.”

Babs pulled her fiancé and her nanny to the tank steps. The three dressed; Yvonne went to the crib to soothe Callista and retrieve Zane. Newt gazed longingly at all the above-water naked breasts he was leaving behind.

“Did anyone ask me about promotions from ‘weekend bahis şirketleri wives’ to ‘full-timers’?” Stan asked. Lorna and Mariana cast innocent doe eyes at him.

“But Stanley, we’re having your babies,” Lorna cooed. “Surely you’ll want them close, and their mothers.”

“Maybe, but don’t call me Shirley.” Groans all around. “As long as you pay your way. Gas, grass, or ass, nobody rides for free.”

“Is ass worth less if you get too much of it?” Mariana asked. “Does the supply-and-demand law work for us fucking you? Or is the demand-side infinite? Will you always demand more ass than we can supply?”

“You think there’s any demand for your fat ass right now?”

Mariana pushed over to Stan, wrapped an arm around his neck, sat in his lap, and obviously guided his dick inside with her other hand. They sighed.

“No reasonable offer will be refused,” he said, and bit her neck.

Lorna moved beside them and offered her fantastic mammaries to his mouth.

“Mmmmpphhh…” he mumbled. What a Daddy!

“Did you douse off enough sweat?” Mom asked. “I’m set to go inside. You all can stay out here to fuck whoever will have you but I’m ready for dry heat — and it’s almost time for lunch.”

“Let’s us experienced mamas go put together something edible,” Pam said. “We don’t need the daughters to help. They can’t cook, anyway.”

“Hey Mom, I can field-roast iguana, nopalitos, and wild onions with the best of them!” Megan the desert botany student announced.

“My point exactly,” Pam said, climbing from the tank. “Come on, Carole — let’s show these sprouts what trained mothers can do.”

“I’m a librarian, not a sous-chef,” Mom said. “I’m pretty good with a microwave. The girls have been feeding themselves for years, anyway.”

“We HAD to learn to cook,” Talia said, kissing Mom’s boob. I kissed the other. “Out of self-defense. We could only stand just so many frozen dinners.”

Our mother pushed us away. Her slender, dripping ass followed Pam’s bulging physique from the tank. They were fun to watch walk away.

Anny left Lazlo’s lap and Mariana left Stan’s. Talia and I went to Daddy to kiss his face and nipples and handle his still-sticky dick. He grinned.

“Bad.” He sucked one of my tits. “Girls.” Then the other. “Bad.” He sucked Talia’s near tit. “Bad.” Then the other. “Girls.” He pulled our mouths together for a three-way kiss. What a Daddy!


The tank emptied. The moms assembled the finest scrounged sandwich makings and overnight chowder. We washed down the remains with beer or juices, cleared the table, and sat to talk business.

First item: The FlyMobil.

“You think it’s really useful?” Daddy Stan asked Anny and Lazy.

“I’ll be up here a lot from San Diego and it’s sure faster than driving,” Lazlo said. “The company is giving me lots of leeway because of K-Y Jam.”

Lazy’s employer OmniSys is a “financial services firm”. The mission: Convince people to give them money to play with. K-Y Jam was the Krishnon-Yakamura troupe, who are the singers, Nikki and Kaylee, and the backing players, who are Talia and me, and Megan, and Stan. We are each our own corporation. Our corps own the K-Y Jam corp, which owns a maze of subsidiary corps and properties, with debts and incomes from all directions.

One of Stan’s “corporate contacts” is a vicious lawyer. “Luiz is a barracuda,” Stan had said, “but he knows he swims in dangerous waters. He won’t dare fuck with us.” His smile was scary.

Anyway, the K-Y Jam money all runs through OmniSys because Lazlo. K-Y Jam is now a superstar sensation. We top every classical chart and are high in the pop-music charts. We are a fucking cash cow. Mooo. And Lazlo is now a senior account executive, promoted from shitworker because he brought money in. Lazy is no investment whiz but his assistant is, and she has great incentives to enrich us and not back-stab Lazy. So Lazlo gets the commissions — keeps the money in the household, hey? And Lazy gets great freedom. So the FlyMobil is no problem.

Next item: Live concerts.

Sony wants K-Y Jam to go touring. Our consensus: absolutely not! All of us but Stan are students, and Megan isn’t even a performer — she’s just caught up in the magic because she has Pam and Stan’s DNA.

“I’m no musical artist,” she said. “I’m a scientist, or I will be when I’m trained. I don’t have time for regular shows, let alone tours. I’m just happy to be with you guys.”

Sony’s next offer was… our own Las Vegas theatre! Just for K-Y Jam! Sony thinks we are the world’s biggest act and can constantly fill a Vegas venue. They even offered to bring in top tutors to continue our training — beats the shit out of San Berdoo state. But no, that takes us too far from Rancho Relaxo.

“The UNLV botany program sucks, too,” Megan said. “I’ll stay at UC Riverside.”

Stan had a counter for Sony.

“They can refurbish a club in San Bernardino for our exclusive once-a-week jams. Seats will be hideously expensive because it’s the only time and place in the world we play live. We’ll pump the San Berdoo economy, sure. Sony can pay Feherways…” (that’s Lazlo Feher’s gyroplane-owning corp) “…to fly me in from the Rancho. They’ll pay for Megan’s transit, too. We have some nice contract provisions.” Again, that scary smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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