Stage Fright

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Lane stood in the wings watching as he cleared the stage of the last pieces of sound equipment. His body moved easily and smoothly under his clothes, his muscles flexing and releasing as he shifted speakers onto the dolly. He straightened up with a sigh, and stretched his back, making her fingers ache to touch him.

From the first day, when his laughing blue eyes had flicked over her, and his smile had welcomed her into her new job, she was lost. A love for all things theatrical lay buried under years of shyness, but the impulse to be near the bright lights had made her take the job as stage manager. She felt a secret thrill every time she stepped across the stage, even if it were just to adjust a piece of scenery.

She almost groaned as he bent over one last time. His strong thighs pressed tightly against his dark pants, and his butt flexed perfectly as he stood with the last speaker in his arms. She stifled a sigh, and he glanced toward the wings where she stood, hidden in the shadows. Chris couldn’t have known that she was still there. Her shift had ended at midnight, but she couldn’t resist watching him and dreaming about his hands picking her up and holding her tightly in his embrace. Her face was warm, hot even, with the intense desire he invoked in her. Lane pressed her cold hands to her cheeks, trying to cool herself down. She had a long drive home ahead of her, and she knew it was time to go.

Switching off the overhead lights, he plunged the auditorium into darkness. She paused before leaving because he seemed to have forgotten to turn off one of the spots. A single golden beam of light illuminated the center of the stage, and Lane was once again captivated as he stepped boldly into the light, his light brown hair gleaming almost gold. He looked like a statue for a moment, silhouetted against the darkness around him. Then he pulled a chair into the light, and settled it perfectly in the center of the circular pool of gold at his feet.

Chris sat down in the chair, leaned back, one hand brushing his hair back from his forehead, the other palm rubbing the top of his thigh. He looked nervous suddenly, and Lane watched, entranced by the gorgeous man in front of her. He took a deep breath, his shirt shifting over the lean ridge of his shoulders. Lane wrapped her arms around her waist, as she tried to burn this image into her mind forever.

Then he looked right at her, and curled his finger toward her, beckoning her into the spotlight. She was immediately frozen to the ground, her mind unable to process this shock. Instead, her body took over and started moving her toward his summoning finger.

She could almost feel the heat from the light, as she stepped closer. First her foot and slim ankle in the black buckled heels felt its warm caress. It slid up her supple calf and thigh, reflecting off the black and cream pattern of her skirt clinging tightly to her curvaceous hips. The light warmed the stark black of her form-fitting shirt, and disappeared down the v-neck, ataşehir escort losing itself between the creamy swells of her breasts. Her collarbones stood out, and the curve of her neck, the sweep of her chin, and her closed eyelids felt the heated touch of the light. She reached behind her head and pulled the pencil from her bun. Her copper hair cascaded down, sleek and smooth over her shoulders, shading her burning cheeks from his view.

He touched her hand gently, and she opened her eyes to see his hand slipping into hers. Chris pulled it to his lips, and kissed the palm, forcing her to look into his eyes. Her breath caught in her throat, as his lips burned her skin, and his eyes searched hers for any sign of fear. She felt the desire in his eyes send electric heat up her spine. She was already trembling.

The light, the heat, the setting, all combined to overwhelm her uncertainties and magnify her desire for him. He pulled her closer, still kissing her hand, while the other slid up her leg, grazing the skin at the top of her stocking. She groaned deep in her throat, as his hand slid between her thighs, and down again, spreading her legs apart. Her mind was completely submerged in sensation, and she dropped her head back, giving way utterly to his hands caressing her skin.

A hand slid up between her thighs again, circling nearer and nearer to the aching cleft at their juncture. Her knees buckled slightly, causing his hand to slip between her wet lips, and she cried out, already melting on his fingers. She heard him groan, and was pleased that she wasn’t the only one aching.

Then her brain whirled again, as he stood and plunged his fingers deep inside her body. He hugged her tightly as her knees when weak, with one arm wrapped around her waist, the other pulsing between her soaking lips. Lane writhed against him, unable to believe that his hard lean body was pressed against her. She could feel his hard cock, and shifted her hips to rub against him, wanting to gauge the heat of his desire for her.

Chris growled in her ear, and dropped her into the chair, limp as a rag doll without his arm holding her up. She smiled seductively up at him, caught up in the performance, and slowly lifted the hem of her skirt. Reveling in the heat of the spotlight on her skin as each inch of her stockings was revealed, she licked her lips in anticipation. Her wickedly dancing eyes taunted him as she slid down in the chair, raising the skirt that last inch to unveil her glossy naked pussy lips.

He sank to his knees in front of her, and spread her legs wider. Lane whimpered, suddenly feeling completely exposed to his gaze in the bright golden light. “What a luscious display you have here, Lane. You are kind to share it with this audience.” She had a sudden conception of how they must look from the seats, her skirt crushed against her waist, his face pressed between her legs, her face contorted in ecstasy.

His tongue swirled into her, licking and teasing every inch kadıköy escort of her skin, bringing her back into the bliss of the moment. He draped her thighs over his shoulders, and plunged two fingers back into her depths. Her cry echoed around the empty auditorium, as she begged him with wordless pleas to help her cum. She tugged his glorious mouth closer, and gave a piercing cry as he dropped nibbling kisses on her clit, sliding his fingers forcefully into her slick pussy.

She was so close, and yet all he seemed to do was tease, as though he wanted the audience to see every dizzying wave of her pleasure. She bucked forward, and her cries reverberated throughout the room, when one slippery finger slid over her puckered anus. He rubbed her juice into the tight bud, and she sobbed his name, desperately seeking her climax. He grinned against her swollen folds, and pulled away with one last flick of his wicked tongue.

Lane’s eyes flew open, burning golden green and full of fury. Chris laughed at her frustration, and picked her up in his arms. She bit him on the neck, and he laughed again, as he sat down on the chair. He settled her in his lap, facing out to the audience. He placed her legs over his, spread them wide to give a full view to the spectators, and slowly, tortuously pulled her skirt back up again. Lane squirmed in his lap with exquisite frustration, heightened by being trapped on such lascivious display for anyone who might happen into the darkened theatre.

Once he had her legs and pussy completely exposed, he gently pulled the v-neck of her shirt down under her breasts. Her black lace bra thrust her breasts out, and she could almost feel the eyes on her skin. She felt Chris pull the cups down, completely baring her pale breasts under the glowing spotlight. Her nipples tightened in excitement, and his teasing fingers wandered over her smooth flesh, squeezing, fondling, and making her gasp with yearning. He pinched both nipples tightly, as he offered her breasts to the empty chairs outside their circle of light.

He kissed the back of her neck, sending shivers coursing through her body. Lane squirmed atop his muscled thighs. She felt him take her hand again, and slide it in his, down her body to her dripping lips. He pressed her fingers against her clit, forcing her to rub her slick folds. There she sat, completely on display as she rubbed herself, imagining a theater full of lustful stares.

Then his fingers returned to tortured her nipples, and she was lost once again in the intense pleasure, forgetting the stage and the lights. She could feel her body trembling with her impending orgasm, and pleadingly whimpered entreaties for him grant her pleasure this time.

Chris chuckled in her ear, laughing at her half-crazed appeals. “You like to perform, don’t you?” The unbearably accurate words breathed against her neck sent her over the edge, and her entire body shook as the final crest overtook her, agonizingly beautiful sensation crashing over her bostancı escort bayan until she lay quivering in his arms. He held her tightly, rubbing his hands over her body, soothing her shuddering muscles, and building her arousal once more.

Lane tilted her head, and licked softly up his neck and chin, then covering his face with kisses of gratitude. Her shifting bottom caused a growl deep in his throat, and she looked impishly into his eyes, wanting to see his desire equaling her own.

She fumbled at the waist of his pants, trying to unbutton and unzip all at the same time, and laughed at her own eagerness. His lips curved into an answering smile, only to flare back into heated passion as her hand wrapped around his aching shaft. She shifted further in his lap, until she was straddling him, her soaking pussy pressed against the base of his cock, her hands stroking its smooth sleek skin.

He lifted her up by her hips, and held her poised over his prick, lightly teasing her engorged lips with his tip. With excruciating slowness, he lowered her trembling body, gradually sheathing himself in her heated core. Lane threw her head back in ecstatic pleasure. His cock fitted her perfectly, every centimeter caressing her incredibly sensitized skin.

She began to move, her heels tapping rhythmically against the wooden stage, a sheen of moisture gleaming on her skin. “You dance beautifully, Lane. People would pay money to see your show.” A flush suffused her already heated skin at the thought of anyone observing her shimmying hips and tapping feet.

Breasts thrusting toward his open mouth, she tried to tempt his tongue to taste their strawberry colored peaks. With a groan, he lunged forward, capturing her right nipple in his teeth, and flicked his tongue over the trapped nub. The tapping of her feet became irregular because his swelteringly hot mouth devoured her breasts and stole all conscious thought. He began thrusting upward to meet her, his groans turning to fierce yearning pants, and his cock swelling inside her tight sheath.

“Please…Laney, don’t stop. Dance for me, beautiful girl.” She could barely understand his words gasped into the hollow of her neck, but his hands grasped her hips and directed her body. They strained against each other, both reaching for the impending orgasm. She screamed when his fingers slipped between their bodies and tapped against her clit. Two more strokes of his thick cock, and she was drowning in her rapturous climax.

With a gush of heated liquid, her pussy convulsed around him, her breathy cries ringing through the deserted hall. Chris held her tightly in his arms, his face slightly rough against her soft breasts. He thrust himself deeper and deeper into her body, filling her with wondrous sensation.

She was so sensitized to every movement that her body was trapped in a continuous orgasm. She could only move where his hands led, and he led her deeper into the passion. Lane’s voice broke in a wailing cry when his cock exploded inside her scorching pussy. His bellow of triumph reverberated around them, and they collapsed in the chair. She rested her head against his chest, listening to his racing heartbeat. “That was a stunning opening night, Lane. What do you do for an encore?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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