Spying on My Mother

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Armana Miller

Out of the blue, my mom had announced that she would be going out on a date later that evening, which was unusual because it was a Monday. Usually she approaches dates like she does her work, where she plans it for the weekend and lets me know far in advance, showing very little enthusiasm over it.

But this time was different. It seemed like she didn’t know about it until the last minute and told me only when she arrived home. She seemed very excited over the whole thing. an excitement which I hadn’t seen in a very long time from her regarding other men.

“So how do I look?” she asked me with a huge smile on her face while modeling her outfit to me.

I wanted to tease her and tell her that she looked like she was going back to work because she wore what seemed to be her normal business attire, of a professional two button jacket, matching color skirt, and dark pantyhose. The only difference was she wore a little more makeup and jewelry. She looked classy as always.

“Great!” I told her. “No man would be able to resist you tonight.”

She smiled and gave me a hug; she loved those kinds of compliments. She sat by the window for a moment and as her date pulled into the driveway, she immediately opened the door for him before he could ring the doorbell, which was a first for her.

Her date was also professionally dressed and seemed like a classy guy. Finally, someone who would be a great match for my mom. He did seem very nice when mom introduced us. He came across as a complete gentleman and it turned out they met each other a few months ago at work, and only in the past few weeks had they been starting to have lunch and spend more time with each other on a regular basis.

“Don’t forget, dinner is in the fridge, and when I get back I’m going to check to make sure you finished all your vegetables”, she said in her motherly tone. “Oh, and by the way, don’t worry about me, we might be a little late tonight, but please leave the outside light on so I don’t trip over anything, you know how clumsy I get.”

“I was planning on sleeping early tonight anyways, I have class tomorrow morning. Enjoy your date you two!” I said as I waved them off.

I was very happy for the both of them, and I was especially glad to see my mom as happy as she was. Especially considering that I would be moving out soon to attend graduate school to become a lawyer like she is. It would be nice to know that my mother is with someone new and would eventually get married again.

Not long after dinner, I planned on calling it a night and hitting the sack early. But it was just one of those nights where you’re sitting on the couch watching TV and one thing pops up after another and before you know it, your eyes are glued and you don’t want to get up.

It was almost midnight when I heard my mom and her date pull up in the driveway. I thought that was surprising considering she normally comes home from a date around 10. I turned off the TV and was getting ready to open the door and turn the lights off for her so we could both go to sleep. But oddly enough, I never heard the door open from the car, even a minute after they arrived. I figured they were still talking after a nice romantic night out and I decided to check on them through the front window.

I peeked through the blinds and I was stunned by what I just saw, or what I thought I saw. My mom’s date was lying back in his chair with his eyes closed, but she wasn’t in her seat. It looked like his hands were rubbing something in front of him but I couldn’t see what. Was this really what I thought it was? I had to get a better look and I immediately ran up a flight to stairs to see them from my mom’s bedroom window, which had a direct view of the drive way.

My suspicion was correct; my mother had her head buried in his lap and was performing oral sex on him. From my angle, I had a clear view of what was going on (thanks as well to the light from the front door). I could see her head bobbing on his crotch while he was holding her hair from falling over her face.

When he pulled her hair back for a second time, I saw her more clearly. Her cheeks looked hollowed out from how hard she was sucking. And those same lips she uses to kiss me goodnight had formed a tight O shape around this guy’s erect penis.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. All my life I had seen my mother as someone who was stern and proper in every way. She always scolded me whenever she heard me use the slightest curse word or does something she considered immoral. She always presented herself in the most elegant and professional light, and here she was, sucking some guys cock in front our house.

Despite the fact that she was my mother, I found myself becoming incredibly aroused. Just the taboo of what I was seeing amazed me. Seeing a mature woman in professional attire in the middle of a blowjob was amazing. But that woman being my mother made the whole thing 10 times dirtier. Seeing the woman who gave birth to me and raise me having bahis firmaları her mouth used as someone’s sexual object was something so nasty I couldn’t even begin to comprehend it. My penis suddenly became harder than it had been for a long time.

I couldn’t control myself anymore, I pulled my penis out and started masturbating to my very own mother sucking cock, watching her head bob up and down, seeing her face smooched together with a dick inside it.

I was stroking my hard cock watching this go on for a few more minutes before I saw his body tense and his head lean back. It was fairly obvious that he was about to cum. I expected my mom to stop sucking and maybe jerk him off or something, but she didn’t. She kept on bobbing even as his body arched which obviously meant that she swallowed his cum. All of what I had just seen was more than enough to make me shoot a large load of my own cum into a tissue I grabbed near her bed. The orgasm I had was so intense that I felt as if I had just gotten laid.

I saw his flaccid penis for the first time as my mother took her mouth off him and sat up straight in her chair, and he was still laying back in ecstasy after what he had just received from her. My mother was saying something to him with a smile on her face, and he laughed. Being the elegant woman that she is, she pulled out a small packet of tissue from her purse and used it to wipe the excess fluids from the sides of her mouth as if she had just finished a meal. She also pulled out a few extra pieces of tissue and bent over to clean his penis for him as well. How nice of her.

Despite just having a massive orgasm of my own, my mind was still in a sexual frenzy. As she got out of the car, I couldn’t just go to my room and pretend to be a sleep. I still felt the need to see more, to do more to fulfill my recently enraged hormones. As I heard her open the door, I ran back down to greet her so I could see the aftermath of their sexual encounter.

“Hi mom!” I said, still breathing heavy from running.

She gave me a look like she wasn’t expecting to see me, “Oh, hi sweetie. I didn’t expect you to be up this late, I thought you’d be in bed by now.”

“I couldn’t sleep, just wanted to check up on you and see if you had a good time and came home safely” I said with a deviant smile.

“Well that was awful nice of you, you didn’t have to. And I had a great time by the way. Can we talk about this tomorrow? We should both be getting some sleep at this time of day.”

As she walked past me, she gave me a small pinch on the cheek along with a wink, which she occasionally does. But this time was different. Her hair looked like it had been thrown all over the place, it looked sloppy. Her red lipstick was smeared around the inner parts of her lips, leaving only a red line on the outer parts. And she had a slight odor of sperm to her. It looked like she was hiding what was in her other hand by making a tight grip and holding it away from me as she walked away, and for good reason too, it was filled with the other guy’s cum, which I decided to tease her with.

“What’s that in your hand?” I asked pretending I didn’t already know.

She genuinely looked surprised that I had asked, causing her eyes to slightly widen.

“Oh this?” she said as she waved them in the air, “It’s nothing; I had allergies on the way back home. Must have been the pollen, we went out for a long walk after dinner.”

With that, both of us headed back to our rooms to sleep. But I couldn’t sleep, I was jerking off again thinking about what I had seen this evening. My mom was giving someone a blowjob in our driveway. I couldn’t stop thinking of the sight of her elegant face being filled with a cock, and her sucking and bobbing on it.

I kept replaying that last conversation we had, along with that look on her face. She looked like such a naughty -yet classy- woman with that messed up hair and smeared lipstick. With that outfit she looked like a high end escort. I loved how proper she was wiping that cum off her face and off his penis. Even with sex she was so proper.

I kept stroking thinking about all those things for about 20 minutes. What sent me over the edge with another orgasm of the night was thinking about what she was doing. I could imagine her lying under her covers fingering herself to sleep thinking about how she did those things in the car like that, so brazenly in front of our home. I imagined her eating the cum off that tissue before flushing it down the toilet so she could taste him one more time.

I came again. I had ‘regained’ my senses and my mind returned to normal from all those deviant sexual thoughts and images about my own mother. The feeling of guilt came over me as I laid in bed reflecting on what I had done and the thoughts I used to bring myself to cum again. But at the same time, I knew this wouldn’t be the end of it. The feeling was just too amazing to stop.


The next morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had seen the kaçak iddaa night before. How something I wasn’t suppose to see turned my entire life upside down. I might as well have stayed home all day, because in all of my classes, I just kept thinking about my mother performing oral sex on her new date. Obviously I shouldn’t have been surprised that my mother enjoys sex as much as everyone else; she is human after all, but seeing her perform a sex act was still obviously a major surprise. It changed my entire perspective on her and I had felt a level of sexual arousal the likes of which I’ve never felt in my entire life.

All of which had got me thinking further; what would become of all this? Would this change my relationship with my mother for the worse? Would I keep jerking off fantasizing about her? And more importantly, would I be satisfied with just my imagination if I didn’t pursue this?

I knew right then and there the answer was that I couldn’t stop, and I didn’t want to. I had to find a way to see her; see her with her boyfriend, see her nude, see her masturbating- whatever it takes to fulfill my newfound sexual desire for my own mother. At least I hoped to.


It felt a bit awkward that night for both of us given the previous night’s circumstances. I decided to break the ice by talking about one of my new favorite topics, her sex life.

“So…” I said. “How was it last night between you and him?”

She gave me a look like she didn’t know whether I was talking about the actual date or making an innuendo that I had known what she had done in the car (I was doing both).

She smiled after that brief pause, “It was great. We had a nice meal followed by a lovely walk around the downtown area, and we stopped for ice cream. We had a chance to speak briefly earlier today at work, I’ll be seeing him again soon for another date.”

“That’s wonderful mom,” I said with as much charm as I could. “I’m glad you’ve finally found someone you’re happy with. Maybe next time you could invite him over for dinner. We can all get to know each other better, and after that I’ll be so quiet in my room you two won’t even know that I’m home.”

“Well there’s an idea. He can try my cooking and both of you can get to know each other a little better. And if you couldn’t already tell, I really like him, and he really likes me. So hopefully, this turns out to be something more…long term…if you know what I mean.”

I reached out and patted her on her shoulder. “I do mom, I do. And he does seem like a great guy. He’s your type, unlike those other guys you’ve been dating.”

“Thank you. You have no idea how happy it makes me to know that you approve of him.”


Two very long days later. I really couldn’t wait for him to come over to our house. I did want to meet him, but more than anything, I wanted another chance to see (or hear) them in a sexual setting. This was really the only way I would ever get to see her performing a sex act of any kind or to catch an intimate look at one of her body parts, because after all these years of living with her, I know that she is always very cautious with covering up her body.

Dinner finally came and it was everything I expected it to be. We all had a great time chatting and he and I got to know each other a lot better. My mother had an ecstatic look on her face the entire time as if she were in love with him and was delighted that I had taken so well to him.

I cleaned the dishes after dinner as they went to the living room to watch tv and talk. Afterwards, I made a point of saying goodnight to them and to announce that I would be headed to bed already because I was exhausted and needed to wake up early the next day. But of course I really just wanted them to do something while they thought I was asleep and then, hopefully, I could find a way to watch.

I laid in bed surfing the internet- then it happened. I heard a soft moan, then another. The faint noise was coming from the air duct. My imagination started running wild with any number of sexual scenarios they could be up to, in our own home of all places. There was no way I was just going to sit in my room and listen, I had to go and watch.

I opened the door quietly, and walked gently across the hall so I wouldn’t make any noise. Most of the downstairs lights were turned off and the living room lights were dimmed, allowing me to hide in the shadow while being able to see them. As I got close to the stairs, I laid my body down on the floor and stuck my head out slightly so I would have a clear view of the living room. So there I was, lying in the darkness spying on my mother and her boyfriend in action.

I was stunned by the sight of them having sex on the couch, completely unaware that I was watching them. He was sitting there with his pants down and my mom was on top of him, bare from the waist down facing his direction. I became more and more aroused watching my mom slowly gyrate her hips in a circular motion while they both looked incredibly kaçak bahis aroused, planting kisses and rubbing their hands on each other in between their soft moans.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Even though I had hoped something would happen for me to watch, I never would have imagined that my mother would ever be so brazen as to have sex with someone on the living room couch while I was still home. The same feelings of lust and taboo of watching my own mother overwhelmed me as it did a few nights ago. The more my mom thrusted her hips against his erect penis, the more aroused I became.

My eyes began fixating on her bare bottom as they continued to have sex as it was the first time in my life that I had seen any of her intimate body parts. I watched in lust as her voluptuous full sized rear end clenched every time she was vaginally penetrated. It was as if her bottom had a life of its own as its muscles constantly contracted, causing it to jiggle in the process. She then started to gyrate her hips faster and in a more intense motion, making both of them start to gasp and breathe harder.

“Shhh…Shhh” she said, putting a single finger on his lips, making sure he kept quiet as they were both headed towards an intense orgasm.

His body tensed up and he reached down and used both hands to squeeze the flesh on my mother’s ass as hard as he could while he came. My mother looked like she had an orgasm as well by the way she clenched her hands and feet and flung her body forward, pressing herself onto him. Then suddenly, they both relaxed their bodies onto one another. They both started smiling as they began planting kissing on each other’s lips, smiling at the sexual moment they had just shared as I watched in pleasure.

“That was amazing” he said, still breathing heavy. “Of all the places we’ve fucked, this has to be my favorite; in your living room while your son is upstairs sleeping, with no clue what we’re doing.”

She laughed softly and playfully slapped him on the chest, “You’re awful. I still can’t believe I let you talk me into doing this here.”

“Oh come on. Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it. I mean that was the whole point of us fucking in different places right? To do something bad. Besides, you said we’d be able to hear if he was coming or not.” he said with a smile.

“Well I guess you’re right. We better finish up here, it’s getting late.”

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard them say. A bunch of questions came to mind after they had just finished having sex. They’ve had sex in different places? Was mom an exhibitionist, seeking new thrills in an effort to enhance her sexual excitement? And they did it here in our home because they thought I was upstairs sleeping?

But my mind wasn’t focused on that for long as she got up from his lap, giving me a clear view of her voluptuous thighs and thick brown patch of pubic hair. She walked over to grab a few pieces of tissue and started wiping the excess cum from her leaking vagina.

“Well aren’t you going to clean me up?” he asked as he sat patiently with his pants still down.

“Of course I will” she said in a sexy tone. “I just didn’t want to leave any stains on the carpet.”

Even after sex, my mother was still very much the prim & proper mother that she presented herself as in public. My mom held onto the cum soaked tissues and got on her knees between his legs and prepared to suck his cock.

I watched in awe as she picked up his wet flaccid penis with her free hand and started licking their combined bodily fluids off of him as if it were a popsicle. It looked like he got hard again and she reacted by bobbing her head up and down faster like she did in the car. I couldn’t believe that same elegant face I saw a few hours ago at the dinner table, the same face which was overflowing with joy, was now being used to suck the cum off of an erect penis on our couch. I could have had an orgasm of my own right there just listening to her fill the room with the sound of her slurping up that cum into her stomach.

If everything I had witnessed tonight wasn’t shocking enough, I watched as he reached down into the pocket of his pants and pulled out his small camera and prepared to take pictures of my mother with it. I fully expected someone as classy as my mother to scold him for it and demand that he put it away, but she didn’t.

Instead, she looked directly at him and smiled, with an engorged hard-on in her mouth. He snapped various pictures of my mom with his penis pressing through different sides of her cheeks. He also took pictures of my mom with her tongue out on the tip of his cock as she smiled and winked for the camera. He put the camera down and we both watched as her cheeks caved in harder and she bobbed her head faster.

Every so often she would stop to pull her hair back so it wouldn’t cover her face from all the swaying her head was doing. After all, she was putting on a show for him and didn’t want to block his view. This eventually lead to the final pictures he was going to take of her; a pic with my mother smiling at the camera, with traces of cum around her mouth, and an even nastier picture of her sticking her cum filled tongue out for him.

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