Special Gift From Mom

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A Special Gift from Mom

3:00 P.M. on a Friday, one of the most highly anticipated times of the week in a teenager’s life. While certainly true of her daughter, that sentiment also extended to Abby as well, not really so usual for a woman of her age. Strange or not, it was a fact she’d come to accept. It’d been a rather dull and uneventful day for the single mother, but now as her daughter Nicole was soon to be home, she found herself growing quite happy. There was anxiety there as well, as there always had been when dealing with her daughter in the past few years, but that was now tempered with a great deal of excitement; that she couldn’t deny. Today, though, she was just a little more on edge because they were drawing very close to a special day.

Around a quarter after three, as Abby continued to busy herself with some basic housework, she finally heard the door swing open.

“I’m home!” Came the assured announcement from Nicole as she shut the door behind her.

Setting aside what she’d been doing, Abby went to go and meet her offspring. “Welcome ho-MMMPHHH!” But she barely had time to appear in the room before the younger girl leapt at her. Without a word of warning Nicole crushed her mother in a tight embrace, forcefully plunging her tongue into her open mouth and sealing their lips together.

Abby couldn’t help releasing a muffled cry of confusion and slight irritation, but within seconds she melted at the touch of her daughter, letting her shriek die down to a long, erotic moan. She wrapped her arms around the girl’s narrow hips, bringing their bodies even closer to one another. She felt Nicole’s supple young breasts slide perfectly into the swell of her own prestigious chest, clinging to her warmth along with the rest of her nubile body. She welcomed her daughter’s wet and squirming tongue, eagerly wrestling against it with equal enthusiasm.

The pair kissed passionately for several long seconds, Nicole desperate to enjoy every ounce of pleasure she could draw from her mother’s body, and Abby too easy to fall to her daughter’s advances and give her anything she wanted. Finally the need for air overrode their carnal desires, and Nicole slowly pulled her lips back, sensually drawing her mother’s tongue back in one last sucking motion before releasing that as well. Her face was reddened, but the younger girl was quite composed compared to Abby, who was left completely flushed and even panting lightly.

“Hi Mom.” Nicole said teasingly, happy to watch her mother lose her sensibility and try to compose herself.

While Abby struggled to regain herself, she was still trapped in her daughter’s arms, stuck looking into her glowing face and brilliant smile… and frankly almost smug look. It frustrated her how easily Nicole was able to manipulate her like this and then act so nonchalant.

“Honestly Nicky, how many times do I have to tell you to show SOME restraint?” Abby tried to appear irritated, but that was rather difficult when her breathing was still uneven and her face was still crimson.

“I know, but that’s so hard when I love you so much.” Nicky replied, playfully rubbing her nose up against her mother’s, knowing full well the older woman would not remain upset with her. And as she expected, Abby merely sighed in defeat.

“Just what am I going to do with you?” The mother asked rhetorically, but with a small smile she couldn’t hide.

“I can think of a few things.” Nicole teased, not missing that cue before she pulled her mother in for second, much quicker kiss. Just pressing her lips tight to Abby’s, she still conveyed a world of passion in the few seconds she held it. Soon though she released her mother’s face and playfully spun out from her grasp.

“Well, I guess I’ll get my homework done. See you for dinner.” Nicole stated as simply as a daughter could, and with a slight skip she was quickly out of the room.

Abby herself needed a moment to catch her breath and set her mind back to standard ‘Mom’ mode. She’d grown used to this sort of thing, so it was no longer as jarring to juggle the two personalities she exhibited now, as Nicole’s mother and as her girlfriend. And honestly, for most of the time it’d become second nature to fulfill both roles at once. Next week, though, they were going to go through a pretty major change, and Abby wanted to be sure she was ready when that time came.


A few hours later Abby was busy fulfilling another motherly role and was fixing dinner for herself and her offspring. While her daughter was busy doing normal teenage daughter stuff, she had time to think on certain upcoming events, which in turn started her thinking back on the last several years, how her relationship with her daughter had first turned intimate and had grown more and more passionate from that point.

It was almost exactly a year ago, just a few days after the girl had turned eighteen. Now, Nicole had always been as perfectly sociable as the average girl growing up. She got good grades, had friends, bahis firmaları didn’t get into trouble, and really gave no indication that anything was wrong or strange with her in the least. The only strange thing was she’d never really shown any interest in boys, romantically speaking. That didn’t really upset Abby, but she didn’t get the feeling that her daughter was looking at girls differently either.

Her disinterest in romantic relationships then just suddenly changed one day, the day Nicole confessed to Abby that she was in love with her, her own mother. Obviously Abby tried to play it off as misdirected love at first, but somehow her daughter found a way to worm through the cracks she showed. But one night not long after, Nicole convinced her mother to share a bed for the night, and soon after that had stolen their first kiss. And from that night on the romance between them grew, not always as Abby had hoped, but eventually she learned to accept things. After all she did love her daughter. She guessed she’d just always been bad at saying ‘no.’

As things progressed Abby eventually settled into her new role. They never stopped being mother and daughter, and eventually they just accepted that they were also lovers. And for the past year, Abby had been able to accept that. Then, just a few weeks ago Nicole brought something up that forced Abby to fully evaluate their relationship, and how things would need to progress from now on.

Nicole was currently eighteen, and in her senior year of high school. It was March, so she had only a couple months of school left, but more importantly next week would be her birthday; her nineteenth birthday. With her High School practically over, this was essentially going to be Nicole’s first birthday as an adult, so it was a going to be a big day. Wanting to commemorate it at least a bit, Abby had asked her daughter what she would want to make it truly special. She asked this back in February, and that had led to quite the discussion.

Rather unexpectedly, Nicole had explained that in lieu of a party or going out with her friends she had wanted to stay in with her mother and… well, she wanted them to finally have sex together. It’d been a tense discussion, more embarrassing than anything else they’d done yet. And for Abby it was more than a little difficult to accept. She’d come to terms with her daughter being in love with her, with being involved romantically with her daughter, but this something else altogether. This was the last barrier keeping them from an unredeemable taboo, and crossing that line would mean there would be no going back.

So she had to think long and hard on how she herself wanted to progress, if she wanted to progress. She’d never technically given her daughter a straight answer, but given the attitude she’d portrayed since then, Abby got the feeling she was expecting a positive response. And if Abby was being completely honest with herself, she’d already made up her mind much sooner.


Dinner carried on pleasantly, Nicole talked about her day at school and Abby listened cheerfully. She discussed some plans she’d made with her friends for the weekend while Abby brought up some errands they’d need to run. It wasn’t until the mother was starting to clear away the dishes that Nicole brought up the more… exciting topic.

“So… my birthday’s next week, remember.” The girl began, very coyly.

“O-oh my! You’re right… Goodness me, I can’t believe how quickly that’s come up.” Abby replied, more than a little nervous. Her daughter’s insinuation was plenty obvious, and despite her real intentions it was still an embarrassing topic for her.

“I don’t know. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this to happen.” The girl continued, still subtly teasing her mother.

Abby couldn’t find the right words to respond after that, and merely continued to clear the table while trying to keep as straight a face as possible. Her mother’s reluctance to humor her didn’t escape Nicole, who merely smiled mischievously at her mother’s expense. Knowing she likely wasn’t going to get any more out of the frazzled woman, the girl raised from her seat.

“Well, we still have a week to go. But I’m sure that whatever you have planned I’ll love it.”

With that Nicole cast her mother a last, knowing look before excusing herself from the room. Abby breathed out heavily in equal relief and anxiety, not knowing how she was going to manage to keep herself calm for the next seven days. Though still rattled she eventually finished cleaning up the kitchen and then decided to soothe herself with a long, hot shower.


The shower turned out to be exactly what she needed. Letting the steamy, warm water caress her supple, exposed body was heavenly, like the water was wiping away her stress itself. It was physically pleasant, but more importantly it was the perfect time to really think about her and her daughter’s relationship without having to worry about other ‘distractions.’

Lathering kaçak iddaa her body, her hands glided delicately along the contours of her perfectly smooth skin. Her fingers circled and massaged around each soft breast, coating them generously in the ticklish, soapy foam that would wash away the days sweat, what little she’d accumulated (mostly from her daughter’s affections).

While Abby’s hands mindlessly roamed her body, her mind settled on thoughts of her daughter. She remembered clear back to when Nicole was just a little girl, her perfectly sweet little girl whom she loved more than anything in the world. And they continued forward to when she had just become a young woman, when she first confessed her love for her mother and somehow manipulated Abby to think similarly.

Abby’s hands continued to work the suds along her body, gliding down her flat tummy, swiping off to the sides and then reaching almost sensuously down the curve of her backside, her hands unconsciously spending a little too long plying over the soft swell of her butt.

It was no question that Abby truly loved her daughter. Every memory, every picture of the girl in her head evoked sweet feeling to the mother’s mind. That had always been a given, she had always loved her perfect daughter as much as a mother could. But the longer she dwelled on Nicole, the more she realized she wasn’t just basking in the simple love she thought she’d understood.

Abby was no longer imagining the sweet little girl she’d raised, but the fine young woman she’d matured into. She could picture Nicole as she was now, an inarguably attractive female in her own right, and so very close to the prime of her life, a real stunner that, if she wanted, could have nearly any guy or girl’s jaw on the floor.

Finally Abby noticed a more present feeling, a growing physical need. Her slippery hands were currently wedged between her thighs, hardly washing anymore and now just rubbing, creating friction, sparking her arousal. It was a bit of a shock, but it finally hit her that she really was thinking of her daughter as a full woman now, and not only that but as an object of her own desire.

It should’ve been a little more shocking, to be honest. Abby had never considered herself a lesbian, or even really bisexual. She’d never given a similar thought to any other female, never fantasized about another woman. But now, as thoughts of her grown daughter swelled and consumed her head, she found her body growing warmer and warmer, more sensitive by the moment.

Her luscious legs were pressed tightly together, her hands still trapped between her thighs, inching ever so slowly higher and higher. Abby had well and fully lost herself to her fantasy now, realizing she felt more aroused than any other time she could remember.

Abby started to pant lightly as she continued to squeeze her thighs together, inching her fingers ever higher, prolonging the sensations as long as she could. Her pussy lips had grown so red and engorged that by the time her fingers first grazed them she was trembling, even needing to bite her lip to keep from releasing louder squeals.

All the while, the sinful mother continued to keep Nicole in her mind, not just in the image as her daughter, but as the sexy young woman she lusted after. As her finger started to caress between the folds of her lips, she imagined it was her daughter standing there beside her who was giving her such wonderful sensations. She imagined it was her daughter, slowly, almost painfully slowly wedging her finger up, deeper and deeper until it was fully inside the mother’s sweet flower.

Abby struggled to keep her voice as low as possible, breathing out sharply to mask the low moans that escaped. As her fantasy continued, she couldn’t help from whispering her daughter’s name, “Nicole…” She could picture it clearly, her daughter now had two fingers invading her mother’s body, thrusting and curling around every inch, finding every sweet and sensitive spot she had to hide, breaking her will and turning her body to mush.

The sultry mother completely lost herself, her fingers jilling frantically within her, pushing her closer and closer to her inevitable finish. All the while Nicole remained stuck in her head. As far as Abby cared it was her daughter that was giving her such unbelievable pleasure.

Finally the woman could take no more, and to the image of her daughter’s sultry young body her climax overwhelmed her. Abby just barely managed to bite her lip and keep the groan as low as possible, but it seemed to drag on forever. As the bolts of electricity surged from her pussy to the rest of her body, Abby’s legs gave out. The woman managed to catch her back against the shower tile and slide down the wall, her body coursing with orgasmic pleasure all the while.

After minutes of sitting under the still flowing water, her body twitching in lingering aftershocks, the mother finally started to calm down. The overwhelming pleasure ebbed away, but left behind a kaçak bahis very strong feeling, like a warm glow of extreme satisfaction. The erotic, lusty image of Nicole left her mind, but her daughter didn’t. Her daughter Nicole was still there, still beautiful as ever, still sweet as ever, still perfect as ever.

In the aftermath of what had been her greatest orgasm yet, Abby came to realize something; she loved her daughter. Sure, it was silly to claim this a great realization now, but the so long confused mother finally felt she could now fully understand her own feelings. She loved Nicole as her daughter, always had and always will. She accepted the idea of Nicole as a sexual partner, someone she felt an obsessively strong desire for. And finally, there was the image of Nicole as simply the woman she loved, the culmination of the other two. There was no more question, Abby was ready for next week, and in fact she was eager. She was finally ready to consummate her relationship with her daughter.


Several hours later, Nicole was quietly creeping through the door to her mother’s bedroom. Abby had gone to bed about an hour ago while Nicole, still technically being a teenager, had decided to stay awake to relax a little longer.

While Nicole did still have her own room it was mainly for the convenience of keeping her things together and separate. But for most of the past year, Nicole had taken to sharing a bed with her mother more often than not. It was originally her excuse of wanting to snuggle together with her mom that ultimately led to this relationship, after all.

Already wearing a thin nightgown, Nicole quietly closed the door and softly padded over to the queen-sized bed. Although she was careful lifting the covers, the motion was enough to just barely stir Abby, who rolled slightly towards her daughter’s side.

“Mmmm, baby…. That you?” Abby mumbled very quietly, still mostly asleep.

“Yeah, just me.” Nicole replied just as softly as she started to wiggle under the covers herself.

Not in the least bit timid, Nicole quickly cuddled up into her mother, molding her body into the woman’s warm and soft curves, as Abby responded more by instinct than thought. The more mature woman softly wrapped her daughter up, pressing her close, her face nestling into the soft skin between her neck and chest. Nicole’s arms went to wrap her mother’s waist and their two sets of legs glided to lock together.

Nicole breathed a sweet sigh of comfort as she melted into her lovely mother’s embrace, her warm breath tickling Abby’s neck. With the covers pulled back over them, Abby quickly slipped back into sleep, and Nicole didn’t take long after to drift to unconsciousness. Both couldn’t be happier at the moment, each tenderly wrapped in the warm embrace of the girl they loved more than anything else.


Finally the day had come, Nicole’s nineteenth birthday, and she felt far more anxious than she had expected. She was currently walking home from school, and just making it through the day while appearing to be calm had been a monumental task. But dealing with the general anticipation of the coming evening was one thing. Now, as she was walking home, she really started to wonder if anything would actually happen. She realized that her mother had never technically said she intended to listen to her request, and the girl was well aware Abby was not nearly as bold or confident as she was.

But once she finally came within sight of her house, what greeted her was not exactly what she’d been expecting, one way or the other. The first thing she noticed was that all of the blinds across all of the windows had been drawn shut. What’s more, when Nicole made it to the front door, she discovered it was locked, as though her mother had completely sealed the house off. This wasn’t really a problem, as Nicole had her own key, but it was still odd; her mother was almost never out anywhere on a Friday afternoon.

As she opened the door, Nicole was further surprised to find it nearly completely dark inside. Not only were the windows blinded, but all of the lights were off as well. That said, the house was clearly far from empty. The girl quickly shut the door behind her to fully take in the scene. While darker than usual, it was not full black, and the little light there was came from a series of candles lined along the various tables, ledges, and anywhere else they could fit, all giving off a soft and soothing glow to the otherwise darkened home. Even more surprising, there was what appeared to be a trail of red flower petals strewn over the floor and leading into the home.

Nicole nearly lost her breath. As young and inexperienced as she was, she recognized a romantic scene when she saw one. Simple as it was, the implications of the scene were obvious; her mother was ready for them to truly become a bound couple. Nicole almost couldn’t believe it; it really was like it was ripped straight out of some cheesy romance flick, and she couldn’t believe how happy she was. She felt like she could’ve either broken out in tears or collapsed in joyous laughter. Instead she found the will to keep herself cool, the thoughts of what awaited plenty enough to move her forward.

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