Son’s Mother Ch. 01

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Maria was sitting on the couch late at night next to her son. He was on her right side. He was kissing her neck, and feeling her up, rubbing her closest thigh, putting his right hand on her thigh, moving toward her inner thigh and slowly rubbing upward, up to her pantied crotch.

This hot, sexual fondling led him to lower her unbuttoned jeans to her knees. He’d unbuttoned her pants, reached in and rubbed her panties. Maria was allowing her son to feel her up sexually after they had engaged in a little light wrestling.

Maria had previously been standing over her son who was laying on the ground. Her legs scissoring his right leg, trying to take charge by twisting his foot. As they playfully engaged in this, Maria began to feel horny. With her son’s leg between hers, and him twisting and turning into her and away from her, this had the effect of stimulating her clitoris, which she realized was arousing her sexually.

Her son realized she was getting sexually aroused and his heart began beating wildly. His mother was clamping her legs together more tightly the more he struggled. It was plainly apparent. His mother was humping his leg! She was getting sexual gratification from him!

Events leading to this moment had started a few years previous. She’d been divorced a number of years and hadn’t dated at all. She kept to herself leading a quiet life of television and reading. Her 18 year old son had been noticing her as of late. He’d been noticing her in a sexual way.

He’d stumbled upon some old Family Letters magazines at an adult book store he discreetly visited and bought a few issues. They were full of mother-son sex stories. stranded teens porno At first it was a little off-putting, being more puzzled than “turned-on,” but the more he read the Mother-Son sections, the more aroused he got, and this is when he began watching his mother around the house.

She’d come into his room cleaning while he read on his bed and he’d watch her bending over. Her ass was a hot, chubby, motherly ass, and it thrilled him to see her pantied ass cheeks peek out as she bent over to pick things up in his room as he lay there.

One day when she left his room, he became overcome with lust and took his cock out and began masturbating furiously to the mental image of his mother bent over in front of him, her tight ass in shorts. He masturbated and shot cum all over himself just thinking about her!

This incestuous behavior escalated when he began going through her drawers and closet while she worked during the day. He’d taken her panties out and masturbated with a pair one day. Then, as he stroked his hard cock with a pair of her panties wrapped around it, he brought a second pair of her used panties up to his nose and sniffed at the crotch. He couldn’t believe the reaction he had!

He felt a jolt of electricity charge through his body unlike anything he’d ever felt before! He began jerking furiously, his masturbation greatly enhanced by the odor …the odor of his own mother’s pussy! It was a feeling he never forgot. In just a few seconds, he began shooting his cum into his mother’s panties and all over her bed! The orgasm was powerful and left him collapsed in heavy breathing for a student sex parties porno few minutes.

When he came to his senses, the thought of what he’d just done, the perversity of the act. It made him feel physically ill. He’d sniffed his mother used panties and gotten off on it! He cleaned up his mother’s bed. When his sexual fever subsided, he was ashamed of what he’d just done. It was just too far..

But within a few weeks, he began to feel horny and eventually had a powerful urge to get a pair of her panties again. He got a pair from her hamper. He lay across his mother’s bed. Slowly, he brought the panties to his nose. He inhaled gently. He immediately felt the same powerful electric charge as he had weeks before! The same powerful sexual feeling!

He began to masturbate to the odor of his mother’s hot cunt! His cock became slick with pre-cum quickly. In just a minute he was shooting his cum violently, thick ropes of semen landing on his stomach and chest as he sniffed his mother’s panties! His heart pounded!

In the coming days, weeks, and months, he became erotically excited just thinking about getting a pair of his mother’s panties to wrap around his hard cock to masturbate with and sniff! His orgasms were extremely powerful when he committed these acts. He started doing it with her pantyhose, too.

He’d often stuff small pillows into her panties and hose and lie in her bed, pretending he was rubbing against her. He’d rub his cock up against the “pillow ass,” her panties, while maybe sniffing her used pantyhose, and the smell of her pussy would send him into a lascivious submissive cuckolds porno frenzy and he’d experience the strongest orgasms!

He’d shoot gobs of cum all over her panties! He’d never felt this before. As time went by, he began frequenting the downtown area and visiting porn shops, and buying more and more of the incest material they had in stock.

It was incredible to discover there was an entire ‘industry” of porn material based on incestual desires between a mother and son.

He began spying on his mother with more daring and secrecy. One day he noticed her in the backyard. She was weeding, and…bending over! He realized that if he went inside, to her bedroom window, he would have a thrilling close-up view of her bending over! He went inside the house and to his room. He stripped down to his underwear and nervously approached her room.

Going to her window rewarded him with the sight of his sexy, unaware mother bent over in tight, red terry cloth shorts! She was just outside the window, no more than maybe four feet away, and the sight of her panties poking out the leg holes of her shorts at the top of her legs was so visually arousing it caused her son’s cock to harden instantly.

He couldn’t believe his luck! He reached into his underwear to grab his cock and began masturbating to the sight of his mother’s ass; she was bent over, exposing her panties right in front of him! His body was shaking in adrenaline and arousal, as he watched his mother’s ass, her panties and her hot ass swaying and shifting back and forth before him.

It was only a few minutes before he was shooting a stream of his hot cum onto the floor of his mother’s bedroom as he watched her. The orgasm was unforgettable and powerful! He had just cum watching his mother perform before him like a stripper in a club!

He quickly cleaned up and left her room. That was the hottest thing he’d done with her, other than stealing her panties and using them to jerk off with.

To Be Concluded…

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