Soft as Silk

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Big Tits

“I wish you’d take control more,” he’d said one night. “It’d be so sexy, and you’d be great at it, I can tell.” This was all post-coital. We’d both had intense orgasms, as ever, and were lying in each others arms letting our breathing return to normal.

“We seem to do ok!” I smiled.

“Absolutely…” he whispered as he dropped off to sleep.

A few days later I’d had an idea.

“If he wants me in control,” I thought to myself, “then he can have it!”

The following morning I got out of bed early. I’d already noticed that he was particularly aroused this morning.

Mornings were his usual time for rock hard erections, and we usually had sex before breakfast. This morning, a Saturday, would be no different from that point of view!

I went into the kitchen and made some coffee, clattering mugs and spoons as I did so. I heard him stir and went and stood in the doorway of the bedroom.


“Morning babes” he muttered. His cock formed an impressive bulge beneath the duvet, and I felt an appreciative tingle between my legs.

“Steady on!” I said to myself. “We haven’t even started yet!”

I walked towards him and pulled the duvet away from his body. We both slept naked when we were together and he shivered a little in the sudden coolness of the air.

“What are you up to?” he asked, with an amused smile and a look of anticipation in his eyes.

“Taking control,” I answered, in a matter-of-fact tone. I noticed his cock jerk a little. I smirked. “Lie still.”

I reached into the drawer in the bedside unit and pulled out some strips of silk. I knelt next him on the bed.

“Spread out for me.” I ordered. He eagerly did as he was told.

I tied each ankle and wrist to the bed gently, but securely. I still had one strip left.

“What’s that one for then?” he enquired. “You’ll see!”

His cock was already close to full hardness as I lay down between his legs. I looked up at him past his cock. He was looking down at me as best he could to see what my next move would be.

I blew softly up and down the underside of his shaft. I was close pendik escort enough for the air to be warm but not close enough to make contact.

“Oh that’s good!” he sighed.

I lifted my head so I could flick my tongue under his tip, fast and soft, slow and firm.

“Oh yeah, keep going!” he moaned.

“I haven’t started yet!” I whispered. His cock jerked again.

I picked up the spare strip of silk. He eyed it keenly.

I settled one end at the base of his shaft and wound the rest up and around his cock, loosely. Once it was in place I pulled slowly on the end I still had in my hand. The fabric slowly slid upwards, spiralling round his hard cock, until it was off at the tip.

“Oh my God babes!!” He breathed heavily through the words.

“Again?” I asked.

“Please babes!”

This time I started at the tip. The silk in place, I pulled downwards and watched it slide slowly in a downward spiral towards his balls. I had an idea.

I wrapped his balls in the fabric and pulled it across and around their weight.

His breathing was heavy now and his cock was harder than I had ever seen it.

My pussy was wet and aching by now and I decided it was time to get some pleasure for myself. As if reading my mind he spoke.

“I want to taste you babes. I know you must be wet by now!”

I positioned myself above his face, my knees either side of his head. I was up on my knees so he couldn’t reach me, facing down his body so I could see his cock. He was trying to lift his head but the silk ties held him down.

“I can’t reach you babes!” he whispered, blowing softly up on to my pussy.

“I know. Watch!” I reached down between my legs and spread my wet lips for him to see. I trailed a finger between then, the full length of my slit and back again. I heard him gasp in appreciation.

“You want your tongue here instead of my finger don’t you?” I teased.

“Oh yes, I do babes. I want to taste you!”

I moved my finger up to play with my clit. I flicked and circled it, making my own breath come in short pants. He writhed beneath me, trying to reach maltepe escort my pussy with his tongue.

I lowered myself down onto him and let his warm soft tongue flick over my swollen lips just for a second. I lifted away again and played with myself.

“Please babes, you’re killing me!”

“You wanted me in control, right?” I whispered. “That’s what you’ve got.” I was really starting to enjoy being a dom for a change.

I moved my fingers away from my slit and held myself open above him. I slowly tensed and relaxed my inner muscles, making my slit open and close a little, showing him what his cock could be enjoying. His cock was oozing pre-cum. For a moment I was tempted just to cum above his face, and to see if he could cum himself with no contact. Maybe next time, I thought to myself.

I took my hands away and moved down his body a little and turned to face him. I’d obviously dripped a little of my juice onto his face as he was licking around his mouth furiously, trying to get as much of me as he could.

His eyes were wide as he looked up at me, taking in my tits, and moving down to between my legs. He had a wild, animalistic look in his face, which I’d never seen before. I liked it.

I leant forward and kissed him hard, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths as though we were new to each other. The kiss was deep and passionate, sending electric thrills down to my pussy. I couldn’t hold off much longer myself.

I moved down him again and knelt above his hard cock. I smiled down at him, trying to look as innocent as I could under the circumstances. He raised his hips to try to slide his aching cock inside me but it was too far, even for his eight inches.

I lowered myself a little and took his cock in my hand. It twitched hard and I thought he might cum out of sheer frustration. Fortunately he didn’t. I wanted his cum inside me.

I slipped his tip between my wet lips and stroked myself, using his cock as I had used my finger. We were both breathing hard now and I could feel my own orgasm starting to build deep inside me. I moved my position so kartal escort I could do the same over my hard clit. I was starting to get lost in my own moment.

“No more babes, please!!”

His plea brought me back to the real moment. I started to slide down his long hard shaft as slowly as I could. I kept my inner muscles squeezed tight around him. He let out a long sigh of satisfaction as I took his full length deep inside me.

I moved slowly up again until I held just his tip in my lips once again. I fluttered my muscles around it before sliding back down, holding him tightly in my pussy.

This time I stayed down, his shaft filling my pussy. I rolled my hips gently, allowing the friction to build up the momentum inside each of us.

I leaned forwards against his body, the new position allowing my clit to rub against the base of his shaft and for my erect and neglected nipples to rub gently against his strong, solid chest.

I looked up at his face and saw that he had his eyes tightly shut, a grimace of deep pleasure and tension on his face. I knew he was close. So was I.

I thrust my hips as hard as I could against him, rubbing my clit harder against him too. I felt a single spasm in my muscles, followed by a throbbing in his over-hard cock.

The single spasm was followed by a series of them as my orgasm shot through my body. At the same time, his cock exploded inside me, “sucked” by my gulping pussy. I felt his hot cum hit the back of my pussy as we cried out together, having the most intense experience either of us had ever had.

As our orgasms subsided, our thrusting hips slowed and gradually came to a stop.

His cock was still in me as I lay slumped and exhausted in top of him. I rolled off and lay next to him. We listened to each other’s breathing as it slowed.

“You going to untie me now?!” he smiled. His cock was almost soft now, and nestled against his upper thigh.

“I suppose it’s safe is it?” I giggled as I undid the four silk strips.

“I never said that!” he whispered as I lay back down next to him. “But I think it is. I don’t have the energy!”

We laughed as I snuggled into him, his head on my chest, one arm across my stomach.

“Are you sure that having me in control is such a good idea then?” I asked softly.

“Absolutely…” he whispered as he dropped off to sleep.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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