Snowdown in the Rockies

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I appreciate the response I received on my first story, Swimmer Returns Home. Before I could start on the sequel, I got sidetracked with the idea for Snowdown in the Rockies, and wound up doing this one instead of the sequel. I promise I will do the sequel to Swimmer very soon. Send me an email if you like this one. Thanks for your support!

It was early October and the evenings in Georgia were starting to cool off into the 50’s and 60’s, although days still featured temperatures in the high 70’s and sometimes up into the low 80’s, so it was not unusual for Tim to still wear shorts during the day. Such was the case today as he lay stretched out on the sofa when his mother breezed in with an armful of groceries. She could not help but notice how strikingly handsome her son Tim was. She reflected fleetingly that he had an easy way about him that made him popular among young men and women his age. In spite of that popularity, he was a little curious in that he was a bit of a home body seeming to prefer hanging out around the house over going out to party. In fact, although he had turned 18 almost a year prior, he had shown no real interest in getting a place of his own. His mother Marie was not a bit disturbed by this; in fact, she enjoyed having Tim around because they got along so well, and, after all, it had been just the two of them for several years now.

“Hi, baby. I’m glad you’re home!” she called cheerily. “I have a trunk full of groceries and sure could use a hand. What have you been up to this morning?”

“Nada, Mom. Just chillin’ in front of the tube”, he said reaching for the remote to turn the TV off.

Tim had decided to work for a while before attending college, but the jobs he had found locally were poor paying and involved working weekends and nights, neither of which appealed to him very much. He had been working at a local convenience store, but had recently quit to take a couple of weeks off before beginning work at a large clothing chain as holiday help. All of this led to his decision to start college in the spring instead of waiting for the fall. His grades had not been spectacular in high school, so he knew that he would have to take some foundational classes, which meant that the spring was a good time to get started. He had been thinking about all of the things going on in his life before his mother’s entrance shook him from his reverie.

He unfolded his long legs, ambled over to his mother, gave her a peck on the cheek and headed out the door. He quickly loaded all eight of the remaining plastic bags into his large hands using his elbow to close the trunk.

As he reentered the house and went to the kitchen, he saw his mother Marie straining her 5’6″ lanky frame to put some cans on the top shelf of the cabinet. She was on her tip toes which caused her pale blue blouse to rise and flash about an inch of tanned lower back. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting khaki slacks and Tim could see the outline of what appeared to be a pair of boys shorts forming a line across the bottom of what could only be considered a world class ass. He felt his cock rise involuntarily in his loose fitting dark tan shorts. His habit of dressing unencumbered by underwear usually meant that his penis was always slightly stimulated resulting in about 50 erections a day by his reckoning.

He sat the groceries down on the table and began to unpack and put them away.

“Thank you, honey”, she said with a smile.

“No problemo. Hey, did you remember to pick up some chips and nacho cheese?”

She teased him for a few moments by telling him she had forgotten them, and then admitted she had bought them when he started to whine.

“Let that be a lesson to you mister”, she kidded.

“A lesson not to believe your mom?”

“No, a lesson to remind you who loves ya”, she retorted with a big smile and wink.
He strode quickly over to her and gave her a sharp slap on the ass. She shrieked and jumped away before quickly pivoting in an effort to repay the favor. She swung her hand, but he grabbed her arms and wrapped his long fingers around her small wrists holding her powerless. She struggled in his grasp and bumped against him trying to dislodge his hands, but he just laughed at her efforts. Finally, he pretended to be overpowered and let her pull free. But when she slapped at him, he again caught her arm and swung her 180 degrees holding her around the waist and pinning her butt against his crotch. She had both hands free and was trying everything to get an advantage when he suddenly moved his hand from her waist to her armpit. Her 36 C breasts were resting on his forearm as he started to tickle her. She shrieked with laughter and wriggled like a worm on a hook to free herself from his grasp. In the process, she moved against his crotch. He felt a jolt of sexual electricity surge through his penis, and in surprise loosened his grip enough for her to wriggle free.

She quickly retreated to the other side of the table where he could not reach her.

“Okay, mister, czech couples porno now that’s enough! You are going to make me pee my pants if you tickle me any more.” she said with mock severity barely able to suppress a smile. “Now help me put the rest of these groceries away before the frozen foods begin to thaw.”

She moved to take some meat from the bag and noticed that she had become moist between her legs. She blushed at the thought, and then looked at Tim who was also blushing. As her eyes drifted down his t-shirt covered chest, she saw the reason for his discomfort. He had a raging hard on! He was trying his best to hide it, but there was no mistaking the huge bulge in his shorts. Marie felt herself go beet red at the realization that her son had a hard on because of her. The thought made her pussy pulse and she felt a rush of fluid run into the gusset of her tiny panties. Flushing red, she busied herself putting away groceries.

Tim turned away from his mother and pretended to be looking for something in one of the cabinets, but no matter what he tried to do as a distraction, his mind kept flashing back to his mother’s sweet ass and how firm it felt against his crotch, and that image had his dick as hard as a rock.

Marie noticed how he was doing everything but looking at her, and again blushed when she realized that he was still struggling to get what appeared to be a much larger than average erection under control. She couldn’t help but smile at his discomfort, but decided to put him out of his misery.

“I have to go to the bathroom. Would you mind putting the rest away honey?”

“Sure Mom”, he said grateful that she was leaving the room.

He quickly put the remaining groceries away, and then went to the base of the stairs.

“Mom, I am going over to Rob’s house for a few minutes. He just got some new speakers for his truck and he wants me to help him install them”, he called.

“Okay, sweetheart. Dinner will be at 6”, she called back.

Marie went to her room and closed the door. She was wet between her legs. She felt a pang of guilt as she realized that it was her son that had caused her vagina to flood, but the sheer excitement that was being generated below her waist overpowered the guilt. She couldn’t remove the image of Tim’s very large dick stressing the fabric of his shorts that was imprinted in vivid color in her mind’s eye.
She slipped her blouse off and removed her pale blue bra. She looked in the mirror at her breasts that didn’t have even a hint of sag. Her nipples were standing straight out in excitement. She watched as her hands took on a life of their own and moved over her breasts to gently caress her nipples.

Moisture formed between her breasts and on her upper lip as the room suddenly became hotter than the ambient temperature suggested it should be. She ran her hands over her soft, yet well formed midsection and undid the clasp on her pants. Her hands shook a little as she unzipped her pants allowing her thumb to press along her satin panties just above her pussy. She kicked off her tan heels and allowed her pants to slide down her skin colored nylon thigh hose. She could clearly see the wet spot on the front of her pale blue boy shorts as she stepped out of her pants. She let her fingers slide under the hem of the shorts, ran her fingers down the front of her soft pussy, and then brought her wet fingers to her mouth. She liked the way she tasted and would often taste herself when she masturbated, which was several times a week. She felt that masturbation was easier and far less complicated than maintaining a relationship, although it did not provide the lasting effects of a good fucking, something she had sorely missed over the past few months..

She again felt a surge run through her pussy. She watched the hand in the mirror go back to her sopping wet pussy. She rubbed her clit through her slick panties and felt her legs almost give way. She slid her hand under the loose fabric at the bottom of her panties and moved it aside to expose her closely trimmed pussy. Suddenly she had to have some relief and began to furiously rub her clit, moaning loudly. Every so often she would bring her sopping, slippery fingers to her mouth and slide them into her mouth. She needed more access so she pushed her blue panties to her knees. The sight in the mirror of her slightly spread legs naked save for the panties obscenely held up by her knees was too much for Marie. Her fingers again found her clit causing her knees to buckle as a powerful orgasm rocked her body. She was so weak she did not bother to pull her panties back up as she moved shakily to her bed and fell into it breathing heavily and exhausted by the effort. She lifted her right leg and pulled her foot from her panties and then lay still exhausted from the effort.

Marie drifted off to sleep and she did not hear Tim come home an hour later. The installation had been quick, and though Rob wanted him to run up to South Carolina with him, he didn’t feel like czech estrogenolit porno going to all the trouble to get dressed to go. Tim walked through the house looking for his mother, and when he didn’t find her went upstairs. Her door was closed. He thought she might be asleep, so he called her name in a hushed tone. There was no answer. His habit had long been to always check on his mother to make sure she was okay. He had always been protective of her and her friends always remarked at how cute it was that he always looked after her. Now, at the age of 19, he was if anything more protective.

He eased the door open and gasped. Marie was sound asleep on her back on the bed. Her long toned and tanned legs were splayed and her mound was staring back at him, delicate lips slightly open, closely trimmed light brown pubic hair shimmering with moisture. Her pale blue panties were on her left leg, but not her right. He licked his dry lips. He knew he should turn and leave, but he was rooted to the floor. His eyes tore themselves unwillingly from the sexiest pussy he had ever seen and traveled up her body. She had tan lines where her bikini covered her sex and breasts. Her breasts were slightly flattened against her sleeping body, her nipples gently jutting upward as though proud. Her smooth skin and sexy neck led to a face that was somewhere between pretty and gorgeous. She wore her hair short, and although she sometimes admitted that the color was to some extent a function of modern chemistry, it had always had a rich brown sheen.

She was 37, but had the body of a much younger woman. She was an avid swimmer and spent many hours a week in the backyard pool, and the laps she regularly swam had toned her body beautifully. She had big, brown, bright eyes that seemed to laugh at the world around her, and her personality was quiet, but not introverted.

Tim was transfixed and his eyes returned to her sweet pussy. He thought he could smell it from across the room. His dick was throbbing and pulsing like a big diesel engine, rushing him toward an orgasm without having even touched himself. His first thought was to go to her and bury his face in her pussy. His leg took a step forward, but his mind screamed to him, “STOP!” He shook his head as though to clear it of cobwebs, and as if on cue, his mother groaned and turned to her side. He froze in his tracks for a moment and then slowly backed out of the room and gently closed the door.

Marie’s eyes opened abruptly. She thought she had heard something and listened intently. She rose and stepped out of the panties that were now a victim of gravity. She shakily slipped a housecoat over her naked body. She opened her door, peered out and called tentatively to Tim.

“Are you home honey?”

“Yeah mom, I just got in a few minutes ago.”

She wondered immediately if he had been in her room. She knew he usually checked on her when he came home, and while the thought made her flush with embarrassment, she also felt a twinge between her legs. She knocked on his door and opened it just enough to peek her head in. He was sitting on the bed with a magazine in his lap that was bowed up from whatever was underneath it. His face flushed red and she knew immediately that something had made his cock hard, and she had a good idea of what that something was. She dropped her eyes and said she was going to put dinner on and that it would be about 45 minutes before they could eat.

Walking down the stairs she had a strange sense of something she couldn’t quite place, but it felt a little like skinny dipping for the first time in mixed company. For his part, Tim had quickly dropped a magazine in his lap when his mother had knocked on the door. He was so hard that it was painful.

Once she left, he quickly unzipped his pants and wrapped his hand around his bobbing shaft. His hand moved down its hot length and back up to the oversized head. Five rapid strokes later his cock throbbed and a jet of cum rushed from his balls and shot out hitting him just below the eye. A guttural “ummmph” rose from his stomach as the second and third spurts shot into the air and landed on the floor. His cock continued to pulse as what seemed like a gallon of cum covered its bulbous head.

He was frozen in place after what surely had been the greatest orgasm of his life. He looked down at the mess he had made and couldn’t suppress a chuckle. There was cum everywhere. He slowly jacked his softening member rubbing cum all over it. He removed his hand from the shaft and rubbed cum into his pubic hair where much of it had pooled. Without thinking, he brought his fingers to his nose and smelled. They smelled slightly like bleach. Curiosity got the better of him and he stuck his tongue out and licked his cum from his fingers for the first time.

“Not bad”, he thought and dipped his fingers into the pool again and sampled his cum again. He wrapped his hand around his cock again and pulled it up getting more of the now clear liquid. He meticulously czech experiment porno cleaned off his hand with his tongue before rising and going to the bathroom for a bath cloth for the floor and to take a quick shower.

After he finished his shower, he dried himself off and wrapped a towel around his waist before padding back to his room. His mother was coming up the steps as he was entering his room. Her eyes involuntarily looked beyond him, still a little embarrassed by what she assumed he had seen.

“Hey baby”, she said. “Dinner is cooking and it will be a few minutes, so I think I will take a quick shower before we eat. Do me a favor and keep an eye on the stove to make sure nothing boils over when you go down.”

“Sure mom”, he said also averting his eyes.

He dressed in a pair of gray jogging pants and a t shirt and went down to check on the food on the stove.

Marie showered and washed away whatever guilt she was feeling before towel drying her hair. She surveyed her taut body in the mirror.

She snickered to herself and said to the image in the mirror, “Not bad for an old lady. I can see why he would get good and stiff looking at this hot stuff”. She laughed again at her fake boldness and wrapped a towel around her body before returning to her room. She elected for comfort and selected a plain light weight green cotton dress. She always wore panties even if she sometimes skipped a bra when she was lounging around the house, but for some reason she decided against both and was naked under the loose fitting dress when she went downstairs. She glanced in the mirror and saw that her nipples were noticeable through the dress, but that fact was not enough to make her put on a bra.

Tim was sitting at a small table off the kitchen where they took most of their meals. It was small, but neither of them felt completely comfortable sitting at the large dining room table when it was just the two of them. She saw that he had already set the table and had poured them both a glass of white wine to go with the chicken and rice she had prepared.

He had turned into such a good man, she thought. He was even tempered, polite to strangers, and respectful of his friends and peers. She did wonder at his propensity to spend time with her at home instead of going out more. She also thought it a bit unusual that he did not date that often, but it seemed to fit into his quiet personality. She was unconcerned about his sexual orientation and knew intuitively that he was all man: she had caught him often enough trying to look up her dress, or down her blouse, and it had not escaped her that he hovered around her when she was by the pool in her bikini.

She served the food and the two of them talked about his upcoming start to school at the junior college a few miles away.

“I think I will be more comfortable there than if I went directly to UGA, or somewhere large. Plus, I can stay here and that should make it easier on the finances. That is, unless you want to throw me out in the street”, he said jokingly.

“Not a chance. What other man could I find that would set the table, pour my wine, and check to be sure I am alright”, she chided.

His eyes shot up from his chicken at the last part, and his face again flushed. He dropped his eyes, but his mind went from the fire to the frying pan as he could see his mother’s nipples poking prominently against the front of her dress.

She realized immediately what was causing his discomfort and couldn’t help but giggle, and couldn’t resist rubbing it in a little.

“Why, Timmy, if I didn’t know better I would swear you were staring at my tits.”

He quickly recovered from his embarrassment and shot back, “Well, it isn’t like I can avoid them. They are sticking out like two pencil erasers!”

She reached across the table and gave him a good natured slap on the cheek, and was ready to give him another verbal slap down when the telephone rang.

“I will deal with you later mister”, she smiled as she stood and went for the phone.

She disappeared into the living room for several minutes and when she returned Tim could tell something was not right.

“What’s the matter mom?”

“The call was a lawyer in Colorado. Your great uncle Wallace died two weeks ago. I hardly knew him, but it appears that he left me, well, us a log cabin in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. He didn’t have any children of his own, so he left what he had to his 3 nieces. Apparently, he had two houses in Denver and this cabin in the Rockies. He remembered how much I enjoyed the mountains as a child, so he left me the cabin. We have to go out there to sign the papers and decide on the cabins disposition.”

“So, when are we leaving? Can you get away from work to go on short notice?”

“One of the upsides to being a Realtor is that I work for myself. That commercial property I sold last month more than covered us through the next six months. I called your aunt Jackie after speaking with the attorney and she is going to cover my calls for a few days. If something sells of mine, she will split the proceeds with me. When we get back, she is going to go to sign for the Denver house Uncle Wallace gave her, and it will be my turn to cover her listings. Oh, and did I mention that the cabin is not worth as much as the houses were, so Uncle Wallace left me close to $50,000 in cash as well.”

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