Sneha Gives In to the Bad Guy

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Author’s notes: This is a true story of my own experience that happened two years ago. Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

Author: SnehaRoy

Editor: Clement94


The second year at medical schools in India is relatively rugged, with classes in the morning and ward duties in the evening. It was in 2018 that I cracked the nation level medical entrance to get a chance to study in one of the most prestigious medical colleges in Delhi and I had just turned 19.

Among all the other good things, I met Anirudh, my batchmate. His smartness, knowledge and personality were extremely appealing to everyone at college. But he chose to woo me and we started dating after the first 4 months in college. He was cute, taller than me at 5’9″ and clean shaved. He was good at football, had a charisma to make friends easily and was extremely courteous.

I am Sneha, 5’2″, have a round face and always prefer to keep my hair tied in a neat ponytail. Due to my height and extremely child-like face, the usual compliments I get are “Cute and sweet.” Often people even ask me if I study in a high school.

Anirudh was my first boyfriend. I never dated in high school even though I used to get multiple proposals. That was because: Firstly, I was extremely career eccentric. And secondly, because I didn’t want to fall in love with someone who my parents would never approve of. But now that I have got into a medical college, dating Anirudh felt like the right choice. He was going to be a doctor too and hence my parents would certainly never disapprove of him. Moreover, what impressed me about him was his sense of humor and smartness. In the initial days of college, he would help me study in the college library, much to the envy of other girls. And I personally loved that, I had always been extremely competitive and wanted nothing but the best for myself. So when Anirudh walked into my life: handsome, smart, desirable to most other college girls, I couldn’t resist but accept him!

After classes, we would walk together to the nearby cafeteria for lunch, then have short evening walks outside the campus in our first year. And finally return to our respective hostels after a cup of tea at the tea stall outside the college gate. Everyone at campus knew about our relationship and we were often called the “sweetest couple” at college. It was my first relationship, and I was living through every high of it: from “goodmorning” texts to “goodnight” texts, from evening walks to parties… Anirudh loved me a lot, he wasn’t extremely possessive or jealous. He never even pressurized me for sex. We did kiss and also made out a few times, but never went all the way. I just wanted our relationship to remain this way. I didn’t want to lose my virginity before marriage.

We met each other’s parents during the end-of-term vacation. And they knew about our relationship too. I was glad to find my parents, who had always been really conservative, not objecting to him.

Our relationship was going smoothly for 15 months, until that day in November. I was at ward duty in the afternoon. I was walking down the hospital lobby with Anirudh, when a man walked up to us.

“Excuse me, doctor, can you please tell me where the X-Ray room is?” He asked politely. He was tall, wearing a grey T-shirt, well built, had a neatly trimmed beard and looked about 25-27 years old.

For someone, who has been called a school girl at first sight all her life, this came as a pleasant surprise. He assumed me to be a doctor because I was wearing my apron and stethoscope.

“Walk straight, second right and you’ll find it to your left,” I said.

“Thank you doctor,” he greeted with a smile and walked off.

The next day, I was standing with my friends at the tea stall near the campus gate during break, when we saw that same man again. He parked his car, walked out of it holding a large envelope in one hand and sunglasses in the other.

“Hey, that’s an Audi A8?” Commented Sourav, one of my friends. Anirudh nodded in agreement as his eyes were fixed on that man approaching us, more specifically: me.

“Hey doctor, I hope I am not interrupting you. Thankyou for that little help yesterday. Got my X-ray done. Today I’m here for the diagnosis,” he addressed me particularly in my group, showing me the X-ray plate envelope in his hand.

I nodded with a polite smile.

“Would you mind if I talk to you for a second, doc?” He asked. I excused myself from the group and walked a little distance apart from the others.

“Since I got my X-ray done, can you look into it if there is any reason for concern?”

I wanted to tell him that I am just a student and not a doctor, but I didn’t want to break that bubble.

“Sure. Can I see it?” I said.

“Oh sure. Here it is,” He took out the plate and handed it to me. I raised it in the air and studied it. It was a normal thoracic X-ray (chest region). I studied hard but was unable to find any abnormality.

“What is the problem that you have?” pendik escort I asked.

“Severe chest pains at times,” He said.

“Hmm. Do you smoke?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, I do! Is it something due to smoking?” He asked.

“Well, the doctor inside will be able to tell you that,” I said.

“Oh alright. Um, can I have your contact number doctor, just in case I need to contact you?” He asked.

“Well, I…” I hesitated for a second, took a quick glance at Anirudh. He was sipping tea and talking to his friends. “Yes, sure.” I dictated my number to him. He returned a polite thanks and walked away towards the hospital. I went to join my group.

“Hey, what was he talking about?” Asked Sourav, sounding excited.

“Just, asking me to diagnose his report,” I said and chuckled.

“Oh, we thought he was asking for your number,” said Nisha.

“Audi A8, he must be really rich! Would have been a jackpot if he asked for Sneha’s number!” Said Sourav and laughed.

I felt a tingling in my stomach. My friends were clearly impressed by that guy. And I loved that he was being associated with me. I always subtly loved to impress and be the centre of attention.

That evening, when I was at the hospital, I received a text in my phone, “Hello doctor!”

Even though I knew who it was, I wrote, “Who’s this?”

“Varun, we talked in the morning. I asked for your number. Actually you were right doctor ma’am. I had my ECG done and the doctor there told me it is due to smoking.”

“Oh, okay. I see. Btw, I am not a doctor, I’m just a medical student” I typed back.

“I know. I already knew it.”

“Okay.” I wrote, a little embarrassed.

“If truth be told, I just wanted to talk to you because I found you hot.” His text read.

I was taken aback by that sudden confession. I bit my lip in a bid to prevent myself from blushing. Not because sudden compliments from men are rare to me, but because “hot” was indeed a new, and welcome change. I didn’t reply to him anymore. He didn’t text me either.

The next day at class I found myself checking my phone multiple times in anticipation for his text which didn’t come. After classes, and ward, I skipped the routine evening walk with Anirudh that day saying I was tired. I returned to my room.

As soon as I undressed, I decided to confront Varun.

“Well, thankyou for the compliment,” I wrote.

“You’re welcome, doctor ma’am,” He replied back immediately.

“I told you I’m not a doctor!”

“But you didn’t tell me your name either. I’ve even saved your name in my phone as ‘Doctor ma’am’.”

I laughed. My roommate, Nisha, looked up from her books at me with a quizzical look on her face. I went and sat beside her and narrated everything and confided in her not to tell anyone else about it. She seemed excited. “Wow Sneha! He likes you! You should totally date him. He’s both handsome and rich. Did you see his biceps in that T-shirt?”

I shot her a stern look. “Oh hello. What? I have a boyfriend! Don’t forget that! And I am loyal to him!”

Varun and I talked that entire night. He told me he owns an IT hardware business and lives alone in his apartment with his dog. By morning at around 4 A.M., we connected on social media. His profile was, at first glance, mesmerizing! Larger than life photos of travel, mountains, beaches, his luxury apartment, his brown labrador, and his workout photos. Most of his workout photos were semi-naked. I couldn’t help but notice his strong arms, the veins on them, his perfectly carved abs and chest, his glossy skin, his underpant bulging out in an attempt to constrain something big… All in all, he was the most alluring male specimen that I had ever seen. And what I would never usually say about men is that: he looked better without clothes.

“Hey Sneha, you prefer wearing traditional and ethnic dresses a lot, right?” He asked, after having checked my profile out.

“Yes,” I said. “I do wear western, but rarely. Mostly I combine jeans with a kurta.”

“Maybe you should try combining jeans with a tank top or crop top. Or try wearing shorter dresses. You have a great figure and you need to highlight it.” He said.

I laughed and said “Yeah ok, suggestion accepted. Maybe I’ll try sometime.”

“You should. Let’s go shopping someday and I’ll get you some if you would allow. Would really love to!”

“Oh c’mon. We just started talking today and you’ve already started making plans?”

“Good delicacies are best served hot!” He said. I felt glad that he couldn’t see me blush.

We talked a lot in the next few days, mostly at night when I would tell Anirudh that I was studying.

Varun would tell me about his tours and his lavish parties and I would tell him about my day at college. What amused me most was his ability to sugar-coat offensive flirtatious statements and drop bold compliments mid-conversation. For example, one day I told him I topped the class test and he said, “Damn, you are so hot that I feel like putting my water hose maltepe escort in you and extinguishing that fire.”

I got annoyed by that, since I had a boyfriend and he very well knew it. But I did feel a fire ignite inside me. I didn’t know what I was doing or where I was going with all of it, but I just enjoyed talking to him after the day’s toil. He broke the monotonicity of my life and gradually started becoming an addiction. I couldn’t sleep at night without talking to him.

I also admired how much detailed his observations about me would be. He’d say, “I like how your lower lip is fuller than your upper lip, perfect replica of Kylie Jenner. You know what does possessing a larger lower lip mean?”

“What?” I asked, pretending to sound uninterested.

“It means you seek adventure in your life. You want to explore things. And you are not easily satisfied sexually,” he said in what sounded like the most erotic tone I had ever heard.

On the 13th night, he asked me on text, “What’s your idea of a perfect man?”

“Pardon me?” I wrote back.

“I mean, what kind of a guy would you like to date?”

“I am already dating Anirudh!”

“Yeah, so what makes him perfect to you?”

It seemed like a harmless and interesting question at first. So I wrote.. “Um…okay. Firstly, he should be hardworking!”

“”Hmm… secondly?”

“Secondly, he should be caring. He should be smart. Height and physique is also important. Also, he should be a doctor!” I said.

“That’s it? Well, not a very long list I see,” he said.

“Yup, I keep my expectations real!”

“So, let’s see now. Hardworking…that I am! I set up an entire company by myself. Smart, certainly! Height… well I am 6’2″. Physique… I hit the gym every morning at 6! Biceps 17 inch, chest 44 inch! Well, Doctor I am not, but I guess I have made quite a good fortune even without being one. Caring… don’t know about that. But I do care, observe and pleasure women a lot in bed! And when you’re with me, I can guarantee you that I’ll handle every problem that comes your way.”

I didn’t have a reply to that. I kept my fingers on my phone’s keyboard, unsure of what to type. Then finally wrote, “What do you mean?”

“How good is your boyfriend in bed?” He asked, suddenly.

I was infuriated at that. “What kind of a question is that?”

“Tell,” he asked in what felt like an authoritative tone.

“No. You don’t need to know anything about my personal life,” I snapped.

“Are you a virgin?” He went on shamelessly. I didn’t reply.

“You know you deserve someone who pleasures you in every way. You are pretty, smart, you have a great figure, a cute height. You really deserve someone who loves you truly.”

“What makes you think Anirudh doesn’t love me or he loves me any less just because we didn’t do it?” I wrote, still fuming over his blatant postulations.

“LOL! Any guy who doesn’t fuck a sex goddess like you either doesn’t love you enough or is not man enough!”

By now I had enough of it. No one in my entire life had talked this way with me, let alone use the F-word!

I typed with trembling hands, “I had been talking to you because I thought you to be a decent and courteous man. But alas! I was wrong. Bye!” I blocked him without waiting further for his reply.

Life went back to the monotonous track after I stopped talking to him… An entire week passed and I didn’t talk to Varun and now I began missing him to the point where I looked visibly depressed.

Anirudh noticed it too and then during one of our routine evening walks he asked me if everything was okay. I blurted out everything to him, about Varun: the exchange of numbers, the texts, the long calls at night, his last message where he talked about penetrating me.

It was the first time I actually saw Anirudh getting angry at me. He since then refused to talk to me and started avoiding me.

That evening, Nisha asked me, “Don’t you talk to Varun anymore at night?” And then I told her everything and also showed her the last text from him.

“Damn, he called you a “sex goddess”? Wow. I told you he’s interested in you, but who knew he was interested to this level. Sneha, listen to me. You should talk to him. Any girl would consider herself lucky if a man like him calls her a “sex goddess”!” She said.

“I don’t know, should I be lucky?” I asked softly. “Anirudh isn’t talking to me.”

“Sneha…look. I don’t know if I should say this, but you deserve better,” she said, looking directly into my eyes.

I looked away and muttered, “Varun said this too.”

That night, after we switched off the lights, I lay awake in my bed, contemplating whether to call Varun.

I did. He received. “Look who called today!”

“I’m sorry,” I said meekly.

“It’s okay. I should be sorry. I went a little overboard,” he said.

I found myself battling to hold back tears. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” I kept repeating.

“Hey, hey cute girl! You’re crying? Why are you crying?” kartal escort He asked, sounding concerned now. I loved how his tone echoed sincerity.

“You aren’t talking to me. Anirudh is avoiding me! I have no one in my life!” I cried now.

“It’s okay! Calm down. I’m here for you!”

“You are?” I asked.

“Listen, I’m coming to your college tomorrow morning to meet you. You are not alone, never alone. Now go to sleep. And remember, whatever happens, I’m here for you. I love you!”

There was a deep silence. And I softly uttered “I love you too,” before hanging up the call. I didn’t know if he even heard it. I dropped to sleep immediately after that.

I woke up next morning around 9:30 A.M to several texts from Anirudh. “Hey I’m sorry”, “You there?”, “Why aren’t you in class?”, “Are you fine?”

But there was one text that made my heart skip a beat. It was from Varun. “Be ready by 9, I’ll be there to pick you up!”

“Shit!” I said as I found several missed calls too. I called Varun back.

“Varun? I’m really sorry. I just woke up!” I said.

“It’s okay. Not a problem. I’m waiting outside the campus gate. Take your time, get dressed and come down.”

I sat on my bed recalling the incidences of last night: I fought with Anirudh, I confessed to Varun that I love him and right now he was waiting outside for me. I pondered on whether I should be going out with him, especially when I knew what his actual intentions were. But he was so gentle and courteous last night, and it was my duty to repay him back.

I quickly took a shower, dressed in a tight black kurta and jeans. Subconsciously, I was dressing to impress him, since he loved my curves. I skipped the shawl that I usually wrap around my neck. I tied my hair in a ponytail, applied eyeliner, grabbed a handbag and went out.

He came out of his car when he saw me walking towards his blue Audi and held the door for me. He was wearing a brown jacket with a T-shirt underneath since it was already the last week of November and that meant the onset of winter in Delhi. I smiled at him and got in.

We drove to a cafe at the far end of the city. On the way he kept complimenting how good I looked in black and how bold my eyes looked with the eyeliner on.

Everyone at the cafe seemed to know him and that made me feel special too. He asked for my permission to click a few selfies together and laughed as I let him. He kept his right arm around me in most of the photos and I could feel the weight of the bulk of his arm. My small frame looked more small beside him. After each click, he kept inching closer till his cheek was rubbing against mine and my left hand accidentally touched his pants and I felt a clear hard-on. I quickly jerked my hand back.

“You can keep it there,” he whispered as he rubbed his lips against my left cheek. “Mmm, your cheeks are so soft! I wonder how soft your boobs will be!”

I bit my lips. My heart was racing fast. He was slowly brushing his lips closer to mine. His hand was still around my shoulder. I closed my eyes.

What happened next was the most beautiful and emotionally charged sensation that had ever known. He rubbed his nose with mine. Then softly sucked my lower lip. I was not in my control. It was a different kind of trance. The fragrance of his aftershave lotion, his strong arm holding me stiffly to my place. We kissed for how long, I don’t know. It was as if the world outside had ceased to exist for those few moments.

He again rubbed his nose against mine before releasing me. I took a deep breath and inhaled the much needed air. I found my hand resting on his hard-on. When and how it went there, I had no clue. I know I should have pulled back my hand immediately, but I couldn’t this time. Instead I began caressing it. Simultaneously, his right around my shoulder was slowly caressing my left breast now.

“Do you like it little girl?” He whispered.

“Mm,” Was all that escaped my mouth.

He then got up, paid the bill and took my hand. We walked out of the restaurant, hands interlocked, fingers entwined.

As soon as we were in the car, I asked him, “Where are we going?”

“To my apartment,” he replied while applying the gear. “But first, we will go shopping and buy you some sexy outfits.”

I laid back and rested my head on the headrest of the posh car seat. I could still smell his cologne, it felt warm. A sense of euphoria had taken over that was strange to me. I was a perfect good girl, but what I was doing now or about to do now, was completely contrasting with my image. I had just been kissed and fondled by almost a stranger. I even caressed his hard-on. Sometimes when I hugged or kissed Anirudh, I did feel his hard-on, but I never acknowledged it. We never even talked about those things. And here was a man who was just so proud of his manhood! He even asked me to keep my hand on it and feel it! And now I was in his car, accompanying him to his apartment, maybe to get fucked? What if my parents came to know what I was doing, what if my teachers came to know…what if Anirudh..?

I had drifted into my thoughts so much that I didn’t realize we had reached the shopping mall until he stopped the car at the gate of the underground parking to collect the parking slip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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