Small Town X Snippets

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Reader, these short stories were put together with stories from other writers building up a town and its occupants.

Its an odd mixture I declare, but I enjoyed writing them very much. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mystery Writer for encouraging me. You are much appreciated MW, thank you.


one glass was enough

Silver helmet completely covered the head, black leathers covered from neck down, black leather gloves and black boots with silver buckles completed the ensemble.

All this sat astride the biggest motorbike I ever laid eyes on. And grunt! Wow! You never heard anything grunt like that motor did.

The motor switched off at the flick of the key. The leather squeaked a bit, but sure looked good on the body that strutted into the diner.

I couldn’t see one speck of skin, so I just stared at the black visor.

“I’d like a glass of water ma’am,” a male voice drawled.

I handed him his glass with ice tinkling. “That’ll be a dime thanks.”

He handed me payment and I threw it on top of the til, watching as he lifted the visor just enough to push the straw through. He tilted his head back. I stared at his adam’s apple bobbing as he sucked the straw and swallowed the whole glassful.

“You want another?” I asked.

“Yes ma’am. I’d like another please.”

“You’ll have to come out back, I don’t hold stocks of it up here,” I walked into the storeroom without looking back to see if he was following.

He followed alright. As I bent to open another crate of the bottled water, he’d slammed the door shut with his boot, unzipped those tight leather trousers, lifted my skirt, pulled my panties aside and slipped his cock straight and deep inside me. I yelped, grabbed the edge of the crate for balance and pushed back against him. Within moments he came deep inside, grunting hard, hands on my arse.

I pulled out a bottle, uncapped it and held it behind me. He took a long swig and thrust deep into me again. My muscles clenched against him, pulling him in and I bit my lip to stop from screaming as I came.

He moved away, tidying my panties and pulling my skirt down for me. By the time I turned around, he was on his motorbike. By the time I got to the door, he was gone leaving a cloud of dust and roaring echoing around the buildings.

Just one of the few strangers who pass through the STX, unimportant to most, but one whom we could nonetheless add to the survey.


the delivery

I slowed the motorbike, parking beside the minivan. Getting off, I walked around it. All the windows were closed. The door handle was locked.

A woman in a Ranger uniform showed up. “Can I help you?”

“I’m looking for the owner of this minivan. Know where he is?” I spoke through the silver helmet.

“He’s gone into town for supplies. Can I help?”

“No. Is there somewhere I can rest up around here?” I asked. “I need a wash and a meal.”

After a long appraisal, “You can come back to my place.”

I followed her, parking my bike by her cabin.

The campground was noisy, kids playing outside campervans, a couple of rat-like dogs barking. I didn’t take much notice of them as I watched her cute arse walk up the three steps onto the porch of her cabin. Controlling the rising wave of lust, I followed her into the dimness of the room.

“You can shower in there,” she waved me towards a door, turned her back on me and began pulling pots from the kitchen cupboards.

I hurried with washing, putting my clothes back on while my stomach growled loudly. Walking out, I saw she’d laid the table for two. I moved behind her, my hands on her shoulders. She moaned as I massaged her tense muscles.

“Don’t stop,” she begged. I smiled, letting my fingers work their magic. I knew what would come next. She slid the pots away from the heat, switched the knobs off, and turned in my arms.

The kiss was long and hungry. Her arms went around my body and I shivered as her fingernails scraped up my back. She moaned again as I sucked on her tongue. When my fingers found her nipples she pushed hard against me.

“I want you,” I groaned. She grabbed my hand and led me to the couch-bed. We stripped quickly, desire hot in us both. Our screwing was hard, fast, fantastic and over in four minutes.

We dressed and ate our meal.

“So then, what brought you to STX?” she asked.

“I have a delivery for the writer.”

“Oh?” plucked eyebrows rose.

“Yeah. I’ll wait for him, pass on this delivery and be on my way.”

“You’re welcome to stay here with me.”

“No, it’s ok. I just wanted a wash and meal. Thanks for the offer though.” She came to the door to see me off. Turning, I kissed her hard.

I drove back to the minivan. A large man with silver hair stood by the door of his van.

“This is for you.” I handed him the envelope. He ripped it open impatiently.

“Ah, just what I was waiting for,” he smiled and went into his minivan.

I peered through the pendik escort grime on the window. He drank deeply from the glass, put it down and grinned as he read the contents of the letter. I’d seen that look before and knew that Small Town X was in for a shake up.


His heart had given him another scare, but that wasn’t what he’d told his wife. As far as she knew it was just a little infection on his lungs. Trouble was, she fussed over him until he felt like screaming at her to fuck off.

He was proud of himself at managing to quell that urge so far. Instead, he’d got her to drive him to work and leave him there for a couple of hours. It was so good to be away from her for a while.

As the almost retired senior barrister of the law firm, his workload had been minimised. He pottered around, cleared his desk and decided to have a little fun while he waited for her to collect him.

Opening the door, he called his secretary into the room. She was tall with legs in stockings that looked like they went all the way up to her damn neck. Watching her sit cross-legged with her notebook and pencil was a complete turn on for him.

When he dictated his letters to her, he had to look out the window to help keep his concentration steady. Unfortunately, he’d discovered that if he stood just at the right angle, he could watch her reflection.

He began dictating his letter to the STX Council members. His eyes on the pane, he watched as she spread her legs wide open. He saw the tops of her stockings, the pink flesh above, the black straps of her garter belt. His heart pounded in his chest as he ripped his gaze away. He knew his dictation was off the wall, but what the hell, today was just for fun.

He grabbed at his chest as he watched her fingers slide up inside her skirt, the red material gathering as her hand moved upwards. He stared, dictation forgotten as her fingertips touched her hot looking pussy. As she rubbed her clit he was gasping for air. When she let her head roll back and rubbed her body vigorously, his hand rubbed against his aching hard on. When she came, tiny drops oozed from his cock staining his trousers. His body shuddered. His coughing fit covered his orgasm, kind of.

She straightened herself up. With his back to her he told her to type up the letter. When she left the room, he turned and collapsed in his chair. His breathing centered and his heartbeat slowed.

He thought about the predicament his brother was getting deeply involved with. As a professional writer and researcher, he should know better. But there was going to be no stopping him.

He concentrated on the papers she handed him without looking up at her face. Reading them, he sprawled his spidery signature across the bottom.

“Thank you dear, post it today please.”

She went out without a backward glance. The door almost spun on its hinges as his wife walked in. Sighing, he closed up his jacket, stood up and let her take him home.


He thought I was sleeping when he sneaked out at 2am. He thought I didn’t know he was off to one of those middle of the night meetings that only happen in STX. Oh, not that it worried me. But it would be nice if he kissed me before he left sometimes.

Within minutes of his leaving, a car came quietly up the drive. A door slammed shut then the lock on the front door turned and the third stair from the bottom creaked. I lay hardly breathing under the sheet, the blanket over my head.

His side of the bed dipped and naked flesh first stretched, then snuggled tight up against my back. A hand moved over my waist and stealthily cupped my breast. My nipple hardened instantly. When the finger and thumb squeezed it, I moaned. Hot fire burned through my body. I turned, melting as warm wet lips enveloped my nipple and suckled gently.

She sucked me softly, her fingertips finding my clitty and stroking. I came as she inserted the vibe. I had no idea she’d brought one. While my body was still pulsing, I moved down and suckled on her breast. When I flicked my tongue over her clitty, she came hard and fast, thrusting her hips against my face. I lapped her honey until she stopped shuddering.

Moving back up, we kissed deeply.

“I missed you Doc.”

“I know honey, that’s why I came tonight. I’ve been so busy filling forms out. It seems the writer has stirred things up around here. People are getting jittery. I need to make sure all the paperwork is in order.”

“Everything’s ok isn’t it?” I sat up in bed and looked at her with concern.

“Yes love, it’s all ok. The writer may have stirred up trouble, but it’s nothing we haven’t dealt with before.” She smiled to waylay my fears.

Pulling away and dressing quickly, she spoke “I better get going now. I want you to come in to the surgery tomorrow. You need to have that mammogram done.”

I stretched languidly. “Yes Doc, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I watched as her cute tushy went out the door. God she has a great arse.


a maltepe escort witness?

Running behind the garage I vomited my lunch up. Stunned disbelief surged through me as I realised what I’d just seen.

He’d killed her, I knew it. He’d hit her with the wrench on the back of the head. While I watched, she slumped to the greasy floor.

His self-satisfied look as she crumpled shocked me. He’d enjoyed doing it! I heaved some more, holding my stomach as dry retching overwhelmed me.

“Hey boss. You all right?” He swaggered towards me. I backed away.

“I’m fine. I must have eaten something bad for lunch,” I tried covering up my reaction to what I’d seen.

“You want me to call the Doc?” he asked.

“No! No, I’ll be fine. I just need to sit down for a while. Carry on working. I’ll go sit in the office for a few minutes.” I straightened up arms wrapped tightly around my stomach, and walked through the parts area to the office. My furtive glances saw nothing untoward. No body lay on the floor, no blood. Maybe I’d imagined the scene.

I fell into the office chair, resting my head against my arms on the desktop. The stomach cramps were easing a little. I took a few deep breaths.

“Here you go boss,” startled I looked straight into his eyes. He held the glass of water out to me. His hands steady, his eyes unblinking.

I took the glass and gulped its contents. He moved behind me. I shivered as his hands rubbed against my shoulders. My mind glazed over. Drifting into a fog, I realised his hands felt good as they moved over my body. I leant back against the chair as his hands slipped inside my shirt, inside my bra. He squeezed my breasts, rubbing my nipples. I gasped as he pinched them hard.

The zip on his overalls moved down quickly as I held it between finger and thumb. He wore nothing underneath. My hand slipped inside and pulled out his hard cock. Its flesh moved as I stroked him. He moaned as I took him into my mouth. I nibbled him teasingly, sucked him wantonly. His fingers grabbed my hair as he thrust deep into my mouth. I sucked hard feeling him expand in my mouth. The veins on his cock throbbing against my tongue. I sucked hard and fast. I wanted this murderer so bad.

His cum hit the top of my mouth. I swallowed a mouthful, gagging on the second. Cum spurted all over my face, warm thick and wet, dripping onto my clothes.

Letting my hair go, he pushed my forehead away from him. When I reached to lick him clean, he slapped my face.

“Get away bitch! Go clean yourself up.” He walked out of the office zipping up his overall.

Still dazed I cleaned myself, walked to my car and drove home. I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow only to dream of bodies and wrenches. The second murder I’d witnessed had been as bad as the first.


Wilson’s Chief Inspector looked over the paperwork. Sighing, he moved from behind his desk, rubbing the bridge of his nose. At 11.30pm he’d been working for 41 hours straight. He needed a break real bad.

He walked down the station into the canteen. The coffee was disgusting, but it usually held enough kick to keep him on his feet. He poured himself a cup of the thick black liquid, helped himself to a cake from the cabinet and sat down stretching his legs out.

Mulling over the circumstantial evidence he’d seen he felt Maggie Evan’s killer wasn’t far away. The case seemed alarmingly similar to another a few years back. Unfortunately he didn’t quite have the proof he needed to put that guy in the slammer, maybe this time he’d see justice done. Most of what he’d read had been heresay though. He needed hard evidence. He needed the murder weapon.

The pathologist report confirmed she’d died from being struck behind with a blunt weapon. He had no information of any witnesses seeing what happened, no evidence of a weapon. The only person who knew anything would be the person who had seen her last, the mechanic at the garage. He was going to have to take a trip over to STX tomorrow.

The waitress appeared from the storeroom with a jug of milk. She walked from behind the counter and sat down opposite him. He raised an eyebrow as she poured some milk into his coffee.

“Freshly acquired for you Chief,” she grinned. His blood pressure shot up a notch.

“I’m finished for the night. Want to come home with me?” he asked.

“Sure thing Chief.”

He watched as she put the jug in the sink. Taking the apron off her rounded shape he marvelled at women’s ability to give birth and return to relative normalcy within three months.

She switched the lights off as they walked out the door. Snuggling close to him as he drove, she let her fingertips wander over his chest. She nibbled on his ear, whispering how she’d love him tonight. Her hand slipped low as she caressed him through his jeans.

“Please baby,” was all it took. She unzipped him, holding his manhood in one hand, she bent and sucked him softly. The car jerked kartal escort a little. She licked him lightly, her tongue circling his tip, tasting his juices. He turned the corner, she took him deep into her warm wet mouth and sucked him hard. He nearly drove off the road as he shuddered. She took all he gave her, cleaning him gently.

He pulled up outside the door of the house. Tomorrow he’d go to STX. Tonight he’d take his wife up to bed loving her as he knew only he could.


Almost tripping, I descended the two steps, pulling my habit angrily up from the ground. The bus driver followed me off practically chucking my heavy case on the road edge.

I handed him the fare, thanking him for his help. He tipped his hat as he climbed on the bus. I watched until the bus disappeared out of sight, the dust from its worn wheels landing in clouds on me.

I turned and looked up the main street of the town. Nothing had changed. The town wasn’t large. The buildings in definite need of major repair work. Eddies Place, The Hop-In, a library, sheriff’s office, a couple of side streets showed more promise.

I picked up my case and half dragging it, walked along to the crossroads. No one was in sight, I guessed that was pretty normal for a Sunday afternoon in STX.

Moving into the shade under the entranceway by the closed library, I placed my bag against the wall. Bending to unzip the bag for a drink I noticed something shiny on the ground under the wooden walkway. Peering through the gap in the boards I couldn’t decide what it was.

Moving to the edge of the walkway, I looked under the gap between the floorboards and the ground. I stretched my hand out as far as I could reach, my fingertips touching cold metal.

Easing it towards me, I eventually managed to grasp it in my hand. I stood, staring at the object. A wrench. The open end covered in a dark red stain. I didn’t know for certain what it was, but knew it had the look of dried blood.

A rough hand on my shoulder pulled me back.

“What’s that you’ve got there missy?” a gravely voice ground as his fingers gripped tighter.

Looking up at him I decided he wasn’t the most savoury of people. I relaxed a little though, as the sunlight bounced of his silver badge.

“Looks to me like a mechanic’s wrench. Here, see for yourself. Be careful though, it looks like there’s blood on the end.” I handed the Sheriff the wrench.

“Well I’ll be… Little lady, I think you’ve just found a murder weapon. Thank you ma’am. I’m gonna need you to come along to the station with me and answer a couple a questions.” He pointed me in the right direction and walked behind me to his office. I ignored the feeling that his eyes were watching my body as I walked. The shiver of awareness was almost more than I could handle though.

I sat on the chair he directed me to gathering my uniform close around me. With feet flat on the floor, hands folded neatly in my lap I asked “Who was it that died Sheriff?”

“Maggie Evans was murdered. Found belted in the seat of her car in the lake last month.”

Unbelievable shock ricocheted through my body. I had no choice now but to go to the house. My birth mother was dead!


The courtroom was silent when the judge entered. Nodding to the courthouse he sat, adjusting his wig with one hand. The other hand placed papers on the old wooden desktop.

He looked around the courtroom. The jury box was empty, this was after all only a preliminary hearing. The defendant sat an officer either side of his body. The lawyers were practically tripping over each other as they came forward to the desk.

“Sir, I’d like to adjourn this hearing on the grounds that the defendant is ill.”

“Sir I object. We need to get this hearing underway. He’s costing us a fortune sitting round in the jailhouse.”

“He looks alright to me,” the judge peered at the prisoner.

“Sir, he’s been vomiting for the last 24 hours. We’ve taken him to the doc and she’s given him something to calm his stomach. He isn’t well enough to be fully aware of what’s going on this morning. We’d like to adjourn until the day after tomorrow,” the lawyer looked pleadingly at Judge Bush.

The judge looked closer at the accused. He did seem a little pale around the gills. He slammed his mallet onto its base. “This preliminary hearing is adjourned for 48 hours.” He signed the forms.

“All stand,” the court clerk boomed.

Everyone stood as Judge Bush gathered up his papers and left the room. Muttering came from the gallery, as the accused mechanic was lead from the room.

The officers took him straight out to the vehicle. They drove him from the courthouse back to the jail. The mechanic looked white faced as he sipped from his recycled water bottle. He lay back on the seat and dozed off to sleep.

He awoke when he realised I’d stopped the vehicle. I got out, opened his door and climbed onto the back seat. I unzipped his trousers, his feeble protest ignored. My partner quickly cuffed him with his arms above his head. I pulled his cock out with one hand. I was so hungry for him. I hadn’t had him for two hours. I’d watched him sipping away at that water bottle knowing full well that he’d be horny as hell.

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