Slick and Wet

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Four years ago, when I first laid eyes upon him… I wanted him. I never suspected what was to be…

I hadn’t seen him in almost two years. When I spotted him again, time hadn’t changed his handsomeness one bit. I admired him from afar. I never figured I’d be the type of girl to catch his eye.

He always had this sexy swagger to his walk. I could easily picture him in a fedora, suit and tie… Looking like an old school mobster. Oh yea. His half smile set fire to my blood. I loved watching the man walk and work. He probably didn’t even know I was watching.

A few months down the road, I ended up being drug down to the local bar after work by my girl Buni for “a” drink. Well, we ALL know how that goes. “A” drink turned into 3 for her and 4 for me… But we were joined by Slick. We were all laughing and having a great time, great conversation. Me, I couldn’t help studying his face in the dim lit bar. DAMN! The man is FINE! I imagined running my supple lips along his jawline, tongue across his Adam’s apple, and tracing my fingers along his collarbone before dipping down into the”V” of his polo shirt. Oh yes, he made me hot just sitting there. After we finished our drinks we parted ways. I didn’t think much of it. I had a good time.

I’ve never been much of a barfly, in fact, usually I avoid bars. I know how alcohol can affect me… I prefer to drink by myself or with a few close friends. The ones who keep me OUT of trouble… But here I was at the bar again.

I chose to sit alone after ordering my drink. I’m a people watcher and given the amount of people I know here, if they want to join me, they will. In walks Slick. My goodness the swagger on that man sets my hormones on fire…

Makes the woman in me drool…

Makes me sit up and beg!

Slick catches my eye, orders his own drinks, and saunters on over to my table. The conversation is light and full of laughter. Before either of us knows it, it’s closing time. I closed down the bar, a first! We shuffle outside, still laughing and conversing. 30-45 minutes we stand out bullshitting and laughing in the parking lot. When we go to finally part ways, I steal a hug.

Now Slick isn’t a body builder, he’s a light framed man. He’s well kept. Dark eyes and hair… But those eyes change in color depending on his mood. Amber, green, various shades of brown, they’re captivating. He wears his facial hair in such a way that when it grazes the skin of my neck from the separation pendik escort of our hug, it elicits goosebumps over my skin.

Yes, I want to taste this man. I want to fondle, caress, lick, suck, nibble, and please this man. I want to hear moans and murmurs escape his lips. I want his hands in my hair and skimming my body. Oh, there’s lust. But I don’t say a word.

Slick shows up at my place a couple days later. I have no idea how he tracked me down, but it doesn’t surprise me. I tell him to hop in my truck and we take off. You see, my place is small and crowded… And I wanted privacy. So, I take him and my quad cab truck out into the woods. The setting is perfect. Clear night sky. Chirping crickets. The occasional hoot from an owl. Just us, a couple of drinks, and a goregous September night.

Through the course of conversation, he has me entrapped. I’m under his spell. I enjoy watching his lips form words. I watch his hand gestures. I find myself wondering once again how those lips would feel against mine, how his hands would feel careening over my skin, how I could ride those fingers as they slipped in and out of my sheath…

Then there’s silence. Our eyes lock. I scoot a little closer. I rest my hand on his shoulder before I skim his arm. My blood is hot and pulsing. I see he’s picked up the subtle change in me and he leans his head a little closer to mine. Our foreheads touch. Our lips are so close together I can feel his hot breath on my cheeks. So far apart… But so close! I want to feel them!

Slick decides he wants to see the stars. Being a nighttime creature myself, I concur. So we both hop out of the cab to take post on my toolbox in the bed of the truck. Conversation and laughter continue. Oh his stories of his friends and their misadventures! I start pointing out constellations. Again the air about us changes. Full of need and desire. I haven’t felt a man as a woman in more than a year and I say so. Slick obliges me. I undo my belt and unfasten my blue jeans to allow him access while his lips FINALLY capture mine. I feel his fingers fondling my little nub before they delve into my molten hot core. This man has magic fingers, a hushed moan escapes my lips, and I begin to wonder what the rest of him is like.

Arching his fingers upward, Slick strokes and caresses the sensitive G spot of my core. Moans and gasps emerge from me. He works two fingers into my tight sheath coating them with my juices. My breath maltepe escort is coming in short pants. Slick removes my shirt, as I have already removed my bra, and takes my erect nipples into his mouth. Licking and nibbling my taut peaks all the while dipping his fingers in and out of my tunnel. He instructs me to climb up on my toolbox. He lets his pants fall to his ankles and positions himself behind me. As he lightly twists my nipple between his thumb and index finger he enters me. Both of us gasp and moan at his entrance. I am so wet and slippery. He is so hard. I still want to taste him. I want his cock in my mouth… But he feels so good pumping hard in and out of my tunnel.

Although it is September, there are still mosquitoes and they are beginning to eat us alive, so we climb back into the cab.

Once we are in the cab the play continues, only is my turn to play. I nibble Slick’s earlobe and lave his jawline traveling kisses and licks down his chest, stomach, and lower still. Slick is hard, throbbing, excited. I love seeing him like this. Even if I’m not the only female to see him like this… Slick is mine tonight… Even if only for tonight. And I am going to taste Slick thoroughly.

I flick my tongue against the tip of his manhood circling his head. A moan is uttered from him. I cover him with my mouth and slide down his length using my double pierced tongue to enhance the warm velvety sensation of my mouth engulfing his cock. Back and forth my tongue moves, lazy figure 8’s dance on the underside of his sword.

I love taking him all the way in, swallowing him… His length in my mouth. Oh goodness, I’ve missed being able to corrupt a man’s senses like this. Up, down, up, down, up, down… Popping him out of my mouth and slapping him against my cheek before taking the entirety of his shaft into my mouth and down my throat. Swallowing him. Looking up I see his eyes hooded in passion, excitement, the throws of lust… Good.

“Oh, goddamn, damn, oh…” I tirelessly work his cock. Each and every exclamation urging me on. Every thrust of his hips, the pulse madly beating in his member, the sweet saltiness of his skin, everything is driving me into a frenzy of madness to taste that manly gift a women receives when she’s thoroughly pleasured her lover. After one more exclamation of his excitement, he stuns me…

Asserting his dominance as a man, he slips from beneath me to pleasure me. While he is licking, kartal escort nibbling, tasting my clit and tunnel… My ass high in the air… He squeezes and rolls my nipples between his fingers. A moan leaves my lips. He further pushes the limits of my pleasure by running his facial hair and lips up my spine. .. All the way up. .. Biting my earlobe, licking my neck, nibbling my shoulder. I shudder in pleasure… Utter pleasure. .. But I have yet to climax.

My turn. I nibble his jawline and take his earlobe in my teeth to slide down that flesh raising goosebumps on his skin. My slick core sliding against his erection while I travel my lips and tongue down his chest, down his stomach, my hands roaming his thighs and hips, until my mouth finds what it’s seeking… That hard. Tasty. Lollipop of manhood! My tongue runs circles around his head while my hands stroke his hard shaft. I then take that pulsing sword into my mouth to its hilt and swallow it. Good lord! Slick feels good everywhere I take him! But I want more of him. I want ALL of him. After a few more strokes with my mouth I ease up his body, capture his lips, and impale myself on him. I use my kegel muscles to squeeze and massage him. I want his pleasure! He lets a sigh slip because of my pulsating muscles. I know I’ve got him pleased.

Slowly, I ride Slick. A couple quick strokes then a circle grind against his leans hips. I enjoy how insatiable he is, how wild he makes me feel, how he can keep pace with me. I ride him until my hips can no longer take the pain…

Again an assertion of dominance. I love how easily the power transfers. Few of my lovers have been so smooth with the transition and I doubt Slick has any idea how much I appreciate the ease in which it happens.

From behind. A little guidance and it’s on and pumping. Oh, it’s hard and fast, frenzied and animalistic. I love it. Harder and harder he thrusts himself into me, balls slapping against my clit with every powerful thrust. Moans, grunts, and cries of pleasure erupt from me like never before until Slick has as little energy as I have. Hot and covered in sweat, every window of the cab completely fogged up, Slick collapses on top of me caressing my breasts before he rolls into the seat. Knowing neither of us climaxed, I hope we get another session.

In true lover fashion, Slick and I end up sitting naked laughing and talking until daylight begins to break.

Funny, it’s been a long time for me to have a lover I could talk to like that. I hope this won’t be our first and last go round. I rather like the friendly laughter, the conversation…

The intimate moments…

The amazing unfinished sex…

Besides, I still want to taste him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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