Six Weeks in Casts

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The timing was perfect. On my last day of High School I get run over by a freaking school bus. My plans had literally turned to shit. I was facing six weeks in a freaking body cast that extended from both forearms to my neck then down below my knees. As if that wasn’t enough my jaw was wired shut from a fracture there.

The first week was in the hospital but this morning they tell me I’m going home to recover. What a joy that’s gonna be. Between my workaholic mother and totally stuck up bitch of a sister I’m going to probably spend the next five weeks laying in my own shit. Christ! Just shoot me.

With my mouth wired shut even eating is a nightmare. They fill up a bag with God knows what and it runs through a tube into my mouth. There’s a valve they put in my hand so I can at least control the flow rate. They could at least puree real food instead of this tan crap they’re giving me.

To communicate I use a computer. That’s how I’m writing this journal now. I type, they read. Too bad they don’t pay attention to what they read. I asked for the TV remote so the jerk nurses aide lays it on the bed a foot from my hand and with the cast I can’t move to get it.

You might be getting the idea that I’m frustrated and pissed. Well, I am. I wasn’t that way at first but with the way I’ve been treated in the last week it’s gotten to me.

I will give the hospital staff one thing. They keep me clean. At least twice every day they come in with a pan of water, wash cloth and wash all the exposed areas thoroughly. Too bad they haven’t discovered the warm water control on the sink.

I’m eighteen so I get erections a lot. They have a treatment for that too. It’s called an ice pack. It works like a charm except by the time they remember to remove it my balls are aching so bad I could scream. Screams are very dissatisfying when you have to type them.

This is nothing more than a legal way for a bunch of sadistic people to exercise their fetishes in the guise of health care workers.


I’ve been home for a week now. Today is the first day I’ve had my laptop back. They delivered me in the back of an ambulance. I was in misery the whole way. I’m a big guy, six-four and two hundred twenty pounds. The cast has my arms sticking out to my sides and my knees about as far apart as they go. All four extremities were hanging over the cart in the shock absorber free ambulance.

When they rolled me into the house they ran me in to the front door and into my mom’s bedroom door. Yes, that was Mom’s bedroom. You read correctly. My room is upstairs. Hers is on the ground floor. Mom decided that having me in her room would be better for nighttime when she’s my caregiver.

She leaves for work at seven am. From seven to four there’s a cute, but dumber than a rock, aide here for me. Her name is Lil. At least she’s cute. Four to seven is Cindy, my nineteen year old bitch sister. Then Mom takes the seven pm to seven am shift.

On the first day at home I discovered that Lil isn’t much of a reader. To communicate even the simplest things I had to download and install a speech synthesizer. At least Stephen Hawking isn’t in a body cast. Lil does give good baths at least. She uses warm water. She wears those blue nitrile gloves instead of a washcloth which actually does feel kind of good. I always get an erection during her cleanups and she seems distracted by it. That’s about the limit of my entertainment.

Cindy is a real piece of work. She does the morning feeding. Right from the fridge to the tube. Some times she even remembers to give me the valve to control the flow. Not often, but occasionally. In the morning if I make a mess she lets me lay in it until Lil gets here. In the afternoon I lay in it until just before Mom gets home. That way she can show Mom what a caring sister she is. She always takes the laptop just out of my reach so I can’t bother her with my needs. I’m not making this shit up. That’s what she actually said. She has a unique approach to my erection problem too. She puts the computer on a porn site before putting it just out of reach. Sooner or later that bitch is going to get hers.

Mom, at least tries. She warms the slop. Cleans me when needed, with wet ones. They use them on babies. They’re disposable things. They’re also room temperature which is about twenty five degrees below body temperature. But I’m just being a baby, she says. Babies don’t seem to mind them. Mom’s approach to erections is throw a pillow over it. Sometimes the pillow pushes it flat to my abdomen but sometimes it forces it to point toward my knees which hurts like hell. That’s an every morning issue. She walks out of her bathroom in her panties and bra and dresses right where I can see her. When I mentioned it she told me not to look. Hell, I’m eighteen and she’s hot. How far removed from reality can a forty year old hot woman get? God, I’m horny.


Week 3

It’s been a week now since Mom took the computer away. Cindy, rip her up porno just for fun, put porn on and left it running to let Mom catch me with it. Not just any porn mind you. She put mother son porn on. Yes, it was where I could see it but not reach it. It was playing loud too. Her reaction to the mother son stuff was priceless. It was like she just met Satan.

During my week without the computer I spent a lot of time meditating. I wasn’t looking for inner peace. I was trying to develop mind control. Yes, I know it’s ridiculous but I had a lot of time on my hands. So far it’s gotten me nothing but I’ve only tried it on Lil. Today I’ll work on Cindy and Mom. I know what you’re thinking. You’re right. I’m trying to get sex.

Day 22

Possible breakthrough with Cindy this morning. When she put porn on I kept sending her mental thoughts for brother/sister stuff. She did just that. Coincidence? Possibly. I’ll try sister anal if she does it this afternoon.

Bath time is coming up. I’ll send Lil hand job messages.


I’m in shock. Lil did it. Not all the way but she almost had me there. I’ll try again when she cleans me after I pee. Gotta concentrate harder and start way ahead of time. I’ll keep you posted.


Nothing further with Lil today. Cindy apparently thought gay porn would be fun this afternoon. At least there was no erection problem. That vanished the minute she turned it on. I’m changing my approach with Cindy and Mom. For Cindy I’m going to send thoughts of how much she wants to give me a blowjob. Mom’s getting horny messages.

Day 23

Lil did my bath as usual and nothing happened out of the ordinary then about thirty minutes later she pulled down the blanket and without a word started stroking me. I wasn’t even hard when she started but that she corrected almost immediately. She has very talented hands. When I came it seemed to surprise her. I suspect it was the volume and force rather than me cumming that did it. The first shot landed in her hair and on her shoulder. Lil covered me with her other hand for the rest. God, it felt good. After she cleaned up the mess she acted like nothing had happened. I thanked her repeatedly throughout the day. She was getting pretty good at understanding my mumbling and smiled each time.


I started sending Cindy sister blowjob thoughts early in the day even though she wasn’t home. As usual she turned on the porn the minute she saw my hard on. Lil’s hand job seemed to make things even worse. Today she selected sister/brother porn and sat there with me watching it for about thirty minutes before leaving. She left for about fifteen minutes and returned then turned off the laptop. I swear she smelled like pussy.


Mom was fidgety all evening and kept her distance. She seemed preoccupied with something. I sent horny thoughts to her all evening anyway.

Day 24

About nine last night Mom gave me sleeping medicine. I hadn’t even asked for it. She said I needed a good night sleep because we were getting the cast changed tomorrow. As soon as she left I spit it out. Being liquid it ran down my cheek and onto my pillow. Her explanation didn’t sit well with me so about thirty minutes later I feigned sleep. Just before she went to bed she even shook me a little to check. I didn’t respond. Having my eyes closed I couldn’t see but I felt her pull my blanket down exposing my perpetually hard cock. She left it uncovered for a couple of minutes before pulling the blanket back up. Mom turned off the lights and got in her bed. About two minutes later I heard the soft buzz of a vibrator and a few minutes after that I heard soft moans as she came.

Yeah, I know. Coincidence, you’re thinking. Maybe, but then maybe not. I have nothing better to do.

This morning Mom gave me my bath. It was a normal one with one exception. When she washed my cock she didn’t use a washcloth, just her hand. I almost came.

The ambulance crew arrived about an hour later and hauled me off to the hospital. Don’t get me wrong. I know these are good people but they need to experience what they put me through on that ride.

The body cast was taken off and replaced by a big brace from my hips to lower chest. It attached with velcro and could be removed for bathing. My hips could move now at least but with the broken pelvis and hips it hurt like hell to do it. The shoulders and arms were casted and still sticking out like I was being crucified. Thank God they washed me before the new casts. I smelled horrible. It was uncomfortable to sit up but at least in the hospital bed it was possible now. Physical therapy would be coming to the house to start getting my legs and hips back in shape. The oral surgeon checked on my wired jaw but left it wired. The next visit would be in three weeks to have the casts and wiring removed. The trip home was painful. My hips were in misery with every bump in the road. It was nearly seven before we rus porno finally got home and Mom gave me pain medicine and sleepingggggggggggg

Day 25

Since Mom was with me all day I sent her horny thoughts continuously but fell asleep before writing that. My hips hurt like hell but I hate the way the pain medicine makes me feel so I don’t take it much.

Lil gave me my bath this morning and followed it up with a quick hand job. She was better prepared this time and kept her free hand over me when I came. While she was cleaning it up she asked me not to tell anyone about it. I gave her my mumbled promise and repeated thanks.


I’ve been sending Cindy thoughts all day of both horny and sister blow job. We’ll see.


Almost bedtime now. Cindy put on the sister blow job videos today and sat there watching them for a long time. She spent a lot of time looking back and forth from the screen to my blanket covered erection then left for a while. When she put the tube in my mouth to feed me her hand definitely smelled like pussy.

Being able to sit up made peeing much easier and a lot less messy. Cindy actually kept her hand wrapped around my dick both times I peed and rather than looking away she looked at it the whole time she held it. She’d never done that before.

Mom was antsy again tonight but actually sat and watched TV with me for a while.

Day 26

Last night just before she went to bed Mom decided my crotch needed a good washing. No washcloth at all and she was diligent to make sure I was good and clean. I swear to God she was edging me. I never came but I was so close so many times my balls ached for hours. I heard the vibrator and muffled moans when she went to bed.

Lil made no pretense this morning about the hand job and included it right with the bath. She even fondled my balls while she tugged. It was heavenly.


I hate my fucking doctor! The Physical Therapist came for the first time today. Her name is Maggie. She looks about thirty and is about the hottest woman I’ve ever seen. We talked for a while before we started then she lowered the bed, removed the blanket and put warm, wet towels over my hips and upper thighs. My cock was completely uncovered and staring her in the face. She warned me that I was going to get very uncomfortable.

After removing the towels she began moving my hips and legs in every direction she could think of. That went on for about thirty minutes. It wasn’t that bad. After that came what she called ‘soft tissue mobilization’. I smiled wishing she’d mobilize some of my hard tissue. Soft tissue mobilization, although it has a big name, is a freakin’ massage. There’s a hot woman, with the softest hands in the fucking world, massaging my hips, pelvis and thighs. My cock seemed like it was inches from her face at times and her hands were everywhere below my waist but my cock and balls. God, I hate that fucking doctor. When she finished she apologized and suggested I have my girlfriend come over and help me out. It was uncomfortable alright. I had blue balls big time.

Thank God for Lil. She had been watching and took pity on me. Her adept hands were just what I needed. Volume wise I’m pretty sure I approached the world record that day. Lil laughed at the sudden explosion. It didn’t last. I was rock hard again in no time.


Maggie apparently ordered some supplies. They came this afternoon. One was a recliner that can help you stand. The other is called a Hoyer lift. It’s a mobile platform with a sling seat. I googled it to see how it works. You put the sling under you in bed then hook it to the lift. It allows even a small person to pick someone my size up and move them to a commode or a chair. In my mind I’m thinking sex swing. I’m seeing Cindy sitting on the floor swinging me with my cock going in and out of her mouth with each swing. Maybe raise it higher and let Lil swing me into Maggie’s ass. With four women in my entire world and three holes each there were lots of possibilities. I put the thoughts away so I could concentrate on Cindy sucking me.


It’s working. I know it is. Cindy had put on the sister blow job video and was holding my dick in the urinal as she watched. When I finished peeing she shook it but then began stroking me. She knew exactly what she was doing and when I came she pulled the urinal away to watch me cum. She left the room for a while and her face was a bit flushed when she returned. Her hand really smelled like pussy when she fed me. She told me, in no uncertain terms, that if I ever said a word she’d cut my dick off with a dull butter knife. I gave my word and thanked her repeatedly.

Even though I had already cum three times that day I still sent Mom horny thoughts.

Day 27

Mom washed me again last night with her bare hand. By the time she finished I had the cleanest balls and cock this side of the Mississippi river. A couple of times she even milked sert porno the pre-cum. She wasn’t obvious about it but the slight smile on her face gave it away. She used her vibrator last night too.

In the mornings she always comes out of the bathroom in panties and bra. Not today. She walked out only wearing panties. She’s got great tits. She noticed me staring at her in the dresser mirror but didn’t say anything or cover herself.

I’m telling you, this mind control shit is working.

Lil started the bath today with the hand job. She even used lotion today and took her time. I’m going to work on her using her mouth.

Maggie came by this morning just to teach us to use the lift. Lil seemed to pick it up pretty quickly and when Maggie left I was sitting in the chair. I spent the afternoon there. It felt good to be out of that damned bed.

When Cindy got home I was still in the chair sleeping. Lil left without showing her how to get me back in the bed. I had been sitting there for a long time and was getting pretty uncomfortable. Cindy agreed to help me. I walked her through the process of hooking me up to the contraption and explained the controls. She raised me out of the chair to just above the level of the lowered bed then rolled the contraption about two feet to clear the chair.

You need to picture this in your mind. I’m sitting in a sling with my hard cock and balls hanging off the edge. The straps around my legs pull my thighs wide apart. Both arms and shoulders are casted and sticking out to my sides and my jaw is wired shut. I’m suspended helplessly three feet above the floor. My sister decided this would be a good time to play. She took hold of my cock and using it as a handle decided to swing me. The pushing and pulling motion was stimulating but the rocking in the swing was scaring the crap out of me. She finally stopped when it started to tip over. Cindy yanked my cock to stabilize me. I screamed at the pain. It felt like she pulled my dick off.

Once she was sure I wasn’t going to tilt she knelt in front of me to assess the damage. She looked everything over closely and felt everything. Finding no apparent damage, she reassured me and apologized. She seemed sincere and I mumbled my forgiveness. Cindy leaned forward and kissed the tip of my cock. When she sat up there was a thin wisp of pre-cum stretching from my tip to her lip. Cindy licked her lip then licked the tip of my cock. Using her hand she milked me for more and each time licked it away. She continued with her hand and took just the head into her mouth. Her tongue swirling around me felt amazing. I usually have pretty decent control but being in this helpless position with my cock in my sister’s mouth took me over the top. Almost the moment her other hand cupped my balls I filled her mouth with cum. A lot of cum. Cindy swallowed and sat back on her heels smiling. She apologized again and asked if that made up for her error. I nodded and smiled at her then mumbled thanks.

Cindy got me back in the bed and commented that she’d never seen my dick soft before. She grinned and slid her hand into the front of her pants then pulled it out and ran her wet fingers over my lips and under my nose. The aroma got me hard instantly. I mumbled to her but she couldn’t understand. She moved the laptop where I could reach it. It typed.

‘I wish I could taste you.’

She smiled and deleted what I had written then left the room. Cindy came back about fifteen minutes later with my bag of brown shit for dinner and hung it on the pole. Taking the end of the tube that goes in my mouth she put it down the front of her pants. When she pulled it out it was glistening. When Cindy slid it between my back teeth onto my tongue. I got my first ever taste of my sister’s pussy. It was delightful. She watch me as I closed my eyes and savored her juice.

‘Delicious! Thank you,’ I typed.

She smiled and turned on the flow. Cindy had actually warmed the brown shit today. She deleted what I had written, gave me a pat on the cock and left the room.


Mom’s in a shitty mood tonight.

Day 28

Holy shit! Mom walked out of the bathroom buck naked this morning. She shaves her pussy. I never would have suspected that. She even bent over once and I got a glimpse of the pink. I’ve been rock hard all morning. God, I’d give up a nut for a piece of her. Yes, I do know that incest is against the law and I don’t fucking care.

I overheard Mom last night telling Cindy that the guy she had been seeing had dumped her because he couldn’t sleep over. It would have been a bit awkward with me laying here six feet away. She hadn’t been available for almost a month since my accident. I feel bad for her but there’s nothing I can do about it. Just two more weeks and she can have a life again.

Her nightly routine of washing me lasted a little longer than usual last night. And when she went to bed her vibrator ran longer than it normally did. I could tell she was sexually frustrated.

I’m running out of time here. In two weeks the casts come off. If there’s any chance of nailing Mom it’s going to have to be soon. I’ll try the sympathy card and if I can I’ll get Cindy to help without knowing it.

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