Sisterly Bonds Ch. 04

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Note: All characters are over 18

As the nineteen year old panted softly, simply enjoying being able to hear the sound of her own voice without it being muffled through a huge cloth stuffed halfway in her mouth and tied there.

“My jaw hurts.” She whispered, licking her lips. “She sure knows how to get those in there. At least she didn’t use one that tasted bad.”

After about five more minutes, she got up, stretching her arms as she got some feeling back into them, stretching her legs to do the same.

“Now” she said softly, grinning as she thought of her plan. “I’m gonna go tie her up. These ropes should be enough, especially since I didn’t cut but one part of the ropes around my wrists. I should grab some from her room though… just to make sure I have enough to fasten her to a chair.”

Untying the knot in the rope that held her wrists together, she scooped up all the ropes as well as grabbing the handkerchief used to hold the stuff gag in her mouth. She quietly snuck out of her room, looking around her the whole time.

She made it to her sister’s room safely, grabbing a small coil she found on the floor as well as another she saw on the bed.

Next, she snuck to the bathroom and grabbed a small washcloth, which was about a quarter the size of the cloth that had previously bulged out her mouth. As she started out of the bathroom, a sneaky thought occurred to her, causing her to grin. She soaked the washcloth, rubbing a bar of soap on it until it was completely soapy.

“Hmm…” she said, looking down. “Should I just use the bar or the soapy washcloth?”

Eventually she snickered, taking both.

“I’m surprised I’m doing this.” She thought to herself. “I hope my older sister isn’t rubbing off on me. This is just a one-time thing to teach her a lesson. Then, she probably won’t tie me up anymore.”

She snuck down the stairs, seeing her older sister in the living room with clothes.

“Those in that pile look like my clothes.” The younger thought to herself. “I guess I could just wait in my room until she walks in and catch her there… I should reassemble that chair too. I’ll need the element of surprise too. I’m still a little tired from being tied up to that chair for so long.”

The younger sister quietly snuck upstairs and back to her room, quickly reassembling the chair and waiting behind her door with the lights turned down.

Sure enough, the older of the two walked into the room, holding the laundry.

“I’m baaack, baby sis!” She called out into the room, setting the laundry on the bed. “And, I brought your laundry for you. I’ll just leave it here for you and you can deal with it later. Now, let me see that pretty face of yours.”

She grabbed the chair, confused to find that her younger sister was no longer there.

“Gotcha!” the younger sister shouted, jumping on top of her older sister, tackling her to the ground.

“What the?!” her older sister exclaimed as she was pulled up by her younger sister. “How did you get out?!”

“This is a bit of payback.” The younger said, wrapping a rope around her sister’s arms, pinning them to her sides. She then hoisted her up, with some difficulty, to the same chair she’d previously been bound to. She held her arms behind her back, tying them gizli çekim porno in a box tie with several feet of rope going around her wrists.

After that, she tied her wrists to the chair back, holding them fast with rope. The older tried to kick her, but the nineteen year old caught her feet, tying them together and securing them to the chair.

“You know” the younger said. “This seems familiar. I guess this is a fitting lesson for you to learn.”

“I’m going to get out of this you know.” The older said, struggling against the ropes.

“I know.” The younger said. “Now, open wide.”

“I will not.” The older said, glaring at her younger sister.

“Fine.” The younger sister pinched her older sister’s nose, holding it shut. Her older sister opened her mouth to breathe, at which point the younger sister shoved in the washcloth, tying the same cloth that had held in her stuff gag previously around her sister’s mouth.

“There.” The nineteen year old said, nodding at her work. “That should teach you never to tie me up like that again. Now, I’ll be back. I’m going to go read a book and watch some TV. I’ll be back afterwards and I’ll let you go.”

The younger left her room, leaving the older to growl as she watched her turn off the lights, closing and locking the door.

“Now, to rest and let myself stop aching.” The younger said, sitting down on the couch, panting a little from her endeavor.

However, unbeknownst to her, the older sister was skillfully working her fingers to loosen the knots that her disobedient younger sister had tied her with.

The knots were easily undone on her wrists, allowing her to pull out the gag and spit out the small washcloth in her mouth and move on to her ankles, which she untied easily.

Walking out of the room, she walked down to where her younger sister was watching TV. Since she was simply relaxing she didn’t hear as her older sister reached down and grabbed her in a headlock, clamping a hand over her mouth as she dragged her up to her room, locking the door and turning on the lights.

“you see, little sister” the older said in a sly voice. “I am the one who is in charge here. Now, I’m going to teach you a little lesson of my own.”

She threw her younger sister on the floor, kneeling down and planting her knee into her back as she grabbed her arms and forced them behind her back, tying them in a tight box tie.

The younger’s eyes widened as her older sister pretty much effortlessly set her down hard back in the chair, keeping her arms in between her body and the chair, the action knocking the breath out of her. She tightly tied her box tied arms to the chair back with some more rope, this time twice as much and at least twice as tight.

Grabbing some ropes that were already in the room, the twenty year old grabbed her younger sister’s legs, which tried to kick her several times. She swung her leg over them, holding them together with her legs while she tied them tightly together, bending them downward and once again tying them to the chair.

“Let me go!” the younger shouted, struggling against her sister.

“No, my dear sister.” The older smirked almost evilly, stroking her face. “You see, I must teach you a lesson since you were so disobedient. glory hole secrets But, if you behave, I’ll reward you.”

She leaned down to kiss her younger sister’s lips, the nineteen year old pulling away.

“Get away from me, you pervert!” she shouted, jerking away from her older sister.

“Well, it seems you’re still feisty.” The older said. “I’ll just finish tying you up and then I’ll figure out what to do with you.”

The older sister left the room, returning fifteen minutes later to see her sister struggling to free herself.

“I see you’re still being naughty.” She smirked, her younger sister glaring at her with a growl on her lips. “I’ll just have to fix that.”

The older sister sat down on the younger’s lap, tying her legs above and below the knees, holding them together and tying the two sections together with another rope.

“I read about this in an erotic novel.” She said, smirking. “Keeps you from running. But, I’m nowhere near done yet.”

She then tied a rope round her sister’s thighs, tying this rope to the chair where the rope to her ankles was fastened. Next, she tied tight ropes above and below her breasts, which held her arms to her sides and fastened her to the chair.

“This shows off these two nice, perky breasts.” She said in a teasing tone, squeezing her sister’s breasts.

“Stop it, you pervert!” the younger shouted.

“No.” the older said, crisscrossing more ropes across her chest in an X shape over her shoulders, further securing her to the chair. She then tied a rope around her waist under her shirt, but didn’t fasten it to the chair. This rope she pulled tight, forcing the younger to suck in a slight breath to make it more comfortable on herself.

The older then tied one end of a rope to the front of this ‘belt’, slipping it down through her skirt and panties (while slipping a few fingers into her slit for her own fun), pulling it tightly through her legs, out behind her where she pulled it up and around the back part of the ‘belt’ before following the same path through her younger sister’s private areas, pulling it tight as her sister blushed from the sensation of it.

“This is for a special surprise.” The older grinned sadistically, reaching into the box, which she’d purposely kept from her sister’s view. The younger tried to turn her head to see what it was, but the older moved it faster than she could notice.

“Ah ah ah, no peeking.” The older said, smirking as she reached her fingers through the younger’s skirt once again, the younger twitching to escape the feeling of something entering her ass and slit.

“What was that?” She demanded.

“You’ll find out.” The older sister smirked. “When I want you to. Now, I’m going to finish up with those ropes and get started with the fun stuff.”

The older then took more ropes and wrapped it around her waist and the chair, pulling it tight to hold her there. Lastly, she wrapped another set around the younger’s lap, pulling it tight.

“Let… me… go.” The younger growled, her every movement sending a shudder through her due to the rope threading through her crotch.

“Now, to make sure this chair stays tight.” The older said, tightening the chair and removing the knob and throwing the grup sex screwdriver into the box along with the knife.

“Now, let’s see what else I’ve got in my little box.” The older grinned, pulling out a strange thing that looked to be made of leather.

“Wh-what is that?” the younger asked, a nervous feeling entering her.

“This is a posture collar.” The older smirked, walking towards her, buckling it around the younger’s neck. “It will keep your head up and facing forward.”

“These” the older sister pulled out what looked like two leather pouches. “Are bondage mitts for your hands.”

She forced the younger’s fingers together, slipping a mitt over each hand, pulling the strings tight. The younger sister found that she couldn’t move her extended fingers at all.

“That will keep you from escaping your punishment.” The older flicked the younger’s nose.

“Now” the older reached into the box again. “For payback for that soap rag.”

The younger’s eyes widened when she saw the cloth her sister had pulled out. It was bigger than the one she’d had in her mouth previously.

“I won’t let you gag me.” The younger said, trying to turn her head away, but unable to. The older smirked, shoving the rag in her struggling sister’s mouth, pushing it in until it was all the way in. The younger’s cheeks slightly began to bulge as the large rag was in her mouth. But, she felt an odd taste… it was strange… sickly sweet.

“I put a few of my own love juices onto the rag.” The older grinned widely. “So you get used to it.”

The younger began to try to push it out in a panic, the older clamping a hand around her mouth.

“Now, to keep that puppy in.” the older said, pulling a large red ball on a leather belt out of the box. She shoved the ball into her younger sister’s mouth with some effort, buckling the belt tightly behind her head.

“That’s my favorite ball gag.” The older smirked. “It’ll hold that in tight. Now, to make sure you understand your punishment.”

She took a handkerchief and tied it around her sister’s face like before, except this one went over her nose tightly as well. The younger now had less capability to breathe.

“I’ll be back to check up on you later.” The older smirked, walking out. “Ta ta, little sis.”

The younger sister shuddered, feeling her heart beat faster out of fear.

“She’s stepping up the tone.” She thought in a slight panic, feeling the disgusting taste in her mouth. “Why is she doing this? I can’t even move much now. I hope she’s not going to go further.”

She rocked back and forth to try to move, but fell over with a crash. Her door opened, revealing her older sister.

“Oh?” She giggled seductively. “You fell? Well, that’s a shame. I guess I’ll let you think about your actions. But, guess what: mom’s going out of town on a business trip and leaving us here alone. So, I’m going to take that time to train you into my perfect toy.”

The younger’s eyes widened as she looked at her sister out of the corner of her eye.

“My party’s also this weekend, but since mom has a ‘no boy’ policy, I’ll just let you get to know my female friends.” The older smirked. “They’d love to play with you, especially when I’ve trained you better. I’ll come back to get you in a bit. But, don’t think you’ll lose the gag.”

The older smirked, turning off the lights and leaving. The younger sister began to tremble as a few tears escaped her eyes as she knew that her sister was going to make her her bitch.

But, her story still isn’t over…

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