Sister Janet

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I just have to tell someone about the experience I had with my sister Janet.

I was nineteen and spending the summer in my parent’s house between freshman and sophomore years at college. I was nineteen and just grinding out every day with a dead end job and sleep. Janet was going to be a senior in high school, and got herself a summer job waiting tables at a local pizza joint. Tacky blouse, polyester skirt, black shoes and a dorky hat.

I had just turned my light out when I heard a car in need of muffler repair pull up on the street outside. It idled for a while, so I turned on a light and glanced out, but couldn’t make anything out. I know it was Janet and someone, probably one of the looser guys she hung with, was giving her a ride home from work. I turned out the light and laid back in the July heat. I had a sheet pulled down over my feet and rubbed my slowly hardening cock while I looked at the blank ceiling.

I heard Janet slam the car door and enter the house as the car pulled away. I was rock hard and beginning to think about giving myself a good yank anime porno before I heard a knock on my bedroom door. Pulling the sheet up to cover my hard on I answered, “Who is it?” knowing full well who it was.

Janet entered with a sigh, closing the door quickly behind her. She whispered, “I’m glad you’re still up. I saw the light and thought…. You wanna talk?” I glanced over her uniform. Just a little tight and making her boobs crest over the edge of the strained fabric. Her cute butt was in the miniskirt and her long legs were covered with nylons. She sat down on the edge of the bed and took off her shoes.

“What’s up Janet?” I asked, feeling my hard-on rub against the sheet.

She stood. “This uniform…. damn it,” She said as she pulled her nylons off. I got a good view directly up her skirt, and I think she meant me to. When she got her feet free she tossed the nylons over she shoulder and sat with one leg under theother at the edge of the bed. I KNEW she wanted me to get a good look.

I asked, “You comfy, or does the dress itch?”

Janet asyalı porno rubbed her hand along the top of the sheet until she had my hard cock in her grasp. She rubbed the length of it as she spoke. “There’s something I want you to do…” Janet stood and pulled her uniform off in one stroke, expossing me to her full perky tits, with aeroles as large as a quarter and stiff nipples standing braless over her brown hairy patch.

I pulled the sheet aside, realizing that she wasn’t just teasing me as she had in the past. Janet stepped out of her uniform and took me quickly into her mouth. My sister sure knew how to give head. She gave a noisy, wet blow job. I could tell my meat wasn’t the first to feel her toungue.

When she got my cock all slobbery my sister grinned up at me with her dark sweet eyes. “Got a condom? I don’t want to get pregnant.” She told me.

Shit, a rubber was going to ruin it! I knew I didn’t have one in my room. It was time to face the music. “No, I don’t think I do.”

Janet continued to rub my cock. She lowered her eyes backroom casting porno and I thought I might be lucky to get a hand job out of the deal. “Guess you’ll just have to fuck me in the ass.” Janet said, shocking me with her declaration.

Janet climbed on the bed and took my slobbered cock and guided it to her asshole as she knelt over me. I felt myself enter her tight backdoor and my sister exhaled twice before I was completely burried in her ass, feeling her sort cheecks on my thighs. I reached to het breasts and played with her nipples.

“Oh, yes, Tom, that’s what I need. Fill my ass, you’re so big.” Janet grunted and began to thrust down on my dick. “I’ve had a lot of dicks in my ass, but you’re the biggest!” My supossedly sweet little sister said. I began to pound into her, meeting her thrusts. Janet started to shake her head from side to side, throwing her hair as she orgasmed, grinding her mouth in my shoulder to muffle her screams. Her orgasm started mine and I filled her ass with hot sperm again and again.

After that night, for the rest of the summer, every time my sister went out on a date she’d suck her date off and come home to beg for my cock up her ass. No one fucked her still virgin box, but she had a lot of dates that summer, and I spent many hours pounding my sister’s tight little asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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