Sister in Law Moves In Pt. 04

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It was about 11 and Christie had been in bed for about ten minutes. As I sat there watching tv in the living room it dawned on me that we were about to have company for two weeks. Brandi was already fast asleep having come home tired and a little tipsy from a work event. A sex scene showed up in the movie and it hit me that I was probably not going to get laid for about two weeks. It had been only a week since I fucked Brandi and I still hadn’t fucked Christie since. She was working 12 hour days and it was taking a toll. But she was off tomorrow, so I decided to keep her up a little longer.

I walked into the bedroom and closed the door then said her name. It was a very bright night due to the full moon and I didn’t need to turn the light on. When she responded I got straight to the point and said, “Can we play a little bit or are you too tired?”

She sat up and said “Yes, but get the nipple clamps.” I smiled and went to the drawer.

In case I’ve never mentioned it, my wife has amazing tits. They’re 38DDD or bigger depending on the bra manufacturer. Fabulous nipples and areolas as well. We’re both very lucky to have them. She kicked the sheets down and took off her shirt then quickly took her panties off and laid back.

“Did this just suddenly become about you?” I asked a little selfishly.

“I need it. Fuck me good, baby. Pull on the clamps when your cock is inside me.”

I was happy to oblige. I knew I would get mine in the end. Christie was certainly not selfish. She did need it, too. Work was killing her, and it had been a while since she came from me. I still took off my clothes so she could at least play with my cock as I took care of her.

I started by kissing her before moving on to her tits. I spent quite a while sucking on them and flicking my tongue on them before putting the clamps on and moving my focus to her pussy. For over 10 minutes I took my time teasing her pussy. I bent down a few times and licked her clit when I had 2 fingers in her. Then I saw the dildo out of the corner of my eye that we hadn’t used in a while. Without warning her I took my fingers out and replaced it with the dildo. I could feel and see the change in her. She let out a guttural moan and I saw her mouth hang open extra long. Clearly it had been a while since she had something this big in her.

I started slowing fucking her with the dildo while kissing her and then I remembered to pull on the chain attaching her nipples clamps. Christie started moaning loudly and then her breathing became labored. I asked her “Are you gonna cum baby?” and she said “Yes, keep fucking me” and I decided to push the dildo harder and further than I could remember doing it. I rapidly started pounding her pussy and watched as it swallowed almost the entire thing. I put my cock in her mouth after a minute, but it was obvious she was having trouble focusing on blowing me, so I took it out of her mouth and let her enjoy her fucking. I kept up what I was doing when I saw her body start to twitch along with the familiar signs that she was about to cum.

“Oh fuck Kevin! I’m cumming!”

I could actually feel the strength of her pussy through the dildo. I don’t think I’ve ever known of another pussy that can grip like my wife’s when she’s cumming. I kept plunging it in and out and she was losing control. I could actually feel it hitting her cervix. I wondered if she had ever had a cock do that to her before. But my thoughts were broken by a yell.

“FUCK! KEVIN!” and I felt it. Christie rarely squirted and it wasn’t really a squirt so much as a gush. She was cumming and covering the bed.

“Good girl, cum for me baby” I encouraged.

“Ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, oh fuckkkk, ahhhhhhh” she kept saying as I slowed the dildo. For good measure I pulled on the nipple clamps chain again and she responded well going “Ohhhhhhhh”.

Christie was laying there, and I kissed her and replaced the dildo with my hand. I was hard as a rock and couldn’t wait to fuck her. After laying there for a minute I grabbed her to flip her over as I wanted to start with fucking her from behind. She stopped me and instead started blowing me.

For amatör porno about 5 minutes Christie loved on my cock, spitting on it, stroking it, and deep throating when she could. I went to move again and go to fuck her and she stopped me again. I tried again and this time she spoke up.

“You hurt me. I can’t.”

“Baaaaby. I’m sorry! I thought you liked it!”

“I did! It’s a good hurt! But you can’t put your cock in my pussy right now sorry. You can cum in my mouth though.”

Before I could answer there was a loud knock on our wall. Immediately after the knock we heard Brandi say loudly through the wall that separated our bedrooms, “Christie! I’ll fuck him.”

We looked at each other with a funny grin and Christie busted out laughing replying, “Brandi! Oh my god!” and I really didn’t know what to say. I knew I was walking a tightrope already and that me fucking Brandi could end any day, so I was being careful when it came up. I wanted it to last as long as it could. I said nothing and Brandi spoke again.


“What?!” she shouted back.

“Send him in here if your pussy hurts!”

My cock twitched with excitement. Christie looked at me while holding it and whispered, “You wanna fuck Brandi?” and I bit my lower lip before responding quietly, “Yes”, and smiling as I said it.

“Brandi! Come in here!” Christie yelled.


I was taken aback for a moment. The door opened and there stood Brandi in a long t shirt that went down just past her butt. I could still make out her figure and I loved it. Christie told her to come in. She came closer and stood at the side of the bed. Christie was between my legs with my cock in her hand. I had said nothing. Then Christie looked at Brandi while stroking me and said, “I want to watch.”

“Really? Okay.”

Brandi sat down on the bed next to us and touched my shoulder. Christie moved out from between my legs and told me to scoot over. Without saying a word I moved to the middle of the bed. She then got on her side and propped her head up using her hand and looked at Brandi then said, “He’s all yours sis, but don’t be disappointed if he cums quick. He’s a little worked up already.”

“I heard” Brandi replied. She then got on her side and looked at me then at Christie and asked, “Do you care if we kiss?” and Christie said “Because it’s you, no. But another woman fuck yes. I love you B so kiss away.”

“Awwwww I love you sis” and she reached over me and hugged my wife. I rolled my eyes a little in the dark. I also took advantage of the position to start rubbing on Brandi’s ass. She broke free from the hug and leaned over me kissing me and I kissed her back. My hands started grabbing her ass and then I felt her pussy through her panties and she was already soaked.

“Fuck Brandi were you listening the whole time?” I asked laughing as I did.

“I don’t know!” she shot back followed by “Shut up”.

“Take off your panties and I will.”

Christie giggled a little and then started running her fingers through my hair. I grabbed one of her perfect tits as Brandi quickly took off her panties. A million thoughts were going through my mind. Mostly I wondered if the sisters had ever done this before. They were oddly close as long as I’ve known them, but this was something new. This was just as shocking and exciting to me as the fact I was fucking my sister in law with my wife’s permission.

Brandi wasted no time in getting on top of me. It was obvious she was looking to cum and so was I. She grabbed my cock and slid it inside her and just like the last time it went in with ease. These girls certainly had no problem getting their pussies wet.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuck yessss” Brandi let out as she slid down on to my cock.

“Take off your shirt” I told her. She complied and pulled it over her head revealing her delicious C cup tits which were nowhere near as big as her sister’s. But size isn’t everything! B’s tits are wonderful and different than Christie’s and I was grateful for it. I also loved gripping her ass as she rode me.

Brandi kept riding me at a slow pace and anal porno I started playing with her nipples. It was a struggle not to cum almost from the start. My breathing was becoming labored and I was working hard not to cum. I wanted her tits in my mouth and I pulled her closer to me so I could do that. At the same time I pushed my cock up into her as far as I could while pulling down on her ass. I knew that I had a better chance of hitting her cervix than Christie’s and I just got done seeing how much Christie liked it even if she was hurting now. To be honest, I don’t think I hit it, I am around 7 inches, but I did get very deep based on her response.

“Fuck! Oh my god. Fuck. Kevin.”

Her mouth was wide open, and her breathing was staggered. I decided to try something a little new with her and I moved a finger to her butt hole. I rubbed it gently and pushed just a little and she let out a very approving moan.

“Unnnnhhhhh Kevin ohhhhhh.”

I knew I couldn’t last much longer and then I felt Christie’s arm brush me. She was moving Brandi’s hair out of her face and then held it in place and started rubbing Brandi’s head as she rode me. It was loving and sweet and very erotic to see. I started fucking Brandi a little faster in an attempt to speed up her orgasm. It was working.

“Oh fuck! Don’t stop!”

“Cum for me Brandi. Cum on my cock, baby.”

“Oh fuck! Kevin!”

She started taking over the rhythm and riding me faster and harder.

“Kevin I’m gonna cum!”

Suddenly I felt a hand on my balls. It was Christie’s!

“Cum with Brandi baby” Christie said as she played with my balls as her sister moved back and forth and up and down on my cock. All I could get out was “Oh fuck” before Brandi yelled out.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming! Uggghhhhhhhhhh! FUCK!!” and she collapsed down on me. I kept pounding and she and Christie both spoke at the same time.

“Cum baby!” Christie said as she fondled my balls.

“Please cum inside me!”

I could take no more. I let Brandi know I was going to cum immediately.

“I’m gonna cum!”

“Give it to me! Fill me up Kev!” she said back.

My cock started cumming like it hadn’t cum in years. I actually let out a loud groan twice as I shot my load into Brandi. As I was cumming I felt Christie kissing me on my neck and face as her sister had her face buried in my other shoulder and neck trying not to scream.

“Ohhhhh fuck. So good. Oh my god. So good. Kevin.” Brandi was having trouble talking. We were both coming down. “So fucking good. Oh my god.” Then she rolled off me and onto her back next to me. “Please just let me lay here for a minute.” I was catching my breath and Christie was still fondling my balls. Then she let Brandi know it was okay to stay.

“Relax sis. I’m happy you came. Go to sleep if you want.”

All Brandi replied was a sigh followed by “Fuck”, another sigh, and then “Thank you. Both of you. Oh my god.”

Christie was still fondling my balls. We all laid there quietly in the dark and Brandi appeared to be falling asleep. She eventually moved her head onto me and started dozing off. The entire time Christie kept playing with my balls then started stroking me. I just laid there and enjoyed it and then realized I was almost fully hard again. She kept stroking for a few more minutes. I was certain Brandi was asleep based on her hard breathing.

“Can you cum again?” Christie whispered to me.

“Babe I don’t think so.”

“You came twice for Brandi the other day you can do it for me too.”

Christie got up and positioned herself between my legs. She was still naked. Brandi at this point was snuggled up close to me with her head laying on my shoulder. She was still naked, too. Christie spit on my cock and gave it another few strokes before going down on me. She deep throated me a few times and then came up for air and made sure to play with my balls and keep stroking. Then she went back down on me. Despite her occasional difficulties with deep throating me my wife is a great cock sucker. She can go quite a while with my cock in her mouth and has no reservations about swallowing anal breakers porno my cum.

“Oh my god. Hot.”

It was Brandi. She was awake. She moved and repositioned herself for a better view. Now she was laying her head more on my chest but not obscuring my view. Christie just kept sucking. I was in heaven. My wife was sucking my cock while her naked sister laid on my chest watching. I could feel my cum building fast.

“Fuck sis you suck cock like a porn star” Brandi said.

Christie stopped blowing me for a split second to say thank you before continuing. She started stroking me faster and spitting on my cock more.

“Baby I’m gonna cum” I told her.

“Cum in my mouth” was all she said, and she went back to blowing me.

I had other ideas, however. It had been way too long since I had cum on her face. I keep saying my wife is amazing and I mean it. She did not have any reservations. She definitely loves me. I got off the bed and threw a pillow on the floor then looked at Christie and said “On your knees. I want to cum on your face and tits.”

Christie got off the bed and did as she was told. Brandi sat up and moved in for a closer look positioning herself on her side on the edge of the bed to watch.

Christie went to work and started blowing me and stroking me. This continued for only about 45 seconds when I stopped her and said, “Open your mouth” and she did. I then took her hands off my cock and started to stroke myself with my cock resting on her tongue with her mouth open. Christie loved to see me jack off, but I rarely did it for her, so this was killing two birds with one stone. As I started stroking I heard Brandi say quietly “Fuck”. I was going to cum.

“You want me to cum on your face baby?”

“Yes, please cum on my face.”

“Okay baby, close your eyes I’m gonna cum”

Christie closed her eyes and I soaked it all in and kept stroking then started cumming.

“Ugggghhhhhhhh” I moaned out as I shot the first rope hitting her on the tongue then moving and hitting her cheek and finally her tits. It was dripping off her chin onto my fucking pillow too so a little regret on my pillow choice for her knees at that moment but still worth it. Some of it made onto the top of her sexy legs too.

She just sat there for a moment then she took hold of my cock and started sucking with my cum on her face and she squeezed out any remaining cum and said “Mmmmmmm” as she got some.

“Sis you fucking slut! Wow!” Brandi blurted out.

“Oh look who’s talking cause you’re not a little cumslut too” Christie shot back.

“True” Brandi replied followed by, “Fuck. So hot you guys. I’m gonna try to go to sleep in my bed now.”

She sat up and as she got done saying this Christie had grabbed a shirt out of the hamper to clean up some of the cum on her legs but she took her finger and wiped what was on her face into her mouth.

“Jesus Chrissy you might love cum a little bit more than me!”

Christie just laughed and then we both went to get in bed. Brandi was getting up and Christie stopped her and said, “B sleep with us! Kevin can spoon you and I’ll spoon him. Come on.”

“Okay!” and she got right back in bed naked and pushed up against me. I was in heaven. I held Brandi and Christie held me. They were both naked, but I had managed to slip my boxers on. I wasn’t gonna sleep between them naked. Cause that would just be weird ya know?

Christie said good night and I love you to both of us and we replied in kind. Then Brandi said goodnight to me, and I love you, which she had said many times in the past, and I replied goodnight and no I love you. I had only said I love you to her about 3x over the years. Christie called me on it this time and said “You don’t love B?” and I said “Be quiet” and she responded “You should fucking love her” and I said back “Like I don’t fucking love her I just don’t want to make a habit of telling her. Love you B.” My wife said “Awwwww” and Brandi laughed and said, “Goodnight Kev I looooooovvveee youuuuu” and I just closed my eyes and quietly said “Oh fuck off” and I heard them both laugh a little.

We drifted off to sleep and I can honestly say it was one of the best nights of my life and to top it off it was free and in the comfort of my home. Marrying my wife was the best decision I ever made. Totally makes up for all the shitty ones I’ve made.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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