Sister Has a Plan

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This is a slowly developing love story about two people who happen to be brother and sister. Everyone is over 18 years of age.

I was shocked. It was like that magic trick where the magician has the the girl walk through the door and closes it after her, and then when he re-opens it, there is a tiger instead of a girl. Except this time, instead of a girl having morphed into a tiger, my sister had gone from being a chunky wild child to a good-looking woman.

Yesterday, I had driven my sister Ashley from our hometown to my apartment here in Madison, Wisconsin. She had graduated from high school the day before and was looking to start a new life here. During the drive, she had had black rim glasses, two nose rings, a lip piercing and multiple ear piercings. Her hair had been dyed a bright purple. She had been dressed to hide her chunky body in baggy sweatpants and an over-sized sweatshirt that came down mid-thigh. She had always been chunky. Her boobs had been two small bulges on a body with lots of bulges. This was how she had looked when I left my apartment to go to work for my Monday evening shift.

This morning when I came into the living room, she looked completely different. The glasses were gone. The piercings were gone. Her hair was a pretty dark blond. She was wearing a T-Shirt that had been cropped a few inches below her tits. Below that was a firm tummy and a nice pair of legs. I stood there stunned at the transformation.

My sister smiled at my befuddlement. “I look a little different than yesterday, don’t I, Ryan?”

“Uhhh, yeah. No glasses?”

“I’m wearing contacts.”

I don’t think I had ever notice my sister’s eyes before. They were a pretty blue with long light-brown eyelashes and capped by full eyebrows that arched enticingly.

“What happened to the piercings?”

“I removed them and threw them away. It will take several weeks for the holes to close. They were all small piercings, so I hope they’ll all heal without a leaving a mark.”

“And your hair?” Her hair was parted down the middle and came down like a waterfall to an inch below her jaw. It looked fuller than it had yesterday.

“I switched to temporary hair dye two months ago. I washed it out last night.”


“My body?” She did a quick half-spin to show me her back side. Being 5’8″, she had long legs that were now firm. Her ass looked good. She had a little bit of flab and she didn’t have the body of an athlete or a cheerleader, but no one would call her chunky. Her feature that I liked best were her broad shoulders. She spun around to show that those broad shoulders supported two large tits. She looked amazing compared to how she’d looked when I had seen her at Christmas.

“Eating right and lots of exercise. I have been doing lots of aerobics at home. All of my old T-shirts were tents on me, so I cropped them all.”

My sister wasn’t model beautiful – her nose was a little too large and some of her teeth weren’t straight, but her full lips curved easily into a dazzling smile. Prior to this morning, her weird hair color, glasses, piercings and chunkiness had made me overlook that she had a pretty face.

“Ashley, you look really good.”

“Ashley is no more. Good riddance. Nobody liked her. You saw what happened at my graduation.” After the ceremony, nobody had spoken to Ashley. Instead, they had turned their backs as she walked over to join Mom and me in the gymnasium.

“From now on,” she continued, “I am going to go by Nicole.” Nicole was her middle name. “Oh, and thanks a lot for everything yesterday. You were such a big, big help. Can I make you some breakfast? Or an early lunch”

“Breakfast would be nice.” I had just woken up even though it was 11. “I’ll have a light lunch before going to work at 4.”

“How does a half a bagel, a yogurt and some apple slices sound?”

“Much better than my usual cereal.”

I watched as she worked in the kitchen. She was easy on the eyes.

“You asked me during the drive why I was so happy.” I hadn’t understood how she could be so happy when I thought her future looked so grim. “I told you that things were going just the way I was hoping. Losing the weight and getting fit went a lot better than I thought they would. Don’t get me wrong – I had to work for hours every day to get into this shape and it is a challenge to eat well on a tight budget. But I did it. After blowing off school for three years, I busted my butt the last year so I would know something when I graduated. I have been accepted to Madison College” – the local community college – “and I’ll be taking classes there this fall so I can be admitted to their nursing program. I came up with a plan and I have been sticking to it.” She served me my breakfast. “The only big challenge left is to use this” – she gestured towards her body – “to get a dad for Owen.”

As if he had heard his name, my five-month-old nephew cried out.

“Coming honey!”

Ashley went to get Owen out of his portable crib.

Owen was why I had thought türkçe altyazı porno Ashley’s future looked so grim. She had only a high school diploma and no money. Mom wasn’t going to give her any money just like she hadn’t given me any money in the four years since I graduated from high school. Hell, I can’t remember the last time she ever gave me money as the house, food and her beer habit took up her meager paycheck. Ashley wasn’t going to get any money from Owen’s dad as she didn’t know who he was.

Owen was why Ashley had been shunned at her graduation ceremony. Pregnant girls in our small Wisconsin town were expected to drop out of high school and disappear. I only talked to my Mom when I spent Christmas at home and this Christmas had been an unusually tense visit. Mom constantly complained (which was why I avoided talking to her), but she seemed especially bitter at Christmas. She had told me that everyone called Ashley the town slut. Mom had told me that whenever people asked Ashley who the father was, Ashley told them that she had no idea and they would have to do paternity tests on half the boys in the senior class to determine who the father was.

Ashley sat down on the couch, lifted her cropped T-shirt a little bit, did something with her bra to make a nipple appear and then brought Owen’s mouth up to it.

“I hope you don’t mind me breastfeeding in front of you. One of the things that I have lost being a mom is my modesty about bodily functions. Pee, poop and nipples are just facts of life.”

“It doesn’t bother me. It’s kind of interesting. I don’t think I have ever seen a kid breastfed before.”

“Breastfeeding is so much better for a baby than a bottle. I may have to stop when I go to college, but he will have gotten most of the value of breastfeeding by then.” She looked down at Owen then looked back at me. “Oh, thanks so much for lending me your car yesterday. Could I borrow it again today? You’d have to get a ride home after work again…”

“I guess so. It worked out well last night. But you can’t keep borrowing it every day.”

“I know. I’m trying to get something in place, but I am going to need some wheels for the next few days. I’ll fill the tank when I am done and I’ll do something nice for you later, okay?”


“What did you mean by ‘it worked out well last night’?”

“I normally come right home after working my shift. Last night, I stayed and hung out with my co-workers. I told them with Curt disappearing on me, I was on the lookout for a new roommate. One said he might know someone who’d be interested.”

Friday morning when I had gone to my roommate Curt’s bedroom to confront him about where his half of the rent money was, I had discovered that all of his stuff was gone except some crappy furniture. Later, I had called someone I knew who worked at the restaurant Curt worked at and I had found out that Wednesday he had shown up for work tipsy and had been fired.

With Curt gone, I didn’t have to sleep last night on the couch like I had been expecting. I had been surprised when Ashley called me a month ago to ask me to come to her graduation. Then she explained that she wanted to move to Madison and asked me to move her stuff down and let her stay with me for a few days until she could find her own place. I had expected at the time that I would sleep on the couch while she slept in my room. With Curt gone, she had slept in his room and I had slept in mine.

“Just to be clear – this means you have even less time to find subsidized housing or whatever. I don’t want a potential roommate scared off because you and Owen are staying here indefinitely. I am already late on the rent and I can’t swing the whole month by myself. You can take Curt’s furniture with you when you move out if you want.”

“Look,” said Ashley. “You’ve been great – far better to me than I expected. I’m grateful for all you have done for me, including cleaning up the apartment yesterday.” When we had gotten to my apartment, I realized that what was clean enough for two guys wasn’t nearly clean enough for a baby to live in. We had spent the two hours before I went to work picking up, vacuuming, sweeping until there wasn’t any crap within Owen’s reach. “Do what you need to do and I’ll get out of your hair as quickly as I can.”

Ashley finished nursing Owen, set him down on a blanket and gave him a couple of toys.

“Ryan, would you please watch him while I make lunch?”

“I’d be glad to.”

I had played with Owen a little bit yesterday. I had never played with a baby before and I had been surprised at how fun it was. Owen was a happy little guy who constantly squealed as I played with him. He loved it when I gave him raspberries on his tummy. He wasn’t looking to play right now. Instead, he looked like he was doing baby push ups.

“Ashley, what’s he doing?”

“It’s Nicole. Ashley is no more, remember?”

“Okay, Nicole. Give me a while to get used to the name change.”

Ashley…err Nicole vivid porno came over to the couch with a large salad that had pieces of grilled chicken mixed in.

“He’s working on learning to crawl. He is building up his strength and improving his balance. Soon, he will be all over the place. Why don’t you read to him?”

Several baby books were next to the blanket. I picked up one, sat down next to Owen and read. Owen kept doing his baby push ups as I read. One of his arms gave way and his head smashed into the blanket. He lifted himself back on his arm and gave me a big smile like smashing his head had been a lot of fun.

“It’s super important to talk to him”, said Nicole. “His mind is such a sponge at this stage. The number of words he hears now is a major factor in how big of a vocabulary he’ll have when he’s grown.”

“You know a lot.”

“I’ve been reading constantly since I found out I was pregnant. I’m hoping to be a nurse at a pediatrician’s office.”

When Nicole finished her lunch, she took Owen to the library for some program for babies.

“I have to network with moms,” Nicole told me.

Why would the library have a program for kids who can’t read?

Wednesday, Nicole let me feed Owen. I did the “Here comes the choo-choo” thing. It was a blast.

Thursday morning, Nicole was puttering in the kitchen when I came out of my room.

“Any luck finding a new roommate?” she asked.

“Nothing yet.” I sighed. “The people I know in town all work in the restaurant industry and those people aren’t the most reliable.”

“You work in the restaurant industry.”

“I hate working as a waiter. Customers crap on me all the time. My manager craps on me all the time. My co-workers are always bitching about how they hate their jobs and their lives. Yet, I am supposed to have this great big smile every time I talk to a customer. It’s depressing work.”

“Why don’t you get a new job?”

“There aren’t a lot of entry-level jobs in this town. Waiting on tables pays better than working retail or delivering pizzas. I just have to survive a few more months and then I’ll be a tutor at the university. Hopefully, that’ll be a lot better. Certainly can’t be any worse. Regardless, I wish I could get a fellow Engineering student as a roommate but they are all home for the summer.”

“In that case, I have a proposal for you. We’ve gotten along decently since I arrived. I’ll stay with you until the fall and then you can get a engineer as your roommate.”

“Nicole, I need to have rent money.”

That made her smile. She reached into the pocket of her shorts and pulled out a shiny-new checkbook. She ripped out a check.

“That’s what this is. Pro-rated for this month and a one-month security deposit.” I reached for it and she pulled it back.

“But before I give it to you, we have to agree on a schedule for keeping this place clean.”

I was in the living area with the kitchen counter between us. She picked up a white notebook from the counter, opened it and turned it towards me.

“Here is the schedule I am proposing of what you will clean and when.”

I picked up the notebook and looked over the schedule. She was proposing that we alternate doing each of the cleaning chores. I countered with I would do all of the vacuuming if she would do the bathrooms. The apartment had a living area, a kitchen area and two bedrooms, each with its own bath. The only furniture in the living area was a nice couch and a small dining room table with two mismatched chairs. Not much in the way of dishes. No TV. No stereo. Curt and I had both moved in with very little and hadn’t bought much for the apartment since. Nicole and I went back and forth on the cleaning chores until we reached something we both could accept.

“Deal?” Nicole said as she stuck out her hand.

“Deal,” I said as I shook it.

“Oh, would you please give me a ride later? I am buying a Corolla and I need to be at the DMV at two to pick it up.”

“Where did you get all this money?”

“People are willing to lend future college students quite a bit.”

That didn’t seem right, but where else could she have gotten money? Then it hit me – it had to be from Owen’s father.

“Nicole, who is Owen’s father?”

“It’s none of your damn business. It’s not important. I’m his mom and that’s all that matters. Understood?”

“Understood.” Clearly, a topic she didn’t want to discuss.

Friday, Nicole asked me for another favor.

“Can you show me how to use the machines in the workout room?”

Our apartment complex had a workout room with a treadmill and some weight machines. I had played football in high school, starting at inside linebacker my last two years. I had been big into weight lifting then. After I broke up with Mandy and moved in with Curt, I began hitting the weights again. Nicole got a blanket and some toys for Owen and we went down to the workout room.

I was 6’2″ with a big chest. My hair was darker than Nicole’s, a light woodman casting porno brown rather than her dark blond. My eyes were a light brown. My teeth were more misaligned than hers and I hoped to get braces once I got a job after college. I wasn’t ripped like I had been during my football days, but I was still muscular and at a good weight.

Nicole was dressed in a cropped T-shirt and Lycra shorts that hugged her ass tightly. I showed her how to use each machine. We started with the lower body machines and worked upwards. The air conditioning in the workout room wasn’t the best and soon both of us were coated with sweat. Seeing so much skin on a girl with big tits had me hard, even if it was my sister. For the lower body machines, I had to put my hands on her long legs to show her exactly the right form. For the upper body machines, I put my hands on her arms and shoulders. I had broken up with Mandy three months ago and hadn’t had a date since. I kept picturing myself reaching around Nicole and cupping those big tits of hers.

It was fun working with her, but it had made me horny as hell. I normally showered right before going to work, but today I showered right after working out with Nicole. I needed some immediate release and began jerking off once the water hit me. I tried to picture Mandy’s body, but all that would come to mind was Nicole’s. It didn’t take me long to blow my load. I finished my shower and got dressed. I hoped Nicole didn’t suspect why I had taken my shower early.

Sunday, Nicole took Owen to church.

“It’s another opportunity to network with moms and it’s free childcare.”

Monday morning, Nicole had another proposal for me.

“I want to work out at ten Monday through Saturday. Would you be willing to watch Owen for an hour while I go work out? I’ll nurse him when I come back and then take a shower. In return, I’ll do your laundry and make your bed. What do you think?”

I stuck out my hand. “Deal.”

We shook on it. At a little before ten, she went into her room and changed into her workout outfit.

“I think I’ll do cardio today. See you in an hour.”

I spent the hour on the floor with Owen. Sometimes I read, sometimes I played with his toys, sometimes I kicked back and watched him go. Nicole came back soaked with sweat. Owen immediately made his little cry that meant he wanted to be breastfed. Nicole scooped up Owen and sat down on the couch. With her free hand, she pulled off her soaked cropped T-shirt and threw it on the floor next to her. She then pulled off her sports bra and threw it next to her T-shirt, releasing her tits. Owen moved to the right tit, leaving me an unobstructed view of the left tit. It was the size of a baseball and stood out proudly on her chest. Its two-inch brown aerola pointed slightly down, in the center of which was a large nipple. Did nursing make the nipple larger?

“I hope you don’t mind me nursing like this.”

“Not if doesn’t bother you,” I said, trying to sound nonchalant. I tried hard to not look, but my eyes kept being drawn back.

“Pregnancy changes your body in lots of ways. It made my boobs a lot bigger. It probably made my ass bigger, but I can’t tell because I was so heavy before I got pregnant.”

I kept looking for things to do in the kitchen. I cleaned the same counter space a couple of times, all the time trying to sneak peeks at Nicole’s tits.

“If you are going to look, look. Quit farting around.”

I looked for a while, until I felt stupid staring at her body. Owen switched sides and the right tit looked as perfect as the left one. I moved things out of the kitchen so I could do the sweeping and mopping for the week.

“Ryan, do you think you could set me up with one of your friends?”

I knew lots of guys that would love to go out with a good-looking eighteen-year old. But how many of them would want to get involved with a single mom?

“If you are looking for just sex, I know a lot of guys who would like to meet you. If you are looking for a serious relationship, you are going to have to wait until the fall when my Engineering friends get back in town.”

“I’ll wait. Thanks.”

Nicole finished nursing Owen and then strode half-naked to her room to shower like an Amazon warrior returning home from battle. I had plenty of images to fuel my masturbation fantasies. And I agreed to do this every day?

* * * *

Surprisingly enough, I did get used to seeing Nicole topless every day. In fact, the post-work out nursing sessions were when we had our longest talks. We talked a lot about Owen and the new things he was doing. Nicole would tell me about her mom friends and I would vent about work. It was so glad I was able to vent to her the day I had to cancel my plans for a long-weekend visit to some friends because my manager scheduled me to work at the last minute. The view of her tits did give me plenty to think about during my jerk off sessions once Nicole left with Owen for some mom’s function. Still, I enjoyed the conversations more than the view.

At the end of June, I took her out for her nineteenth birthday. It was the only meal she had eaten out since she moved in with me. I gave her a Walmart gift card. I would have rather given her some clothes or music, but I knew what she wanted was money to spend on Owen.

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