Sinning with Sons Ch. 01

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The following is a fictional story about sexual relationship between a mother and son, both aged above 18 years. The characters and the events in the story are imaginary and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


Sonali Menon, 45 years old, mother of 20 year old Kamal was alone and horny. Her husband, Vasu Menon was happy working in the Gulf, earning good money, visiting home once or twice in a year, pumping his wife for a week or so and catching his flight back to work again. Everytime Vasu left, Sonali’s cunt began throbbing more. The shy housewife, never came out of her inhibitions to tell her husband to do things different rather than pinning her on the bed and fucking her mechanically. She wanted to ride her husband’s dick and liked to try doggy-style. But, Vasu never gave her the space to let him know her inner desires. He just wanted to empty his load inside her pussy and believed that his wife was content with whatever sex he gave.

‘Stupid oldman,’ Sonali used to curse her husband while cleaning up her messed up pussy after the supposed fucking. ‘Doesn’t even kiss me after making out. His penis feels like a rotten carrot in my pussy. My usual cucumber does better.’

All these years she had managed to keep her emotions to herself by managing the house and attending to the daily chores. But, while alone, she began lambasting her helpless position and missing sex in life.

‘What am I going to do with so much of money? I don’t have even someone to talk to me. My son is busy at work and hardly bothers to spend time with me. What do I do, sitting alone at home, watching stupid soaps on the TV and rubbing my clit every now and then to please myself?’

Kamal, Sonali’s son had a set of his own routines. After returning home, he used to take a quick shower, finish off his dinner in a flash, rush to his room and spend time hooking onto the internet. He disliked even his parents getting into his room and called it ‘invasion of privacy.’ Whenver Sonali asked him to spend some time with him, he never refused but kept returning home late in the night. Knowing her son’s nature, Sonali couldn’t gather the courage to knock his doors, step into his room and have a chat with him.

“Just go out and do some shopping,” Kamal once had told Sonali. “We have some nice neighbors; good friends. Why don’t you mingle with them?”

Sonali knew he was right. But she had several reasons not to mingle with her friends. Some of them lived with their husbands and more often than not, the conversations stumbled towards sex. Some friends had some sleazy affairs, even with teenagers. Moreover, Sonali hated venturing out simply because she couldn’t withstand seeing men glaring at her huge breasts and big ass. The way some men used to stare at her kindled her lust and she felt vulnerable.

Sonali was born and brought up in a small hamlet always looked gorgeous in whatever outfit she wore. She knew men can’t take off their eyes while she sported the traditional ‘Kasavu Mundu’, she looked equally explosive wearing well-pressed cotton sarees, partially exposing her hip folds, stomach and her sharp left breast covered with blouse. Even young men had a crush which she gauged and felt uncomfortable. Her ability to arouse young men never made her proud because it only added to her sexual frustration.

A few days ago, Sonali watched a boy from the neighborhood scaling over the walls of her house. She knew that boys normally play cricket on the steets and occasionally the ball used to drop inside her compound. But soon she realized that the boy’s motive was different. He walked towards the side of her house where she had hung the washed clothes for drying. Even before Sonali could comprehend what was happening, the youngster swiftly pulled one of her bras, ran fast, scaled over the wall and vanished.

Sonali was stunned. But she was in for another rude shock. Immediately after the youngster vanished with her bra, she immediately saw him on the adjacent balcony where he stayed. As Sonali watched puzzled, the young man quickly pulled down his boxers, wrapped his dick with Sonali’s bra and began masturbating in full view. Sonali rushed inside the living room, sat on the sofa and took a deep breath. ‘What a pervert!’

Sonali’s anger lasted till evening before she went for her usual shower. Standing naked under the cool water, she began rewinding the events that unfolded in the afternoon. She faintly recollected the image of the neighbor boy masturbating with her bra wrapped around his dick. She immediately felt a tinge in her pussy. She felt although a pair of hands were grabbing and squeezing her breasts; a eager mouth licking her pussy; a throbbing dick diving in and out of her pussy. Is that how young men fantasize about women? Is that how even her son might fantasize, if at all he too masturbates?

After bathing, Sonali stood naked in front of the mirror for a few minutes admiring her own image. ‘Not bad a woman in the mid-forties,’ She thought. Although she prefers to wear a sert porno loose nightie in the nights, something took over her mind and she wrapped her body with a kasavu mundu. (Kasavu Mundu — a traditional female outfit popular in the southern state of Kerala. It is a set of long pieces of cloth drapped around the body with a blouse of a different color) She let her long hair loose with just a knot in the bottom. The sense of disgust about the boy had vanished like magic, for the time at least. ‘Boys are boys. When harmones rush they hardly know what they do,’ She told herself.

Kamal, her son returned well past ten in the night and Sonali wasn’t upset with him. As the handsome youngman went through his night routines, Sonali kept watching at him every now and then. Suddenly, the strange question rebounded on her mind.

‘Does Kamal fantasize about any woman?’

Kamal quickly finished off his dinner and moved into his room. Sonali didn’t know that her son was surprised about her attire, something unusual in the night. Kamal also had noticed his mom occasionally glancing at him in a way like never before. He felt something fishy. After struggling to sleep for a while, Kamal got up, came back to the living room, switched on the TV and began watching some stupid sitcom. He had just one question arising again and again in his mind.

‘What the hell happened to mom?’

It was well-past midnight and Kamal began sleeping in the living room after switching off the TV. But soon he was awake hearing some stray dogs barking on the street. He stood up and began walking towards his room but as he was passing through Sonali’s room he suddenly stopped.

Kamal heard some peculiar sounds from his mom’s room, as though she was in some pain or distress. He gently pushed the door and was shell-shocked to see what was going on inside the room.

Sonali’s clothes were in a heap on the floor. She was naked on the bed with her legs spread wide apart. Holding a huge long carrot tightly wrapped in a polythene cover, she was gently rubbing the sharper tip against her cunt. Kamal’s eyes widened as Sonali began shoving her indigenous dildo in and out of her cunt. After a few minutes, Kamal’s shock was replaced by a tremendous arousal. He was seeing his beautiful mother naked for the very first time and that too masturbating. The sight of his gorgeous mother probing her pussy with some vegetable was too hot for Kamal to handle. As he kept watching, her moans became louder so much so that Kamal feard their neighbors might hear her. He could feel a series of tremors between his legs and before he could realise he had a bulge as big as a tennis ball on his trouser.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Suddenly Sonali squealed indicating that she had experienced an orgasm. It took a while for her body to settle down and once she regained her senses, she looked up, watched her son watching her from the door and her face froze in shock and shame. She hurriedly covered her body with the bedsheet. Seeing that Kamal wasn’t budging even an inch, she rushed towards the bathroom and slammed the door from inside.

Kamal stood watching her for a few more seconds before walking towards his room. The rest of the night was sleepless for the mother and son as they began thinking how they might see each other the next morning.

As the house woke up to sunlight the next morning, the mother and son had individually decided to pretend as though nothing happened the previous night. The day was destined to be one full of surprises for both, a glimpse of which Sonali got as she saw Kamal wearing a dhoti instead of his preferred trousers. She quietly gave a cup of tea and returned to the kitchen to do nothing. Words were not forthcoming from either of their mouths. It looked as though some wild tornado was about to hit the house during the day.

Sonali consciously made every effort to behave normal. But, her pretensions could not last longer after she casually looked out of the window to see the neighborhood boy standing on his balcony and smiling at her. Her heart began racing fast and she could feel signs of perspiration on her forehead. Her simmering frustration and anger conquered her again and the confused woman didn’t even notice that her son had slowly walked into the room and stood right behind her.

“Is that jerk troubling you, Mom?”

Sonali startled and turned back to see her smiling son standing closer to her, much close than he ever stood in quite a few years. Kamal pulled the curtains preventing the pervert from having any further view of his beautiful mother. Then, he gently put his right hand around her back giving a mild shock to her.

“It is time we talk!” Kamal murmurred. “Come with me.”

Sonali just followed her son as he led her to the master bed and made her sit. Kamal evenutally broke a momentary silence and spoke.

“You looked beautiful last night,” Kamal said. “I mean in your kasavu mundu.”

Sonali knew that her son was referring to her masturbation last night and immediately bowed her head as though she was being shamed.

“Anyway, you are gorgeous.” Kamal said with sex mex porno a smile. “I am jealous of those guys who are bold enough to show they like you.”

Sonali turned to look at her son. He looked different. His smile was different. The glow in his eyes were different.

“You are my mother. Beautiful mother,” Kamal continued. “I never had the gutts to say that I keep ogling at you while at home. I always knew that Dad wasn’t giving what you deserved. I guessed you might be pleasing yourself while alone but never thought I am going to watch.”

“Mother, I purposely return late,” Kamal admitted. “I feard if I spend more time with you, I might try seducing you. But, not anymore. You know something? I am bunking office today.”

Sonali stood up in shock. Kamal grabbed her left hand by the wrist and pulled her again closer to him. It took just a few seconds for her to realize that her own son wants to bed her.

“Can we live like man and woman?” Kamal whispered into her ears while his right hand began stroking Sonali’s thigh through her fabric.

“No…oooo!” Sonali whimpered. “I am your mother….We can’t do…this….”

Surprisingly, there wasn’t any shade of anger or disgust in her voice. It just sounded like a refusal for the sake of it.

“Man and woman!” Kamal reiterated, this time right into her ears, so close that his lips actually gently brushed her ear. Sonali got goosebumps and she felt as though blood was freezing all over her body.

“Let me go Kamal,” Sonali attempted to raise again but this time around, Kamal had a different way to keep her seated. He turned his mother’s face towards him and gave a hard kiss on her lips. He followed his kiss by wrapping her in his arms, ignoring her momentary struggle to get freed before her body went almost still.

Sonali struggled to cope up with the situation. The mother in her kept telling her that she must leave while the woman in her wanted to enjoy the kiss, if not whatever might follow. She was confused about how to respond to her son’s kiss but ended up returning it.

Kamal kept kissing his mother while holding her in tight embrace letting her tits pressing against his broad chest. He moved from her lips to kiss her on the cheeks, neck and slid his face right in between her enormous breasts.

“Oh Kamal,” Sonali suddenly realised the intensity of the situation and got up. “This is all wrong. I can’t cheat your Dad.”

Just as Sonali struggled to walk away, Kamal grabbed the loose end of her kasavu mundu and pulled it, making her stop, turn around and hold her attire with both hands so that her son doesn’t get away disrobbing the cloth that covered her breasts covered by blouse and her oval shaped deep navel. In the process, she had to bend forward, squeezing her breasts between her shoulders as she kept pulling back her mundu so that Kamal doesn’t disrobe her.

Kamal’s eyes froze on her mothers breasts. She had bent forward, exposing her boobs bulging under her blouse and showing her deep cleavage. He also watched the sharp points of her blouse slightly protruding as if her nipples had hardended and lengthened enough to push through even the thick fabric of her bra.

“Tell me what to do,” Kamal pleaded. “How many sons get to have a view like this? Say ‘yes’ once and I want to feel your marvellous breasts.”

“Stop it Kamal,” Sonali turned away but wasn’t letting her grip on her cloth loosen. “For God’s sake, don’t talk like this to your mother.”

Kamal took a deep breathe and used all his strength to pull her mother’s cloth, sending her into a spin and involuntarily undrapping her long mundu. Realising that Kamal had pulled off her cover, she rushed towards the door but was quickly blocked by the stretched hands of her horny son. Sonali covered her chest by crossing her hands over and looked at Kamal pleadingly.

“Please let me go,” Tears gathered in her eyes. “We shouldn’t be doing this. If your father knows about this….”

“He won’t,” Kamal asserted and pulled her into another tight hug. Sonali felt helpless as her son resumed kissing her, letting his hands slide around her body and pulling her so tight on her so that her breasts mashed against his body. Slowly, his right hand grabbed her left ass cheek while his left hand came forward to grip her right breast to give a gentle squeeze. Sonali moaned something on his mouth, surely not ‘no’ but may be ‘kamal’. It was just the encouragement the eager son needed as his fingers began flick open his mothers blouse. Sonali kept moaning something or the other on his mouth as Kamal successfully undid the last hook, opened it and tried to roll it down.

“Please…!” Sonali managed to push him off and hushed. “Let us stop at once.”

Kamal wasn’t listening as he began disrobbing her clothes below her hips. Sonali’s resistance was too feable as her son showed immense hurry in stripping her almost naked but for her panties and bra. His eyes had a glimpse of a moist circle on mother’s panties and he knew that his job was going to be much easier.

“Damn my stupid Dad,” he murmurred as he lunged on his mother stranded teens porno for yet another tight embrace and yet another kiss. Sonali by now seemed more than willing as she gave in to her son’s kiss by letting him chew her lips and letting him grab her breasts and squeeze them hungrily. Sonali’s hands involuntarily cupped his huge bulge and gave it a squeeze sending her son crazy. Sonali again pushed him back and took a couple of steps backward.

“Enough! That is enough!!” She pleaded again.


“Enough doing this standing,” Sonali whimpered. “Take me to the bed my lover. Take me.”

Indeed it was enough! Kamal almost dragged his mother towards the master bread and gently pushed her over. As the aroused mother looked up, Kamal got between her legs and with a flip of fingers, pushed down her moist panties through her shiny thighs and threw it on the floor. Just as Sonali wondered what her son would do next, Kamal swiftly plunged two fingers into her moist yet warm pussy sending his mother delirious.

“Yes! Yes!! Do it my dear son!!! Fuck my pussy with your finger.”

Kamal’s fingers moved in a rapid speed making Sonali sway her head eitherways. ‘My son’s fingers feel much better than his father’s dick,’ the poor woman thought as she completely came out of her shell and began enjoying what could be a memorable first sex experience with her own son.

Kamal withdrew his fingers and quickly undid his mother’s bra hooks. He launched himself onto her marvellous boobs, pressing them together, lashing his tongue over her ripe nipples and sucking the wonder globes in uninhibited passion. Sonali led his right hand towards her pussy and the devoted son was quick to take the clue as he resumed poking his mother’s pussy with two fingers. While his mouth was busy playing with his mothers tits, his fingers never lost rhythm as they kept plunging in and out of her yearning pussy. Sonali was almost convulsing on the bed arching her back and slamming her ass on the bed. It was hard to believe, but her son gave her an orgasm merely with his finger fucking and boob sucking. But, Kamal’s fingers were unrelenting even after a splash of her juices soaked them. The son continued tormenting his mother’s cunt with fingers to take her for another orgasm within the next few seconds. All the while, he never stopped suckling his mother’s nipples or sucking her boobs making her tremble and jump on the bed.

After his mother’s second orgasm, Kamal was on his feet just to get rid of his clothes and get naked. His dick stood like a barrel gun standing straight and hard as though it was raring to have a go at his mother’s pussy. With high expectations, Sonali spread her legs wide to have her son’s cock in her wet pussy but the lad seemed to have different ideas. He jumped in between her wide spread legs, stretched his arms upwards to get hold of her breasts again while his head descended on her pussy mound. Sonali couldn’t stop squealing as her eager son kept kneading her breasts while his mouth began rubbing against her slit. She growled when Kamal began licking her slit for a while and suddenly let his tongue probe her pussy. Holding her son’s head with one hand, Sonali banged the other hand repeatedly on the bed in absolute arousal. Kamal began lapping up the juices oozing out and whipped his tongue over her throbbing clit. Sonali’s body was getting tensed as her son’s tongue play was pushing her towards another inevitable orgasm.

Kamal lifted his head, let his hands off and watched his mother’s breasts heaving after consecutive orgasms. She had a smile of thorough satisfaction already adding more sex appeal to her already beautiful face. He knew that it was the time to take the game to the next level.

Getting on his feet, Kamal pulled himself up his mother’s naked body, positioned his hard prick and pressed the tip on her cunt. Sonali held his hip with both hands and pulled him closer and tighter letting her son’s cock enter into her.

Kamal began pumping his cock deep inside his mother’s pussy making her scream in sheer joy. His eyes grew bigger watching his mother writhing and squirming on the bed. Her sharp nails pressed against Kamal’s hips while her head jerked up and down in absolute rhythm with her son’s delirious humping. Her pussy gripped his cock as though she wanted it for ever. She was amazed to watch her son shoving his dick in and out of her pussy at a tremendous pace. She began pulling his young body closer and closer to him while Kamal’s hips kept working at a unbelievable speed. The mother and son got into a passionate kiss while their bodies kept slamming against each other and filling the room with thunderous noise. Sonali’s toes began to curl and her body began to tremble. Realizing that his mother is about to climax, Kamal’s excitement grew alarmingly pushing himself towards the peak. His swelling balls began to ache and his dick felt like a hot carrot right out of the cooker. The sensation on the tip of his dip was incomprehensible as he felt his hot semen speeding from his balls to his mother’s hot pussy. He kept pushing harder and further into her deepest part while the flow of semen seemed unstoppable. Sonali was moaning aloud inside her son’s mouth out of utter bliss while her eyes moistened in absolute joy. The youthful son’s continued pumping was reciprocated by his starving mother even as she howled and screamed in ecstacy.

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