Silent Seduction

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I’d been feeling distinctly uncomfortable for some time now, at least an hour, but I had no way to get home. I looked down at my Jack & Coke, that my last 8 bucks had purchased, and then over at my ride. He was “otherwise engaged” and by that I mean he was fucking some man in a gimp mask who was strapped to a leather sawhorse. I quickly looked away, desperate for someplace safe to rest my eyes, but the only respite from the leather and sin was the square of bar in front of me.

Out of the corner of my eye I see someone sit on the stool next to me. I don’t really want to but I turn to say ‘Hello’. Even as it’s leaving my mouth I realize my attempt at conversation will be futile- the man is wearing a ball-gag. He nods a greeting at me and then attempts to seduce me with his eyebrows. It had never crossed my mind that that was even possible- but those were ‘come hither’ eyebrows alright.

“I’m not really in to this…” I wave my arm to encompass all the things going on in the room. “stuff. The most leather I have in my wardrobe are my shoes.”

The man’s eyes, they’re the blue-green mix of tropical water, bore into me and he slides off of his stool and onto his knees. He starts caressing my shoe with his cheek. I had to give him props for being persistent but I really just wasn’t that interested. I mean, it’s not like the guy wasn’t attractive. In fact he was very attractive- just my type even. He was shirtless, his body lean and toned, and his caramel colored nipples had delicate silver rings in them. His hair was a wavy dirty-blonde that fell onto his cheeks and forehead in a charming boyish way- but I couldn’t get past all this leather stuff. It was just weird. I mean, he couldn’t talk and his hands were tied behind his back!

He rubs my shoe with his face again and then begs me with his eyes. “I don’t think my shoes really count, you know, they aren’t the right kind of leather like-” I point to his pants which are so black and shiny they could be merter escort poured oil.

In answer he shoves his face in my crotch. I have never been so surprised, embarrassed, and turned on in my entire life. I put my hands on his head to push him away but I’m already growing hard. He inhales deeply through his nose and rubs his face up and down in my crotch- caressing me through my slacks. My intended motion shifts to me curling my fingers in his soft hair and keeping his head in my crotch. His hot breath was seeping down through the fabric of my chinos as he nuzzled my junk and it felt wonderful- but I felt really weird about it.

I did push him away then and the look he gave me was like a kid who just lost his balloon. It was a little sad and a little indignant. I sighed; “Can I take off your ball gag?” He shakes his head no and then jerks it behind him to indicate someone in the other part of the room. “Ah, you have a master wandering around here somewhere.” He gives me the affirmative by nodding and then rubs his cheek on my knee.

“Why are you so fixated on me?” He just looks at me and I realize what a silly question that is. “Your master sent you over, huh?” He nods. “Will you be punished if you don’t please me?” His eyebrows knit together and he nods again- only slower. I took it to mean that, yes, he would be punished and it would not be in a fun way. “Do you love your master?”

His eyes light up again and when he nods I feel a little better. I realize that I’m going to have to let him please me. I would feel terribly guilty, and spend a day or two worrying besides, if I caused him to get into trouble. I agreed to come to this stupid bar with my friend so it was partially my fault. “Alright- if I can’t take your ball-gag out then how do we do this?”

I could see the smile form around his eyes and I felt stupid. There was really only one thing we could do. To confirm my suspicions my new found friend nişantaşı escort stood, rather gracefully considering he couldn’t use his arms, and then turned and pressed his leather-clad ass against me. He grinds up and down and I can’t help but grab his hips and moan. Any second thoughts I was having died then and there.

I slid my hands across the leather, cool even though the pants are so very tight, to unbutton and unzip his pants. I’m not surprised to find he’s not wearing underwear. His cock, hard and wet, falls over my hand. I push his pants down around his thighs and push his torso down so he’s bent over the next stool. I run my hand over his ass, it’s smooth and utterly perfect, before I give it a hard smack. He rocks on the stool and lets out a low groan of pleasure.

“I’m not going to go slow.” If I expected a protest I didn’t get one. He pushes his ass against me and moans around his gag. The look he throws back over his shoulder is so sultry, and so full of impatience, that I shove two fingers up inside him. A look of ecstasy crosses his face as I grind my fingers into him before he simply hangs his head and takes deep labored breaths through his nose. I use my other hand to free my aching erection.

“Alright, enough warm-up.” I replace my fingers with my cock and it slides right in to the hilt. I was obviously not his first of the evening but I didn’t care. It just made it easier for me to move right into a rhythm. One hand has a solid grip on his hip and the other is fisted in his hair. I’ve always been very vocal when I fuck and tonight is no different. I slam into him over and over and the whole time I’m grunting and talking dirty to him. “God, fuck yes! Your so fucking hot. I’m gonna fuck you good.”

I don’t notice, at first, that we have an audience. The other patrons of the bar that aren’t otherwise engaged, or have finished, turn to look at us. I understand why- the quiet one in khakis ortaköy escort who had sat by himself at the bar all night was now wantonly, and vocally, fucking someone’s slave. I was beyond caring. The only thing I cared about was how great my cock felt in his ass.

I was close now. I could feel my balls starting to pull up to my body. I pulled out and ordered him to turn around and get on his knees. He barely had time to comply, I only stroked my cock 6 times, before my spunk was coating his face. I let out a deep grunt and shoot four sticky ropes across his cheeks and into his hair. “Do you want to come?”

He nods, heartbreakingly beautiful with my seed all over him, and I smile. I drop to my knees in front of him and take his thick cock in hand. I grip him firmly and stroke fast. His chest is heaving against me and I lick my cum off of his face. He starts to moan, small effeminate noises that make my cock twitch, and then it doesn’t take long at all. He shoots his load onto the floor between us.

I help him up, pull his pants up, and sit him on a stool. “Thank you.” I kiss him on the forehead and look around at our small audience. Suddenly my face feels very hot. “Uhh… I’m not really used to…” A few people laugh and the crowd sort of just breaks back up into their own little groups or turns to watch other couples who aren’t done. I try to straighten myself up best I can and sit back down.

I look back over at my sex partner. I’m a little surprised he hasn’t gone back to his master. “Can I know your name?” He nods. “I can take your ball gag out?” He nods again so I do just that.

He licks his lips and takes a few deep breaths. “My name’s Brian.”

“I’m Eric. So who’s your master?”

He laughs, it’s a bright sound, “You are!” I just look at him. “I don’t have one. Your friend helped me set this up. I saw you come in together and that you weren’t having much fun… and that you’re really hot. So, I went and asked him the best way to seduce you.”

I look over at my friend, unable to decide if I’m pissed or amused, and he throws me a thumbs up. What a fucking idiot. “Well, I’d say I owe you dinner then. How’s tomorrow night?”

“Lovely. If you take me home and fuck me afterwards.”

“I’d say that sounds just about perfect.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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