Silent Pleasure

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Your presence is requested at a Silent Pleasuring.
8 pm this evening.
Casual attire.
No RSVP necessary.

You arrive right on time and as you begin to say hello, I put my finger to your lips. I smile at you and, taking you by the hand, have you join me in my sunroom. This is my favorite room in my house. It is filled with plants that reach to the ceiling and its only furnishings are a hot tub and futon that tonight are for us. The steam in the room swirls from the breeze of the overhead fan and the air is sultry.

I hand you a cotton robe I have warmed and walk with you to the adjacent dressing room. On the counter there is a small enema so you can be completely empty for me. I know you will do it and that you will become excited knowing it must mean some surprises.

I want to pleasure you. Just you. When you re-emerge, I slowly open the robe to look at you, my hands following the path of my eyes, grazing your fur-covered chest and your nipples. My hands hover just on the hair, not touching your skin, and I can feel the heat radiate from your body. I lean in and smell your chest and lightly rub my face against it, inhaling and feeling the tickle of you over me. My tongue points to each of your nubs and lightly strokes them bringing them to hardness. I slide the robe off of your shoulders, my hands following down to your bottom as I hold myself against you. You reach for me, but I hold your arms to your sides. I want you to just be and let me do.

I step down into the tub with you and have you sit in the warm of the tub. I stand in front of you and wash myself while you watch. Your eyes ignite my breasts and between my legs and I am tingling with the thought of pleasuring you. I turn around so you can watch as I wash my bottom. Pulling the cloth slowly between my soft pink cheeks, I bend over so I am open for you to see, my lips engorging as they become warm from the touch of your eyes.

I have a razor and cover you with thick, foaming gel. I sit beside you as I shave you: your face, your balls, your anus, wanting it to be as close as possible for when I touch you.

After I am done, I wash you. I start with your shoulders, sliding the cloth down each of your arms and over your fingers and then take each of them into my mouth. The expanse of your chest entices me. I make circles on the foam of the soap, drawing pictures and thinking of how I love your mind, your body. I push my finger into your belly buttons and swirl it around as I then take my cloth down to your legs, my open cunt lips leading the way, the friction of the cloth making your skin vibrate after the slick softness of me.

When bahis firmaları my lips reach your toes, I catch them just inside of me, rocking my button on them. I push down on your great toe to enter me just a little, catching it and pulling it inside me, riding your toes, and then move on, using my muscles to push you out. I follow behind with my cloth. I floss between each toe with my tongue. I kneel astride you as I reach around to stroke your back, my nipples touching your nipples, my lips wrapping around the base of your shaft, my face in your neck.

I have you take slow, deep breathes and look into my eyes so that I will know what pleasures you and what might alarm you. Your orgasm is not my goal tonight, I want you to surrender to me and let me give to you a form of pleasure on which I have built a myriad of fantasies. I want you to relax into this massage I will give to your manhood.

You have absorbed the heat of the tub; your skin is slightly pink and oh so warm. I get out of the tub with you, and have you lie on your back on the futon. A pillow is under your head and shoulders so you can look up at me and I can watch your face as I touch you. Your expressions are your only form of communication with me. I place a pillow, under your hips. I spread your legs wide apart with your knees slightly bent and I place pillows under your legs to support them. Your genitals are open for me. You fascinate me: your uncut shaft, your long scrotal sac, the tender, pink flesh down to your anus. My body trills in anticipation of pleasuring you.

Before I touch your body, I begin with deep, relaxed breathing. As you are watching me, you pick up the rhythm and we breathe together as one. I gently massage each toe, the arch of each foot, your legs, abdomen, thighs, chest, wanting you to sink deeper into relaxation with me.

I pour a small amount of almond oil on the shaft of your penis and testicles. It is cool, not cold, and I let it drizzle in little drops until you are covered. I begin gently to massage your testicles, taking care to not cause pain. I massage your scrotum gently, feeling the hard balls inside, working on relaxation. I feel for where they join to your body and gently roll them in my fingers. I use the heel of my hand to deeply rub the area above your shaft, on your pubic bone, tickling the soft hair I left when shaving you.

My warm hands slide down the folds of you thighs to the area between your testicles and anus. I slow: I know I am giving a massage to a place on your body that is so rarely touched. I can feel where your shaft extends beyond your balls and into your body. Your body is such kaçak iddaa a miracle, the way it is put together to fit me so perfectly. Just watching you smile at me lets me know your pleasure.

I touch your shaft, running my finger lightly up the underside. The veins are beginning to bulge and I push on them, their spongy texture delightful. Your foreskin is still covering the head of you. I run my finger down inside of it and pull it up, stretching it open by making circles and massaging the skin fold; rolling it between my fingers. I gently squeeze you at your base with my right hand, pulling UP and slide off and then alternate with my left hand. I take my time doing this, right, left, right, left…As your shaft hardens, your skin pulls up less and less as it is stretched with your growing erection. Then, without warning, I change the direction by starting the squeeze at the head of your penis and then slide DOWN and off. Again I alternate my right and left hands, pushing the skin away from the shiny, deep purple head of your shaft. The smell of the drops of dew from you and the oil mix in the warm, languid air of the room. You are so hard and feel so good in my hands.

I keep a firm grip on your shaft, keeping the skin pulled down tightly so your hard, purple head is tight. I massage it as if I am using an orange juicer. I massage all around your head and shaft. I lightly flick you with my fingertips. Your shaft softens, just as I want it to do. I want you to get hard, then go soft, get hard again, over and over. I want this to be like you are riding a wave, bobbing up and down, soaring on top of it.

Hardness and Softness are the two ends of our pleasure. Watching your face and listening to your breathing, when it seems you are going to ejaculate, I back off, allowing you to soften a little before resuming the massage. I do this several times, bringing you close to ejaculation, and then backing off. Not saying anything, I get your breathing to be in rhythm with mine as each time you want to speed up. Your body wants to cum but you know I will help you reach new pleasures if you wait with me.

I reach down to the spot midway between your sac and anus. I find the small indentation; it is about the size of a pea, a one-caret diamond. I am gentle and I push inward. I know you feel the pressure deep inside and you arch your hips at the intensity between a pain and a pleasure. Your cock jumps and grows as I press into you, small firm circles with my middle finger.

I put my head between your legs and sniff your musky odor. I kiss the opening of your puckered hole lightly around the dark rose skin. I take my kaçak bahis tongue and circle the outside of it until I reach the center and push the tip of my tongue inside of you. The tip slides in and out of the opening as I use my saliva to make you wet and ready.

I make sure you are breathing with me as I slip the first joint of my index finger into your anus. My hands are wet from rubbing your shiny, purple head which has been oozing thin, white, milky nectar. I make rings, massaging the outside of your tight inner sphincter, pushing against your warm membrane all inside that first small vault of your anus. I push my finger through the tight, small opening and when it pops through I crook my finger back in a “come here” gesture. I make circles with it as I stretch your muscle: making circles very slowly and making them bigger and bigger as I stretch you open for me. I continue to massage the spot below your balls as I reach inside of you and find the other side of this most sensitive gland. I massage you from the inside and the outside, increasing the pressure and then lightening up. I put two fingers inside of you, stretching you until I can get a finger on each side of the gland inside of you and apply a tiny squeeze on you. I watch your face so I can tell how I am making you feel. I can see the ecstasy in your eyes.

Your hips are slightly rocking towards me. Your shaft twitches with the rhythm of the internal massage. I lean over and grasp just the head with my lips, making swirls around it lightly with my tongue.

I want your trust in this most intimate moment. I want you to let all your feeling go as I massage and tongue you. You moan in your pleasure and I want you to use this as a time and way to let go of all the tightness inside you. Together we work on your breath, I want you to breathe with me through your cumming as I am going to help you to cum now. I have stopped you from ejaculating over and over, you have so much energy that you need to release and I am going to draw it out of you and take it into me.

I lean over you, my left hand in your anus and the heel of my right hand rubbing your balls while my finger is pressing on your pearl from the outside. I set a rhythm with my mouth that is the same as our breathing and my massage of your gland. The only change I have is in pressure, I slowly increase both my suck and my massage until I feel the first squirts of your cum in my mouth. I stop all movement, but leave the pressure on your prostate as you shoot the cream of this intensely erotic experience into my mouth. I know you love to watch yourself shoot in my mouth and as both of my hands are occupied in giving you pleasure, I hold your cock on my tongue and leave my mouth as wide open as I can as you spurt over and over into my mouth and your cream rolls out the side of my mouth and runs down my chin…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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