Showering with Tracy..

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Showering with Tracy..
The other day I get a call from my friend Tracy (15 years my younger) telling me she is coming into town to see her father and inform him she is now engaged. Her new to be hubby will be flying in over the weekend.

Now Tracy and I had a 3 year friends with benefits relationship before she moved out of state.
Very cute 5’2″, 150lbs, 36DD, beautiful hips and ass, and I beautiful thick, shaved, pussy to die for.

She gets into town on wednsday evening. Thursday I decided to take the day off work and drop in on her at her fathers.
I arive at the house about 9am and her father answers the door, invites me in, and tells me he as to run for a few hours and that Tracy is headed into the shower and will be out in a bit….

Right after he leaves I hear the water running in the bathroom. As I head down the hall I can see the bathroom door is

closed and what seems to be noise from the shower area…

I proceed to strip down in the hall, slowly open the door and step inside.
Oh lucky me!
The shower doors are clear. Tracy has soaped up her hair. Her kurtköy escort bayan beautiful breasts are gleaming with soap and water running

over them and down her beautiful little body… Just then I realize she has one hand cupped under her left breast and

her right hand between her legs! Hearing a slight moan I walk over to the shower door and tell her:
“Don’t Stop.. That is very sexy!”

She turns to me with suprise “What are you doing here?” When she then realises I am completly naked and my rock hard cock is standing straight UP!”

“Bill, I am engaged now!”

“So I hear, Congadulations!” as I open the door and step into the shower…
As I place my hands on her hips “My fathers here…”
“No, he had to run for a few hours. I have been having a lot of dreams about you lately”

As she stands there with the water still running over her body looking up into my eye’s, I slowly begin to bend over,

taking one of her breasts in one hand, and begin to lick, suck, and nibble on her now hard right nipple.
As she places her hand on the back of my head, kartal escort bayan my right hand moves between her beautiful legs.
Before she realises it I have one finger between her wet pussy lips teasing her clit..

“Oh…. That feels so good!”
“I am glad you like it…” and with that one, then two fingers enter her pussy and I begin to slowly thrust them in and

out of her.. “Oh fuck!” she screems.. “Not Yet..” I tell her..

Dropping to my knee’s I lift her right leg onto my sholder and slowly wrap my warm mouth over her pussy… As the water runs over our body’s I lick her sweet clit and and begin to probe per pussy deeper with my fingers..

After a minute or two I begin to feel her body start to shake..
As I look up into her eye’s I slowly get back to my feet.

“I have missed feeling and tasting your beautiful body. I know what you want and you know you want it”
With that she looks down at my throbbing cock, grabs me with both hands, drops to her knee’s, and in one breath shoves my cock balls deep between her lips and down her throat!

“Oh my god! kaynarca escort bayan I really missed how much of a true slut you are!”
After a few minutes of fucking her beautiful mouth I grab her by the hair…

“Stand up.” Taking her by the hand I lead her over, pick her up, and place her on the sink…
Standing between her legs I begin to rub the head of my cock between her soaking wet pussy lips…
“Damn girl, I have to fuck you Now!!”

In one slow thrust I sink my cock balls deep into her pussy and hold it there…
As she gives out a quick moan.. “My god your so tight! Is he not fucking you??”

Just then I pull out and quickly thrust my cock deep and hard into her… “Oh…..” she screems!
Out again, and slam! I can feel the head of my cock against her spine! “Fuck me” she screems!

The third time I slam my cock into her I look into her eye’s..
“Cum with me… I am going to cum sooo hard, soo deep in you, your going to taste my cum in your throat!”

Slam!! “Cum.. I need to feel you cum all over my cock!”
Slam!!! she screems “Fuck Me! Fill Me Up!! I Need your cock… ”
SLAM!!! “Oh… Yes, I want your Cum!!”
SLAMMM!! and I shoot load after load into her as she screems with her body shaking all over…
SLAMM!!! “FUCK Your So Tight!!”
SLAMM!! “That it! Cum all over my cock!!”

Oh, hello Mr Tracy…

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