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She stood in the shower, leaning forward, hands pressing against the front wall, providing much needed support. Her eyes closed, the showerhead directed at the top of her head, hot water cascading down over her body. She hated mornings; she hated everything about them. Everyone that knew her avoided meaningful interaction with her until after 9:00 am, and those that did not obey this rule suffered a fate worse than death.

She heard the shuffle of the shower curtain and felt the presence of someone behind her. “Good morning,” he said.

“Morning,” she replied, the word basically falling out of her mouth, and no there was not anything good about it. “What are you doing?” she said. There was no reply. She sensed him moving closer. “It is not going to work,” she spit out, hoping to scare him away.

It did not. She felt his hands on her head, massaging her scalp and temples. He was right behind her, their bodies barely touching. He reached up and unhooked the showerhead so it dangled on its hose, spraying into the bottom of tub. He took her shampoo and began to lather up her hair, massaging again as he had done before.

“It still won’t work,” she mumbled, not much force left in her words, still supporting herself on the front wall of the shower.

He massaged the top of her head, then, with both hands on either side of her head, he massaged back from her temples, behind her ears and down to her neck. He worked his hands back up to her temples, retracing the same route. He reached for the showerhead. Holding it in one hand, he used the other to gently massage and rinse the shampoo from her hair. Once the last of the lather slid down the drain, he began to paint her body with the showerhead.

He aimed the hot water at the base of her neck, and then he swept it from left to right then back again, working slowly out over each arm then back to her neck. He started down her back, lower and lower with each pass. Her eyes still shut; she concentrated on the hot water splashing and streaming down her body, shoulder blades first, then middle back and finally her lower back.

He switched the showerhead to slow massage when he reached her lower back and pointed the streams at the base of her spine and slowly traced her spine up to the base of her neck then back again. Turning back to normal spray, he resumed his painting, spraying back and forth again down over her ass, across the backs of her thighs and calves, down to her feet. Changing to slow massage again, he directed the pulsating streams up and down each leg from the bottoms of her calves to the tops of her thighs. Alternating again to the soft spray, he applied the hot water to her body once more in sweeping strokes, standing up as he did.

The water stopped and was once more spraying the bottom of the tub. Her skin felt alive, her body tingling and slowly coming to life. The soft clean smell of soap reached bahis firmaları her as he began to lather up a washcloth. He began to bathe her, starting with her right arm, which, with along with her left, still held up the front wall of the shower.

He rubbed the soapy cloth up her arm to her shoulder then kneaded it back down to her hand, completely covering her arm in rich, aromatic suds. He repeated this on her left arm and then concentrated on her neck and back. She felt the soft cloth slide back and forth over her shoulders, his fingers following close behind, massaging and rubbing, releasing her energy. She tilted her head back, breathing in deep, smelling the fresh clean smell of the soap, her mind following the washcloth lower and lower on her back, punctuated by his dancing fingers. He reached and began to knead and massage her ass as he continued his journey toward her feet. Her right leg was first, the top of her thigh, then behind her knee, lower to her calf and finally her ankle. Now her left leg, starting at her ankle, up to her calf, her knee coming next, all the way up to the top of her thigh. She released the front wall to stand on its own and turned to face him. Her body was awake and alive.

She chose to keep her eyes closed, focusing on the hot steam and the aroma of the soap, breathing in deep. She felt his hand on her face tracing her eyes and nose, then her cheekbones, lips and chin. Next, the soft cloth touched her cheek, small circles applying the lather, the smell so fresh and intense. The circles continued across her forehead then other cheek, then a line drawn down the bridge of her nose and two lines across her chin. He tilted her head back, and gently wiped the cloth over the delicate lines of her neck.

He next washed her chest, just above her breasts, long strokes back and forth from shoulder to shoulder. He held the cloth in the middle of her chest just above her breasts and squeezed it, releasing a rich stream of soapsuds. She felt as the suds slid between her breasts, traveling slowly at first, gravity adding speed. They slithered down her stomach, just to the left of her belly button, hitting the top of her thigh. There the suds slipped between her legs and traveled the rest of the way to the tub floor on the inside of her left leg. He squeezed the cloth again, this time over each breast, depositing a healthy dollop of suds. She felt his hand delicately spread the suds out, his fingers dancing around her already erect nipples. He used the cloth on them as well, massaging her breasts. Her body was tingling again but for a very different reason.

He lathered the washcloth once more and returned to her body, starting just below her breasts on the top of her stomach. He washed in circles, around and around, working his way down, his free hand following close behind. The lower he got on her stomach the smaller the circles. Her kaçak iddaa breath was beginning to shorten as he neared her pussy, the anticipation starting to take over. He reached her abdomen, just above her pussy, then stopped.

He switched to her left thigh, starting high on her leg, washing up and down from the top to her knee on the outside working in, his freehand mirroring the washcloth. As he neared her inner thigh, she involuntarily opened her legs, her pussy already beginning to throb. The cloth slid up and down, barely brushing against her lips before sliding back down to her knee. He moved down to her calf, her body aching, wanting more. He bathed her calf and then washed her ankle.

She steadied herself on his shoulder as he picked up her foot and massaged and bathed it. He splashed water on it to rinse off the soap to avoid her slipping. Still steadying herself, she lifted her right foot so that he could begin his soapy ascent up her right leg. He lathered up her calf, working his way toward her thigh. He started on the outside once more, long strokes from her knee to the top of her thigh. She opened her legs more as the cloth rode up and down her inner thigh, just brushing her throbbing pussy.

Her eyes still closed she felt him standing in front of her. He placed the washcloth just above her pussy and with simple wrist movements he began to wash her pussy, sliding the cloth deep between her legs then back up to her lower stomach. She felt herself rocking her hips opposite the motion of the cloth, rubbing hard against his hand, back and forth. Her nipples were on fire, her clit and pussy throbbing and then he stopped. Her knees buckled a little when he removed his hand, she had been pressing down so hard.

She stood there waiting, breathing hard and then she felt the soft hot spray of the shower on her forehead. He rinsed her off, spraying back and forth, the water and soap cascading down her body, heading to the drain. He rinsed off her face, then back and forth across her chest above her breasts. He rinsed each breast individually his freehand caressing and playing. She felt his mouth intermittently covering each nipple, licking and sucking them, sending waves of chills up and down her body. He sprayed and rinsed her stomach, pausing briefly over her pussy before continuing over the tops of her thighs, down her legs to her feet.

Breathing heavy, she turned and braced herself once more against the front wall of the shower, her body aching and beginning to shake. She felt the spray on her neck and shoulders sending hot water tracing down her back in streams. He sprayed slowly back and forth, rinsing the soap from her back, then down over her ass, rinsing and massaging each cheek with his freehand. He rinsed each leg in succession, from the top of the thigh to her feet.

He let the showerhead dangle as he touched her hips, pulling her back from kaçak bahis the wall. She slowly bent at the waist, still bracing herself against the front wall with her hands. He touched his hands on her inner thighs and she spread her legs wide for him, arching her back. He picked up the showerhead and directed the spray at the small of her back, holding it there momentarily, before drawing a line directly between her cheeks, and over her ass until it sprayed only on her pussy. She pushed her hips back toward the spray and felt his finger find her clit, massaging small circles on it. She felt the hot water pouring into her throbbing pussy as his finger manipulated her clit. He switched the showerhead to slow massage, sending a pulsating stream directly between her lips. He spread her lips open with his fingers and she felt the water massaging her inner walls. He held the showerhead close and the water almost filled her up. She pushed back harder against it and then it was gone.

He replaced the showerhead in its cradle above her, directing the hot pulsating spray at the small of her back. Her eyes still closed she felt a light tapping on her clit. She knew it was the tip of his cock. He traced her lips with his cock, feeling the water pour off her ass and splash on his cock. He rubbed the tip up and down the groove between her swollen lips. She felt this and immediately pressed back, taking him deep inside her, squeezing down hard on him. He grabbed her hips and started to pump his cock hard and deep inside her. She met each one of his thrusts by pushing back hard against the wall, feeling his cock drive deep inside her pussy and the slow pounding of the hot water on the small of her back.

Harder and faster, he pumped both of them starting to sweat from the steam, the sweet smell of soap lingering in the air. Her pussy on fire and nipples burning, she squeezed and released her pussy around his cock with each thrust stroking his cock with her pussy. He reached for her shoulders for more advantage and drove his throbbing cock harder and deeper inside, ready to come. A few more deep thrusts and then he held his cock inside her, coming hard. She pushed back to him, her pussy contracting, coming with him, the hot pulsing water still hitting her back sending water cascading over her ass and his cock and balls. Both of them came hard then he slowly slipped out of her.

She used the wall to help her stand up. She turned and faced him, opening her eyes for the first time. He reached above her head, switching the showerhead to the soft hot spray. She fell into his arms, the water splashing in her hair. They kissed deeply and hugged tightly.

When they released, he smiled at her and said “Good Morning.”

She smirked and said to him “Good Morning.”

She turned away and assumed her shower position; eyes closed, hands against the front wall, leaning forward just a bit, the showerhead pointing directly at the top of her head sending the water pouring over her entire body. She heard the shower curtain shuffle again as he left. She smiled and thought, “Maybe mornings aren’t so bad after all.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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