She Wants a Real Cowboy Pt. 09

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Joey (20 yrs.) had moved from his home-town five years ago. He returned to compete in the “Unleash the Beast” event for the “Professional Bull Riding” (PBR). He drew the bull named, “Ice-man” for his first ride. He rode that bull last season, but only got a 7-second ride. He earned no points.

Mrs. Braddock (40 yrs.) is a sandy-blonde (36-24-37) who keeps her hair in a neatly tied bun. She’s also a bull riding fan. Joey was the best friend of her son Ted until Joey left town at age fifteen. She is surprised that Joey’s a bull riding athlete. He’s aggressive and masculine who still has that boyish grin and the wavy, black hair.

Mrs. Braddock watches Joey through large binoculars. He climbs onto “Ice-man” inside of the bucking shoot. The bull is set free and Joey loses control after 4 seconds. His body falls off and the hand is stuck inside of the rope. He is tossed around like a rag doll. His hand is yanked free and the “Ice-man” slams him across the dirt.

Joey receives “zero” points and doesn’t get to the second round.

The next day of the bull riding event. Mrs. Braddock searches the bleachers and discovers Joey sitting across from her. He’s by himself who wears wrangler jeans, a western shirt, a black cowboy hat and boots.

She recalls years earlier when him and her son Ted jumped into her swimming pool. Joey wore a speedo swimsuit showing that bulge.

She whispers, “My goodness Joey.”

Mrs. Braddock soon walks down the bleacher steps toward Joey. She wears blue Levi jeans and a white, long sleeve, ruffled bahis firmaları blouse. There is no bra and both of her tit’s jiggle underneath that ruffled fabric.

She smiles, “Welcome back Joey.”

He looks up, “Mrs. Braddock. How are you?”

She says, “You’re a top bull rider. That’s great.”

He nods, “Yeah, but not this weekend.”

She asks, “Are you okay? That bull slammed you pretty hard.”

He answers, “Yeah, I’ve been hit worse. Where’s Ted. How is he?”

She answers, “He’s at Pepperdine University.”

He chuckles, “College? I started bull riding. Right out of high school.”

Joey and Mrs. Braddock keep talking as the rodeo ends.

There are long hallways inside of the stadium. The whole place is shut down. Mrs. Braddock leans against a door in one hallway. Her white blouse is unbuttoned and is pushed over her left tit. Joey’s right-hand pushes up that tit. His lips cover the pink, dollar-size, areola and the tongue flick’s her erect nipple.

She whispers, “You’re all grown up Joey.”

His left fingers slide the blouse over her right tit. He begins to grope it gently.

She thinks she hears something and looks up the dark hallway.

She asks, “Is that security?”

His mouth lifts off of her tit and whispers, “It’s nothing Mrs. Braddock.”

His left hand pushes up on her right tit.

He says, “Mrs. Braddock. Your nipples are hard.”

His lips cover that right areola and the tongue begins flicking her nipple.

She says, “They got hard when I saw you again.”

His kaçak iddaa mouth lifts off of her nipple and he says, “Mrs. Braddock. When I was 13. I saved a picture of you in a bikini.”

They kiss passionately as their tongues fight each other. It is so fucking hot.

Mrs. Braddock drops to her knees. Her right-hand rubs over his stiffness under those jeans.

He whispers, “It’s really you Mrs. Braddock.”

Her fingers un-buckle his belt and then un-hooks the jeans. She pulls down the zipper.

She whispers, “Joey, you’re so hard.”

Her hands yank down the jeans and boxers at the same time.

Joey’s 9-inch cock flops free.

Her hands grip his shaft and she pulls the cock-tip toward her salivating mouth. The lips clamp around his engorged tip and her tongue begins licking hard.

He groans, “Ohhhhh… Mrs. Braddock.”

The lights in the hallway suddenly turn on. He quickly pulls up his jeans and she button’s up her blouse.

Inside Joey’s hotel room. Clothes and cowboy boots leave a trail on the floor. The bright light comes from the big screen TV.

Mrs. Braddock and Joey are naked on the bed. She is laying on her back with both legs spread open. His body lays on top of her as his chest crushes her tits. His face is turned over her right shoulder.

His big cock is buried inside of her blonde pussy. He’s been fucking long and slow.

Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust.

She replies, “OHHH… GAWD… JOEY… MY-GAWD… GAWD.!!”

Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… kaçak bahis Thrust… Thrust.


He whispers, “You’re so Goddamn hot.”

Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust.


Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust.

She responds, “OHHH… OHHHH… OHHH… JOEY… GAWD.!!”

Joey pushes up and slides out his cock. He climbs off the bed and grips her ankles. He pulls her down leaving her buttocks on the edge of the bed. His hands pull her up by the wrists and his knees spread open her legs.

He whispers, “Mrs. Braddock. I wanna see my cock, slide into you.”

His right hand grips his shaft and guides the cock-tip toward her pussy lips. He slides in slowly and stops 5-inches inside.

His hands push her arms up and she wraps them around his neck. He bends down a bit more and her legs hang over his thighs. His hands reach down to grip her butt-cheeks.

He whispers, “I’m gonna hold your beautiful ass on the bed. Okay?”

She says, “Okay Joey.”

He whispers, “Mrs. Braddock. You make me wanna explode.”

Joey begins fucking short and fast.


She replies, “Ohh-Ohhh-My-Gawd-Joey.”


She says, “J-Joey..Joey..G-Gawd..My..Joey.!!”


She responds, “My-Little-Joey-My-Joey..!!”

He thrusts a few more times and then explodes, “Mrs.. Uh-Ahhhhhhhh.. Ahhhhhh.. Fuuuuuuck.!!”

He slowly pulls out and his right-hand grips his shaft. He looks down and rubs his cock-tip over her pussy lips.

Joey whispers, “I waited so long.. Mrs. Braddock.”

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