She Goes Down

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Asa Akira

“She wants us to go to the dance with her?”

It was Christy, the girl my friend Blake was trying to score with, wanting to know if him and I would go to a dance at St. John’s, a private Catholic school, with her. Now I had my doubts, I had attended St. John’s last year, and while I was on the verge of getting kicked out for too many alcohol and drug violations and in threat of losing my scholarship, I transferred. But something inside me told me that this was one dance that I needed to be at. “Alright,” I said, “but we’re going to have to be extremely drunk beforehand.”

So, after a few hours with my good friend Mr. Captain Morgan, we were at the dance. We went in, the same girls that I knew wouldn’t put out came up to me and flirted, and the same guys that used to try and hang around me to try and gain some status at school were at my side. It was annoying, but I didn’t care, I was drunk. I left the group to go outside and have a cigarette, contemplating why I had mistakenly decided to waste a night at this lame dance.

Outside I politely said hi to a girl I had known, and gave my best attempt at making small talk with her friends. One girl, whose name I later found out was Julie, was standing there with her eyes constantly fixed on me. She was a busty girl, a little overweight, but that was easily made for with the gorgeous set of tits staring up at me from under her blouse, and a full round ass just asking to be played with. Just then I remembered the friends I had come with were waiting and gestured a wave goodbye at them.

“Paul wait,” said Julie, ataşehir escort “we’re coming to dance with you” she said, gesturing to her friend. Julie and her friend each took an arm and we made our way out to the dance floor. Now, if I had been the same person I was last year, I probably wouldn’t have given these girls the time of day, unless behind a closed door. The usual girls I dated were typically the hot cheerleaders and party girls at the school, and these girls wouldn’t have made the cut. But, I had humbled out over the past year, and I was drunk enough to fuck anything.

“I’m not a very good dancer,” I sheepishly confessed to Julie as we got to the center of the floor.

“Don’t worry about that,” she replied. Hmm, I thought, what does that mean? Julie planted herself directly in front of me and began to gyrate her hips and ass directly in front of my crotch. It wasn’t long before her beautiful round ass was moving up against my crotch. This is nice, I thought.

“First off, you’re going to have to loosen up those hips a lot,” she gently instructed me. I did as I was told, and began following along with her motion, my crotch nestled right on the underside of the soft gentle curve on her ass. “Let’s go up in the middle of the crowd,” she said, pulling my hand behind her. On the way a lot of people were gesturing hello to me, only to wonder who the hell was holding my hand and pulling me up towards the front.

As we find a tight little spot in the middle of a hundred people, Julie resumed her position in front of my cock, which was kadıköy escort bayan gradually becoming harder by the minute. Surprisingly to myself she grabbed my hands and placed them directly on her body, just below her tits and right above her midsection. But she didn’t let go. As she more aggressively began to grind on my cock, she began to slowly move my hands directly up on to her large breasts, leaving them there for a second before moving them back down to her lower midsection, which was exposed by her short-stretching and tight blouse. By this time my cock was practically bulging out of my jeans, and she knew it. I could tell that her grinding and gyrating had switched from moving all around my crotch to being directed solely at one spot, my dick. Her hips would meet mine and she would firmly press the center of her ass cheeks directly on my huge erection and shift her whole body into an upwards motion, practically massaging and jerking my cock right there in the middle of the dance floor!

By now, I had begun to notice stares from old flings and the goody two-shoes at the dance, completely stopping what they were doing to stare directly at Julie and I. I couldn’t quite tell if they were looking at us in disgust or lust, or maybe both—but either way I didn’t care. I was drunk, I had the hard on of the century, and this girl was basically trying to have sex with me on a crowded dance floor.

So rather than hide ourselves from the stares of my former classmates, I turned it into a show for them. The next time Julie turned around I slid escort maltepe my hands down her ass, lowered my head to her left shoulder and neck, and began to slowly kiss and tongue my way up the side of her neck. She responded my nibbling on my right ear, and then she lowered herself during a dance move so that her head was at eye-level with my bulging cock, and slowly worked her body up to mine, meanwhile giving me a glorious glimpse of her gorgeous breasts.

When her faced reached mine, I put my lips to hers and we passionately kissed, our bodies screaming to get closer to each other, our tongues seeking each other’s out and tasting the mouth of it’s partner. I cut the kiss off and turned Julie back around, grabbing her plump ass and resting my hands right underneath her breasts, my raging cock resuming it’s place just on the underside of her ass cheeks. Our bodies were locked together, rhythmically pulsating to the same motion, practically making love with all of our clothes on.

I then asked Julie if she wanted to go somewhere quieter. She agreed and we made our way out of the dance and into the hallway, my dick still nestled and hidden in her backside. We stopped once to kiss again in the hallway, and when we found a small empty room with an unlocked door Julie immediately unzipped my jeans and began rubbing my hard dick, which was relieved to finally be set free. She bent down on to her knees and began to slowly suck on my cock, using the same rhythm that we had danced to, with each suck she began to suck harder and harder until I couldn’t hold it any longer. My cock unleashed its fury, spewing an endless amount of sperm into Julie’s warm mouth and throat.

I got Julie’s number and left the dance, promising to call the next time I’m in town, and that next time I would repay the favor she had just given me many times over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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