Shanti as Concubine Ch. 01

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They arrived at the Club CABANA resort and were escorted to their independent cabin a little after nine Saturday morning and the drive was about an hour’s drive from the Bangalore city. He took her overnight bag to the bedroom, putting it on the bed with his; checked the water in the adjoining bathroom to make sure it had gotten hot and went back to the main room. She had found the cokes in the refrigerator where he had put them Friday evening when he had come up to turn on the power and bring the food supplies for the weekend.

She opened two, handing him one and looked around the comfortable two room cabin. There was a narrow bar separating the small kitchen with its heavy oak table and four chairs from the rest of the main room. The room was bright with a large picture window on the side opposite the door they had entered and one in the kitchen at the end. She went into the bedroom, saw the spacious bathroom with its counter and two basins, toilet and, seeming out of place for a cabin, bidet.

Then she remembered the cabin had been built as a weekend retreat for a married couple.

Before they left their homes, Kamesh gave an unconvincing excuse to his wife Aruna who had no idea that her friend Shanti was going to stay awake with her husband for the next 2 days in the cool confines of this resort where she would get reamed by him – her husband and Shanti had no excuse to provide to Sridhar- he knew she was off on some torrid adulterous trip.

There was a large open shower across the end with a curtain to contain the spray. She took her things out of her bag, placing them in the small closet and a drawer in the chest. She paused, opened the drawer again and put her watch and rings there.

She unpacked his things and put their toiletries in the bathroom. She was slightly puzzled, somehow it seemed so natural for her to do that, yet she had only known him since the previous Monday.

They had been introduced by a mutual friend in the cafeteria of the building where they both worked and had felt an immediate attraction for each other. They met there for lunch each day that week, getting to know each other, talking about their common interests and the things they liked to do.

He had invited her to dinner on Wednesday after which they had gone to her apartment which she shared with a girlfriend from college.

Her roommate was out for the evening so they talked about more private things there, discussing their feelings for each other.

Shanti was at 26, dusky sexy and dark haired, plenty of it, about five six, 54kgs maybe, extremely beautiful, radiating and seductively attractive, pretty face, nice body.

Kamesh was at 28, dark brown hair, six foot, 70 Kgs, nice looking face and body Shanti thought. A spark had ignited a fire in them when they first met, a fire that was now smoldering in Shanti’s belly, her breasts, waiting for Kamesh to fan its flames.

Hard to conceal desires had soon become obvious to two sexual mature adults. Shanti’s fire would burn too intensely for a night in the confines of a motel room, neither wanted a quick first encounter, they needed to be together where there were no constraints of time or privacy.

An idea had formed in Kamesh’s mind, they agreed to have dinner again on Thursday and then go to his apartment where they could be alone to make plans, now they were here with two days all to themselves.

Shanti went back to join Kamesh on the sofa and finish her coke.

She went to the window and looked down over the lush mountain side, nothing but trees they were finally completely alone, unconstrained.

Shanti turned slightly toward Kamesh as she sensed him watching her, stepping out of her shoes while she unbuttoned her shirt, letting it fall to the floor.

She reached back to unsnap her bra, letting it join her shirt as she cupped her breasts in her hands, massaging them to remove all feeling of their previous constraint, feeling the pleasant warmth of the cabin on her bare skin.

Kamesh moved toward her, removing his shirt, adding it to the pile of clothes building on the floor that would not be moved for the next two days.

Shanti loosened his belt and unzipped his jeans, then unzipped hers, slid them down her hips and added them to the pile with his falling on top of them.

Shanti took Kamesh’s hands in hers, placed them on her hips at the top of her panties, smiling as he slid them down her thighs, removing the last adornment from her body while she removed his.

They moved apart, taking in their first full view of each other as they would be for the next two days. Shanti saw Kamesh’s appreciation of her body clearly displayed as his cock hardened, curving slightly upward, smiling at the sight of his body so obviously eager for her.

Kamesh reached for Shanti, drawing her to him, holding their bodies together, her breasts pressed against his chest, his cock now confined between their bellies.

They kissed for the first time with no reservations, a deep escort kartal sensual kiss, their tongues intertwined in their mouths.

Shanti led Kamesh to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Kamesh lathered up a wash cloth and started to bathe Shanti, removing the slight traces of makeup from her face. He moved behind her to wash her throat and neck, down her back to her butt.

He pressed tightly against her back, soaping his body with hers.

His cock pressed up against the small of her back as he bathed her breasts, more massage than bathing now as he held his bare hand on one breast while he washed the other; the soft roughness of the cloth caressing them, making her nipples tingle as he rubbed it over them.

His hands moved down her body, washing her belly, her hips; using his bare hand to wash the soft fine hairs of her muff and on in to all the recesses of her pussy except her cunt. Shanti giggled as he washed down the crack of her ass to her anus, playing with it as he washed it.

Kamesh slid Shanti’s soapy body around in his arms until she faced him, then slid down and washed her thighs, set her on the shower seat and washed on down her legs to her feet. His eyes focused on her pussy as he washed first one foot and then the other, seeing its lips almost open as he moved her legs around.

Shanti took the washcloth from Kamesh and started to bathe him. He felt her muff rub against his butt as she stood on her toes, holding him close to her to reach around while she washed his chest and belly, lingering to play with his nipples.

Shanti pressed her sex tight against him as her bare hand washed his cock and balls, moving back only to wash his anus. Her face came enticingly close to his cock as she bent down to wash his thighs.

Kamesh sat on the seat for her to finish bathing him, smiling as he watched her breasts bouncing around while she scrubbed his legs and feet.

They rinsed each other off, rubbing their hands over each other until all traces of soap were gone and then dried, first one then the other.

As they lay uncovered on the bed Shanti thought about why they were here, wondering what sex with Kamesh was going be like, what he would do first. The sight of his naked body had excited her, well-proportioned with no excess fat.

Moderate hair on his arms and legs, a little heaver on his chest, the base of his cock and his sack nestled in a thick bush. His cock was un-circumcised and seemed a little longer and slightly broader than those she had seen before.

It was standing straight up now, like a flag pole announcing what was on Kamesh’s mind, its slight upward curve exciting her as her mind felt it sliding up into her cunt.

Although Shanti enjoyed initiating sex, sometimes getting on top of a man and riding his cock, she usually preferred to respond to the man’s lead, provided he was leading her where she was willing to go.

Shanti knew why she was here they had been very open about the purpose of the weekend when they were making their plans on Thursday evening.

They had picked this remote cabin so that they could free themselves from the artificial restraints of society.

She had come to spend two days exploring the sexuality of her body with Kamesh, wanting him to draw out all those suppressed desires hidden deep in her mind; two days of undisturbed unrestrained sex, no surprises, no romantic pretense of moonlight and roses, just pure sex.

Most men fantasize about such weekends and many would jump at the chance. Shanti had sometimes dreamed of romantic encounters but never thought of actually engaging in one, at least not until she had met Kamesh.

Their previous sexual experiences had been pleasant but not very satisfying, the sex of youth, they thought there should be more to it. They had discussed sex in some detail things each liked or didn’t like, things they would like to do. Both wanted to explore oral sex but didn’t like any rough stuff or anal sex.

Both wanted to explore the other’s desires, to find their compatibilities. She mused over having disrobed in front of Kamesh, the open window, almost the first thing she had done when they had arrived, even removing her rings; presenting herself to him she thought, bare, nothing concealed or held back.

Shanti had worried some about the physical part of her weekend. She was on the pill so there was no problem there. Should she wear perfume, what about toilet facilities, would she be able to keep herself clean.

Shanti didn’t want the feeling of fullness or gas in her bowls to distract her from her pleasure when Kamesh first fucked her. She had eaten lightly on Friday and taken a strong laxative early that afternoon and it had worked as advertised, well before bedtime.

She thought that men usually found the tastes and odors of a woman’s sex pleasing, but still douched with an unscented saline solution when she took her nightly shower; if Kamesh was offended by a woman’s smell, then hers would at least maltepe escort be fresh.

She smiled as she remembered that Kamesh had not washed the entrance to her cunt or asked her to douche when he bathed her.

A warm water enema when she got up Saturday had completed the job the laxative had started. She decided not to wear any perfume or jewelry and had applied only a trace of makeup as she got ready that morning and only to have Kamesh wash it off.

Kamesh was lying on his side, his head propped up on his hand, admiring the body he had just bathed. He was studying it now, watching her breasts rise and fall with her breathing, noticing how they jiggled when she made quick movements, her nipples extended by her rising passions, watching her belly tighten as she raised up slightly.

He noticed the inner lips of her pussy protruding slightly, visible through the fine blond hair of her muff as she moved her raised knee from side to side, finally letting it fall to the bed next to him, exposing her sex fully to his gaze.

Kamesh was thinking about the way this beautiful, intelligent woman had bared herself before him so soon. Was she presenting herself to him?

Perhaps symbolically removing all traces of social constraint to immerse her in the sexuality of their weekend, realizing he had not hesitated to follow her lead.

They had hardly spoken since they had arrived, Kamesh making no outright sexual advances toward Shanti, waiting for some clear offering of her sex to him.

Shanti gently pushed Kamesh over on his back, straddling him on hands and knees, her pussy just above his hard cock. She stayed there, watching his response, watching his eyes as they looked at her pussy flanked by her breasts hanging just above his chest.

Shanti moved toward his head, lowering her breasts to his chest, holding his cock between her thighs, settling her weight onto him as she took his head in her hands and slipped her tongue into his mouth.

Kamesh responded with a deep lingering kiss, wondering how much longer his cock could take it.

Shanti sensed what she was doing to Kamesh, releasing his cock as she rolled off him to lie on her back, her head turned toward him – smiling. She got off the bed and slowly walked to the window of the main room, standing there looking at the view.

Kamesh was looking at the view too, and it wasn’t outside. He had watched her hips sway as she walked to the window and now looked at her as she stood there, breasts in profile, her muff faintly visible below her belly.

Kamesh walked over to her, putting his arm around her shoulders.

Shanti put her arm around his waist and leaned her head against his chest. She thought about them standing there naked in front of the window, how she felt when she was walking around the cabin in front of Kamesh.

It seemed so natural, even when she had first undressed in front of him; maybe she had a little nudism in her anyway, she could not remember feeling more comfortable and relaxed, it was going to be a great weekend.

Shanti looked up at Kamesh and hugged him, then slowly turned, moving back to the bedroom to stand beside the bed. Shanti moved in front of Kamesh, taking his cock in her hand; placing it between her thighs as she pressed her body to his.

Kamesh lay her on the bed with her hips at the edge, looking down at her for a moment, then slowly lowered himself onto her, his legs between hers, feeling her breasts under his chest as he kissed her.

His kisses moved to her eyes, her ears, her throat; caressing her body with his tongue as his lips and tongue moved down her chest between her breasts, moving under her left breast; tracing its softness under her arm, then up and over to her nipple.

His tongue wetted her nipple and breast before his mouth closed over it, filling itself with her breast; lifting it up, letting his lips slide over her breast as it slipped from the suction of his mouth; gradually releasing all but her areola, holding it with his lips while he flicked his tongue over her hardening nipple.

Kamesh slid down Shanti’s body, pressing himself to her, rubbing his body over her pussy as his mouth moved back down between her breasts and on down to kiss her navel, sucking on it until she squealed and grabbed his head.

Shanti held his head now, knowing where he was going, guiding him to those sensitive spots only she knew.

Slowly down to the top of her muff, then over to the crease between her pussy and thigh where Kamesh’s mouth lingered; his tongue painting designs on her thigh, lapping up and down the crease.

He rubbed his cheek over her muff, resting his cheek on her pussy; lingering there while he looked up into Shanti’s eyes, “I love the scent of your sex, the feel of your pussy against my face.” Kamesh whispered.

Shanti smiled faintly, gently stroking his head, relieved that her scent pleased him. He brushed his lips over the lips of her pussy and then on down to its bottom.

She pendik escort bayan pressed his face to her as his tongue slipped into her cunt, his lips on its lips, the petals of its flower; kissing her cunt, tasting its sweetness, the textures of its inner recesses. So much better than the first time lips and tongue had been there, this was what she had thought it should be like.

Kamesh could feel the increasing warmth of her pussy as he slowly lapped his tongue up her vestibule toward her clit, stopping to play with her pee hole, then on to her clit; the focal point of her orgasm, that point he would use to bring her to a state of ecstasy.

Kamesh looked up at Shanti’s face, her eyes glassy now. Her head tilted back, mouth open, making those little sounds women make when they’re on their way up; her hands running through his hair, holding him to her.

Kamesh sucked gently on her clit, holding its hood in his lips; sucking its tiny head into his mouth, then releasing it, letting it slide back out under its hood.

“No!” Shanti gasped, pressing his head to her, thrusting her pussy up against his face. Kamesh lapped his tongue back into her cunt. “That’s better, eat me . . . lick my pussy . . . my clit . . . Kamesh . . . suck my clit.”

Both hands on his head as she pulled him back to her clit, pressing him to it, feeling it slide back into his mouth, “Yes, don’t stop,” she pleaded as he sucked it farther in and then back out, then in; until it was sliding in and out like she was fucking his mouth with it.

He increased the tempo, the intensity as she guided him with the pressure of her hands and the thrusts of her crotch.

Kamesh slid his hands alongside her pussy, slipping his thumbs inside her, massaging behind her mons in time with the strokes of her clit, her hips shaking as he rubbed.

The sounds from Shanti’s throat were higher pitched now, louder; the thrusts of her crotch against his face faster, her hands pressing him to her harder.

Kamesh sensed the first contraction of her cunt as she gasped, digging her fingers into his scalp; her orgasm beyond her control, taking over her body, making it shudder; her cunt contracting, waves of ecstasy radiating out from her pussy as her orgasm reached its climax.

Shanti’s hands were lightly rubbing Kamesh’s head now, feeling his tongue gently touching her clit as it rested under its hood, slowing the fall of her passion. Kamesh watched her face, felt her hands as he gradually began to lick her clit, starting her back up again.

Shanti smiled, gently pressing his face to her, feeling the return of her passion as Kamesh lapped his tongue down to her cunt; thrusting his tongue fully in, tasting its fresh juices, then lapping it up the length of her slit to once again suck her clit into his mouth.

Kamesh was gauging Shanti now, trying to find out how far to take her. He went back to kiss her cunt, then over to the crease of her right thigh, rubbing his cheek over her pussy, pressing it against her exposed clit.

His mouth and tongue started back up her body, kissing and caressing her skin; up to her navel for more giggles, then on up between her breasts, moist now from the heat of her orgasm; over to her right nipple, lingering there to play with it; lapping his tongue over her breast to its side under her arm, then down along its crease with her chest and up between her breasts, lingering as Shanti pressed them against his face and his body massaging her pussy, rubbing her clit as he slid upward, keeping it awake.

He tasted of her throat and face, moving up to bring the tastes and fragrances of her pussy to her nose and mouth.

Shanti opened her mouth to receive his gift, pressing her lips to his as Kamesh guided his cock into her body; slowly sliding his cock into her as his tongue entered her mouth, her mind feeling them meet in the center of her body.

They rested there, his weight fully on her, her breasts pressed between them, his cock and tongue moving slowly.

Now slowly withdrawing his cock-tongue until they were at their entrances and then thrusting them back in, faster, harder; Shanti’s pussy rising to meet him, setting the pace while her fingers dug into his back; now Shanti was thrusting her tongue into Kamesh’s mouth as his cock pushed it out of her.

Kamesh’s cock was aching to cum, his excitement now more than he could hold back. He rose on his hands, thrusting deeper, his needs now overpowering his desire to please Shanti as she pulled his hips to her, her legs spread wide, crotch raised high to accept all of him as she felt his cock pulsing, his cum shooting into her.

Kamesh kept his cock tight in her, reaching down to rub her clit, taking her the rest of the way to the giddy heights of her climax.

Kamesh rested his chest on her breasts to kiss her, hold her those first few moments after her climax; slowly working his way around until they were in an upside-down kiss, the tops of their tongues together, each tip deep in the other’s mouth.

Kamesh moved his mouth down over Shanti’s chin to kiss her throat, placing his throat against her mouth; moving down to her breasts, trading nipple sucks with her, heading for her navel and some more giggles, this time from both.

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