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Me: Runs my hands across your chest leaning forward and kissing you

Jeff: kissing you back pulling your face tight to mine

Me: Kissing you deeper and moaning softly against your lips

Jeff: Running my fingers through your hair as we kissed

Me: Smiling and breaking the kiss just looking at you as I play with ur fingers. Moves so I’m next to you and lays beside you resting my head on your chest and continues playing with ur fingers.

Jeff: Wrapping my arms around you

Me: Tilts my head and kisses you snuggling close

Jeff: Kissing you back meshing my tongue with yours and slowly lifting your shirt

Me: Moaning softly and biting my lip your touch warm and comforting

Jeff: Running my fingers across your bare nipples

Me: mmm my nipples getting perky and my breathing getting husky with lust hehe

Jeff: Rubbing your perky nipples, the bulge in my boxers slowly growing

Me: Reaching down and running my hand across your growing bulge, my fingers teasing it as I nibble at your neck

Jeff: Pinching your nipples and gently twisting them back and forth

Me: Moaning and arching my body, brushing your bulge with my fingers faster. I want you so bad babe

Jeff: Hehe Moving on top of you. Kissing you deeply then kissing down your neck to your chest. Running my tongue in a circle around your nipples

Me: mmmm Kissing you back and moaning as you kiss me, my arms running down your back and digging nails softly into your skin

Jeff: Sucking on your perky nipples, sliding my hand under your shorts to feel how wet your pussy is

Me: mmmm Moaning and moving so my pussy rubs against your hand, soaking my panties.

Jeff: I’ll get you dripping…

Me: mmm fuck I’m pretty wet right now. I keep shifting because all I wanna do is go somewhere and fingerfuck myself for you hehe

Jeff: Rubbing your wet clit faster and faster as I bite down on your bahis firmaları nipples

Me: mmmm fuck babe I need you. Moaning and biting my lip, my nails digging into your your skin. Am I your little slut today?

Jeff: Only if you moan like one. Sliding two fingers into your tight wet pussy moving them in and out as I slide your shorts off.

Me: Whimpering softly as your fingers slide in and out of my tight wet pussy. mmmm I’d moan for you any day babe.

Jeff: Fingerfucking you faster and harder

Me: mmmm fuck babe…whimpers and moans begging a little. Fuck me babe…fuck my tight wet pussy. Whimpers and pinches my nipples roughly.

Jeff: Moving down your body and spreading your legs, kissing your inner thighs

Me: mmmmm

Jeff: Licking your clit as I slide a third finger inside you

Me: Whimpers and arches in pleasure, my legs bending at the knee to give you better access. My pussy dripping juices, my clit engorged and pulsing against your tongue

Jeff: Pushing my lips tight to you and sucking on your clit, curling my fingers inside you rubbing your g spot.

Me: mmmm Jeff I love you. Mini screams escape my lips. I’m going to cum I whisper between breaths

Jeff: Pulling my fingers out and sliding my tongue deep inside you

Me: ahhhhmmmmm cumming, my pussy juices filling your mouth

Jeff: hehe

Me: Pulling you up and kissing you deeply, tasting myself on your lips and sighing happy, moving my hands down and cupping your ass.

Jeff: mmm you want more? My little slut

Me: Giggles and lightly spanks you. I always want more from my master hehe

Jeff: Rubbing the tip of my cock up and down your slit

Me: mmmm I love it and hate it when you tease me. Squeezes your ass and pulls you up to whisper in your ear. I like being your little slut. lightly biting your earlobe

Jeff: Pushing the tip of my cock inside you and biting your neck

Me: kaçak iddaa Whimpers and moans tilting my head and biting my lip. Mmmm your little slut likes it when her master’s hard cock is inside her.

Jeff: Pulling out and rubbing my shaft along your clit

Me: Whimpers and smirks. mmm your making me wanna do naughty things to that hard cock of yours master!

Jeff: Oh and what are they?

Me: I want it in my mouth…would master like his little slut to suck his hard cock?

Jeff: Id love that

Me: Sliding out from underneath you and getting on my knees, your hard cock standing up. Mmmm your little slut loves her master’s cock. Placing it between my lips sucking slowly at first.

Jeff: mmmmm

Me: Sucking it deeper, your cock invading my throat

Jeff: mmm thrusting my hips back and forth, my hands on the back of your head as I fuck your mouth

Me: Moaning and taking your cock like the dirty little slut I am for you and only you. Gagging slightly as I deep throat you

Jeff: Thrusting my cock deep into throat again and again

Me: Gagging slightly and moaning with each thrust, reaching down and rubbing my clit fast and hard as you fuck my mouth

Jeff: Pulling my cock out of your mouth. Squeezing your tits together and thrusting my cock between them

Me: mmm master wants to play! Bends down and licks the tip every time it appears at the top. Your little slut loves when you titty fuck her master. Pinches my nipples rough and moans in pleasure

Jeff: Thrusting my hard cock in and out between your amazing tits, grunting as you moan for me

Me: mmm your slut loves when you grunt master. Moaning and pinching my nipples as rough as possible.

Jeff: Ride your master’s hard cock. I want to feel your juices running down my cock

Me: mmm your little slut is happy to oblige. Gets off my knees and straddles you, sliding my pussy over your hard cock and thrusting kaçak bahis forward, mmmm your cock feels so good in my tight wet pussy

Jeff: My hands roughly squeezing your tits as you bounce up and down on my hard cock like my little slut

Me: Moaning and semi screaming as your cock penetrates my pussy. Bouncing up and down leaning forward and gripping your chest

Jeff: mmm babe I want to feel your tight pussy squeezing down on my hard cock so bad

Me: Mmm and I wanna feel your hard cock deep in my pussy. Biting your neck with each thrust

Jeff: Fucking your tiny pussy harder trying to make you scream with pleasure

Me: mmm Master I’m pretty sure your little slut is screaming by now hehe. Screams and bounces harder my body convulsing as juices pour from my drenched pussy

Jeff: Reaching down to rub your pulsing clit as my cock slams inside you

Me: mmmm master fuck your tight little slut…she loves being abused by master’s cock

Jeff: Moving so I can fuck you doggy. My hard cock slamming deep inside you, pulling your hair as I fuck my slut

Me: Gripping the bed and pushing my face into the sheets as you fuck me rough and hard. Mmmm your little slut loves her master fucking her like this.

Jeff: Fucking my slut harder and rubbing her clit

Me: Will master cum in my tight pussy? His little slut would love to be filled with his massive cock and its cum

Jeff: leaning over you to bite your neck. My hard cock pounding your pussy. You want to feel my hot load shooting deep in your pussy? My hard cock pushing it deep inside you?

Me: Mmmm yes master …please? Your little slut would love to feel all that. playfully spanks my own ass and smirks. Fuck me til you cum in my tight little pussy.

Jeff: Fucking your tight pussy faster, my hands on your hips grunting with each thrust

Me: mmmm yes master

Jeff: My hard cock pulsing inside you as I blow my huge load deep into your pussy

Me: mmmm master that feels soo fucking good! moaning and shaking as your cum fills my pussy

Jeff: mmm babe

Me: hehe did I mention I love you?

Jeff: I love you too

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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