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All characters in the following work are fictional. Any resemblance to real persons – either living or deceased – is coincidental on the part of the Author. Furthermore, as the body of the following fiction involves graphic depictions of sexual activity all characters, unless otherwise noted, are written as being of the majority age of eighteen or older.

-Thank You

Oh . . . God, literally, those were the only words that would come to mind the last time that I had walked in on my, now former, piece of shit boyfriend cheating on me. There he was. Stripped to his skin, with his untanned, pale, doughy, ass bobbing up and down above the prone form one some skank or another. My only concern – once my initial shock had passed – revolving around if the girl was doing this willingly, or . . . Once I had pulled him off of her she appeared only too happy to grab up her pants and beat a hasty retreat from our apartment. The fallout with the boyfriend dragged itself out over the course of a week and ended up with me couch-surfing with one of my co-workers. And that, is where my story begins.

My name, by the way, is Amanda. Despite having an associate’s degree in communications I ended up struggling to pay off my college loans by waiting tables in a roadside, California, diner. Not how someone sees their life starting off after putting in the time to get an education. I guess my mistake had been in trying to find work in a world following the collapse of the real estate bubble and all the bail-outs and other government sponsored bullshit that was supposed to correct the flaws in our economy and put people back to work.

What none of the career advisers, or professors, or any other faculty at college was telling anyone was that employers were outsourcing our jobs overseas and that the dwindling job market was only open to those select few with experience in their chosen fields. Not those of us looking to get started. Hence, double shifts waiting tables while my degree sat in a frame in a box somewhere and I fielded calls every day from bill collectors and financial institutions offering me help in getting out from underneath the debt of an education which was doing nothing for me. As if that were not bad enough, my shithead boyfriend turns into a colossal ass-hat and starts sleeping around on me. I lose my apartment because his was the only name on the lease and, unless I wanted to give weekly blow jobs to the complex manager, I was homeless! Yeah. My life was pretty much sucking some serious ass at that point.

Enter Lindsey. My co-worker. Another waitress without the pretense of having a college education and an aspiring writer. She had overheard me bitching to our boss and had poked her head into his office to let me know that she had a couch that was open if I did not mind sharing a studio apartment. I was shocked to tears by such a sudden show of selflessness that it took several minutes before I was calmed down enough to accept.

I had not even paused long enough to hear my new ‘roomy’ mentioning something about her social life, etcetera, blah blah blah. I even offered her the use of my car – seeing as how she did not have one – in return for putting me up until my next paycheck came in to help with expenses. Lindsey took me back to ‘our’ place at the end of her shift, gave me the lay of the land, and then we grabbed a pizza to celebrate. This is where things began to become – interesting.

I had almost been asleep when the creaking of the bed frame stirred me to wakefulness! Then came the rhythmic breathing and soft sighing of two people trying to be quite while having sex with someone else in the same room. In a studio apartment that kind of thing is inescapable, but as this was only my third night living with Lindsey I thought that she might have been worn out and needing some down time after the previous two nights!

“Not again.” I groaned into the pillow that I had dragged over my face.

Awake though I could not block out the sounds and, if I am being brutally honest, it had been a long time since I had gotten even a taste of what Lindsey was getting on a regular basis. I knew exactly how many (three) condoms there were in the bottom of the large over-night bag which contained all of my worldly goods except my toiletries. I even knew that those poor things were fast approaching their expiration date.

The sound of my roomy getting herself some carried to my ears against my attempts to block it out and therefore I figured that if I could not score any on my own, that I might as well live vicariously through Lindsey and her newest ‘friend’. I chanced raising myself onto my knees and peeking over the back of the couch. Yes. There she was – Lindsey – stripped naked and grinding her pussy into the face of tonight’s main event! My roomy was biting down on her own hand in her best effort to keep quiet as this guy ate her like she was a Vegas buffet. The long absence of anyone willing to do the same with me caused my first physical reaction kartal escort bayan and I found myself suddenly wishing that, if you will excuse the expression, I had the balls to stand up off the couch and offer him the chance to do the same to me!

Already my thighs were trembling and my breath was coming in gasps. In order to suppress my own urges I slipped one hand down between my legs and pressed my palm against the thin cotton of my panties and ground against that. The smell of Lindsey’s musk was fast filling the apartment so I figured any of my own would probably go unnoticed. At that point those panties were pushed down my, still quivering, thighs enough that my hand could make some real contact and my fingers could be a little more useful!

“Oh shit!” I gasped under my breath as those digits sank inside of me. Christ! It had probably been longer than I remembered because I was tight!

My fingers moved inside of me of their own volition. I was having a hard enough time not watching Lindsey and her friend. Especially since things had progressed from simple oral sex and was beginning to get down to the real damn thing! Lindsey was hungrily slurping down a good four or five inches of hard cock at this point while her boy-wonder was keeping his fingers busy with her raised ass and pussy. Her eyes were shut and the breathy sounds she was making around that mouthful meant that he had to have some skills because she was enjoying herself immensely.

As soon as she thought he was ready, Lindsey rolled onto her back and with one hand guided him to her opening. She gasped out loud as he sank inside with one fluid thrust though! My own palm and those fingers of mine were already soaked at this point so I pressed the pad of my thumb against my clitoris and focused my motions on grinding against that. My own orgasm – no surprise here – was fast approaching thanks to what my eyes found themselves being treated to. In order to prevent giving myself away I bit down on my bottom lip but never took my eyes off the action of my friend! I don’t think later on that Lindsey ever told me this guy’s name but I sure would have liked to have known because what he was lacking in length he probably made up in girth, and his skills had to make it all worthwhile from the way that Lindsey was rising into his every thrust and moaning her own pleasure.

It really was something to see, and as much as I would love to be able to tell you that I never once lost track of their action, my own sudden and near explosive orgasm made my focus center on myself as I collapsed back against my pillows and ground the mound of my sex into the hand that was now trapped between my own thighs! My head thrashed from side to side and it seemed as though I could not catch a breath. At least I was glad – for once – that I had never been much of a ‘screamer’ during sex.

It must have been a minute, perhaps two, before I regained enough of my senses to again peek over the top of the sofa. My hand came away from me, cramping and soaked, but I felt better than I had in a long time. There must really be something in all the theories about masturbation being a needed release for everyone?

I quickly found that Lindsey had rolled onto her knees and was allowing her visitor to drive into her hard enough that the entire bed was shaking with every one of his thrusts! In order to keep quiet she had buried her face into the mattress but despite such precautions I was not having much in the way of trouble with hearing her alternating between encouraging him to ‘fuck me’ and various and colorful blasphemy as he took her at her word and continued his vigorous use of my friend and her favors!

Despite having already had my orgasm I was not in the least bit surprised to find myself wishing that Lindsey and I were in reversed rolls. I looked on, captivated, for a few more minutes before the stud stiffened up and I knew right away that he was orgasmic. Lindsey took all that he offered and did not slip off of him until his spent and withered penis came out on its own and dangled between the two of them. Even flaccid, and in the moonlight spilling through the picture window behind Lindsey’s bed, I could tell that he was quite a specimen.

When he started to move I quickly sank back onto the couch and feigned being asleep as he dressed without turning on the light. With one eye open a crack I then watched as he crossed the apartment and let himself out. Once I was certain that he was not coming back in for anything I was off the couch and locking the door behind him! My friend and roommate was snoring on the bed at this point and should have been left alone, but I found that I could not help myself.

Crossing behind the sofa I approached the bed and her prone form. Her legs were still spread and I could see her swollen and tender sex as it wept his spent load onto the coverlet. Quietly, and with just two fingers, I scooped up some of that and extended my tongue for a taste. Once escort maltepe it was there the smell and flavor of him was not unpleasant. Especially since I was getting some of Lindsey in the mix as well. I savored the lingering smell of sex and that taste for several seconds before thinking of climbing off of the bed and heading back to my couch.

“You could have joined in anytime.” Came the groggy, albeit satiated, voice of my friend.

Not knowing what to say I mumbled and fumbled looking for the right words but to no avail. The bedside table’s light flicked on and Lindsey pulled herself into a sitting position so that she could look at me as we talked. She was smiling at me but said nothing else. Finally, either too tired to give a rat’s ass or just because she wanted to get some real sleep, Lindsey excused herself to the bathroom and then emerged in a negligee and – I supposed – clean panties. My own had been lost during my masturbation and only once I saw her clothed did it become obvious to me that I was sitting naked and spread legged on Lindsey’s bed. All of this after having tasted her and her lover’s leavings!

“Maybe next time then?” Lindsey teased as she climbed under the covers and turned out the light.

Yeah, I thought once my brain started working right again and as I was looking around on the floor, in the dark, searching for my own discarded underwear. I had little doubt that there was going to be a next time. I just did not think that I could be as casual about sex as Lindsey appeared to be?

I was no virgin. High school and a string of eager, swinging-dick, boyfriends had seen to that, but I just did not see the appeal of multiple partners in succession the way she apparently did. Despite these misgivings I was thinking back to my own arousal and how easily I had reached orgasm! I had never been one much for masturbation. Not even after I was sexually active and just between boyfriends. I certainly had never cum that easily on my own either. Or with a guy for that matter. I was pretty certain that I could count the number of genuine orgasms that I had reached on just my own ten fingers!

Suddenly feeling my own exhaustion I said to hell with the damn underwear and climbed back onto my couch. Even as sleep sucked me under I knew the kinds of dreams that I was going to end up having. I also came to the realization – despite my soul searching – that if an opportunity presented itself, I was, more than likely, going to go ahead and give it a shot. Hell, I might even end up enjoying myself . . .


I stirred to wakefulness the following morning. My own soreness serving to inform me that vigorous masturbation was best left for the beginning of a sexual drought. Definitely not at its highest point! I could hear Lindsey puttering around in the small kitchenette and the smell of fresh coffee assailed my nostrils.

Sitting up on the sofa the first thing my sleep-fogged brain processed was that I was still naked! The second thing was that my discarded panties from the night before were laid out atop the coffee table. I snatched them up and quickly dragged them up my legs until I was covered.

“Good. You’re awake.” Chirped Lindsey as she rounded the end of the couch and handed me a cup of that wonderful coffee.

“Morning.” I managed. Still wiping the sleep out of my eyes. “Why so chipper?” I chanced asking.

Lindsey rolled her eyes. Unlike me, modesty did not seem high on her list of priorities and she sat down at my feet still naked as the day she was born! While she sipped her coffee her free hand was kept busy curling her trimmed pubic hair as she made seemingly small talk. She kept looking at me and then down at her own fingers and then her eyes would find mine again. Almost as though she were inviting my questions.

“I did, honestly, try to say something before you jumped at the chance to sleep on my couch.” She managed at last.

“It isn’t that I am a slut, or easy. I just have always loved having sex!”

Lindsey paused for a moment, almost as though she expected me to condemn her life choices or some stupid, quasi-parental, bullshit. When I just continued drinking my coffee, saying nothing, she carried on. Sharing with me the stories of her first few times. Then going onto explain that the guys she brought home were, indeed, flings but that she would never risk bringing home a guy with whom she was not familiar from one of the few pubs that she frequented on the nights when she was not working at the diner, or devoting to her book.

“If you are interested in meeting someone, and since we are both off today, I would like to have a day out with you.”

Having said that she stood up off of the couch and padded back into the kitchen.

While I was certain that if we met a guy that I liked, and was sure was not a scum bag or an asshole just looking to score, that it was unlikely that I was going to drag him into bed with me just the thought caused some heat to rise from pendik escort between my legs and my stomach to clinch up at the idea! Before I could caution myself, I heard a strange voice agreeing wholeheartedly to this idea. Only once Lindsey had excused herself to go take a shower did it dawn on me that it had been my voice!

Aside from anonymous sex, or one night stands, however you want to characterize what Lindsey was doing, I had also never been one much for hitting the clubs or drinking. That kind of behavior just made the other all the more likely. I also liked to be sober during sex so that I could be in control of my own body and enjoy what I was doing – or what was being done to me. It was not until our second bar then that Lindsey brought a couple of guys over to where I was sipping my third mineral water and watching as she flirted, outrageously, with any guy of her passing acquaintance and with a good enough sized bulge in their jeans or slacks!

“This is Andrew.” Lindsey said by way of the first introduction.

The sandy-haired, business-suited, young man shock my hand gently while his eyes never got any higher than my b-cup breasts. You just had to want to jump into bed with someone that only wanted to get to know your tits! Thanks, but no thanks.

“And this charming specimen would be Ian,” Her second introduction was done as Lindsey were showing off a new model car.

Dark haired, nicely built, and with storm-cloud grey eyes. That was Ian. He looked me right in the eye when he said hello and then offered to buy me my next round. Detecting a spark of chemistry, Lindsey guided Andrew away toward the billiard tables and left Ian and I alone to get to know one another a little better. The reaction building between my, tightly closed, legs was not a good sign for my resolve lasting much longer, but even I had to admit that the guy was not an asshole. . .

I barely managed to kick the door shut on the apartment before Ian was back at me with more of those infuriatingly, sensual, soft kisses along my neck and collar bone. Whoever had taught him to make-out with a woman had better be sainted because they had done the female portion of the population a huge favor! We, Ian and I, had spent the remainder of the afternoon and early evening together. Sharing small talk and trading rounds at the bar. He laughed at the idea of someone walking into a bar and only drinking mineral water. I had laughed in return as his assurances that he had not come into a bar with his friend – on their lunch break – not looking for a quickie.

We then progressed to dancing to what was playing from the jukebox and the next crack in my resolve had come when he ground against my butt and I felt the first stirrings of him. Even through his slacks I could feel the telltale stiffening and knew enough to realize that Ian was well endowed. A light dinner off the limited menu and more conversation had sealed the deal for me! My mind was still objecting – weakly – but since it was no longer driving this particular bus, who the hell cared? I had found Lindsey and dragged her into the women’s room just to get the rest of the evening’s plan squared away.

“I’m taking Ian back to the apartment.” I said before she could even get a word in.

Her smile spoke volumes though and she reached into her pocket and handed me the key to the front door. Well, that and a couple of foil-wrapped condoms in case things went in the direction she was anticipating.

“Good luck.” Lindsey said. “I myself am escorting Andrew to the motel down the street so that the two of you will not be disturbed. Feel free to make use of the bed and try to enjoy it.”

With that said I watched my friend walk away and out of the bathroom. Okay, I thought to myself in that moment. I guess I am going to try things her way for once. Palming the key to the apartment and fishing my car keys out of my own jeans pocket I went back into the bar in search of my first one night stand. And that brings us back to the two of us ending up in my apartment!

Ian’s lips were exploring every exposed inch of skin that they could find and my own temperature was spiking with his continued attentions. His hands were also touching and exploring everything that his lips could not get to. When they brushed over the front of my jeans and dipped between my legs he took pause at the heat and dampness they encountered there. Despite having worn panties and thick denim jeans it was only obvious what his attentions were doing to my body! Therefore I did not hesitate now in pressing one of those condoms that Lindsey had passed to me into his free hand. Taking the hint Ian closed his hand over my crotch and pressed it into me! I gasped and was only barely aware of the last bits of my own resistance crumbling away.

“Just say no anytime you want to stop.” Ian whispered in my ear even as my head fell back and I heard myself groaning in pleasure.

Instead of saying anything though I settled for sliding my own hands down until they cupped his crotch and then pulling him into the open space between my, now open and inviting, legs. With the preliminaries out of the way I reached down again until my grasping fingers found the snap at the top of my jeans and popped it open. . .

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