Sex Fifth Avenue

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Every day thousands of people walk through skyways above the streets of Minneapolis to stay out of the weather. Business people on their way in their busy lives traipse through high-end stores like Saks Fifth Avenue. Turns out the skyways of Minneapolis are great places to get it on. I’m Sissy and I work downtown. It’s always an adventure.

My boyfriend, Chuck, and I had met up with some friends for dinner during the holidays. We decided to go for Indian food and the spices were hot. The guys were swapping stories about the hot, babe chicks they were meeting as they went shopping. “Like you guys think you even have a chance with 25-year-olds …..,” my friend Becky and I teased them. Even though we were all in our late 40’s and early 50’s, we haven’t lost our sex appeal, especially us girls. The waiter, Danny, was definitely eyeing my friend as he asked her suggestively how “hot” she wanted her masala.

The meal became quite sensual as we all took turns feeding each other with our fingers. I took some naan, sopped up some curry on it and fed my friend’s hubby, Curt. He licked the curry off kartal escort bayan my fingers one-by-one, making intense eye contact with me as Chuck moved his hand up and down on my thigh under the table cloth. I knew Chuck was really turned on by this and so was I. I knew what would send him through the roof, so I sucked on my fingers after Curt had gotten all the curry off. “Mmmmm, love that curry. It’s so delicious! This is my favorite food.”

Becky was getting her own action when the waiter delivered the food and got a glimpse of Becky’s deep décolletage. She knew Danny was looking, so she leaned over just a bit more and caught Curt’s eyes. Curt loves it when Becky is the center of attention. He may know that he doesn’t have a chance with a 25-year-old AND Becky is sure to remind him, but he is definitely confident in what he does have with Becky.

Chuck and I paid for dinner and were making our way back to the parking garage. Because it was so cold, we decided to go through the skyway. I said that I was pretty sure they were still open through the stores. We were just escort maltepe crossing over 7th street from the IDS Tower to Saks Fifth Avenue, when we realized that Saks had closed their doors. There we were … all hot and bothered from dinner … not wanting to go into the cold. I grabbed Chuck by the lapels of his grey flannel trench coat and kissed him right up against the skyway glass over 7th street. Cars started honking as they noticed us making out.

Chuck quickly moved his hand under my fur coat, finding the soft skin of my waist. I can always tell when Chuck is turned on when he makes skin-on-skin contact. He turned me so that I was facing the glass and was caressing me from behind. His slipped his hand under my skirt, moving my thong aside so that he could feel my wet, dripping pussy. As he touched me, I reached around and undid his brown leather belt so that I could feel his hot throbbing cock. I ached to have him push in me from behind, so I scooted my ass up to receive him.

It was then that I noticed the crowd that had gathered below. They were watching and pointing pendik escort to the middle-agers acting like a couple in heat. Chuck was getting the thumbs up from all the guys below. We smiled to the crowd while Chuck pumped me.

Another couple made it to the same roadblock in the skyway and admitted that they had seen us from below and wanted to get a little closer and asked Chuck if he minded. Chuck asked me like the gentleman he is and, of course, I wanted them there, too. Chuck had never stopped pumping me through the conversation and I was really getting slammed against the window.

By this time, the other couple took to the opposite window to play to the growing crowd. There’s something that is a turn-on to people that live in the city when they see business types letting loose and having some great fun. She was wearing a tight, white leather skirt with white stockings and a fir-trimmed sweater. He was wearing a pin-striped Marc Jacobs suit with a starched white button-down and cufflinks. He said that he had always wanted to perform in the skyway and thanked us for leading the way.

Chuck said, “Sissy, what do you have to say?” I could hardly croak out any words, I had been panting so much. Finally, I put my fingers in my pussy, doused them with juice and wrote, “Merry Fucking Christmas,” on the window, backwards, so the crowd could read it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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