Sex and Motorcycles

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Midsummer in South Texas is tough. Sure, it’s not Death Valley, where the asphalt sticks to your boots as you cross the parking lot, but it’s brutal. On a Saturday afternoon in the middle of July, the sun beats down hard enough to make the skin tingle almost immediately.

It was a bad day to have to fix my motorcycle. Yes, I ride. No, I’m not some greasy biker out of a movie, or one of the crotch-rocket speedies. I just love to ride. My Indian Chief was a great eyecatcher, but at the moment, she was on broken wings. I’d broken another set of pipes. Granted, it’s not the worst work, but in hundred-degree weather, anything not in air-conditioning and with a cool drink was murder. My hair was pulled up, a nice discreet ponytail of black hair, trying to keep it off my neck. The new pipes I’d ordered last week were in, so I was trying to cross the lot from my Jeep to the door. The blacktop wasn’t sticking, but I could feel my boot heels sinking in slightly as I walked.

The shop’s name is Big Nasty’s Custom Bike Shop. Go look it up, I’m serious. Chris was working that day, a short guy with Aztec features and a smile that was bright enough to be seen from orbit. He smiled and raised a hand as I checked out the newest chrome bolt-on accessories for the terminally dumb and waited. He was handing over a carburetor box to a woman in motorcycle chaps and a tank top, and explaining something about how to set the jets on it correctly. She nodded, and paid. I glanced at her as she turned. She came up to about my shoulder, and her reddish-brown hair was pulled back into a sensible ponytail. Slim and pert, she was easy on the eyes. Her face wasn’t hard like other biker chicks, and her body didn’t look worn out or leathery like some biker hags that hang out at bike rallies. Indulging in a nice long look as she went by, I went up to the counter and put down the few items I’d picked up. Nodding as he rang up my stuff, he looked at me. “Hey, Sasha, what’s been going on?”

“Not much. Summer vacation, again.”

“Must be nice, man.”

I shrugged. “Pays to be a teacher.”

He smiled. “Sure does. Your boss get mad for keeping your hair long?”

“Not anymore. I think he gave up when I came in with all of it cornrowed and beaded.” We both laughed. A few years back, the principal wanted me to keep my hair tied back better, as so my friend Touch cornrowed and beaded my hair. The cornrows were in for two days before he decided to let me keep my regular ponytail.

After a few seconds of silence, Chris leaned forward. “Did you see that chick that bought the new carb?”

“Yeah,” I responded. “I saw her.”

“I told her I would go out and see how she was doing with putting it on. That model of hog is a pain to swap carbs on.”

“You want me to check and see if she needs a hand?”

“If you don’t mind.”

I thought on it for a sec. “I’ll go look. Can she re-jet by hand?”

“No, they gotta have a dyno for a good jet.”

“Ok, let me look.”

I paid and took the box with my pipes and my few gadgets, and walked out. Thankfully, she’d pushed her bike to where the side of the building shaded part of the lot. She was squatting, trying to sit the carburetor on right. The model she was on made the carb mount hard to get to, the frame allowing like zero clearance. I set my stuff in my Jeep, and walked over to her.

“Need a hand?” I asked casually. I watched her arm sweat off her forehead, her chest moving nicely. She had a bra on, just enough to make everything stand out perfectly.

“I got it,” she said automatically.

“The owner sent me out, said you might need a hand,” I tried again.

She looked at me, then at the part. She handed it over. “Knock yourself out.” She looked a little weary, like she put too many miles in for too long.

We fiddled with the part for about twenty minutes, her hands reaching in to align in places my fingers couldn’t go. After some fussing, adjusting, and cussing, we snapped the part home. Happy, she finished up the rest as I went back into the store and bought two bottles of water. She took hers and took a long, healthy swig of water.

“Thanks, guy,” she said, offering her hand. Strong, with short nails. On anyone else, they would not have fit. On her, they looked good.

“Name’s Sasha, “ I said. “And you are?”

“I’m Lisa, but everyone calls me Lee.” She smiled, and it lit her face up.

I smiled back. “Hey, we’re having a barbecue tonight, a bunch of biker folk, and some suds and fun. You want to come?”

Her face clouded. “No, I better not. I need to get back on the road soon.”

Looking at her, I could see the tiredness in her eyes. “Are you sure. It’s been a long, hot day, and it’s only three in the afternoon. You can hang, get a good night’s rest, and leave tomorrow.” kartal escort Lee glanced at her bike, and I understood her desire to be back in the saddle. “Besides, you still need to re-jet that thing, and for that, I got what you need in my garage. You can use it, if you want.”

She thought for a second. “Damn.” She muttered under her breath. “How do I get there?”

“Just follow me. I’ll go slow so you don’t get lost.”

It was a good thing I didn’t live too far. That unjetted carb was making her bike backfire and belch as if it was going to die an ugly death. I pulled up on the roadside, and clicked the garage opener. She pulled into the garage, and dismounted. Taking her helmet off, her eyes took in the whole thing.

“Wow.” The exclamation was quiet as she stared. Three bikes resided here. A 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa sat, purple and black. Her exploits were immortalized on the walls in pictures of street and drag races. An old ’51 Harley-Davidson Panhead sat, perfectly cherry, sparkling candy-apple red and chrome. My Indian sat, burgundy and chrome, her only mar a pair of pipes, broken where they attached to the manifold. One side was trophy case, the other, repair shop. Wheeling her bike in, it was a matter of minutes to tune up the carb. In return, she help me attach my new Vance and Hines pipes to the Indian.

The sun was beginning to set when Lee asked where the shower was. Aiming her to the master bedroom, I showed her the bathroom, an open alcove with a glass wall blocking the entrance from the bedroom. She walked in, becoming a blurred shade that stripped clothes off. I peeked at her through the glass, as she started the open-air shower. Her lines were curvy and nice, smooth and sleek.. My cock began to swell as I watched. As pretty as she looked, it’s still creepy to try and sneak a peek, so I went off to start the pit for the night’s party.

Texans have a thing about barbeque. We love it, and the bigger the grill, the better. This grill was huge, a custom job we built out of 6-gauge cast iron plate. I sparked the fire, waited for the fire to die down. As I watched the dancing flames, their curvy lines reminded me of Lee in my shower. Trying to keep myself down, I slapped the meat on the grill and closed the lid, trying to get my half-wood to go down..

I turned to see Lee in a pair of soft, worn jeans and another tank top. She looked luscious and smelled so good, a little spice and a lot of nice. I could feel my halfway-hard dick beginning to crawl down the leg of my jeans, and I wanted to touch her so bad.

“Are you ok?” she asked. Her eyes flicked over me as I tried to slip past her to get in. My cock was fully up now, a hot stiff rod.

She moved, and my hips rubbed against the front of her pants. Her eyes glimmered as she felt my lovebone brush. Her eyebrows went up, and she caught me before I could get past her.

“Uh-“ I stammered, knowing full well I was hard enough to feel my heartbeat in my hard-on. She reached a hand down, tracing it’s outline through the denim.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“Sweaty and smelly, I think.” Ok, so it wasn’t smooth. I was hard enough to hang a towel off my erection, but I smelled like I hadn’t had a bath in days.

“Really?” Lee kept tracing where the head raised the fabric. Waves of pleasure were traveling up and down my shaft. I moaned involuntarily.

“Yeah,” I croaked. “I really like you, Lee, but I stink. Let me get a quick shower, OK?”

She gave a little squeeze, nearly making me lose my load in my pants. God, I didn’t want to stop, but it’s hard to feel sexy when your own body odor bothers you.

“Go shower,” she said, her hand letting me go. I started to slide by, and she stopped me.

“If it’s ok with you, can I stay here?”

“Yeah, you can stay.”

Her smile lit up like a thousand-watt bulb. She reached down to the ice tub and fished out a cold beer. As I walked in, I could hear my washer going. Bikers don’t travel with a lot of wardrobe. We wash our changes as soon as possible. Horny, I walked as smoothly as I could with my crotch throbbing with frustrated desire. I stripped quickly and walked into the open shower. My hard on waved uselessly as I tried to shower quickly. However, I kept thinking of the water running down her tan skin, and how soft it would be under my lips. My dick pulsed softly as the water ran down my scrotum, feeling like a tongue. I wanted to stroke myself, get myself off in a hurry, but I forced myself to stop. Turning the water to cold, I fought not to yelp as the chill forced my mind elsewhere.

Drying off was fast, now that Mr. Happy wasn’t up. Slipping a pair of jeans up my naked hips, I pulled out an old T-shirt that said “Hauling Ass” with a silhouette of a naked girl on it. Slipping socks and maltepe escort bayan boots on, I walked out of my bedroom to see Chris and Lee chatting about something..

‘Hey, Sasha.”

“Hey, Chris. What’s up?”

Nothing, man. Just kicking it. Hey, Sway said she won’t be in tonight, she had to go outta town because her sister’s in trouble. She said to say hi and sorry.”

“Cool. I’ll call her tomorrow and see what’s up.”

Touch was out on the deck, with her girl-of-the-week. I didn’t know her name, but it wasn’t worth trying to learn, since Touch would have a new girl by time I learned it. In fact, Touch had lost interest in her new friend, targeting Lee to flirt with. Less seemed fine, giving me a smile as I went looking for my other friends Lea and Rocket. They weren’t there yet, but there were others from our group who knew to come in and get comfy. The long jacket rack by the door was slowly growing leather leaves as more came and got comfortable. The house was full of the smell of good barbecue and the sound of good friends.

The night progressed well. Lee was comfy, although Touch got a little too friendly when she popped out a breast to show off her new jewelry. The deck ,lit by little colored lights, was full of people dancing and having a blast. I sipped on a beer and nibbled some food. Eventually I had to rescue Lee from Touch, who was trying to cop a feel. Lea and Rocket came in as I brought Lee from the deck, shedding leather and findng a place to sit in the living room. Soon they were happy and chatty, plates of food in hand with bottles of beer.

“Hey Sasha.”

“Hey Rocket. How’s life?”

“Good, good. Did you see what we brought?” I turned to see a pirated copy of Biker Boyz playing.

“Nice. Bootleg?”

“Don’t ask, don’t tell.” We watched as a group of bikers gathered to watch. The group began howling, either with fun or outrage, as bikes whipped back and forth across the big screen.

I quickly escaped to the kitchen with Lee in tow. No one was there. The washer had stopped spinning.

“You have a beautiful home,” she said as we stopped in the laundry nook to put her clothes into the dryer. She bent over to toss a sheet of fabric softener, and I started getting hard all over as she showed me her gorgeous ass.

“Thanks. It was my parents, and they left it to me. I’ve been slowly remodeling.”

“I noticed. The bathroom was nice,” she said, straightening up slowly.

“Yeah. I like it open like that, you know, I like space.” I looked at her as I took a sip of beer. “You know, it’s like everyone wants privacy, so they shut themselves into these little boxes. I can’t do that. I gotta be able to see more than four or five feet or I feel all closed up.”

“I know what you mean.” Lee said. “I left a corporate job for this. I spent thirteen years, working everyday in a cube, then an office. One day, I get this bug, because I’ve been working forever and I don’t have a man, so I have all this money that I never spent. I went to a motorcycle training course and fell in love. I have a lot of money put away, and more in the stock market. I make enough to go where I choose, sleep where I want, and keep that bike there intact.” She stopped and looked at me.

“So, how did you start riding?” she asked.

“My old man hated bikes. I bought that old Panhead out there, got a manual, and started restoring it. I didn’t know half of the tools, but when I started working on it, I could get everything in place, and I understood how to make the bike work. I put it together, and painted it. I even laced the spokes myself. I rode that for a while, then got into racing. Chris, Lea, Touch, Rocket, Sway and I all met at Alamo Dragway. The others are part of our group, but the six of us are the core, all sharing the same thing. We started riding and racing together years ago. Now, we just-”

Lee had sidled over as I talked about the past. She reached up, and grabbed a handful of hair, pulling me gently to her lips. We kissed as if no one was watching. She tasted so sexy. I wanted to swallow her up in one kiss. Her hands slid up and down my back, grazing the curve of my butt as I pulled her close and ran my hands up and down her long, flowing body curves. She looked at me, her nipples jutting from under her tank top. Looking around, the group was engrossed with the fast bikes on screen as we slipped past them and into the bedroom, locking the door behind me. It wouldn’t do to have a distraction at this point.

Hungrily, I slipped her tank over her head. Her breasts were so perfect, round and capped with pink stiff nipples. I sucked on one, flicking my tongue quickly and lightly over the sensitive skin. Her hand slid down to my hip and then to my crotch, where I was ready, full and hard. escort pendik She popped open the button-fly and reached in, her warm palm touching my hot erection.

I laid her down on my bed. Thankful I had cleaned a day before, I shucked her pants off, revealing her glorious skin. No underwear. I stripped out of my clothes in nothing flat, and lay next to her. We lay side by side, kissing and feeling each other all over. She rolled me onto my back, using one of my nipple rings as leverage. She licked down my belly, past my happy trail, and softly took me in her mouth. I tried not to jam myself into her mouth, but my hips kept coming off the bed as she suckled on me.

“Oh, God.” I moaned. It was Heaven for me as her tongue traced the veins and folds of me. Her hand massaged my sack and I murmured and gasped.

Impossibly, I felt myself getting harder, swelling even more in her mouth. She moaned as she sucked on me, then raised herself off the bed, her body over her head. I didn’t understand until my cockhead hit the back of her throat, then entered and slid down. I sucked in my breath as she went all the way to my root, and I could swear I felt her Adam’s apple as it slid past. She slid me in and out several times.

Sliding me out of her throat, she sat back on her knees and looked at me with eyes glassy with lust. “I need you inside me.”

Happily, got up and eased her down to the bed. My shaft throbbed with my heartbeat, quivering as I eased down. Licking gently against her labia, I found her joy button, pink and swollen. Licking and sucking on it, I pleasured Lee. Her writhing began to increase as she bucked up against my face.

“Yeah! Oh, yeah! Right there, baby.” Her voice got rougher as she started bucking with insistence, her wetness beginning to shade into the more pungent taste of orgasmic fluid.

Her eyes flew open as she arched against me. She began thrashing as she came, her pussy moving faster than I could keep up. Lee writhed and groaned wordlessly. After her orgasm passed, she relaxed, her wetness forming a small puddle where her cunt still contracted and relaxed.

Lee’s eyes were still closed as she half-sobbed and tried to catch her breath. I gently took my rock-hard cock and eased it into her. Her eyes shot open yet again as I slid in to the root on the first stroke. Clasping her legs against me, she drew me deeper. I could feel her cervix against my head as I began making love to her.

Oh, God. Make love to me, Sasha.” Lee whispered to me, nonsense words that went past my ear to some animal part of my brain. Stroking in a fast, deep rhythm, I pounded away, my own nonsense mutterings coming forth. She arched against me and rolled her eyes as another orgasm approached.

“Oh!” she moaned as she tightened against me. “Oh!” she moaned again, this time with enthusiasm. A third “Oh!” began to escape, but was cut off as Lee came. Her body arched and held as I kept fucking her through the orgasm.

I felt her spasming against me long after her pleasure subsided, her eyes rolled back as I kept the rhythm going. But it wasn’t going to last much longer. I could feel the pressure in my testicles beginning to build, the drawing up of my sac and I felt the point of no return pass. I tried to hold it off, to enjoy this incredible sex, but my hips lost their rhythm, slamming endlessly into Le as she began to build up another orgasm. “Oh, God” I murmured as she looked up at me with eyes of lust and desire. “Are you going to cum?” she asked breathlessly as I pumped furiously.

“Yeah.” I muttered through clenched jaw. I wanted to hold it off as long as I could, but I could feel my cream boiling at the base of my cock. It was seething and ready to fly.

“Cum inside me, Sasha.” She rasped as her orgasm began to hit the final phase. She began pushing her hips up to meet my thrusts. “Do it inside me. I want to feel you filling me up.”

Her description put me over the edge. I headr myself grunting, feeling my orgasm beginning to erupt. I thrust frantically into Lee as my semen began spurting. My eyes rolled up and some growl of sheer pleasure rumbled from my chest, my world reduced to my frothing spurt of lust and white light. Lee sunfished underneath me as I came, her orgasm and mine combining in a sexual detonation the left us wet and drippy in each other’s fluids in the remains of a made-up bed.

As he breathed, feeling oddly connected to the woman in bed with him, cheering and howling erupted from the living room next door. As my friends cheered and thumped the wall, we looked at each other.

“Somehow,” said Lee as she caught her breath, “I don’t think they are cheering for the movie.”

I found the energy to laugh at that. Crawling off the bed, I glanced at my cock, subsiding happily, a slow trickle of semen still oozing.

“Stay here for a few days.” I said.

Lee looked at me, snuggled in the damp sheets as her eyes roved all over my body. “I think I can do that.” She winked.

I went to rinse off, her laughter tinkling like crystal wind chimes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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