Seducing an Older Woman

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I have a great job as a programmer for a large local company that allows me to work from home nearly all the time. That freedom has afforded me the opportunity to make my home a very comfortable work place. I have a nice den that I use when the weather isn’t the best but the place I enjoy the most is my backyard complete with pool and deck. I created a small office area on the deck and on warm sunny days that is where you will find me.

I love my work environment. When I get stuck on a particular problem I find swimming a few laps or tending my flower garden gives me the break I need and allows my subconscious mind to work on a solution. When the days are warm enough my work clothes consisting of a Speedo.

One part of my job is testing programs and when I do that I can let my computer do all the work. This allows me to listen to a favorite talk radio program or my IPod with a variety of music that would be described as eclectic. Often when that is the case I swim or putter around the garden while keeping an eye on my monitor.

One warm and sunny day in early June I was in my flower garden enjoying my music and checking on my irrigation system when I heard a voice behind me, “Excuse me.” I turned around to see a woman who was tall, nice body, attractive and I guessed to be a few years older than me. She was dressed in an old tee shirt and shorts with plaster dust on them and since I didn’t hear a car drive up I concluded she lived nearby.

“I’m sorry, is my music too loud?”

“Oh no not at all. I live in back of you two houses down and I was wondering if you have a few minutes and would be willing to help me. I keep losing power in a room and I wondered if you could look at it.”

Now it is fun when you are wearing only a skimpy swimsuit to watch how the other person tries to look and yet not appear to be looking at your crotch. I guess I’m a bit of an exhibitionist because I rather enjoyed watching this woman struggle with trying not to stare and yet seeing her nipples get hard and push against her tee shirt.

“Be happy to take a look. Two doors down you say? Isn’t that Jan’s house?”

“Yes it is,” she answered taking the opportunity to shift her gaze to my face and away from my package. “We moved Mom to a retirement community down the street and I’m Ellen her youngest daughter. I bought the house from Mom.”

“Glad to meet you Ellen, I’m Larry and I remember giving your mom some assistance in the past. I wondered why I hadn’t seen her lately and now I know why.”

“Mom did mention that there was a nice neighbor she called on now and then. I guess she meant you.”

“She is a very nice lady and she especially enjoyed my big band music. Sometimes she would come over and we would sit on the deck and talk about the swing era.”

I told Ellen to wait right there and I went through my garden cutting several rose buds. I handed them to her and said, “I gave roses to your Mom when she came over and I’d love for you to have these as a little house warming gift.”

I ducked inside the house to change shoes and put on shorts and tee shirt. The only way to get to Ellen’s house is to walk around the block to the other side. As we walked she told me how she had only been in the house for a few weeks and was in the process of sorting through her Mom’s stuff and doing some redecorating one room at a time.

The place was quite the mess but on closer inspection it really was in fact organized. There were items laid out for the family to pick through and then the rest would be destined for a garage sale. “If you see something you like help yourself,” she said as she made a sweeping motion around the room.

“Books and old records are all I look for at a garage sale.”

“No records but I do have some books.”

I looked through the boxes and found a couple of mysteries to add to my collection. We headed to the room that had the power issue. She plugged in the radio and it played for a few minutes then quit. I did some checking with other plugs in the room and it appeared the problem was only with that plug. I asked for a screwdriver and in a few minutes found a lose wire. Problem solved. She fixed us a gin and tonic and she gave me a tour of what she had in mind for the house. After exchanging phone numbers I headed home. Nice lady I thought.

That was the beginning of many encounters with Ellen. Sometimes we would see each other in our back yards and wave, other times she would come over and either borrow something or ask for help. I learned she was divorced, children are grown, and is almost fifteen years older than me.

I made it a point to always be in my Speedo around the same time each morning while cleaning the pool. It wasn’t long before I would see Ellen on her deck and we would wave at each other. She would come over from time to time and always apologize for interrupting me and I would assure her it was ok.

It took a few weeks for her to get more comfortable with asking me for assistance escort bostancı as she worked on her house and yard. She would ask for my opinion regarding how to do a particular task and if she needed some heavy lifting I would help in any way I could. She was adamant about taking care of most projects herself but at the same time appreciated my help and company.

As the summer progressed we spent more time together which included sharing dinners, or me inviting her over to use the pool and sit on the deck sharing a bottle of wine. Even though she would call herself an old broad, she had a very nice body and I told her so on several occasions. We talked about many things including our past, our dreams, our goals, and future plans. I noticed that after the first few visits she quit wearing a bra under her tee shirt. There is something erotic and sensual about watching tits move freely under a tee shirt. As we chatted I would stare at those nipples pushing out and get an erection every time. I didn’t mind and I felt certain she didn’t either.

One particular warm July evening after a swim we were sitting on the deck drinking Margaritas chatting about some of the things we did growing up when out of the blue Ellen asked, “When and how did you lose your virginity?”

Fortunately I didn’t choke on my drink. She must have been thinking about this for a while because I could see her nipples making their presence known under her swimsuit top. I took a sip to create the poignant pause and thought this could be an interesting conversation. My mind was racing over how to describe that event tastefully yet with as much erotic details as I could.

“I was a senior in high school and it was after the homecoming dance. I had been dating my girlfriend Gail for a few months and we both fooled around a lot but had not fucked. Oops, sorry. Had sex.”

“No problem,” she said, “Fuck works for me.”

I liked that response. “I don’t want to say something you might find offensive.”

“I’ve heard it all so you won’t shock me.”

Wow, that response was a bit of a surprise and certainly made my member grow.

“I will point out that she wasn’t the first girl I kissed, however my first in everything else sexually. I vividly remember the first time I played with her pussy and put my finger into her cunt. Is there anything softer and more exquisite than sliding your fingers between wet pussy lips? And I will never forget my first blowjob. What an incredible sensation. But I digress. Anyway, while we hadn’t engaged in fucking, we did do a lot of touching. She loved having me play with her tits and we got each other off many times either orally, or by hand or both.

“We really enjoyed pleasing each other and what a great introduction to the wonderful world of sex. Talking about this brings back the memory of the first time I ate her pussy and tasted the sweet cum from her orgasm. “

I was getting turned on just recalling those wonderful memories while Ellen had her eyes closed and her breathing was quick and shallow. I also noticed too she was frequently crossing and uncrossing her lovely long legs. “So the big dance happens and my girl looks fantastic in her dress. It was daring in the amount of cleavage shown but still acceptable by the school chaperons. White lace and satin just like the song. We danced the night away but it was the slow dances that were more playful. When you hold a person just right you can run your fingers over your partner’s exposed breast. I took advantage of that as much as I could. I was determined to run my finger over a nipple. It was tricky but I accomplished that feat a few times.”

I could see Ellen was very turned on as I watched her squeeze her legs tightly every time she kept crossing them. I looked at her hard nipples and wanted to kiss them and free them from their bondage. They looked just the right size to fill my hands and mouth. If her eyes had been opened she would have seen me reach down and adjust my swimsuit to accommodate my stiff erection.

“My girlfriend was having her fun too. She would keep one leg between mine and made sure she could push her pelvis against my hard cock. “

I could hear Ellen suck in her breath when I said “cock.”

“Whenever she could stand in front of me she would so she could reach in back and play with my dick through my slacks. She succeeded in keeping me hard all evening. After the dance we headed to some friends house for an after party. And yes we engaged in some underage drinking however we both were just a few months away from being 18. I remember we didn’t drink beer like our classmates but drank rum and Coke. When the party was getting into full swing, my girlfriend said she had something to show me.

“We ran upstairs and found an empty bedroom. I remember she locked the door and stood with her back to the door. I turned and looked at her and she hiked her long skirt up and revealed a very bald pussy. She had on stockings with a garter ümraniye escort belt and nothing else. She said she got a wax job just for the occasion and wondered if I liked it.

“My mouth was gaping open in sheer shock and delight. Granted I had my face in her pussy many times but seeing it completely bald was so beautiful and erotic. I told her I loved it. I picked her up, carried her to the bed and I was all over her pussy in a heartbeat. I started licking every part of her pussy like I had never done before. I was really getting into it so to speak when she suggested we get more comfortable. Even though I was in a hurry to resume my activity we carefully undressed each other. I remember how beautiful she looked. I was back between her legs and this time I licked her clit and finger fucked her to orgasm.”

All through my narration I kept my eyes on Ellen. She was breathing hard now and her legs were in constant movement.

“I remember how she moaned as her body shook with her climax. I loved bringing her off. This time however she looked at me and said she wanted to feel me inside her. She reached down and ran the head of my cock up and down between her wet pussy lips and then held it at her love hole. I remember how incredible her hot and wet cunt felt around my cock as I entered her. Much different than how it feels inside her mouth. I slowly stroked in and out and as her body relaxed she started matching my thrusting with her own. I remember the warm and wet sensation of her cum around my cock when she climaxed. Anyway after a little bit I shot my load deep into her cunt and we just stayed connected so to speak for several minutes before I reluctantly pulled out.”

Ellen was practically panting now and I imagined wishing she could do something to relive her sexual tension. I reached over and touched her thigh and her entire body shook. I wondered if she was having an orgasm. “Now it’s your turn to tell me when and how.”

Her face was flushed and her nipples were pushing hard against the fabric of her top. She opened her eyes and gave me a big smile. “Before I do, what happened to your girlfriend?”

“She got a nice scholarship to an out of state university, met a guy there, got married and has five children. I saw her at our 15th high school reunion and she looked fabulous. I think she will be like you and keep her great figure over time.”

“Thank you and flattery does have has its rewards.”

I shifted a bit in the seat to provide some room for my aching hard cock. Since Ellen was sitting beside me it would be pretty easy for her to see my erection pushing against my small swimsuit. I fought the urge to take her hand and place it on my boner.

She took a sip from her drink and started her story: “I don’t know if my story is quite as erotic as yours but here goes. I’ll start with do you remember how I told you I met my husband in college? Well he is the person I gave my virginity too. So having that reference I’ll go back to my high school years. My sister is a few years older and when I was a junior she was in her second year of college. She was in a sorority and although I had visited her from time to time one particular weekend really stands out. I remember it so well because we went to an apartment where four of her sorority sisters lived. Seniors were allowed to have their own place. Lots of food and drinks and no males allowed. Well, as time went on and we all had a pretty good buzz, one of the girls produced an X rated video for our entertainment. “

She paused a moment, closed her eyes and smiled before continuing. “I had never seen one before and secretly had always wanted to see what they were all about. After I got over the initial shock of seeing naked men and their cocks in proud display I started getting turned on. I was fascinated by what all the women did to and with those hard dicks. Close ups of fucking had me panting and my own pussy getting very wet. I know some of the girls were giggling and voicing their comments to the screen but I was focused on the movie and in my mind I wanted to feel a man’s dick inside my aching cunt.

“Anyway I finished high school with no serious boyfriend but I did let a particular boy fondle my tits with my clothes on once. I enjoyed it but I wanted to wait for the right person. I was not interested in casual sex. Looking back I missed out on a lot of fun.

“I went to the local university and lived in a dorm. They were pretty strict about men on the floor especially after hours although some of the girls were pretty good about hiding their men so they could spend the night.

“It was in my sophomore year when that I met Charlie. It turned out his major and mine shared some of the same classes: English and Chemistry. Can you believe it? Anyway, we started sitting together in the classes and then that led to studying together, to dating, and eventually to marriage. Funny how things just progressed. He shared a three bedroom apartment with two guys kartal escort bayan who also usually had a girlfriend. Many times the six of us would do the Sunday night dinner together because the dorms don’t serve meals on Sunday nights. It wasn’t uncommon for one or both of the girls to spend the night at the apartment. I was the only one who didn’t. I have to give Charlie credit; he never pushed me to have sex with him. I made that decision when I was ready.”

She took another sip, closed her eyes with a big sigh and then proceeded. “I was attracted to Charlie very quickly but I was not in school for casual sex. I was there for an education and the bulk of the cost was on me. I was not going to be side tracked. Don’t get me wrong. I was tempted and the moans I heard from the bedroom brought back memories of the sex I saw in that movie. Many times I jacked off in my bed when I got back to the dorm thinking about being naked with Charlie. Charlie had a very nice body and when we went to the school’s pool I know I was the envy of many girls there. Being tall and thin and only a B size cup doesn’t usually rate a second look from the guys. I think that was part of my issue. I didn’t know what he saw in me.

“One day I asked him that very question. I won’t go into his answer but the bottom line was I liked what I heard and I believed he was sincere. I remember I gave him the most passionate kiss I had ever done. I know it surprised him and from that point on our relationship got more serious. I think it was at that moment I decided I wanted to make love with him.

“It was about two weeks later and similar to your story, my first time occurred on homecoming day or should I say evening. We attended a few parties and then headed back to his place for dinner and just hanging out. Little did he know I had other plans too. All six of us were gathered and we made a big pot of chili. Chili and beer, what a combination. After a bit the other couples adjourned to their bedrooms leaving Charlie and me alone on the couch. I remember getting up and squatting in his lap and giving him a deep kiss, shoving my tongue deep in his mouth.

“Soon we were in a pretty good lip lock with our tongues dancing and exploring. When we broke apart I looked into his eyes and asked ‘don’t you think it’s about time you take me to bed?’

“He looked at me, stood up; held my legs wrapped around his waist, and carried me to his bedroom.

“He undressed me in a matter of seconds and I didn’t feel self-conscious standing naked in front of him. I know my nipples were hard and erect and my pussy was wet with anticipation. I allowed him a few moments to hold and play with my breast and then I pushed him away so I could undress him. Like you his shoulders are broad and muscular. I ran my hands and fingers all over his hairy chest and kissed his nipples too. I dropped to my knees and with a little assistance, unfastened his pants. I ran my fingers along his erection through his jeans before pulling them down and off. His hard dick was straining against his briefs much like your cock is right now.”

I swallowed hard and placed her right hand on top of my dick. She gave it a gentle squeeze and kept it there as she continued.

“I gently pulled his underwear down and freed his erection from bondage. I must say that seeing it a few inches from my face was far more erotic than the movie. I was so ready to experience the fucking I saw on that screen. I gave his cock a kiss on the tip and tasted his pre-cum then I took the head of it in my mouth. By then Charlie was moaning and breathing hard. I couldn’t wait any longer and stood up and pulled him to the bed. I told him to be gentle and pulled his dick right to my very wet pussy. He took the hint and slowly inserted his cock. It is quite the sensation and I don’t think I could ever describe what it feels like to a man. Charlie was very patient and as I relaxed more it got much easier for him to penetrate me deeper.

“I remember how it took my breath away when he was fully inside me. I know I had one orgasm before he had his and just like you; we stayed connected like that for several minutes savoring the sensation.

“One other point of interest; it was his first time too. We remained faithful to each other or so I thought until a few years ago and that’s a story I have already shared.”

With that she gave my dick another squeeze and I took her into my arms. Our lips quickly came together with eagerness and wanting. I unsnapped her top and ran my hands and fingers all over her lovely breast. She leaned back and gave me full access to kiss and lick them.

“I love your tits and I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

“I’ve gone to bed jacking off thinking about you doing this to me.”

“Many nights or in the shower I’ve jacked off with the thought of you naked in my arms. It appears we both have wanting the same thing. Would you care to make it a reality?

“Before we do I need to do one thing.” She reached down and removed my swimsuit. She gave me a kiss and said, “Now doesn’t your dick feel so much better? Besides I’ve wanted to see you naked ever since I first saw you out cleaning your pool wearing this little swimsuit. You looked so handsome and sexy.”

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