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Diane had just finished washing the dishes from breakfast when her smart phone beeped to remind her of an appointment. She dried her hands and took the phone out of her pocket. The screen read that she had an appointment in the laundry room in five minutes titled “Conjugal Duties”.

Diane had a habit of checking her phone’s organizer several times a day and was certain that had not been there last night when she checked it last. It was probably a joke made by her husband, Brian, but it reminded her that she did have almost half an hour before she had to start dinner to have it ready in time for the kids coming home. The time would be well spent doing laundry.

She took a hamper and made the rounds of the bedrooms gathering all the dirty laundry there. She separated it into whites, lights, darks and delicates and decided there were enough whites and darks to warrant two full loads for the washer. She loaded the whites and started the machine.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when hands covered her eyes from behind.

“Guess who,” whispered Brian.

“A random jackass, home early from work,” said Diane when she finally caught her breath. Her heart was still pounding when Brian turned her around in his arms. She glared at him and the mischief present in his blue eyes. Just as she opened her mouth to reprimand him, he swooped in and kissed her. His tongue plundered her slack mouth, taking her breath away all over again. His lips suckled her own and Diane felt herself respond to the ferocity of the kiss. All the adrenaline from being startled converted to arousal. She had just started to lick Brian’s tongue when he pulled back.

“How long has it been since we last kissed like that,” he asked, prompting Diane to really concentrate and search her memory for the relevant information. “Three weeks,” he answered his own question, and Diane realized it was true. “And tomorrow will be a month since we last made love.”

“I know, dear, and I miss your touch myself, but you know how it is,” said Diane. “Between shuttling our ailing parents from hospital to hospital, and the kids’ school, and I’ve had to work nights and your job…”

Brian shushed Diane with a finger to her lips. He started to run that finger in slow circles around her open lips, tracing and tickling just the parts where lip met skin. “There can be no excuse for a healthy, thirty-something married couple to not have sex for a month,” said Brian, and Diane realized he was right, especially if the blood running to her loins was any indication. Brian moved his finger from her lips and stroked her jaw with his whole hand. His other hand was tickling her wrist. He kissed her again, much softer this time, and Diane could finally kiss bostancı escort back.

As their tongues battled, Brian reached down and unbuttoned her blouse. He ran his hands over her ribs, and her breathing hitched. She tried to run her hands through Brian’s hair, but he yanked the blouse off of her shoulders and left it to hang by her hands, still buttoned at the cuffs. Now she couldn’t touch him and she pulled back from their kiss and gave him a questioning look.

“I made this appointment and I will take my pleasure from you in whatever manner I want. Hopefully, you will learn not to be too tired all the time,” he said and kissed her again. Diane could feel herself getting wet and accepted the slightly kinky premise. It was not like they had not done similar things in the past, and, after ten years of marriage, Brian knew how to push her buttons. He moved her to the folding table. His fingers walked over her tummy, pulling upwards by the nails and leaving slightly red marks in their wake. Diane gasped in time with his scratches as he kissed her neck. When his hands reached her bra, he unhooked it and let her breasts bounce free for a moment before he hefted them.

He gave her tits a soft squeeze, eliciting a moan from her, and then let them drop again. He pulled the front clasp bra down her arms so her hands were even further restricted in their movement. He bent his head down and licked her erect nipple. He bit down on it and pulled it upward, distending the corresponding breast.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow,” Diane yelped softly.

Brian smiled evilly and Diane could see her nipple being bitten by his white teeth. He let it go and her tit fell back down and jiggled. Before she could complain at the harsh treatment, Brian gently kissed the areole, licking the nipple to soothe it. He detached his lips and blew hot air on the abused skin and Diane shuddered in pleasure.

“Oooooh, yeeeeeeah,” she sighed happily.

Brian gave her a wink and turned his head to her other breast. Diane tensed, as Brian sucked on her areole, making her nipple grow to its utmost. She cringed in anticipation, but Brian merely flicked his tongue at it’s very tip. The faint touch was such a delightfull contrast to the savage bite earlier, that Diane could feel her panties getting wet.

Brian bent over and kissed down her flat stomach, reaching behind her to knead her buttocks. He undid her zipper and she swayed on her feet to let her skirt fall to her ankles. He crouched before her and tapped her ankle. She raised that foot and Brian kissed the stocking covered calf as he moved her skirt out of the way. He set her foot down and tapped her other ankle, again kissing her raised calf as he moved ümraniye escort bayan her skirt away.

He stroked and kissed his way up her leg until he came to the top of her stocking. He bit and pulled at the elastic there and then let it go to smack against her inner thigh.

“Hey, watch it, mister,” she mock threatened.

Brian looked up at her and raised a teasing eyebrow. He reached up and yanked her panties down her legs in one fluid movement, eliciting a gasp from Diane. He pulled them off of her legs and could now plainly see and smell her arousal.

Brian originally wanted to taunt and tease Diane and leave her unsatisfied after this little interlude, just to show her what it felt for him to be next to his beautiful wife for a month and not get any. As she stood before him, her legs clad in stockings, her arms hobbled by her blouse and bra, her pussy glistening invitingly inches from his eyes, all he could think about was fucking her senseless.

He grasped the backs of her thighs and raised her up. He set her down on the folding table and made her lean back against the wall. He spread her thighs and bent his head to her pussy. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He opened his eyes and smiled at the embarrassment evident in Diane’s green peepers. He licked gently up and down her outer lips a few times before plunging in and fucking her with his tongue. Diane mewled like a cat in mating season. He curled his tongue and licked all over her entrance, gathering the juices he found there.

Diane’s arms twitched ineffectually, trying to reach behind her back to grasp Brian’s head and shove it harder against her pussy. She raised her legs and crossed her ankles behind his shoulders, trying vainly to gain some traction. Brian moved his mouth to her clit and pushed the hood back with his lip. He penetrated Diane with a finger and started to curl it, pulling against her insides. Diane let out a piercing shriek as he sucked her clit and started to flick his tongue against it.

He joined a second finger inside her and she could not hold out any more. All her dams broke and she came, shouting Brian’s name and twitching on his fingers. Brian disconnected from her pussy and let her enjoy her convulsions in peace. After a while of seeing lights and stars and feeling like she was being roasted in pure pleasure, Diane came back to reality.

Brian was standing before her and watching her large breasts heave as she tried to catch her breath. She looked down and saw that his fly was undone and his big cock was out and as hard as she ever saw it. Brian took his cock in hand and aimed it at her center. She moaned invitingly and crossed her ankles behind his hips. Brian hilted kartal escort himself in her, making her breath catch. He pulled almost all the way out and penetrated her just an inch or so before pulling out again and again. Just as she was about to ask him what he was doing with such shallow thrusts, he bottomed out in her.

Brian set a rhythm where he penetrated her three times with just the head of his cock, followed by shafting her all the way once. It was maddeningly plesurable to her. All her pleasure spots were being hit when he stuck just the head of his thick cock inside her, and the fourth stroke that hilted him inside her was what made it even more pleasurable than any time she had masturbated on her own.

It seemed like just a minute had passed when she came for the second time that afternoon, clenching down on his shaft and milking it for all it was worth. She screamed a wordless cry as fireworks exploded inside her head and a heat rushed over her skin in waves. It was the best orgasm of her life so far. She lost all sense of time spent in ecstasy, but when she finally came down, she looked at Brian in pure adoration.

Brian pulled out of her and set her legs on the floor. He pulled her up and helped her stand for a moment.

“Oh, honey,” she rasped out breathlessly, “don’t you dare stop!”

Brian turned her around and bent her over the table, flipping her blouse over her head. Before Diane could say anything, he penetrated her from behind, his cock parting her engorged flesh until it nearly reached her cervix. Brian started stroking in and out of her unresisting pussy in a frenzied rhythm. The small room echoed with the sound of flesh loudly slapping flesh, Brian’s grunts and Diane’s yelps.

Brian could stand it no longer. His whole world shrunk to just the hot pussy around his hard cock and the soft buttocks in his hands. Her tight cavern felt like molten silk as his hips pistoned him in and out, seemingly of their own accord. The heat in his belly shot up his spine to blank his mind in a blinding flash of pleasure. His hips slammed into her and stayed there as his seed shot into her womb. With each spurt, he slammed the entire table into the wall.

Brian’s shout of triumph and joy set off Diane and she came as well, her pussy trying vainly to contract around the shaft inside it. The twitching of his balls emptying into her resonated across her insides and set the rhythm of her own contractions of pleasure.

Neither could tell how long they just leaned on that folding table, enjoying their afterglow until Brian’s cock finally softened and slipped out of Diane.

“Alright,” said Brian straightening up and fixing his clothing. “I’m going to fetch the kids from soccer practice.” He spanked her bare bottom, eliciting a yelp of surprise from her. “You get yourself cleaned up and get dinner ready.”

“Oh,” he said from the hallway, “and don’t forget to regularly check your schedule for entries of conjugal duties from now on.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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