Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 16

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Chapter 16. Victor. (August 1999)

Driving homewards from my meeting with clients in P, I was beginning to feel rather thirsty when I spotted a hand made sign for a snack bar in the next lay-by. I slowed the car and pulled in, parking just in front of a juggernaut. A smattering of guys stood in front of the snack bar, mostly lorry drivers, who politely made way for me to approach the counter. To the side of the snack van there was a plastic picnic table and chairs, vacant but for a couple of guys, one of who was in the process of leaving. Taking my diet coke over I asked the remaining guy if he minded me sitting down and he said not at all, go ahead it makes a pleasant change to have female company at the snack bar.

His name was Victor, ‘call me Vic’, and he was the driver of the lorry I’d parked in front of. A brawny guy in his early forties, Vic was a pleasant conversationalist and we chatted of this and that.

“The only drawback with these sorts of places is the lack of toilet facilities.” I commented eventually.

“Yes well, we just go behind the hedge.” Vic indicated a gap in the hedge beside the snack van. “Not the best arrangement for a lady though,” he conceded.

“Well I shall have to go before continuing my journey. No peeking now!”

There escort ataşehir weren’t many customers at the snack bar by the time I passed through the gap in the hedge. Hiking my skirt up I lowered my panties and squatted, wondering if anyone would try to spy on me. I don’t think anyone did though and wiping myself with tissues from my bag afterwards I had a sudden urge to remove my panties altogether. You never know Vic might still make a pass at me and if I was without panties it would speed things up. Stowing the said garment in my bag I returned through the gap in the hedge and was pleased to see Victor still sitting at the table.

Standing up as I approached Vic said he was resuming his journey and so we walked towards our respective vehicles together.

“You’re very high up in your cab.” I said when we reached my car.

When Vic asked if I’d like a look inside I enthusiastically agreed. With his hands on my bottom and a grin on his face Victor helped me up into his cab. He climbed up behind me and stood on the top step to show me various aspects of his home from home. I was sitting in the driver’s seat which seemed to tower above my car parked in front. My skirt had inevitably ridden high while climbing into the cab and I left it there, kadıköy escort bayan well aware that Vic could see my stocking tops.

He slid into the seat beside me and closed the door.

“Cosy.” I commented looking about the cab, particularly the bunk bed at the rear.

“Even more so with the curtains closed,” he demonstrated by pulling the curtains all the way round the cab windows and switching a light on.

“You could do anything in here that you can do in the privacy of your own bedroom.” I remarked. “It’s really private.”

“I know what I want to do right now,” a smiling Victor said, his hand on my thigh.

His hand moving higher, up under my skirt, Vic exclaimed suddenly, “Hell’s teeth, you haven’t got any knickers on!”

“Took them off in anticipation when I went to do a wee.” I told him, moving my legs further apart to accommodate Vic’s probing fingers.

“Very thoughtful.”

I was fumbling with the belt buckle on Vic’s trousers when he suggested making ourselves more comfortable on his bunk bed. I climbed in first and undressed while Vic stripped off up front in order to allow me plenty of room. I stretched out on his bunk bed, naked but for stockings and suspenders, luxuriating in the touch of Vic’s fingers and tongue on escort bostancı my flesh. He was sucking my nipples while his fingers did delightful things between my thighs, and all the time I held a big hard cock in my hand. Then he climbed on top in a 69 and while his tongue probed my cunt I took Vic’s cock into my mouth. With his arms around my thighs holding them wide apart Vic’s tongue licked away at my cunt and then he was nibbling my clit. It felt heavenly and I had to cease ministering to Vic’s genitals and cry out my joy. The orgasm was approaching and he knew it. Now sucking my clit Vic’s hands palmed my buttocks and simultaneously with his finger probing my anus I exploded in orgasm.

Coming back down to earth I found Vic moving onto me and again yelled my joy when the guys cock powered into me. He fucked me with long slow thrusts which quickly had me writhing and crying out excitedly. Considering how charged up he was it lasted quite a while, Vic kissing me and sucking my nipples while his cock continued to surge in and out of me.

Suddenly he speeded up and I clung to the guy revelling in his now fierce cock thrusts.

He came, moaning and groaning as his semen jetted into me.

Despite his urgency to be away, Vic was running late by this time, he waited patiently while I cleaned myself up and dressed. We kissed before he helped me down from the high cab and by the time I’d started my engine he was away. Overtaking his truck a little later I sounded my horn and received a ferocious barrage from Vic’s in return.

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