Ringmaster Ch. 14: Lovely Times

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I could feel something wet against my cheeks. I reached up to touch it and slowly realized it was coming from Vanessa. I gently pushed her to try to figure out what was happening, but she pushed back against me, deeper into the kiss.

“Vannpha… Vannpha… Vanessa!” I managed to finally push her off, gasping for air. I held her back a bit and looked at her. There were tears streaming down her cheeks. “Wha-?”

Before I could get anything more out, she pushed back against me again and kissed me, harder and more passionate than before. This time it was even more of a struggle. I had to focus on the Reality Ring to give me enough strength to finally push her off of me.

“No! No please! Please… no…” Vanessa cried, more tears streaming down her face. Her breath was shaky and rapid as she clenched her fists tightly. Her face was bright red as they burned with pent up emotions. “Please… Not again…”

“Not again? Please what?” I asked, placing my hand on hers. “Tell me.” I barely registered the slight heat of the ring, as I was more focused on Vanessa.

“I LOVE YOU MARIA!” She said it like a criminal confessing their crimes after hours of interrogation and mountains of evidence. Her lips trembled and her hands shook as tears slowly hit the back of my hand. Her head stayed bowed, staring at the blanket and her hands.

“I… don’t understand,” I replied after a bit.

“No… no… no it can’t be…” Vanessa said between sobs. I could hear the anguish and sorrow behind each of her strained words. She seemed to be holding on by threads to not have a full blown breakdown. “It can’t…”

“Vanessa, please, I don’t understand,” I said, staring at my friend. I was too afraid to put my hands anywhere else but hers. I wanted to hug her, but at the same time, I was afraid she’d just cry and kiss me more without explaining anything. Once again, I focused on the ring and on Vanessa. “Please, explain.”

“I don’t just love you, I HAVE LOVED you, Maria,” Vanessa said, emphasizing the HAVE and LOVED. “I’ve loved you for years.”

I tilted my head in confusion. “Wait, years? How is that possible? We only met in college.”

Vanessa tilted her head up, her eyes starting to turn red from sobbing. “So… you don’t remember? High school? Ninth grade?”

“I… what?” I said, dumbfounded, confused, and worried. I had no idea quite what she was talking about. Vanessa looked like she was about to run out of the room, but then my eyes fell onto the Reality Ring. “This worked before, so, please work?” I gently placed my hand on Vanessa’s forehead and focused.

In an instant, I was suddenly shunted back to a memory of Vanessa’s. It was a Halloween party, everyone was in various costumes, many were pop culture references at the time. I saw Vanessa slowly making her way through a crowd, dressed as a witch, though still modest in what it showed. Eventually, she came across a group of students playing a mix of spin the bottle and truth or dare and took a seat. It took awhile before I realized what had happened.

“I remember this,” I said as I looked, seeing my younger self there, one and a half jello shots in and grooving in my seat to the beat of the music. I had nearly forgotten this was the year they lowered the drinking age. I watched as the bottle spun around until it pointed at me.

“Okay, Maria, truth or dare?” one student asked me.

“Truth!” my younger self said enthusiastically.

“What’s something you’ve never done, but you’ve always wanted to try?”

“Oh, um…” My younger self pondered for a bit before responding. “I’ve never kissed a girl before.” There were murmurs and chuckles in the crowd, but I noticed that Vanessa seemed to fidget a little in her seat.

“Well then, how about you kiss the next person the bottle lands on?” There were cheers of agreement from the crowd and my younger self nodded. Then, I spun the bottle. It turned and turned until it landed on Vanessa.

The crowd was chanting “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” as my younger self slowly made their way over to Vanessa.

My younger self wrapped her hands around the young Vanessa’s face. “Hey, you alright with this?” My younger self asked before Vanessa nodded her head. I watched as the two of us kissed and the crowd went wild. “I did it!” my younger self shouted as she stood up and finished the other half of her jello shot.

I was suddenly bahis firmaları taken out of that flashback and into a montage of various other ones, all of them that involved Vanessa watching me from afar.

“So you’re going to try to be a filmmaker?” a girl asked the tenth grade me.

“Yeah, but I just need the perfect actress for this little film to get me into a good college. Like, I’m talking model gorgeous,” the tenth grade me responded in passing near Vanessa. Quickly, I saw that Vanessa jotted down “Model Work” on a piece of paper.

A flurry of other memories came in, all of which involved Vanessa observing me from a distance and I could feel the admiration and flutter of her heart each time she looked over at me. She noticed my hard work, my passion, my dedication, my smarts.

A different memory came, this one from twelfth grade. “Maria! I can’t believe you got in! That’s amazing!” A small crowd of girls were surrounding the twelfth grade me. I turned and saw Vanessa look down at her backpack, also holding an acceptance letter to the same college, but then she tucked it away. I heard her sigh and say to herself, “Keep focusing on your modeling. Then, get a role in one of her films and she’ll finally see you. She will.”

Then came the memory of the day I had come to help film a cheer video, excited because one the cheerleaders was also a model and I thought that would help jumpstart my career. It was the day that I really met Vanessa.

Finally, I was brought back to the present day, Vanessa still sobbing in front of me. I had to take a deep breath as I was brought back, but then I mustered up my resolve. “You were that girl from the Halloween party,” I said, pretending as though I didn’t just go through her memories.

Vanessa nodded. “Ever since then, I’ve been in love with you. You’re just so amazing, Maria. Everything about you has just been incredible. The work you do. The passion you show for it. You’re dependable, you listen to me, you cheer me up. I only got in here for my looks, you earned your way here!” She tilted her head down again. “You’re just so much better than me that I was never someone on your radar.” More tears streamed down her face. “And I thought that… I thought if I…”

“If you became a model, then maybe you’d get in front of my camera lens one day and I’d notice you?” I said, and Vanessa nodded her head. “But, what about Keith?”

“He was a beard. A ruse. I never saw that you were into girls, so I thought that you’d be uncomfortable living with a lesbian, much less one who was in love with you,” Vanessa said, and I really had no defense against that.

If it weren’t for the Reality Ring, I probably wouldn’t have even considered liking a girl, much less dating one. I could feel my eyes starting to tear up. Here, in front of me, was a girl who not only saw me for who I was, but put herself through so much just for a chance that I’d notice her. Was I seriously just dense to have never noticed? I mean, granted, I didn’t pick up on Danna either, but she was just another student in a class. This was my roommate!

“So, I had hoped that by living with you, just maybe, I could show you how well we would be together. And… if I couldn’t date you, then I’d be your friend,” Vanessa said, lifting her head up and looking at me in the eyes. “I’d be your best friend, the person you could always rely on, a person you’d come to whenever you were feeling down or frustrated or whatever.”

This woman! Vanessa, the cheery model and cheerleader, had been carrying around so much pain and anguish. And she hid it completely from me because I was also the one causing it. I… I caused her to hurt for all these years.

I threw my arms around her and sobbed into her shoulder. “I’M SO SORRY VANESSA!” I held her tightly and didn’t let go. “I love you! I love you too, Vanessa!”

All the emotions, all the pain, all the anguish, the years of pent up watching from afar and hiding and hoping. All of it was let out in that bedroom. The two of us cried and let all the years of quelled feelings and thoughts burst forth. And then, I felt something build up in me. A warm, yet raging fire. I was going to make this up to Vanessa. By loving her and making her as happy as possible, even if we’re part of a polycule.

Slowly, I pulled us off of each other’s shoulders and softly kissed her on the lips. More tears kaçak iddaa fell from her face. “Vanessa?”

She pulled back and looked at me, face flush and attempting to wipe away tears. “I’m sorry, I’m just… This is happening, right? Like, this isn’t some dream that I’m about to suddenly wake up from again?”

I gripped her by the head and the waist before rolling us over so I was on top of her. “Vanessa,” I said as I slowly took off my shirt, “I’m going to show you that this, how I feel, all that I told you, and this whole situation, is real. By making you feel more wonderful than you’ve ever dreamed.”

I needed to make this up to her. I needed to make every night, every day, all of it, special for her, the woman who hid her true feelings for so long just for me. Because of me.

And it was time to start

Gently, I pressed my hands on Vanessa’s shoulders and caressed her collarbones with my fingers. Her beautiful tan skin juxtaposed against my fair skin. I should really get outside more. But, as I slowly ran my hands along Vanessa’s upper half, I noticed something. Her tan was uniform across her body. Completely uniform.

“You don’t have a tan,” I said as my hands glided across her breasts.

“I mean, yeah. Is that bad? Do you not like that?” she asked, moving a little to cover herself up in embarrassment.

“No, I love it,” I said as I rested my head on her chest, listening to her thumping heart. “I just burn easily when I’m in the sun.” I gave her a soft chuckle and buried my face more into her chest. Then, the two neurons in my horny brain clicked together what her having a very uniform tan meant. “Do you sunbathe naked!?”

Vanessa’s cheeks filled with red as she looked away, smiling and twirling her hair a little. She bit her lower lip and then looked back at me.

Goddess, that side-eye of hers made my heart skip a beat. And now I was thinking about Vanessa naked at a beach, showing off her glorious body to me and the other girls, practically begging us to have a piece.

“Okay, you’ve got to take me the next time you go do it,” I said and she nodded with a little chuckle. I took a deep breath as I sat up and ran my eyes up and down her body again. Sure, I had seen her naked last night, but now I was really seeing her.

I cradled her head, brushing her hair aside and leaned in for a soft kiss. She responded by wrapping her arms around my neck and holding me there. It’s impossible to explain exactly just how she tasted, but it was wet, warm, and all sorts of wonderful.

I don’t know how long I made out with her but by the time our lips finally parted, I was aching for more. Her eyes, fluttering with passion and lust, told me that she was thinking the exact same. We had only fingered each other last night, but I was about to give her a full treatment.

Slowly, I kissed her cheek, then her chin, down to her neck, listening to her quiver in delight the entire time. Kissing along her collarbone, brushing my hands along her arms, soaking in the smoothness of her skin. I’d have to learn what moisturizer she uses. As I got lower, just above her cleavage, I could feel her breath fill with anticipation. I tilted my head up to look at her.

“I’m going to make you feel amazing, Vanessa,” I said as I kissed along the inner part of her breast.

She was already panting with need and excitement as our eyes made contact. “Maria, ?????? µ??, you already make me feel amazing.”

“Just you wait,” I said as I licked her nipple. Her whole body shook in pleasure as a gentle moan escaped from her lips. Her breasts were so soft as I cupped them in my hands, tenderly massaging them. I put my lips completely around her nipple and sucked, swirling it with my tongue. Her moans were music to my ears as her body pushed itself further into my touch.

I felt her hands reach down and slowly undo my pants, gripping my ass as she did. I kicked my legs out, hearing my clothes hit the floor. I lifted my head up from her chest, her nipples engorged from my touch and her breasts softly bouncing from my movement.

I took a few moments to pause and admire her before moving on. First order of business was removing the rest of her clothes. I undid her pants and slid them and her panties down her legs and tossed them alongside mine.

There she laid before me, nude and all mine for the enjoying. I gazed and took in the amazing kaçak bahis sight, saving it forever in my mind. Last night, I spent my time staring at her face while my hands did all the work. Not that I didn’t enjoy that, but I wanted her to feel more. I wanted to feel more. To do more to her.

I slowly brought my face closer and closer to her sex, taking in the wonderful scent of her. “Vanessa, how do you keep getting more and more beautiful?” I asked her, a wide smile on my face. I could feel the wonderful warmth of love coursing through my veins. She didn’t have the words to respond. She just buried her face in her hands in embarrassment.

I kissed gingerly along her inner thigh, her legs shaking with each one until I got right above her lower lips. “Are you ready, Vanessa?”

“Yes,” she said, breathless from anticipation and excitement.

I placed my tongue against her slit and she immediately shivered in pleasure. Then, I worked my tongue up and down her, her body responding in perfect time with me. She was already soaking wet, and adding in my saliva made wonderful soft sounds that harmonized with her moans. Then, I remembered earlier this morning.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!” She moaned sharply as my tongue began to slither itself deep into her pussy, then deeper and deeper. “Oh god, that feels amazing! Aaaaahh, it’s so deep! Please, don’t stop! Don’t stop Maria!” She gripped the bedsheets as her hips bucked against me.

I gripped her ass and pulled her in closer, getting my tongue as far in as I could into her. I swirled it around, moving it every which way I could. She tasted amazing, a succulent treat of sweet tenderness. I reached up and cupped her breasts, squeezing and gently tugging on them.

Her moans were no longer contained as she writhed in pleasure. I could feel her muscles in her thighs begin to tighten up. I sped up my tonguing, wondering how good Vanessa was at eating out pussy. Then, her thighs clenched around my head as an orgasm tore through her body. She threw her head back in ecstasy and moaned loudly something that almost incoherently sounded like “Maria.”

Vanessa laid limply as the bliss soaked into her, panting heavily. Then, her eyes went wide as I lifted up her leg. “Huh? Maria, what are you doing?” she asked as I wrapped my leg around her. Her eyes went wide with excitement again as she saw me line up our crotches together.

“Well, I still need to get off,” I said as I pressed my soaking pussy against hers, our clits meeting and rubbing against each other. She threw her head back again, moaning loudly as her sensitivity had been turned way up from her orgasm. Slowly, I grinded my hips against her, feeling the wonderful softness of our lower lips making out. “Oh… Goddess… Vanessa… you feel… amazing,” I said between breaths as I grinded faster and harder.

Vanessa couldn’t even make out words at this point, her brain flooded from stimulation. She was just moaning and panting with need and lust. Her legs wrapped tightly around me, pushing our pussies closer and harder together. Her arms stretched up and curled around themselves, her elbows pointed up as she gripped the bedsheets again.

Once again, I took note of the amazing woman in front of me. Every shiver of pleasure, every pant of lust, every moan of bliss. Everything about this, I want to remember forever. The ring flared up a little as the night began to etch itself into my memory banks. I would never again forget or ignore how I make her feel or how she makes me feel.

“Oh Goddess, I’m about to cum,” I moaned, gripping Vanessa’s leg. Vanessa’s sensitivity was going completely wild, sending wave after wave of pleasure to her brain. And in my lust-filled, I wanted to see more of it. “Cum with me, Vanessa! I want you to cum with me!” The ring flared up again, but in the moment, I barely even paid any attention.

My body tensed as the building orgasm reverberated through me. I pushed with one final grind against her as hit after hit of pleasure washed over. Vanessa moaned sharply as a second orgasm echoed through her. Her eyes went wide as her post-orgasmic sensitivity was amplified even more. Her toes curled and everything in her quivered with delight.

It may have only been one orgasm, but the love fueled passion hit me at my limit. Vanessa was a limp noodle and I collapsed on top of her, both of us panting in the scent of sweat and sex.

“I love… you… Maria.” Vanessa’s voice was breathless and she was on the verge of passing out.

“I love… you too… Vanessa.” I barely managed to kiss her on the lips before passing out.

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