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Note: Inspired by a true story.

I spent my first two college years living at home, attending a community school. My sister Mira was a high school senior at that time and had just turned 18. She was about 5’2″, 105 lbs with long dark hair. And oh yeah she had some nice assets. I wouldn’t refer to my own sister in a sexual way but the way the circumstances turned out, I don’t feel like holding any detail back. She had some nice protruding tits, which were definitely B cup, and could have qualified as Cs. She didn’t seem to have a large butt. She mostly wore lose jeans or pajamas at home so it wasn’t that noticeable.

Mira had just graduated high school and was awaiting admission to the same community college I had attended. She mostly stayed home with our mother while I hung out and came back late evenings. We were, and still are pretty cool with each other. Nothing special – just a normal brother and sister relationship. I had always respected her privacy and was never concerned about mine. I was barely ever home and only showed up at the door to sleep.

This was my last summer living at home. I was transferring to a university in the mid-west. I was fed up with living at home; and the school out west was much better than the Boston-area community college I was attending.

Now on to the real story.

The way Mira’s bedroom was constructed, it was located “inside” my bedroom. So if you wanted to enter hers, you had to go through my bedroom first. This wasn’t exactly a ranch house we are talking about… ours was an old cramped Victorian. My parents bought the only house they could have afforded at the time and we sacrificed some architectural conveniences to get a better price. The adjacent placement of our bedrooms never gave rise to any issues of privacy though. Mira had a bathroom which was attached to her bedroom, and I simply used the larger bathroom out near the kitchen which the rest of the family used. So Mira had it good. She had her own room with a personal bathroom.

Like I said, I had always respected her privacy growing up. Even though I was a horny teenager, whenever I masturbated in my room I made sure she was never home. Otherwise I did it in the shower. Now that I was always out with friends, she practically had the whole house to herself. We had both grown up living in this house since we were about 8, so we had adjusted to it well over time.


Even though Mira had an attached bathroom, her bedroom was smaller than mine. It was kind of dingy looking and had one little window, though she always kept it sparkling clean. My bedroom was bright and sunny and it had two fairly large windows. One of the windows faced south and was the smaller of the two. I had my bed right under this window and I slept wit my feet towards it. We are going to call this window Window A. Why are we naming windows in this story? You will see. So… the other window, which we are going to refer to as Window B, was situated at a 90 degree angle to Window A, hence it faced East. Window B made the same angle to Mira’s bedroom door as it made with Window A – 90 degrees. Window B was also just about 2 feet from her door and was located straight ahead from my bedroom door.

I am kicking myself now for not noticing earlier what I am about to describe here: the 90 degree angle which Window B made to Mira’s door meant more than I had ever imagined. The reason why I hadn’t noticed this phenomenon earlier is because I was never home and by the time I got home, she had already closed her bedroom door.

Window B being at a right angle from her door meant that IF the following two conditions were met:

1. There was no sunlight – either it was a cloudy day or it was night AND 2. The light was just “right” in my room – not too dark and not too bright.


…If Mira’s bedroom door was just as much as 1/4 open, you could see everything inside her bedroom in a perfect reflection in Window B! (as long as there were no blinds or curtains drawn on the window of course).

The darkness outside turned the window glass into a sort of a mirror. You know how you walk by storefronts sometimes and peek inside, but you can only see your own reflection in the glass- kind of like that. The image was not very clear like a mirror would produce but it was clear enough to show some details. You couldn’t really see all colors but you could notice the difference between light and dark.

OK maybe I shouldn’t be surprised or angry at myself for not figuring this out earlier. It wasn’t easy. As horny a teenager as I was, I hadn’t had any fantasies about my sister until then. I also kept my blinds closed over Window B so no image was forming on those blinds even when I was in the room and the above-mentioned conditions were being met. And heck, even if every condition was being perfectly met and I did see something in the window, I simply never paid attention.

But things turned abruptly this summer.


In mid-June, I broke bursa escort up with my girlfriend and started to spend more time at home. Mira worked part-time in a local clothing store. By the time she got home, it was almost dark. These days I was always on my bed, either reading a book or surfing the web on my laptop.

One evening when Mira got home, I was reading a book on my bed. She put her handbag on the table in my room like she usually did and went inside her bedroom. I barely noticed. She always went inside her room, took a shower, changed and then came out to say hi to me. Then she would get busy with home chores and whatever else she had to do.

On this particular day while she was inside her room, I had to get up to go to the bathroom. I went outside to the larger bathroom and took care of my business. But when I got back to my bedroom, I saw a vision I had never seen before.

I was staring straight at Window B when I walked into my bedroom, and what I saw in it couldn’t have shocked me more. Mira’s reflection was clearly visible in Window B. From inside her room! I immediately froze and watched her put on her bra. She was completely oblivious to the fact that her brother was watching her every single move. I was paralyzed. Completely frozen. My brain wasn’t entertaining any thoughts of respecting my sister’s privacy at this moment. Anyone who appreciates beauty could have derived pleasure out of this vision. I saw her perfectly shaped tits being covered up in a white lacy bra by her delicate fingers, her eyes intently looking down adjusting the placement of the bra.

And then she turned around. I saw her walk to her sock drawer. She pulled out a small clothing article, most likely her panties. She kept facing the sock drawer, unhooked her pants and dropped them. Then she quickly removed the panties she had on, and within the same fleeting motion, changed into the clean ones. It is amazing how quickly girls change panties. Ugh! I wanted to see more. Couldn’t it have lasted for another split second?

My cock was rock hard now. I had just witnessed what had been the most beautiful body on a girl that I had ever seen.


I obviously liked, correction : LOVED – what I saw and I wanted more. That night I masturbated thinking about Mira at least three times in my bed. This was in severe violation of my cardinal rule of not jerking off anywhere else but in the shower. You learn these things when you live in a small house with a scarcity of privacy. But this night I jerked off with reckless abandon. I thought about every single detail. The tits, the nipples, the panties, the ass crack!

Watching her became a routine. I was a Mira junkie now. She could have moved her finger and I would have done anything for her. Every day I watched her change. I took other occasional peeks at Window B to see what she was doing. Mostly I found her doing mundane stuff. Fixing her bed, or arranging her clothes, or just sitting around or sleeping.


My voyeurism of Mira went on for about two straight weeks. But just as all good things come to an end, this had to come to an end as well.

What my foolish brain hadn’t realized was that Window B was capable of more than just enabling me to watch Mira. I was so mesmerized by her body throughout this two week span that I had ignored the most obvious of conditions. If it was possible for me see inside Mira’s room through Window B, she could just as easily look at the window and catch me staring at her!


About two weeks into this exercise, I began to notice a change in Mira’s routine. Now she would go inside her bathroom to change her clothes. Gone was her careless demeanor around her room. Gone were her occasional nudges to her crotch to adjust her panties. She was always very composed in her room now. Very mindful of her actions.

I was angry at myself. Obviously she had found out that I was watching her. But I wasn’t sure. There was no behavioral change in her. Mira remained and interacted with me the same way she always did. There was no way she would have told my parents about this. I had to find out what had caused her to change her routine.

I started spending more time staring at Window B. Most of the time I would see her minding her own business – reading, talking on the phone, studying… but never changing.


I wanted to see how far I could take it. This was a no-lose situation. Not a win-win, mind you. Actually this qualified as a “no-lose-further” situation. I had already lost. She had already found me watching her and had changed her routine as a result. Whatever respect she had for me was surely gone by now.

And to think I had gone almost a week without seeing her luscious body! I had to do something.


I obviously wasn’t thinking straight. Now that I look back at my actions, I realize how silly they were. What a juvenile approach I took towards this. But what else could bursa escort bayan have I done? Talk to her? Gauged her interest verbally? This wasn’t going to be a real relationship! This was never more than a pervert watching his sister naked, and now that she had stopped, he was suffering from withdrawal. How could I have possibly confronted her about any of this and asked her to let me have my visual?

There was no real solution to this. Except I tried something new…

One day after she came home from school and went to the bathroom to change, I kept looking in Window B for her next actions. As soon as she came out of the bathroom, it was time for me to carry out my plan. The only window of opportunity (no pun intended) I had was when she stopped by the dresser to fix her hair. If I was lucky and she did what I hoped she would, my plan would be under way. This was a race against time. I had maybe less than a minute – it wouldn’t take long for her to fix her hair and then she would move away from the dresser and onto her bed for a nap.

I didn’t want to face her. I had to make it look natural. Praying, I took off my shirt and turned away from Window B. And then I dropped my shorts.


Peeking out of the corner of my left eye, I kept stealing glances at Window B. Look Mira! This way!

My prayer was then answered. She had peeked at the window! And now was looking at my naked behind. What was most exciting was that she didn’t have an ounce of amazement in her eyes. No sense of shock. Just a look of wonder and interest. I found her looking up and down my body. I am no jock – I am just a plain looking guy with an average body. But how many guys’ bodies had my virgin sister seen? Not many I assumed. And this is exactly what I was banking on.

Now I had a raging hard-on. I snapped out of a trance as I gazed at my protruding dick and felt my hormones kick in. I realized that I had to continue with the mission. Acting normal – pretending as if I was changing – I hunched over to the ground to pick up my shorts. I took another glance at Window B. Mira was still watching, albeit from the corner of her eye.

Smiling I put my shirt back on as well. The test would come to fruition the next day.


That night I couldn’t sleep. My palms were sweaty with anticipation. Would she change in her room tomorrow? Would she let me see her again or had she really gotten angry at me when she found me peeking? Had she found my naked body offensive? Or was she just a normal 18 year old with raging hormones as well? Would she reciprocate? That night I masturbated thinking about her letting me see her change again.


Next afternoon couldn’t have arrived soon enough. Mira came back from school, said hi to me and went to her room. Even though our body language had certainly changed, there had been no impact on both of our daily routines and demeanors.

And the impact of my lewd action the day before which I was hoping to see materialize?

It didn’t happen.

Mira changed her clothes in her bathroom. I found her walking out of the bathroom door fully clothed. She stopped by the dresser to fix her hair with a smug look on her face as if she was saying “What pervert? Did you expect me to show you my naked body? Grow up and stop dreaming about your sister you sick bastard!”

I was so angry I went up to Window B and shut the blinds.


She obviously wasn’t interested in my stupid game. And of course she wasn’t. What did she have to gain from this anyway? She wasn’t the one looking at a hot body and dreaming about it. I was. And I had to do something.

You will laugh at my extreme lack of judgment and I admit it does sound kind of ridiculous but as most of you will agree – desperate times require desperate measures. I was not going to just roll over and accept defeat. Of course I had the option of letting the dust settle and hope that she forgets about me peeking at her and go back to her old routine of changing in her room. But who was I kidding? I was sure it wasn’t happening. To make matters worse: summer was always over and I was leaving for college in about 3 weeks. I had to act now and I had to act fast. If this ruined my relationship with my sister so be it. So I decided to go a step further.


Next day was a Friday. Mira was especially exhausted on Fridays and I knew she took extra long in the shower. I had enough time to execute my plan.

I waited for her to go in the shower and stood up in my room. Immediately removing my clothes, I began to stroke my dick. I had to get it hard as soon as I could! Fast! I kept rubbing it and dreaming of Mira’s beautiful body and her smooth skin. I fantasized about her milky tits and the brown chocolate nipples placed on her tits like cherries on an ice cream cake.

Soon it was time. In Window B I saw the bathroom door open and a fully clothed Mira came out. I immediately turned sideways. She escort bursa would be at the dresser any second now… Despite the shameless act I was committing I was still a bit shy -maybe a little embarrassed and ashamed at myself as well. There was no way I could have carried out my plan and looked her in her eye while doing it. But I needed to look at her to see her reaction, so I turned at an angle so I could still steal glimpses of inside her room in Window B.

By my calculation, she should have been at the dresser by now. I was also pretty sure she would look in Window B like she did everyday to see what was going on with her horned up brother. Would she find him staring at her again? Or would she find him changing again? (Or pretending to change again).

I was now bent over, pretending to pick up my shorts from the floor. The angle I had taken to bend over, I knew by the time I looked up I would have given her a full view of my front side.

My hard dick is what I wanted to expose to her. What the hell was I thinking? A stupid little prick was supposed to turn a girl on? Now that I look back at this, I laugh at myself.

But expose myself I did. As I stood up from the floor with my shorts in my hands, I found her staring straight at Window B, with my erect penis in full view. Our eyes met, and I saw hers glancing down at my crotch.

But this was it. She immediately turned away and didn’t make eye contact with me again. Not through that entire day.


I spent the weekend sleeping on pins and needles. I desperately wanted to see her reaction.

Mira didn’t work on weekends. Our parents wanted us to spend this time with them since these were the only two days in the week when they were both home as well. So for two days there was not going to be any Mira coming back home to find me staring at Window B.

But on Monday, it happened…

The routine was back! She was changing in her room.

Another thing happened which sent chills down my spine and blood gushing into my penis.


Mira came out of the shower wrapped in her towel and headed for the dresser. She would now drop the towel and quickly put on her underwear and clothes if the old routine was back. But this was different. She did drop her towel but she didn’t put anything on.

Mira stayed naked. She kept her clothes off and after I got a quick view of her butt crack, she turned around. I now had a direct view of her heavenly body from the right side. Her fingers were going through her hair as she kept staring at the dresser, away from Window B.

Her crotch was barely visible– the upper part of her pussy covered in light pubic hair disappearing just below near the bottom of the glass in Window B. I had her tits and belly button in full sight though. Her beautiful B cup boobs hanging lose but possessing just the right amount of tension in them to keep the nipples upright. They were hard too. I just wanted to jump in and grab those soft cushions. I had to restrain myself.

I had to do something. Next step? Think Raj! Think!

What did I want from her? Did I want to have sex with her? My body said yes. My mind said no. She was letting me watch her naked. Did this mean I could have her? What more would she let me do? Realistically there was no way I that I could ruin my brother-sister relationship with her – a relationship which had been cultivated by loving parents and was the result of a happy and content childhood. This incident so far it had just been a result of innocent curiosity about her body. OK let me rephrase that – this was hardly innocent. It had just been my hormones getting attracted to a hot girl’s body. But the ramifications of this attraction were such that my mind was not going to let me go any further with this.

She was letting me watch her naked though. And this was an amazing deed unto itself. Nothing wrong with playing some more. Right?


“I will look but I won’t touch.” I promised myself. This will remain an innocent game.

Before I could snap out of my trance and do something, Mira turned around and headed for the dresser. She was now dressing up. No harm done. I had enough material to masturbate to for a month.


While I stayed mesmerized by the entire day, that night when I went to bed two contradictory things occurred to me:

1. Throughout this entire ordeal – even while she had started to dress in the bathroom which I had taken it to mean that she was angry at me, she could had done something really simple to prevent me from watching her: Shut her bedroom door!

If the bedroom door was shut, there would be no reflection from inside her room and Window B would be rendered useless. And this hadn’t happened. Not once had the door been shut, except when she went to bed at night. What did this mean? Was she ok with me watching her?


2. She either didn’t know that I was watching her or was pretending not to know. I recalled that Mira had not looked once into Window B other than these three occurrences: the first day that she caught me watching her, the second time when I dropped my shorts and the third time when I let her see my hard-on.

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